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Agneepath is not a remake, says Hrithik

Agneepath is not a remake, says Hrithik
Actor Hrithik Roshan, who plays the lead role in the remake version of the 1990-film Agneepath, says he was never in favour of doing remakes.

However, he also says that the new version of Agneepath is "not a remake", but is a "different world".

Hrithik will reprise Amitabh Bachchan's iconic role -- Vijay Deenanath Chauhan in the upcoming film.

"I am full of gratitude to be part of this project. I was never interested in doing remakes and I don't think I will ever do. When Karan Malhotra came to Spain to narrate the script, in a matter of ten minutes, he made me forget about my pre-conceived notions, all symbolic visuals that I had about the original film...everything vanished and everything seemed new. I reacted to it as a brand new script," Hrithik told reporters here, after the first teaser of the film was launched yesterday.

Directed by debutante Karan Malhotra, actor Priyanka Chopra will play his love interest, Sanjay Dutt would play the villain's role that was originally played by Danny Denzongpa.

Veteran Rishi Kapoor too will be seen in a negative role.

About his role, Hrithik says, I am just playing Vijay he is just another guy, who is on a mission.

When asked what convinced him to accept the film, Hrithik said, "When I was first approached by Karan I was like I should not go down that route at all. He has a different way of narrating the story. He makes those background sounds while narrating...there was audio, visual."

"Half way through the narration I felt I am an actor and I want to go by instincts, whatever my mind says...I am a slave of my instincts. He showed me the completely new world. It is not a remake...it is a different world," he said. 

Produced by Karan Johar, under the banner of Dharma Productions, 'Agneepath' will hit cinema houses on January 13, 2012.


Amitabh Bachchan a prominent Bollywood actor

Amitabh Bachchan, a prominent Bollywood actor is son of Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan.

He first gained popularity in the early 1970s as the "angry young man" of Hindi cinema and After playing the title role of ‘Shahenshah’, he created storm in the entire nation. 

His yesteryears movies like ‘Laawaris’, ‘Coolie’, ‘Naseeb’, ‘Silsila’, ‘Sharabi’ and ‘Jaadugar’ can never be forgotten which rose him to the current stardom and fan following. In the year 2000, he became the first living Asian to have been immortalised in wax at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

He was also elected member of the Indian Parliament from the year 1984 to 1987.Till date, Amitabh has won numerous major awards, including four National Film Awards and fourteen Filmfare Awards.

The ending of another day, another time another world BigB

Sydney , Australia  Aug  29 ,  2011     Mon  10 : 30 PM
The ending of another day, another time another world. In ways the same but in ways beyond. Disclosure did mean not much, for there must be meaning to it. Right now there is none.
Its travel time again and back to roots and home. Time has been spent well and hopefully judiciously. Days ahead will tell us whether it was fruitful or not. We wait at times to get results. Patience pays, but often the impatience of others is hard to forgive and forego. Just when you are tempted to submit to the impatience, your strength reappears and one succeeds. It is that one instant that signifies your own foresight and judgement.
There have been times in ones life and in mine particularly, when it has taken a large bit of time to understand the above, but in the end it has all worked. Wait for the moment if you are right and it shall come. Speculate guess and move on assumption and you may never achieve the result you wish.
There have been moments when the music of the earth heard on the earth of another sounds most rewarding. Distance makes it so. Being away from the soil awakens in us our heritage. We may be different and from different regions and areas and countries and lands, but the commonality of expression and belief that ranges and rages within us keeps us grounded to the soil of our land.
It is strange but true.
I sat by in local company today to speak about our land our people and ourselves. I felt an urge to do so, with pride. I also felt that others know little of what we do, what we are and where we are. It feels good to tell, but also feels bad to tell what is not.
I am unconvinced with many aspects, but that does not mean I am not convinced with many. I am. Never did mankind get all that he supposed he would get. Never did mankind not get what he did. Its a beautiful balance and the acceptable one is the one that shall always succeed.
Honor and respect with what we have, instead of crib and cry on that which we do not. I am happy with what I get from my EF and I persevere to preserve it. Whether or not I succeed in doing so is questionable, but never has there been any discomfort if I have not. Yes there shall be complaints and snide remarks and abuse, but then there are the love and affection too. There is the discord on some of the practices being followed, yet there is love for the common goal. The base when preserved will and does prove to be of value. Weaken it and all shall fall. One black sheep does not destroy the whole. It does stand out, but then that is the way it shall remain - black and with black recognition ! Let them be. If we shall study our mind with fault, fault is all that we shall ever see.
Live, love and breath … its the best to be this way …
Amitabh Bachchan

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Making of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance TVC - Jeene Ka License

Taalismaan Movie Upcoming 2012

Taaalismaan is an upcoming Hindi romantic fantasy adventure film, directed by Ram Madhwani, produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and written by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Ram Madhvani and Swanand Kirkire. Starring Amitabh Bachchan in the leading role. It is based on the epic novel Chandrakanta written by Devaki Nandan Khatri in 1892.


Taaalismaan is the romantic action adventure of three Aiyyars, involving two lovers. In the film Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of a mentorfor Aiyyars who gives talisman to the needful.

