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Western audiences love Bollywood dance music Amitabh Bachchan

Western audiences love Bollywood's dance, music: Amitabh

New Delhi, June 23 (IANS) The Western world is now showing interest in Hindi films -- all because of its dance and music content, something that they ridiculed a few years ago, says megastar Amitabh Bachchan.

"We were ridiculed, and the West was very cynical about the way we made our films and the content -- the songs and the dance, and the music was something that was kind of looked down upon many years ago.

"But that very aspect has now become its USP, and people love to see that. I would expect that this is how and what our cinema is all about," Amitabh said on CNN's show "Talk Asia".

Speaking about Hollywood-Bollywood collaborations, Amitabh said: "I think this has got to do a lot more with economics rather than sharing creativity... Hollywood is very healthy in their finance, they are using their money to invest in productions that are coming out of India. And in that respect, yes, holding hands with Hollywood companies or any other company is now becoming a routine."

Many Hindi films recently have seen international collaborations, including "Singh Is Kingg", which was produced by Warner Brothers, and animated film "Roadside Romeo" that was financed by Disney. "Kambakkht Ishq" featured Hollywood stars Sylvester Stallone, Brandon Routh and Denise Richards.

Amitabh himself will be sharing screen space with British actor Ben Kingsley in his forthcoming film "Teen Patti".

"Talk Asia" will be aired July 25 at 8 p.m.

The Grahan as we call it in our language Meanwhile back in the ranch some photographs

Singapore July 22, 2009 Wed 11:00 PM


Really really embarrassed about yesterday’s post. Such bad presentation and such a tacky look and content. I was so frustrated by the loss of the broad band at the crucial hour that I just gave up at 5 am and let it go the way it was. My apologies.

I have always had problems with trying to catch up and relive what I may have lost on a particular DAY and so in keeping with the temperament I shall certainly not endeavor to break the sequence ! What is lost is lost. Perhaps it was not meant to go out to the EF.. and so there…

And.. if may add to the irritation of the advisors and the saner elements of our sweet little society… I am yet again posting straight on to the DAY, instead of following instructions to write and save on WORD. I am obstinate am I not ! But somehow, I cannot explain why, when I write on Word I just do not feel that I am conversing with you. It has seemed strange and alien. The thoughts remain stifled and lethargic. They bear an attitude which is different. Different not in the good sense, just different. For some reason I feel when I am direct on post, that each one of you sits there in front and listens as I punch. That sympathizes with each thought that comes out involuntarily. That joins me in laughter and mirth. That holds my hand as I reach out. That comforts my forehead and tells me - ‘get to bed you ‘ol fogie.. we have had enough !!’

So.. on to other matters !
I had said I would try and put you on to the memory test. Well … here it is. It is a site that you have to click to visit. I did try to put the test itself on the blog, but the engineers had a mini revolt at the server and said this was the best they could do. Seriously though they tried very hard but did not find a solution, hence this …

Before you get to the test here is what is expected of you -

I do sincerely hope either of the clicks works and you do have fun in assimilating what your memory percentages are.

Meanwhile back in the ranch - some photographs -


Thats the son, at IIFA Macau Fashion Extravaganza giving his spiel for the charity for the benefit of the workers in the Industry. All these proceeds that we collect goes in looking after lesser privileged workers and their families. Some IIFA’s we conduct a sporting event, a cricket match within two teams picked from the Industry and such like.


Thats the ‘ol fogie at a London restaurant - le Petit Maison - with the grand children whom you cannot see, because every time you point a camera at them they disappear under the table. Note the dark glasses guys and its subtleties. Let me know what you notice.


Thats me a little while ago, IPhotoed and Adobe Photo Shopped, in my room in Singapore as I settle down to address the world of EF. The ‘tracks’ and the ‘wrists’ are normal computer gear. This job is indeed athletic !


Thats at Jalsa. Some weeks ago. Actually shortly before the affectionate Shanouk wished to express his extreme love for me with an embrace..


And this, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is what I saw with my camera of other cameras. Pretty interesting eh..?

