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Ek Ajnabee Movie Full Video

Ek Ajnabee is an 2005 Indian film directed by Apoorva Lakhia starring Amitabh Bachchan, Arjun Rampal & Perizaad Zorabiana. Ek Ajnabee is a Bollywood remake of Tony Scotts 2004 film Man on Fire. Synopsis - Suryaveer Singh is a bitter man, hired to protect a little girl, Anamika. However, Anamika gets kidnapped and her father is not able to pay the sum in order to release his daughter. So Suryaveer uses all his skills to save the life of the child, only to find out about the conspiracy that is behind the little girls kidnapping. To watch more full length movies in high quality HQ log

Abhimaan Movie Full Video

Abhimaan - 1973 Directed By : Hrishikesh Mukherjee Starring : Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Bindu, Asrani, Durga Khote, A K Hangal, Master Raju, David Music Director : S D Burman

Synopsis : Subeer Kumar - Amitabh Bachchan is well on his way to becoming India's number 1 pop singer. He has no intentions of getting married, but when he goes to visit his Durga Mausi (mother's sister), he falls in love with Uma - Jaya Bachchan,a religious and simple girl.He is enchanted by her voice and marries her.He returns to Mumbai, where he announces that he will never sing without Uma . However,he encourages Uma to sing alone.Soon she becomes more popular than him and from here on the seeds of jealousy begin to grow.The major difference between Uma and Subeer is that she sings for herself, whereas he sings for the public. It is the difference between geet and sangeet. This is the root for problems that crop up later in their lives, and based on this the movie is named Abhimaan. Jaya Bachchan's performance is stupendous in the movie.

Shaan Movie Full Video

Honest, brave and upright DCP Shiv Kumar, while carrying out his investigations against gangster, Shakal and his gang is mysteriously killed. Leaving two reformed brothers to average his death. But both seem to have no clue on how or who would have killed there brother until they reached up with an old enemy of Shiv, Rakesh, who tells them facts about Shakal and his gang and how he is being used as pawn by Shakal. The trio now agrees to work together and join hands to destroy Shakal.

In death and in sorrow we all come together, holding each other, sharing, giving hope and courage

Jalsa , Mumbai    Aug  16,  2011     Tue 11: 19 PM
In death and in sorrow we all come together, holding each other, sharing, giving hope and courage, transferring as it were our energies to the other that suffers. The ‘chautha’ this evening for Shammi ji demonstrated that. We may be all from the same profession, we may be competitive with each other, we may cringe and nurse hurt egos, tolerate deflated pride, laugh at our success and privately show joy at the others failure .. but … when one of us passes away we come together to mourn and share our feelings. We are a collective force, not bound by any circumstances but that one, of being together in the others grief. I saw many today whom I had never seen in years, many years. We all live in the same city, almost in the same region. We travel and work simultaneously on locations that are similar, but seldom do we get the time to meet up as friends and colleagues. There are exceptions of course and may they be blessed, but largely we remain islands of our own making.
The joy of coming together, of joining hands and minds for a common cause is a potential that has never been put to test within us in this beautiful Industry of ours. There have been sporadic efforts in the past, but have never retained their strength and importance. The individuality of our work is the biggest enemy. Our moment of truth is the moment of the camera and ‘action’. Nothing else matters, nothing else comes in the way, except our sincerity and caliber. At the end of the day that is what shall bring us our recognition our value and our presence and our notice. We all work to excel. We all work to do better. Yes for the final product, but somewhere for ourselves too. When we are alright, everything else seems justified and proper. Somewhere in the middle of all this there creeps in that temperament of ‘what are the others doing’ or worse ‘how much are the others doing’. The caliber of each is perhaps of similar intensity. It is the opportunity and the favor of the drift, that brings in the difference. And that is what builds the so called divide among us.
I see it happening in the field of sports nowadays. We know as do they that participate, that each one is now at a stage of similar talent and competence. It will be that one lucky chance that shall make the difference. That opportunity of the coveted goal, or the strike of the ball in the right direction, that leap that had the benefit of the absolute timing or the stroke of the racquet swing in the right place. When and how it would convert itself to success, is at times unpredictable. Some call it the placement of the stars, or rather its displacement in the astrological hemisphere. Others call it misunderstandings of potent act. But whatever be the reason there is and always shall be one that shall win and succeed and the other that shall not.
For years and till not too far away, our cricket team and its captain Dhoni were the masters. One loss in England and suddenly they are incompetent. People reaction is as subtle and as ruthless as this. It requires immense accumen to be where they put you and in some manner to maintain it. Some understand the futility and the improbability of the situation and reconcile to it. Others and many others do not. Once there they believe they are there and no where else. This is not entirely an adverse situation. It is quite possible that it thrives too. Others succumb to the moment, understand and accept. This is not entirely wrong too. Both can co exist, its a matter of reconciling with its complexity.
There are those too that despite all their gain believe that there is none. This can be a complexity that would require deeper understanding and research. For them there is one surety. Their process of continuance shall never come to an abrupt halt, because they are continuously searching for that one pinnacle, which ironically they may never ever reach.
Dear Lord ! Give me the strength to recognize these moments in life. To have the benefit of sifting the good from the bad, the reasons for the failures and the related competence, together. To know when it shall be time. To give in when asked, to strive despite that. To perhaps never achieve anything, yet be joyed by the effort to have tried. To acquire yes, but to give away more, better. To listen wisely. To express nothing. To estimate our own value and never allow it to be weighed by another. To judge with conscience that stimulates my being, and never permit it to be polluted by another. To rest in the assurance that no further assurance will be required. To know to feel to understand, but never allow to be known and felt and understood against.
But in the end give me the strength and power to use it wisely and in competent benefit, for the other ..
Amitabh Bachchan