Directed byRam Madhwani
Produced byVidhu Vinod Chopra
Written byVidhu Vinod Chopra
Ram Madhvani
Swanand Kirkire
StarringAmitabh Bachchan
Distributed byVinod Chopra Films

Shoebite Movie Upcoming

Shoebite is the story of a man in his early 60's. Played by Amitabh Bachchan. It is directed byShoojit Sirkar, and produced by UTV Motion Pictures.


Shoebite is the story of a man in his early 60's named John Pereira who sets out on a journey, a journey of self discovery and a journey of penance, which leads him to rediscover love for his wife and in the twilight years of their marriage.

Directed byShoojit Sirkar
Produced byUTV Motion Pictures
StarringAmitabh BachchanSarika,Dia MirzaJimmy Shergill
Music byShantonu Moitra

As Hurricane Irene hits the East Coast of the USA, we all pray that those that inhabit these areas remain safe and secure

Sydney , Australia       Aug 28 ,  2011           Sun  9 : 00 PM
As Hurricane Irene hits the East Coast of the USA, we all pray that those that inhabit these areas remain safe and secure … take precaution and do take care ..
Its been a lazy Sunday. But productive. There has been a concerted effort to get rid of the jet lag and perhaps tomorrow morning should be an indicator of where one stands as far as that is concerned. Getting the body clock to adjust to these rapid time line changes and then functioning normally is a nightmare. The fear is always of dozing off at crucial moments when all attention needs to be required. Part of the kind of world we live in today …
Apart from making desperate attempts to bring the time line of my body in tune with that of this new destination, I did spend sometime in reading about the city and the country I now am in. And I am amazed at the significance and the importance of Sydney not just as a progressive city, but its importance as the first recipient of the settlers that came in from England in 1788. For those that were discarded, as history goes, from civil society in Europe to be banished in a sense, from all kinds of social livelihood to have emerged in the world scenario as one of the most important and valued nations of the world is quite a remarkable story. And it all began here, just outside my window where I find myself in, at the harbor below.
Meanwhile back in my own land and country, history is being made too, by the evolution of people power, in an attempt to bring the wrongdoers to book. To eradicate the evils of corruption and to bring accountability and honesty in public life. And … in a non violent protest, by one single human !
The strength of solo effort mind and application has the power to move many a mountain … and no where could this be truer than what one individual belief did. The initial step to correction has been taken, the battle has been won but the war remains. True victory shall only be registered when we shall win the war. The step taken has been lauded and noticed and given due respect. It now becomes the duty of every individual to persist and persevere in maintaining all that has been achieved and to add to it rather than allow it to fall and fail.
The responsibility is greater now. Success is easy, maintaining it is the difficult part. Constancy of regulation and adherence to the rule and law, committed discipline and a functioning of some uniformity, is called for at times like this. That really is the challenge. In a country that drives itself with so much diversity within and without and still progresses well, is the biggest credit to India. As the largest functional democracy in the world it has set many examples of its integrity as far as that is concerned. No other country with such a large diverse culture has managed the way India has and that to me as an Indian makes me most proud.
Good night dearest ones …
Amitabh Bachchan

Jet lag prevents from following any kind of normalcy so I decided to get back to my EF and share a few pictures BigB

Sydney , Australia     Aug  27 ,  2011          Sat  11 : 45 PM
Jet lag prevents from following any kind of normalcy, so I decided to get back to my EF and share a few pictures from out of my window in Sydney .
The Sydney Opera … glorious structure ! Any idea why it is shaped thus .. ?
The Harbor Bridge and the Opera … two disimilar temperaments do you not think .. one harsh and practical and dark and architectural necessity .. the other white and bright and elegant and almost musical in design …

Enjoy … I attempt to be back in bed and perhaps catch some winks .. or else a movie, or a Rugby game !!
Love to all
Amitabh Bachchan

Saturday, August 27, 2011

You know there are some things in life that we learn to respect BigB

Sydney , Australia      Aug 26 , 2011      Fri  10 : 00 PM
You know …. there are some things in life that we learn to respect, even when we know that most of the learning years of life have gone by. There are endless moments, opportunities, incidents that take place which tell us ‘ buddy you ‘aint done yet, till you ‘aint done .. ‘ . You know what I mean ? Perhaps not. But trust me, you will know. And I think that this is the ultimate truth .. about life. Just when you feel that ‘thats about it’ , it catches you by the throat, well ok .. just catches you and leads to a destination an evolution an experience, which makes you gasp in wonder and admit internally -
” Bloody hell ! I need to start all over again … ! ”
I am not so sure whether, in this extenuated condition of mine  I could or would be able to take all that up, but … damn I’m gonna give it a try !! And that ladies and gentlemen is the essence of all that I shall conclude for today. So long as it is moving, it is worthy of action, of indulgence, attempt, trial, learning and experimentation.
I sat out in the sun for a while today. And I realized I had not done that, in almost 3 months ! The sun, surya,the giver of light and energy and produce. Of time and degree of movement, relatively - rising from the east and setting to the west. We move, not the sun. But we judge and calculate and conduct as if it moved. Our prayers our festivals our routines… our bodies, respond to it. Respond to the brightest symbol on one that burns. A ball of unimaginable power and fire. Fire that destroys. Dreaded, but revered in prayer - through that havan in Hindu prayer, that candle or flame in other Christian and many other forms of worship, in that incense that burns in holiness, that diya of pious countenance. Possible only and perhaps placed because, of its respectful servility to one that burns - Fire !
And look at the countless manifestations of it …. that ‘burning desire’, cursed with the prospect of ‘burning in hell’ … ‘boiling in our own stew’ with envy jealousy and contempt. To reach a ‘burning point’  or ‘issue’ of no return in discussion or debate. The ‘fire within’ to achieve, a ‘burning passion’ to reach a goal, or to express in amorous physicality … to have been ‘burnt up’ when extended beyond human limit and perseverance … to simply burn …
as I do now …
Good night !!
Amitabh Bachchan

