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So I went to the BigFm Tv Awards and came back with one Big B

Jalsa , Mumbai      June 14/15 ,  2011           Tue/ Wed  12 : 57 AM
So I went to the BigFm Tv Awards and came back with one .. the most distinguished personality of the year in Tv for the last year .. the Tv industry a revelation for me … a most complex and vibrant medium .. a difficult medium to be in, and most of all a  tough medium to be connected with … it takes the mickey out of you when you are asked to perform for it .. and I speak from experience. Hence my great admiration for all those that are connected with it, and continue to work each day for its betterment .. takes a lot out of the artists and personalities that labor day and night in its working. When I was given the opportunity to work in it for the first time for Kaun Banega Crorepati, everyone told me I was making the biggest mistake of my life. Today after receiving recognition, I am happy to have made that mistake !!
But the morning was filled with endless discussions and plannings for the promotion of the film ‘Bbuddah’ and also with the very talented Rahul Nanda for a photoshoot, with that irrepressible Ram .. Ram Shergill from London , a photographer par excellence. He shot all the stills for Paa and was first introduced to Abhishek and Shweta in England when they had gone for a shoot for a foreign fashion magazine. He has since remained steadfast and friendly and such a lot of fun. He has been deployed by Abu-Sandeep the fashion greats in Mumbai and dear family friends, to shoot photos for their upcoming book. Ram has just shot for them in England with Shweta and has been sending us the results, which have been fabulous. I cannot wait to see what Rahul and he will come up with after tonights shoot .. my own personal photographer that records all activity of mine has done a few working stills which I shall try and put up …

and immediately above, the Award night that I was just at .. in and out in 15 … enthusiastic energised and eager .. all to do with our Tv Industry, at the venue YashRajStudios .. the stage the award from the numero unos of Star Tv and BigFm … Star that gave me that KBC ticket on the left Uday Shankar and on the right Tarun Katyal from BigFm, ironically worked with Star when I was doing KBC for them …. small world, large minds, pioneering fresh ideas and thoughts for enhancing the contents of this vast and rapidly growing industry … a over 20,000 crore business now and growing … today bigger than the turn over of the film industry ..
Another trend started by yours truly and look how many followed - ShahRukh, Salman, Akshay, Abhishek, Preity, Madhuri, Priyanka …
Ok … time to be out in bed … its a shoot tomorrow with Abhishek for the promo that we do for the film ‘Bbuddah’ being directed by the very talented Shaad Ali of ‘Bunty Babli’ fame .. more dance and fun .. but will the body take it .. errrm .. always a problem .. need to psyche myself again … tedious and tiring, but work calls and as does the film and its future .. so …
Amitabh Bachchan

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap new title Song 2011

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap-new bollywood title Song 2011

Aarakshan Movie Trailer Saif,Deepika and Amitabh

Aarakshan (2011) Movie Trailer ft Saif,Deepika and Amitabh

Someone asked me to post some more lines from my Father Big B

Amitabh Bachchan

@SrBachchan-Someone asked me to post some more lines from my Father. I picked up one of his books, opened a page randomly and this is what stared at me directly .. so strange and coincidental, almost as if he had read my mind and circumstance -

जब तुझे आकर्ष
औ ' सम्मान और स्नेह
जनता का मिला था ,
क्या ज़रुरत थी तुझे , तू
या की अकादमीवी
या की सरकारी
समादर , पुरस्कार , उपाधि की
परवाह करता .
वे रहे आते , लुभाते तुझे ,
पर दुतकारता उनको रहा तू . 

Amitabh Bachchan likely to play MF Hussain

Amitabh Bachchan likely to play MF Hussain

Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachchan may reprise the role of celebrated painter MF Hussain in his upcoming biopic, which will be directed Prabhakar Shukla, who has earlier done a small-budget film Kahani Gudiya Ki in 2008. The director wants to rope in Big B for the role of the maverick artist in the biopic titled Hussain - The Painter.

Prabhakar Shukla had been nurturing the idea of making a film on MF Hussain for the past one year. But the exiled painter died of heart attack on 9th June before the director could discuss the biopic in detail with him. Now, the undaunted director has decided to go ahead with the project.

Talking to Times of India, Prabhakar Shukla said, “This has been on my mind since last year. Husain saab had verbally been okay with the idea. I was planning to go and meet him in Qatar this month, but now I have to rethink.” Meanwhile, he added, “I have Amitabh Bachchan in mind, but I am not sure if he will do my film as I am yet to approach him.