There have been some among you that have continuously added great value to this blog by their most pertinent and valuable comments, put across in the most eloquent manner. I laud their efforts and do urge them to continue to give us a greater and wiser vision on some of the topics that have without any specific purpose, come up during my writing. I would wish not to mention them by name, for I observe that many of you that do not get mentioned, show disappointment and anger. Rightly so I must confess. Everyone spends a great deal of time getting to the text, reading it understanding it - provided it is worth understanding - and then commenting on it. Thats a massive dedicated exercise and I must acknowledge that, here publicly and insist that you continue to add your invaluable impressions to enlighten us. The individual reactions to them shall come as soon as I start addressing the now much awaited ‘yellow line’ !

And so to the eclipse ! TheGrahan as we call it in our language. For some an unusual sight to behold, for many others a sign and day of superstition and astrological connotations. For some a phenomena that shall perhaps reappear after some 300 years, long after we are all in heavenly abode - or who knows they may invent a drug soon enough to keep us going till then. For some a day of prayer and caution on the ill effects of the moment. For others of being a part of this in history and recording its occurence, like my staff in New Delhi did - here for your benefit -





I have no idea why they all came out looking green, but there it is. And so to the next 300 years when it shall appear again. I wonder when it happened 300 years ago in the 1700’s or so, what reaction it may have caused in the minds of mankind, struggling to contend with many of natures unexplained peculiarities. We live today in an advanced scientific age and have the ability to perhaps take in all this in better spirit, but then, in the 1700’s or worse in the 1400’s and the 1100’s… Goodness .. they must have thought the world was coming to an end !

And when you read and learn about space and the universe beyond our little earth, you really get amazed to discover what an infinitely small speck we all are in that world and I wish that millions and millions of us that live here and have the benefit of God’s grace to be inhabitants of Earth, to understand and realize how insignificant and inconsequential all our issues are compared to what exists in the rest around us. The sheer magnitude and expanse is so humbling. Yet, we are fighting and quibbling over matters that are petty and ugly and of no value.. A shame and a pity !!

The moon they say with every revolution around the earth is shifting in its orbit an inch, 1″ away from the earth, every year. And it shall take 5 billion years for it to disappear completely. This is one small little moon for earth. Imagine the many moons of other planets. Imagine the other planets of other galaxies, and the galaxies beyond..and beyond .. and beyond ..

Its 2:25 AM on the Thursday !! And I am bright and awake and fresh and active as one could possibly be. Its the state of the mind and the body that guides one into such condition. As I wait for my car to come up to pick me up from the Hospital here in Singapore and take me to my place of temporary residence , I come across an ailing gentleman pushing his own wheel chair and accompanied by nurses walking across to the lifts to get to his room from perhaps a compulsory walk in the garden downstairs. He stops to walk towards me. He smiles and thanks me for taking a photograph with his son. He says he and the lady with him are the sons parents. He is from Australia and his taped hand indicates the intrusive intravenous procedures that he must be going through for his treatment. I wish him a speedy recovery and politely ask him -

‘I hope you are well ?’

He holds my hand firmly with a broad smile and answers ‘You are as well as you want to be !’

What a simple strong statement. I shall be as well as I want to be. Yes for all of us, we must be as well as we want to be. I am as fresh and alert as I want to be now. I should be in bed and should be at rest, but I wish to be awake and to be fresh and so I shallbe, so help me God !!

Shall baby ! Shall, shall shall … you mrmrsmswhatever Afternoon Despatched and Couriered to outer space ! Shall, shall shall….!!!


SHALL.. S H A L L …!! Yeah !

Ok .. thats it for today. Off to bed and the remote and the TV, to catch a game or some news and then end up with SUN TV !! Yes.. yes .. yess.. SUN TV, that magnificent South Indian Channel from Chennai Tamil Nadu, playing non stop songs from their films !! I tell you.. their choreography and the locations and shot takings and the color combinations… just marvellous.

We in Mumbai, with all due respect, need to learn a lot from them !!

Me with love … and Marigold low fat yoghurt natural, with two columns of sugar !! Just consumed that to keep me HYPER !!


Amitabh Bachchan

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