Friday, August 26, 2011

Amitabh Bachchan’s magic sends KBC 5 soaring

Amitabh Bachchan’s magic sends ‘KBC 5′ soaring

Sony gains top position in three metros

Looks like Kaun Banega Crorepati? 5 is well on track. With the tagline Koi bhi insaan chhota nahin hota and the unbeatable charisma of actor Amitabh Bachchan, KBC 5 on Sony, has got a blockbuster opening of 5.24 TVRs (television rating points) in the top three metros of Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata. According to Sony’s official spokesperson, this has catapulted Sony to the No 1 position in these 3 cities. KBC 4 had opened at 5.3 TVR in the three metros.
With this opening, KBC 5 has become the first non-fiction show to open above 5 TVR this year on any Hindi General Entertainment Channel. Sneha Rajani, Senior EVP and Business Head, Sony Entertainment Television is delighted with the results. “These numbers show that we have yet again touched a chord with our viewers. The impressive opening numbers for KBC is an emphatic endorsement that our promise of delivering wholesome family entertainment has worked across the length and breadth of the country.” This is even more impressive considering the time slot this season has been changed to 8.30 pm from its original 9 pm slot and also the show’s duration has increased from 1 hour to 1.5 hours.
It’s great that KBC 5 is doing so well, but what we are wondering right now is if things will change once Bigg Boss 5 goes on air in September. What do you think?

Finally at destination after a long long flight, first to Singapore BigB

Sydney, Australia     Aug 25 , 2011       Thu 10 : 30 PM
Aaahhhh ! Finally at destination after a long long flight, first to Singapore through thunder storms over the Bay of Bengal, which was pretty frightening and then connecting immediately to Sydney, on much smoother conditions and most hospitable reception. It is deep into the night and the city looks beautiful. Nice clear skies, hardly any noise and the view from my window of the Sydney Opera just amazing. A hot shower and a bit of food and then to bed for an early start tomorrow.
Last night was tight. Had to finish 2 episodes for KBC and then rush to the airport. The second was with Katrina and Imran there to promote their film ‘Mere brother ki Dulhan’, and that turned out quite entertaining. But the time machine running fast had me on nerves. The thought of not being able to connect to the Ef and the blog was as frightening as getting caught up by airport security for the possession of goods not permitted, so the moment I got a small little corner in the waiting area in the lounge of the airport, I quickly scribbled up something. Apologies about that.
It has been an exhausting ride and I will ask to be excused early today, for I need to rest my weary bones. I shall fill everyone up by tomorrow on more, but till then may I just say that I am with you all in spirit and heart and hope that your prayers shall ever remain with me …
Amitabh Bachchan

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kaun Banega Crorepati - KBC 2011- Episode 6 -- Part 5 of 7 -- 23rd Augus...

Kaun Banega Crorepati KBC 2011- Episode 6 Part 3 of 7 23rd Augus

Dr. Jyotsana Gandotra reaches the Hot Seat Episode 6 KBC 2011

Gujarati comedian Dhaval Kumar Velani on Hot Seat Episode 6 KBC 2011

i thought I would never be able to write my blog for today BigB Blog

Airport Mumbai   Aug 24 , 2011      Wed  11 : 42 PM
Ok ! I made it ! I thought I would never be able to write my blog for today, but have managed to get to the airport and have connected before boarding and am putting down a few words so I do not miss my EF from getting a read before I am able to be on land again and put down my thoughts in greater detail.
O! dear what has the world come to . Could never have dreamt of doing this earlier. But here I am telling you that I shall be on a very long flight and as soon as I am able shall give you more details ..
Have just finished with 2 episodes of KBC, the last with Imran and Katrina, who dropped by to play the game talk about their upcoming film ‘Mere Brothert ki Dulhan’ and add that star value for KBC ..
Love and all good wishes ..
Amitabh Bachchan

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor to promote Mausam in KBC 5

Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor to promote Mausam in KBC 5

Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor are going to be the second celebrity contestants of Kaun Banega Crorepati 5. In the first week, Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone appeared in the show to promote their then soon-to-be released movie Aarakshan. 