Amitabh's Bbuddah was supposed to be a remake

Amitabh's Bbuddah was supposed to be a remake
Considering his status, every director aspires to work with Amitabh Bachchan. It was no different for Puri Jagannath, who’s helming Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap with the actor. Interestingly, the filmmaker, who started as an associate with Ram Gopal Varma, concedes that his initial plan was to remake a Hollywood Movie with Bachchan.

Puri reveals that he’d expressed his wish of working with the actor to RGV first. “I wanted to remake Taken (2008) starring Liam Neeson, with Amit ji. So I asked Ramu if he’d seen it. He hadn’t, but he suggested that I write something original instead,” says the director.
After a week of brainstorming, Puri shared a concept with RGV, which he felt was apt for a film with Big B. “Ramu liked it and soon fixed up a meeting with Amit ji,” says Puri, summing up how he got the actor on board. Ask him why he was prompted to revisit the Angry Young Man image in his film, though Bachchan had started playing his age with Agneepath, and Puri reiterates, “Having grown up seeing Amit ji’s movies, I wanted to see him as a larger than life persona on screen again. After some time, no one was making those kinds of films with him. So he was not playing that kind of character and no one was writing those lines for him any more,” he reasons.
Tell him that there’s been plenty of buzz about Big B doing action a la Salman Khan in Wanted (2009), a remake of Puri’s Telugu hit, Pokhiri (2006), and the director smiles, “It would be wrong to compare. But it would suffice to say that the character, his guts and the dialogue are the highlight of Bbuddah.”
Further, he maintains that only one line is borrowed from Bachchan’s previous films - ‘Hum jahaan khade ho jaate hain, line vahin se shuru ho jaati hai,’ (the line starts wherver I stand), which is in the promos currently on air. “Apart from this, all lines are new, but retain the essence of his earlier films,” says the director as he gears up for the film’s July 1 release.
news HT

First Look Aarakshan Amit Jii, Prakash Jha and Prateik Babbar

First Look Aarakshan Amit Jii, Prakash Jha and Prateik Babbar

BigB AWARDS 1970 to 2011

1970 National Film Award for Best Newcomer for Saat Hindustani
1991 National Film Award for Best Actor for Agneepath
2006  National Film Award for Best Actor for Black
2010 National Film Award for Best Actor for Paa

 Filmfare AWARDS
1971 Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for Anand
1973 Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for Namak Haraam
1977  Filmfare Best Actor Award for Amar Akbar Anthony
1978 Filmfare Best Actor Award for Don
1990  Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award (First Recipient)
1991 Filmfare Best Actor Award for Hum
2000 Filmfare Superstar of the Millennium
2000 Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for Mohabbatein
2001 Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance for Aks
2003 Filmfare Power Award
2005 Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance for Black
2005 Filmfare Best Actor Award for Black
2010 Filmfare Best Actor Award for Paa
2011 Filmfare Special Award for completing 40 years in the Indian film industry

