Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Had been to New Delhi overnight to be with family

Jalsa , Mumbai        Aug 21 , 2011    Sun 11 : 59 PM
Had been to New Delhi overnight to be with family .. but work too needed attention and so took the first flight out and straight to the studio to record episodes for KBC. If anyone ever felt that Tv was an easy job they must come and join me on the sets when I work and realize that it is one of the most complicated and hardest jobs that exist in the field of entertainment. For one that has limited capacity of speech, more so in the company of people, it is an arduous task for me to talk non stop for hours on end on the set … mostly extempore !!
But the affection that one gets from the game audience at the studio that sits patiently behind and around me is the greatest reasons for doing what I do for KBC. Their disciplined sitting, their silence during the moments of test of a contestant and then the out pouring once the show gets over is the essence of the entire day spent moment on set. Their enthusiasm gets the show really going and on its feet. Their involvement gives us courage to perform. Their applause and love moulds our temperament, which eventually reflects on our speech and face when we test the knowledge of our contestants.
And it is they that get our game going and giving us the required TRP, which I must say turned out to be rather flattering, or so I am informed by the COO N.P Singh of Sony. The opening day ratings have emerged from the three metros and the average is a most flattering 5.24, about the same as last seasons opening. In Delhi it was around 8.0 !! But averaged out its 5.24. The official results shall be out soon, but NP told me that Sony actually, thanks to KBC, became No 1 channel for two days, before settling down to its no 3 position !! That was some achievement !! This is unexpected simply because the show is on a second season from last year and it was not felt that it would do so well. It shows then that the interest of the people of this country remains steadfast towards the show and that is the most encouraging part.
There have been some very interesting contestants and most interesting stories around them. Yes there are some that have come from humble backgrounds, but equally there are those that come from the urban centers and all have the most incredible stories to tell. It is impossible at times not to get involved with their life and to see them play for high stakes, knowing that the amount they shall win shall be of tremendous help to them. But the one salient feature that is noticed is that there is a tremendous feel for their self respect, when they talk about the many complexities that their lives have gone through. They may come from humble homes, they may not never have seen or even heard of the kind of money that is promised in the game show, but play they shall with the hope of winning that magical amount to take care of a long standing loan, a home that they wished to build, a support that they needed to give to older parents and the younger children and nothing for themselves. It is I believe the value of the culture that this country has given us in abundance. Our ethics and our nature all rolled into one. It makes me proud to have been in their company, to have sat across them and to have in some way shared their agony and the eventual delight in their winnings.
Tomorrow is another day among them and shall be so for the next few days. The exhaustion comes before the start of the day. Once in the thick of it you wonder not when it shall stop, but wish that it continues longer …
My association with my EF is similar in content and faith ..
My love to you as ever ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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