This week Soman and Shahid will be promoting their film Mausam which will release on September 16. Both Shahid and Sonam have never been on KBC in the past four seasons. 

An excited Sonam twitted, "Doing #kbc with @shahidkapoor today! What an auspicious day to start promotions together." Meanwhile, Sonam, who has always stayed away from doing intimate scenes on screen, has reportedly done a passionate smooching scene with Shahid in this film. Initially, the actress was not in favour of doing it but later agreed to do it once director Pankaj Kapoor convinced her.

Now there remains no sense of time place and objectivity

Jalsa  , Mumbai      Aug  23 , 2011   Tue/Wed  1 : 00 AM
Now there remains no sense of time place and objectivity. There is work scheduled in such manner that shifting and replacing it with a phone call with a loved one, or even address an issue that hovers painfully above all of us dangerously, has become an object that does not require immediate attention.
It has been a moment of great concern that we have begun moving about like robots. Here there and everywhere. There is commitment and there is promise, there is work to be done and work to be done. Postponing it is not a recommended idea, but yes, if it serves the purpose then move ahead !
Before I go into a delirium and start punching words and expressions that shall defy all logic and sense. let me warn you that I have just successfully conducted my 5th yawn as I sit to reply to all.
It is a moment of the day that I look forward to .. a moment when I shall be able to spend sufficient time, to repay to thank and to establish that , it takes just mere imagination to round up support or destroy good will. May we all vote for the latter and may we all prosper from that decision.
I travel again tomorrow beyond Indian shores and I do hope the trip shall be memorable, successful and worthy of the cause. Life has become, beyond the fees that you get, a most profitable venture. For in the spare times of interaction and conduct one meets the real Indian. His issues and his pain. His days of frolic and despair. But never one without the other. Wherever there shall be peace, there springs up dramatically, all the other that seem to be the cause for such haste and urgency. But why only we. There has been far too many years of subjugation to the script and screenplay, to those that read and write. To those that shall at this point reach - the doors are open to public debate, healthy discussion and final conclusion :
Unless one screams and shouts in today’s world nothing gets done and life stagnates. Students and well wishers shall keep advising you on several choices, but the ultimate choice is slightly different in nature.
Let there be many opportunities in life. Let there be freedom and may peace prevail, one and all all the time .. May it happen … thank you ..
My love
Mahaprahbhu ki kripa sey, main aaj is liye nahin hoon ki mujhe na aane say, paruntu that if you were to take up this surprise, it would be pretty useful ..
Good night my friends and members of the family .. it is short but sweet and will be most gullible .. so ..
Many happy turns for the day and much more when we return. Not everyone would like to thekhai this risk .. you win many hearts, may they continue ……
Amitabh Bachchan

It is difficult to perceive how exacting a job it is to produce a Tv show

Jalsa , Mumbai     Aug 22,  2011       Mon  11 : 57 PM
It is difficult to perceive how exacting a job it is to produce a Tv show. It is even more exacting to know that lack of co ordination even at the smallest level, can cause anguish and misery in the final output. Equally it is most comforting to know that without the coordination of hundreds of others, a show of some magnitude can never be termed as one being successful.
I have worked in Tv for more than a decade now and can respectfully say that it always has been a most trying experience. But it must be said, that nothing could be more exciting and satisfying than being involved in one of them.
Yes the hours and the labor that goes into one such show is beyond comprehension. And were one to be a first hand on the spot observer, one would have nothing but marvel inscribed deeply within them. It is a wonder at times how things eventually fall into place, but fall in place they do …. and succeed !
The drain on energy for the entire day in front of Tv cameras is immeasurable. You need the support of various factors to get you through the day. But they do get through, miraculously though.
I find pens an interesting gift - most of the time to myself ! Finding a correct and attractive model for yourself is one of the high points of one’s life. Do any of you remember the very first pen you possessed and how it had become an integral part of your daily routine. You cared for it like you would your own body. Wash it, clean it, keep it not too far away from sight. Use it judiciously in writing out the most important letters of your existence, gracefully holding its unique body to form some of your most important private thoughts. Protecting it with your life, keeping it close to your body and on your personal as a symbol of one that was learned and dignified.
That joy of running it through the pages of paper, of stopping by an ink pot to drop all excess into the bottle or to fill up the tank on the pen with delight. To adjust to the variations that have since developed in ink filling - the tissue paper on hand to wipe out that excessive ink from the pot. The first induction of the ball pen and the wonder in our minds of how a pen without the benefit of any carry over ink, could possibly survive. But survive it did and continues to do so.
Some of the features that still remain valid and potent are the different types of the nib - broad, medium, fine, calligraphic … and so on ! And then the moment of decision when you approach a book store or one that could be safely called a stationary store, to scribble with dipped ink, on the pad of paper that is offered for tests. The scribblings that come to your sight are sincerely amazing. Most of the time they are somewhat selfish. You always end up scribbling your own name in various forms and deciding which pen and with which you would move ahead. The doodlings on the spare paperwork at most such stores, would be a treasure trove in a few years to come. It would make interesting reading to find out what the state of mind would have to be, to execute such sudden change.
But yes the writing on the pages of pages of paper and then the realization of its futility, does make for a case of lack of interest for the environment. Gallons of ink later, multitudes of spare paperwork to be signed or consulted on, you suddenly discover, damn I should have done it on a keyboard and restored a record and file for its discovery after a few years. But that special charm of opening an old letter, sent ages ago by your friend, or discovering some of the ruthlessness of those that were abusive towards our existence. The analysis, the commentary, the reasonable doubt, all fall into place as the years and days go by, assured that all that was constructed and maintained was indeed for our own good. And even if it was not, so what, at least it was maintained and kept for so long.
I don’t know … whether all this makes any sense at all .. i would like all of you to believe that it was meant to be just that …
My love as always
Amitabh Bachchan