Life has become a ‘promotional travel tour

Jalsa , Mumbai      June  13/14,  2011      Mon/Tue  12 : 56 AM
Life has become a ‘promotional travel tour’ .. one minute in one city the other in another city and talking on subjects and topics already done to death the first time around ! But such is the nature of the business these days that if not done can spell sufficient doom for the film ..
So on the flight in the early hours one catches those forty winks, undisturbed by phone calls or meetings .. one meets other passengers that express reserved greetings .. greetings on the road or in public are a great indicator of your standing in the profession .. the odd hello, a wave distant and almost forced, a look through as they walk by, a feel of ya we know its him so what … standing ! That frenzy of desperate meeting, a scream or shout, or a rush to the celebrity mean an entire different story .. happens .. part of celebdrom !! So you push your head down and move to your destination and pray that it comes soon .. do not want the embarrassment of being ignored .. it is a severe condition .. can cause deep mental misbalance if one is not intelligent enough to understand that its part of the deal .. this is what stardom and its aftermath are all about .. hysteria one day, ignored the other .. suddenly tells you that you no longer hold any importance in the lives of those people that one day lathered you with praise and adoration … no sir, that is gone now .. there are others now, more efficient younger and exceedingly popular .. they shall draw the crowds, the excitement, the frenzy … your time is over .. believe it and rest !!
But .. the cause for which we were present at the media event was comfortable and warm and enlightening ! Pleasant atmosphere, charming journalists, intelligent questions and a good repartee among them and us - Prakash Jha and I , ….” just the two of us …”
Surprising that talk of the other film #BHTBaap ( to follow twitter trends ) would invariably emerge. Keeping proper protocol and etiquette in mind I did try my best to avoid mention or talk of it … but it kept coming back from a bunch of young lady journalists, who were leading me up to speak those magical words -”Bbuddah hoga tera Baap” !!. Succumb I did and speak I did, to a rapturous applause ! And even though it was unethical to bring the topic of this film at the time of the other, I have to say that the moment of its importance was heartening to hear ! It meant that there was an awareness to the film and that they were keen to see me associated with it - for the time being …
The meet with the media was civil, and surrounded by compassion. It was rare that this should happen, but it did. And my compliments to them for understanding the film ‘Aarakshan’ and why and for what reason Prakash Jha was making the film. There was appreciation of the time and punctuality factor and no where was there any attempt to be harsh or cause discomfort to the two elders on the dias !! It was all over in an hour and a half and then back to the airport and on to Mumbai …
Delhi … I have to say looked stunning ! Had not seen it in this form ! Clean wide well maintained streets, organized traffic, green and looking good ! Those behind this beautification need a pat on their backs.
And then on the plane went about reading some of the magazines that were put forward and came across some very interesting facts, on Sikh Gurudwaras, their place of worship. A book recently released by an eminent author DS Jaspal mentions that each prominent Gurudwara was built around the importance of a tree within its premise. The name too of the Gurudwara at times bearing mention of the tree that was housed within it. The Amb Gurudwara, has a mango tree within, the Imli Gurudwara and so on .. the tree being the place where the Guru’s rested on their tours or during the various battles they fought, or when they held their prayer meetings. The tree then becoming sacred and when the place of worship was constructed, that particular tree remained an integral part of the design ! Fascinating !! Not just the religiosity of the moment but I wonder if it was a symbolic gesture on the part of those that built them and conducted prayers much after the passing away of the Guru’s, that it was an indication on the environment and how deeply maybe they thought of this factor then !! I wonder  !!
More tomorrow … I get into a string of promotional activities for ‘Bbuddah’ and do take in all the suggestions that the EF has been putting in. Thank you so much for your care and love …
Amitabh Bachchan

Inspired by the lasting words of two great poets Browning and Tennyson


Inspired by the lasting words of two great poets Browning and Tennyson
Jalsa , Mumbai        June  12 ,  2011   Sun  11 : 34 PM

Inspired by the lasting words of two great poets Browning and Tennyson, my Father in a moment of despair in his life, quotes them in his autobiography :
” I was ever a fighter, so - one fight more,
…..and tho’
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, …
Some work of noble note may yet be done. “
And I have quite unconsciously stretched across my writing table to pick up a volume from his ‘Rachnavali’, opened a random page and discovered the above staring at me, boldly and with reason. Elsewhere, before he quotes the lines, he comments, that the path you desire or wish to take or should perhaps want to take in life, come about invariably from dissatisfaction. From the castle or the established camp or life’s fortress of satisfaction, there are no roads or paths that emanate or lead out. Satisfaction never does or has opened paths, it instead closes them. Perhaps in life there comes a time, when the desire to close all the paths and lay still within ones confines, does prevail. But for him the time had not yet come. Which is why when the moment to step out from the singular essence of life comes by, there is an expression of relief. Relief perhaps, from being driven down by the incessant tempting forces of ’satisfaction’. That moment, that decision, has been the most satisfying and the most rewarding.
I would believe that. For I have observed that the desire to reach out towards a path that never did paint my life with that emblem of satisfaction, did indeed turn out to be rewarding. May be the word ‘rewarding’ is too finite an expression - rewards generally are unable to extract themselves from such severe insinuation. Let us just live with the thought that another path was revealed which could have gone by unnoticed, had the opportunity not been taken.
There is I am now convinced, a mystical almost deliverance between the thinking of my Father and what beholds me. I had no reason to reach out to him today, but I did. I had no reason to turn to a particular volume in his works, but I did. There was no significant indication of which page the hands would move to, but they did. And when they did, I was seemed not too alarmed or surprised by the contents which gradually fell before me. To term it mystical or some other exotic expression would be hinting at unnatural other world designs. No, not that at all. I would demean the moment if it did. Let me just say that ‘a path opened’ on its own and I took it, simply because I wished not to be satisfied !!
Sunday again, another one ! Lashing rain through out the day and the darkness of the skies making the sun opaque and invisible. That must be some task ! The severity of the atmosphere is then before you. It is enjoyable, it is warm and utterly cozy. It provokes one to contemplate, to ease the mind and body. Almost fetus like innovations prevail. Curled up in the comfort of the womb, taken care of, fed and fulfilled. And when beckoned, to appear as it were at your own call. Not as long as it would in reality, but call all the same.
Sunday again and the well wishers, devoted sincere and ever present -

