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I met Shankar today from Abu Dhabi

I met Shankar today from Abu Dhabi

Prateeksha , Mumbai Nov 17 , 2010 Thu 12 : 00 PmAm

I met Shankar today from Abu Dhabi … and I am beginning to realize how wonderfully dedicated this FmXt is becoming from day to day. There is connectivity, inter exchange of thoughts and ideas, health concerns, group formations and just such a wide range of activities that all the EF conducts, just so they could be together and in happy excitement ! I am grateful to those that have through this very limited journey, been able to express themselves and to hold hands and to remain as one big force of family, during this time.

Many a time an Ef writes to me in the excitement of going across to another FmXt and connecting up and then in exuberance expressing - “look what wonderful family you have created” .

I feel so warm and affectionate and humbled by this, that I was in some way instrumental in getting a whole bunch of people, whom I had never ever met, to come together on a platform that was created first and perhaps without any expectation to facilitate a medium, which would interact and respond purely from a strangers point of view. But which through some divine force became a home to so many of us, that today an entire colony exists and flourishes beneath it. Your sincerity and your desire to accept this forum, to keep it united and firm is so so extraordinary. Thank you extended family for this warmth and love and need to remain together.

This force of people is unique. Many trials and tribulations later, we find in us a sense of ignoring that which is futile, and accepting that which enriches us in some way. There have been an endless stream of our followers that have checked and balanced us for time and intent, for genuine care and concern and for the need to be with me each day.

Soon with technological advancement there shall be other facilities that shall be manufactured and developed. They will be perhaps a lot more exciting than the archaic blog. Some of you will naturally want to make use and avail these. Some may not. This struggle shall continue. What is prime is that one fine day some 942 posts ago, some unknown and undiscovered people answered a call, not literally but metaphorically, to hold on to each other in friendly brotherhood, and soon became the most revered cyber family within ourselves. Remarkable and most astounding. We have braced storms of some mild nature from within and without. We have demonstrated restraint in the face of adversity and strength in the face of unjust unacceptable behavior. We have played fair and with great aplomb our attributes. They may not have been accepted or liked by all, but they came and added themselves almost providentially to each other. In a world that separates, we came together. And I believe now, become an example of what others need to emulate… us the FmXt !!

In office today a number of meetings took place which were most educative for me as an artist and an individual. There is a spate of endorsements that have started coming this way again and I bear a smile on my face. It is a smile that says nothing, nor does it convey. But I know, keeping prudence in mind that any talk about this aspect would bring harshness and perhaps another contested statement. Better then to preserve the energy. Allow it to grow, wait for the results and then perhaps bring it all down to whether or not it should be accepted.

I accept a few, a few that I feel comfortable with. That shall bring me yes, material gain, and gain to the company and in turn to the share holders. I shall accept too, those that shall remain for the generation next, for that is what we must do as individuals to secure those that shall be left behind, the young and the unsettled and the dithered lot of people. It is most satisfying when you do for others. That sense of giving has no substitute. And when you give without any holds, without any conditions, then that, and those are the receiving become one. Not necessarily in practical terms but a must in terms of its execution.

The digital world expands and holds all to take notice of it. The many larger foreign conglomerates too think and wish to devise methods to exploit this fresh phenomena. With the rapid increase of mobile utility, now reaching almost 80 million people within the country and the execution of technology being on par with anything that may even remotely be distant, one can expect that something will give. I do hope so ; I shall be giving something that they may not have, but one, that they know of. And the vice versa may take place ! And till it decides to which ride she would want to have remained with .. we must be silent spectators, empathizing and sympathizing .. that is all !!

And yes … there is always something about getting the house painted. True !

And so we shall start with Prateeksha and with anticipation and prayer that all will go off well. When I posted those pictures of the lawn I felt the picture could have been better. Not photographically but photographer wise there would have to be another moment after the walls have been cleaned up externally and internally.

A pooja tomorrow for Bhagwan Satyanarayan … may He grant us all that we may desire and wish ..

My love and respect to all that have adopted me as head of the family ……..

Amitabh Bachchan

BigB Kroadh Movie Songs Muhm Rafi to bahut yaad aay

BigB Shahenshah 1990 Kroadh Muhammad rafi to bahut yaad aay


BigB Shahenshah 1990 Kroadh Movie Songs Muhammad rafi to bahut yaad aay

Amitabh Bacchan loved Gabbar ka jacket

Amitabh Bacchan loved Gabbar ka jacket
Published: Tuesday, Nov 16, 2010, 10:58 IST
By Ismat Tahseen | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

Little did designer Nida Mahmood think it would take her places when she brought out a Deewar canvas, Barsaat umbrellas, Mogambo shoes — her own special, kitschy take on Bollywood. And now, “After a huge demand and shipping these to all parts of the world,” the Victoria and Albert Museum, London has approached her as the only Indian designer chosen for a huge project on Indian pop art.

The project is scheduled for 2012 and the 29-year-old is elated. “The V&A has been following my work and I’m flattered to be chosen. The collection will embody what India stands for: film posters, the streets, the kind of signboards you see, the typography on signage that grassroot India uses, graffiti and more.”

For Nidam, kitsch is her favourite art form. “It connects to my sensibility of being Indian, in a really cool format and it’s getting hugely popular too.A while ago, AD Singh (restaurateur) wore a Gabbar ka Jacket that I had done for a party and Mr Bachchan (actor Amitabh Bachchan) apparently loved it,” she grins.

Big B Interview on KBC

Amitabh Bachchan leisure time

Amitabh Bachchan leisure time

Amitabh Bachchan enjoying his leisure time by seating in lawn reading newspaper! Here's a on!

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