Had been to New Delhi overnight to be with family

Jalsa , Mumbai        Aug 21 , 2011    Sun 11 : 59 PM
Had been to New Delhi overnight to be with family .. but work too needed attention and so took the first flight out and straight to the studio to record episodes for KBC. If anyone ever felt that Tv was an easy job they must come and join me on the sets when I work and realize that it is one of the most complicated and hardest jobs that exist in the field of entertainment. For one that has limited capacity of speech, more so in the company of people, it is an arduous task for me to talk non stop for hours on end on the set … mostly extempore !!
But the affection that one gets from the game audience at the studio that sits patiently behind and around me is the greatest reasons for doing what I do for KBC. Their disciplined sitting, their silence during the moments of test of a contestant and then the out pouring once the show gets over is the essence of the entire day spent moment on set. Their enthusiasm gets the show really going and on its feet. Their involvement gives us courage to perform. Their applause and love moulds our temperament, which eventually reflects on our speech and face when we test the knowledge of our contestants.
And it is they that get our game going and giving us the required TRP, which I must say turned out to be rather flattering, or so I am informed by the COO N.P Singh of Sony. The opening day ratings have emerged from the three metros and the average is a most flattering 5.24, about the same as last seasons opening. In Delhi it was around 8.0 !! But averaged out its 5.24. The official results shall be out soon, but NP told me that Sony actually, thanks to KBC, became No 1 channel for two days, before settling down to its no 3 position !! That was some achievement !! This is unexpected simply because the show is on a second season from last year and it was not felt that it would do so well. It shows then that the interest of the people of this country remains steadfast towards the show and that is the most encouraging part.
There have been some very interesting contestants and most interesting stories around them. Yes there are some that have come from humble backgrounds, but equally there are those that come from the urban centers and all have the most incredible stories to tell. It is impossible at times not to get involved with their life and to see them play for high stakes, knowing that the amount they shall win shall be of tremendous help to them. But the one salient feature that is noticed is that there is a tremendous feel for their self respect, when they talk about the many complexities that their lives have gone through. They may come from humble homes, they may not never have seen or even heard of the kind of money that is promised in the game show, but play they shall with the hope of winning that magical amount to take care of a long standing loan, a home that they wished to build, a support that they needed to give to older parents and the younger children and nothing for themselves. It is I believe the value of the culture that this country has given us in abundance. Our ethics and our nature all rolled into one. It makes me proud to have been in their company, to have sat across them and to have in some way shared their agony and the eventual delight in their winnings.
Tomorrow is another day among them and shall be so for the next few days. The exhaustion comes before the start of the day. Once in the thick of it you wonder not when it shall stop, but wish that it continues longer …
My association with my EF is similar in content and faith ..
My love to you as ever ..
Amitabh Bachchan

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sony on top in three metros – thanks to KBC and Amitabh Bachchan

Sony on top in three metros – thanks to KBC and Amitabh Bachchan

New Delhi, Aug 19 (IANS) The fifth season of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ hosted by megastar Amitabh Bachchan has catapulted Sony TV to the top spot after opening at the Television Viewer Ratings (TVRs) of 5.24.

The show, which went on air Aug 15, opened with 5.24 TVRs in the three metros, taking Sony to the top spot in three metros Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata, according to Television Audience Measurement (TAM) ratings.

‘We are delighted with the performance of KBC. These numbers show that we have yet again touched a chord with our viewers,’ Sony Entertainment Television Business Head Sneha Rajani said in a statement.

‘The impressive opening numbers for KBC is an emphatic endorsement of our promise of delivering wholesome family entertainment,’ she added.

Amitabh emerged victorious among Dharmendra and Hrithik Roshan, whose shows ‘India’s Got Talent’ and ‘Just Dance’ opened at 4.5 TVRs and 4.0 TVRs, respectively.