To shift from the last rites of a loved one to entertaining an entire nation at the start of a game show

Jalsa , Mumbai        Aug  15,  2011     Mon 11 : 35 PM
To shift from the last rites of a loved one to entertaining an entire nation at the start of a game show for television, must be termed as one of the most psychologically draining experiences ever. There may be more examples, but today for me was one such day.
The last rites at the burning ‘ghat’ of BaanGanga for Shammi ji began early in the morning and went on till the afternoon. I needed to tear myself away from it to get to the first day of KBC - a live event ! One does not know whether to live in the spirit of the moment, mourn and not work. Or, follow what we have been taught - to consider and execute a commitment to its fullest. I did follow and I did complete, but not without my share of anxiety and confusion in the mind. It is difficult to be by death in the morning and be in cheer by the evening. There shall be some percolation of emotions and thought. My thoughts ran through all those years of having spent good times with Shammi ji. And today as we sit in that very same ambience of his house, where his presence and charisma burst out in the open in free and open abandon, I find him motionless, unable to move, wrapped in cloth and rope and flower, ready to be carried on our shoulders to the cremation site. We do as do many others. And along the street to the site the people that line the route sling baskets of flower petals from home to home and through an ingenious device of the strings used, flip the basket in the air to allow the petals to fall on the body as it is driven by.
Occasions such as this introduce to us at times the other side of life. Not all that show sympathy and empathy for the moment are necessarily genuine. Positioning for the camera is a deft pastime, in order to ensure that their picture appears the next morning in the papers. Some in order to show familiarity will try to involve you in conversation that has no bearing whatsoever to the rituals that are being conducted. It is disgusting. Others try to position themselves in a manner so that what they are manufacturing or selling will become the conversation piece, right in the middle of this solemn moment. Where do these people learn basic social protocol ?
And worse still are the crowds that gather around on occasions such as this. They cheer and scream as though the celebrity was attending another premiere of one of his films. And the media ! Shoving their microphones right into our faces demanding a response for the occasion. Do they really think they shall be able to get it out of me ? Do they understand ethics at all. Is this the moment when anyone from the deceased shall be in a mood to talk to anyone. I slink away on moments like this head down. It is most awkward for me and I breathe only when I am away from the media onslaught, secure inside the car. But till then it is …..
KBC started today and we went on live ! This was something of an experience, since it had never been tried before. I wonder now how the results shall be ..
I intend to be more rested by the morrow .. and more vocal perhaps and maybe a bit ‘golden’ !!
Amitabh Bachchan

Its always that dreaded moment in the early hours or deep in the night when that phone call comes