Concern over the robbery at Anat’s house, birthday wishes for Jaishree

Jalsa , Mumbai      Aug  20,  2011         Fri 11 : 56 PM
Concern over the robbery at Anat’s house, birthday wishes for Jaishree and grateful thanks to Shankar for the execution of the blood bank and its success in the UAE. Also thank you Reeham for the gifts sent through Shankar …
The exhaustion of yesterday was carried forward and even though there was no shooting as such, I did have an early start due to a fresh endorsement that I had to attend - Force Motors Ltd., launched their new car, an SUV called Force 1, and I had to be there as their brand ambassador.
Its remarkable that an SUV with such high technical worth and input should be available at the most generous price of Rs 10.65 lakhs only ! This is quite an incredible proposition. I sat and drove by at the launch and it was truly great. Have ordered a couple and hopefully will be in possession of them by September after ‘Ganpati’.
Also the Supreme Court of India, the highest legal body of the country cleared the film ‘Aarakshan’ for release form areas where it had been banned, reassuring all of us and the people in general that the rule of law prevails in this country. The reasons given by the honorable justices was that once a film has been passed by the Censor Board no State or organization has the right to ban it. Which is something that we had been saying from day one. I do believe that this late clearance shall affect the collections of the film, because 11 days in the life of a film in todays time can be a lifetime. Will those that opposed the film and stopped its distribution and exhibition now compensate the producer for deliberate and illegal procedures used for harming the financials of the product ? I guess not …
Anyhow … the film has received both critical and box office acclaim and this is good. It is indeed a pity that those that opposed the film never even bothered to see the product before deriding it. Had they done so they would have realized that the film indeed is in fact pro them and their reasons for their anger is so unjustified. In fact during my conversations with Prakash Jha, he told me how the various factions that had expressed their anger and dissatisfaction over an unseen film were now asking that the script of each film be sent to them for clearance before going on the floor !! That is quite audacious ! They would have to rewrite the Constitution of this land before that can be complied with ! So in fact what it tantamounts to is that there is a suggestion of a body which shall function above the governance of the country and more, the Constitution of the land ! Nothing could be more ridiculous than this !!
The initial guess ratings for the KBC have emerged and show signs of being good. Indeed the channel says that it is now the best non fiction opening ratings of all shows on all channels. So .. a gentle cheer and a feeling of some reassurance. The shoots and recordings of the episode however continue at a vigorous pace, and the charm of meeting an exciting contestant from some part of our country, has become a moment of great expectation and desire. The cheers from the audience in the game show that come along voluntarily has been stupendous. They are a knowledged lot and most patient and accommodating. There are time delays at times dure to the rain and the electronics that fail as a result, but they remain steady and steadfast, bearing all this just to be a part of this historic game show that continues to  draw great interest even after 11 years of its initiation !!
I wish to express my gratitude to those that support the game and continue to do so year after year, season after season. Your interest generates interest in us to give it more than what our capacity may be, but when you spur us on we elate and expand and indulge. That really is the reason to keep coming back. Trust me. You make the show !!
The figure of a million and 50,000 followers on Twitter has gone by unnoticed by those that generally notice it. It is good that they feel so. I would like it it to be so - unnoticed and of little consequence. It indicates I need to do better. And I shall try !!
Love to all …
Amitabh Bachchan

Friday, August 19, 2011

What can one say when one settles down to write at this late hour Big B

Jalsa , Mumbai       Aug 18 ,  2011        Thu 11: 57 PM
What can one say when one settles down to write at this late hour. I have no words to express myself. No feelings after the numbness of what I have just seen and heard. And what I hear and see is the result of KBC in its prime. In a programme specially designed for ‘another chance’, not just in the realm of guided and compulsory protection, but in an effort to bring some sanity among us, we have had in the hot seat two young ladies from our own land that have shown just incredible bravery !
Rukhsana and Stanzin. The former from J&K and the other from Leh in Ladakh. Rukhsana is the one that we have heard often enough. She the young 20 year old daughter that took on the might of the terrorist in Kashmir, slammed her way through among them and taking over from one of their rivals shooting him down.
The latter a young pretty face from Leh Ladakh, suffering from the sudden cloud burst that occurred in their region some years ago, but its tragedy and strain not leaving her - she lost her entire family and belongings in that deluge, dead and gone forever.
They both came to the Hot Seat, among the guests sat Shankar and his gang from Dubai and what an interesting episode we recorded.
Their bravery and their resolve to fight against all odds, brought a lump in our throats as each narrated their horrific experiences.
Rukhsana and her family living in a most modest house, held in Kashmir, were attached by the terrorists of the region. She instead of succumbing to their threats, stood up and fought them, a group of six,bringing down one by firing a bullet from his own gun. Amazing stories to know the depth of thinking of these people, their belief and their valor. Just an amazing lot of incredible people, whom nothing can bring down ever.
And the pretty Stanzin from Leh, where she had to face, that her entire family was wiped out by the storm and dangerous cloud burst that occurred some years ago and still remains as an enormous tragedy, even today. For her to come down to Mumbai and to get an opportunity to play on the show despite her huge loss was most commendable. And she played well.
We the people of the city and affluence, of being shown the door each time you seek opportunity, can be the most formidable blunder ever made, according to us and to our minds. We have today forgotten what the poor in this country live and survive upon. Each day I meet some on set who narrate the stories of indiscipline, loot and vulnerability and am helpless and moved by their gestures. We can make attempts to help them but never shall be able to address them completely.
May all those that make effort and those that are completely subjugated by oppression, rise above all this and face the hostility of a Nation at war with its neighbor. May our efforts be true and deliverable .
Amitabh Bachchan

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kaun Banega Crorepati 2011 Episode 1 15th August 2011 Full Episode

Kaun Banega Crorepati 2011 Episode 1 15th August 2011 Full Episode

I move robot like from situation to situation BigB

Jalsa  , Mumbai  Aug  17 ,  2011       Wed  11 : 57 PM
I move robot like from situation to situation. They are the reason for commitment and comply. Once accepted it must be treated like God’s own word. I will not think that there may be consequences. Consequences become pertinent, only if the consequence is questioned. You can question one for one, but doubt if you could question for two or more. Singularity of purpose in your ideal, is ideal. When you drift, you might as well be the part of a river that flows continuously - never able to build upon it. The flow of the water would I believe shift the very basis of your thought. And flow you must, else stagnate and rot in our own thinking.
Catching or riding a boat that flows and drifts by, would tantamount to assistance. Assistance is borrowed strength, it does not have the appeal of ones individuality. When you shall break free, there will always be resistance. Riding free is not a common sight. It disturbs the equilibrium and so is despised. Joining it at someones behest is diminishing also. Take the strain to tighten the rope, before we pull it over to our mark and rejoice its victory. We can team up and anchor up the mightiest at the end, wound up as it were to be victorious. But when the rope is equally balanced by weight on both parts, that piece of handkerchief that ties us down to a mark before it crosses it to declare victory, it is then a suitable tug-of-war ! At the end of the struggle though when the better team wins, the victorious fall down by shear effort of the strain.
I need to respect the strain, the pull of gravity and strength. I need to pull that handkerchief mark in the middle to our side and prove victory. Nothing else matters in the end. The issue shall never be revisited. The grounds shall change as will the will. What could have been a gain shall assume a loss. Loss of face and energy.
Purpose must be acknowledged. Will must be observed. But the tug of war shall be incomplete if there is no one to mark that handkerchief in the middle - that directive that shall decide finally who won !
In life do we really win ??
Amitabh Bachchan

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ek Ajnabee Movie Full Video

Ek Ajnabee is an 2005 Indian film directed by Apoorva Lakhia starring Amitabh Bachchan, Arjun Rampal & Perizaad Zorabiana. Ek Ajnabee is a Bollywood remake of Tony Scotts 2004 film Man on Fire. Synopsis - Suryaveer Singh is a bitter man, hired to protect a little girl, Anamika. However, Anamika gets kidnapped and her father is not able to pay the sum in order to release his daughter. So Suryaveer uses all his skills to save the life of the child, only to find out about the conspiracy that is behind the little girls kidnapping. To watch more full length movies in high quality HQ log

Abhimaan Movie Full Video

Abhimaan - 1973 Directed By : Hrishikesh Mukherjee Starring : Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Bindu, Asrani, Durga Khote, A K Hangal, Master Raju, David Music Director : S D Burman

Synopsis : Subeer Kumar - Amitabh Bachchan is well on his way to becoming India's number 1 pop singer. He has no intentions of getting married, but when he goes to visit his Durga Mausi (mother's sister), he falls in love with Uma - Jaya Bachchan,a religious and simple girl.He is enchanted by her voice and marries her.He returns to Mumbai, where he announces that he will never sing without Uma . However,he encourages Uma to sing alone.Soon she becomes more popular than him and from here on the seeds of jealousy begin to grow.The major difference between Uma and Subeer is that she sings for herself, whereas he sings for the public. It is the difference between geet and sangeet. This is the root for problems that crop up later in their lives, and based on this the movie is named Abhimaan. Jaya Bachchan's performance is stupendous in the movie.

Shaan Movie Full Video

Honest, brave and upright DCP Shiv Kumar, while carrying out his investigations against gangster, Shakal and his gang is mysteriously killed. Leaving two reformed brothers to average his death. But both seem to have no clue on how or who would have killed there brother until they reached up with an old enemy of Shiv, Rakesh, who tells them facts about Shakal and his gang and how he is being used as pawn by Shakal. The trio now agrees to work together and join hands to destroy Shakal.

In death and in sorrow we all come together, holding each other, sharing, giving hope and courage