Jalsa , Mumbai      Aug 14 , 2011        Sun  10 : 39 PM
Its always that dreaded moment in the early hours or deep in the night when that phone call comes and bears the news of a crisis. Shweta, over for a couple of days, walked into my room gingerly and in the dark spoke up softly - ‘Papa ! Shammi Uncle passed away just now !’
I sat up. The first words that come to your mouth are .. Oh! God! .. and then everything else takes over.
Shammi Kapoor, that rebel star, tall blue eyed handsome beyond greek god good looks, flamboyant, the life and energy and joie de vivre of the Indian Film Industry, that caring lovable elder, now a relative, gone … silent forever !
And a million memories hurry past as you drive down to his ‘Blue Haven’ residence. A cozy warm and welcoming apartment, where we had spent many wonderful evenings and nights with him and his effervescence. And there as I walk past his still pale figure embalmed and kept in a freeze container, you almost feel as though he would spring out of it and with his feisty elan invite you over to dine with him.
I think I first saw him acting in a play with his Father, the great PrithviRaj Kapoor as he enacted a scene for Prithvi Theaters at a hall in Allahabad. He had slid down an entire staircase on set, sitting on a ‘thali’. There was a carefree ambience about him, enveloping everyone around. He worked with Prithvi Theaters in those early years, and after the night show was over would be asked by PrithviRaj ji to join him and other cast members to listen to my Father’s recitation till late in the night.
When I came to Mumbai to join films he soon ‘noticed’ me at some of the social events that I had the pleasure to visit and when I did ‘Anand’ and after, he became a constant for us. Neela ji his second wife after the sudden death of his first, the wondrous Geeta Bali, became extremely fond of Jaya and I as did Shammi ji and from then on there started a constant family like relationship. Little did I ever realize that one day it actually would fructify into a family relationship. Shweta married Niky, Raj Kapoor ji’s daughter Ritu’s son and we had become official relatives.
Shammi ji and I worked together in a few films and it was moments that can never be forgotten. His verve for life, its excitement, its energy was infectious. He would enter a room and suddenly everything would electrify. You were happy in his company and his optimism. Spending a few moments with him could pump up the adrenalin to its maximum degree.
In College when we first saw his film ‘Dil Deke Dekho’, we were mesmerized by the sheer power of his presence. His style his dance his clothes, his puffed hair style that lazily yet provocatively would often fall on his forehead, all became images that every young around the country wanted to emulate. I loved a jacket that he wore in ‘Junglee’, but never ever in a position to buy one like that, had asked my Mother to tailor something similar by cutting up a discarded blanket of mine, which looked like a really bad copy. When we met friends and spent time with them, we would fling our hair and body in the way he did in all his pictures. Somewhere, everyone of us thought we were Shammi Kapoors in the making, if not already.
He would affectionately call me ‘Babua’ and every time he saw me excel in something his was the first call. He just loved life and all that it threw to him. He never gave in. Strong and full of happy will, even as he struggled in his later years, he would never give the impression how gravely ill he was. He would laugh and joke on his numerous visits to the hospital for his dialysis, joke with the staff in the hospital, pull their leg. He would almost make you feel that he was visiting you in hospital, rather than the other way round.
In hospital during one of my visits I told him of my recording of the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’, a rendering he had been most fond of and revered. When I sent my CD to him he would ask to listen to it everyday. Loved cars and driving them. He may have had problems walking during his last moments, but it never deterred him from getting behind the wheel.
‘I want to ride a Rolls Royce’ , he would often say. And when I offered to send him mine to keep and drive at will, he would resist it. ‘Let me come out of the hospital then we shall both go for a drive in it’ he had excitedly told me.
We never could get that ride together.
He had got tired during the last 2 days. Never one to give up, he spoke for the first time in a tone that conveyed that he had had enough, to Jaya a few days ago. ‘I am tired, I can’t take it anymore’ he lamented, with choked emotion. This morning at 5:15 he gave himself up to the heavens !
Tomorrow morning he shall be cremated at Ban Ganga a religious spot on Malabar Hill, where his first wife was cremated. He had wanted that …
Amitabh Bachchan

The opener for the KBC 2011 season on August 15 will be live on Independence Day

Jalsa , Mumbai    Aug  13 ,  2011            Sat  11 : 45 PM

The opener for the KBC 2011 season on August 15 will be live on Independence Day and this is what the rehearsals looked like today .. it was an emotional moment, filled with pride … there was a sense of excitement among all .. and one hopes all goes well on the day ..
Its RakshaBandhan today .. the day sisters seek protection from their brothers by tying the traditional ‘rakhi’ on their wrists .. Shweta is down from Delhi but Abhishek is not in town .. virtual rakhi is now the trend of the day ..
Virtual is now the be all and end all of all exercises .. at the Purple Haze Studio of Shankar Ehsan and Loy I have gone in after the rehearsal to sing a portion of the song that shall appear on the show and Shankar tells me that they and a group of his friends have started a virtual coaching singing lessons and other classical form of teaching music through the virtual … amazing ! I need to access that. Was contemplating doing that for myself soon and visualizing sitting on the floor with a guru, the harmonium in hand, learning the ragas and the finer moments of classical form. Now I believe I can do it in front of my lap top .. what has the world come to …!!!
I have been forced to turn in early irrespective, eat controlled diets and rest .. I do not want to disobey them, but I shall catch up on a lot more by the morrow ..
My love
Amitabh Bachchan

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