Jalsa , Mumbai    Aug  16,  2011     Tue 11: 19 PM
In death and in sorrow we all come together, holding each other, sharing, giving hope and courage, transferring as it were our energies to the other that suffers. The ‘chautha’ this evening for Shammi ji demonstrated that. We may be all from the same profession, we may be competitive with each other, we may cringe and nurse hurt egos, tolerate deflated pride, laugh at our success and privately show joy at the others failure .. but … when one of us passes away we come together to mourn and share our feelings. We are a collective force, not bound by any circumstances but that one, of being together in the others grief. I saw many today whom I had never seen in years, many years. We all live in the same city, almost in the same region. We travel and work simultaneously on locations that are similar, but seldom do we get the time to meet up as friends and colleagues. There are exceptions of course and may they be blessed, but largely we remain islands of our own making.
The joy of coming together, of joining hands and minds for a common cause is a potential that has never been put to test within us in this beautiful Industry of ours. There have been sporadic efforts in the past, but have never retained their strength and importance. The individuality of our work is the biggest enemy. Our moment of truth is the moment of the camera and ‘action’. Nothing else matters, nothing else comes in the way, except our sincerity and caliber. At the end of the day that is what shall bring us our recognition our value and our presence and our notice. We all work to excel. We all work to do better. Yes for the final product, but somewhere for ourselves too. When we are alright, everything else seems justified and proper. Somewhere in the middle of all this there creeps in that temperament of ‘what are the others doing’ or worse ‘how much are the others doing’. The caliber of each is perhaps of similar intensity. It is the opportunity and the favor of the drift, that brings in the difference. And that is what builds the so called divide among us.
I see it happening in the field of sports nowadays. We know as do they that participate, that each one is now at a stage of similar talent and competence. It will be that one lucky chance that shall make the difference. That opportunity of the coveted goal, or the strike of the ball in the right direction, that leap that had the benefit of the absolute timing or the stroke of the racquet swing in the right place. When and how it would convert itself to success, is at times unpredictable. Some call it the placement of the stars, or rather its displacement in the astrological hemisphere. Others call it misunderstandings of potent act. But whatever be the reason there is and always shall be one that shall win and succeed and the other that shall not.
For years and till not too far away, our cricket team and its captain Dhoni were the masters. One loss in England and suddenly they are incompetent. People reaction is as subtle and as ruthless as this. It requires immense accumen to be where they put you and in some manner to maintain it. Some understand the futility and the improbability of the situation and reconcile to it. Others and many others do not. Once there they believe they are there and no where else. This is not entirely an adverse situation. It is quite possible that it thrives too. Others succumb to the moment, understand and accept. This is not entirely wrong too. Both can co exist, its a matter of reconciling with its complexity.
There are those too that despite all their gain believe that there is none. This can be a complexity that would require deeper understanding and research. For them there is one surety. Their process of continuance shall never come to an abrupt halt, because they are continuously searching for that one pinnacle, which ironically they may never ever reach.
Dear Lord ! Give me the strength to recognize these moments in life. To have the benefit of sifting the good from the bad, the reasons for the failures and the related competence, together. To know when it shall be time. To give in when asked, to strive despite that. To perhaps never achieve anything, yet be joyed by the effort to have tried. To acquire yes, but to give away more, better. To listen wisely. To express nothing. To estimate our own value and never allow it to be weighed by another. To judge with conscience that stimulates my being, and never permit it to be polluted by another. To rest in the assurance that no further assurance will be required. To know to feel to understand, but never allow to be known and felt and understood against.
But in the end give me the strength and power to use it wisely and in competent benefit, for the other ..
Amitabh Bachchan

To shift from the last rites of a loved one to entertaining an entire nation at the start of a game show

Jalsa , Mumbai        Aug  15,  2011     Mon 11 : 35 PM
To shift from the last rites of a loved one to entertaining an entire nation at the start of a game show for television, must be termed as one of the most psychologically draining experiences ever. There may be more examples, but today for me was one such day.
The last rites at the burning ‘ghat’ of BaanGanga for Shammi ji began early in the morning and went on till the afternoon. I needed to tear myself away from it to get to the first day of KBC - a live event ! One does not know whether to live in the spirit of the moment, mourn and not work. Or, follow what we have been taught - to consider and execute a commitment to its fullest. I did follow and I did complete, but not without my share of anxiety and confusion in the mind. It is difficult to be by death in the morning and be in cheer by the evening. There shall be some percolation of emotions and thought. My thoughts ran through all those years of having spent good times with Shammi ji. And today as we sit in that very same ambience of his house, where his presence and charisma burst out in the open in free and open abandon, I find him motionless, unable to move, wrapped in cloth and rope and flower, ready to be carried on our shoulders to the cremation site. We do as do many others. And along the street to the site the people that line the route sling baskets of flower petals from home to home and through an ingenious device of the strings used, flip the basket in the air to allow the petals to fall on the body as it is driven by.
Occasions such as this introduce to us at times the other side of life. Not all that show sympathy and empathy for the moment are necessarily genuine. Positioning for the camera is a deft pastime, in order to ensure that their picture appears the next morning in the papers. Some in order to show familiarity will try to involve you in conversation that has no bearing whatsoever to the rituals that are being conducted. It is disgusting. Others try to position themselves in a manner so that what they are manufacturing or selling will become the conversation piece, right in the middle of this solemn moment. Where do these people learn basic social protocol ?
And worse still are the crowds that gather around on occasions such as this. They cheer and scream as though the celebrity was attending another premiere of one of his films. And the media ! Shoving their microphones right into our faces demanding a response for the occasion. Do they really think they shall be able to get it out of me ? Do they understand ethics at all. Is this the moment when anyone from the deceased shall be in a mood to talk to anyone. I slink away on moments like this head down. It is most awkward for me and I breathe only when I am away from the media onslaught, secure inside the car. But till then it is …..
KBC started today and we went on live ! This was something of an experience, since it had never been tried before. I wonder now how the results shall be ..
I intend to be more rested by the morrow .. and more vocal perhaps and maybe a bit ‘golden’ !!
Amitabh Bachchan

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