The scaffolding you see is for the monsoon protection, temporary but most useful. Goes off by October, comes back up by June. It has a life of its own. Perhaps someday I may address it on Blog !
Abhishek joins me in the hustle and bustle and the affection of the fans, wet in the downpour but unmoved and undeterred. And after all the gates have been shut and we have moved inside, Shanouk moves out for his evening walk - a bit conscious of all the noise and cheers, but calm controlled and relaxed. Not so, some of the onlookers !!
Good night all .. I travel to Delhi tomorrow for a press meet and back in the night ..do take care and a special wish for Tatiana ..!!
Amitabh Bachchan

We spoke yesterday about the netizens and the response factors on the promos of various films

We spoke yesterday about the netizens and the response factors on the promos of various films
Jalsa , Mumbai        June 9/10 ,  2011          Thu/ Fri  12 : 39 AM

We spoke yesterday about the netizens and the response factors on the promos of various films. Well above is that statistic in print and for all to see read and pat your backs, because it was indeed your very sincere effort that made it happen ..
In the comfort now of the home, one reflects back on the day and how it passed. Sudhir Mishra came by in the morning to narrate a subject and we are looking at it with some sincerity. There were meetings on promotional activity - visits to Dubai perhaps and the Hard Rock Cafe to accompany Vishal and Shekhar as they perform live on stage some of the songs from the film ‘Bbuddah’ , smash a guitar as an honor from the facility, ride a Harley … gosh this is like being back in University again … ha ! What a time we would have then ! Bunking class, jamming at restaurants and coffee joints with the ‘gang’, buzzing off on picnics in borrowed cars and scooters and then dragging ourselves home looking most studious and overworked in College !! We were incorrigible were we not. One could get past Dad, but Moms always knew ! How did they ever come to gather what we had been up to ! Ha ha !!
Ah ! those days of College and University. How ever can we ever forget them ! Sad they got over in 3 years ! Never knew how time flew by. The freedom to move independently, to follow opinion away from the norm, to become temporarily impressed by pseudo dudes, to lumber up to the girls at the bus stop, hands in pocket of unwashed for a year jeans, and the only one you had, shirt collars up, Elvis Presley in making side locks, the only book of study in the hip pocket, and wondering why none of the girls was noticing you !! And the music …. never went beyond Elvis, and for the more intellectual, Miles Davis and Zoot Sims ! Any one remember those fantastic jazz artists ?? Astounding !!
Late evening tonight at the Novotel, the opening of the first look for ‘Aarakshan’ and meeting the press. I have to say that the media was never more disciplined, sensitive and intellectualized for the moment than they were tonight. There were questions of great merit and observations of immense value. I think the subject itself was never kept out of the ambit of the meet and that was somewhat of a miracle. Usually they will ask all else not concerning the film on show ! Thank you media !!
The question of reservation is varied controversial and has a long history within the country. My own knowledge of the subject was most minimal until I read and queried Prakash Jha the director on them. But ‘Aarakshan’ is not just about the reservation policy of the country, where segregation in our society took place on the grounds of caste. And then subsequently opportunities for them at work at education and at all levels got hampered because of the systems prevailing through ages on the caste divide. The film also deals with that very pertinent matter of capitation and wealth that now prevails in private institutions, that are considered prestigious and worthy enough because of your standing in society. The divide between the elite and the less privileged and the absence of equal opportunity for deserving pupils. The whole matter of coaching institutes that have sprung up, inviting the rich to invest their education on them because they are being run by teachers of eminence connected actually to the University, but performing acts which they should not be. Bringing better results, but for those that could afford the fee or the capitation. And so on … very volatile, but interesting all the same ..
And at the end of it, I think that it ended on a most positive note …

And these from the press meet just concluded ! Rapid fast and efficient delivery system , do you not think ??
Ok … so back to the daily horizontal effort … EF permitting … and good night .. shubh ratri, shabba khair !!!
Amitabh Bachchan

Amidst the pouring rains from early morning and the flooded streets of the city

Jalsa , Mumbai       June 11,  2011       Sat  11 : 59 PM
Amidst the pouring rains from early morning and the flooded streets of the city, particularly so in the JVPD Scheme, where I live, I have managed to have survived an entire day. Watching the water grow dangerously close to the insides of the house, Prateeksha. The road in front submerged and not pliable, even with cars on stilts and massive engines and the on and off again internet services. Some parts of the Juhu area and the inner lanes still ankle deep in stagnant waters, and as I drive past to get to office, where the flooding was immense and most threatening, the one factor that is noticeable is that all the security guards that man all the gates of the house residents have their pants rolled up ! Sign of the times ! And yes the stray cats, I actually said that, cat lovers, and the dogs are finding hiding elevated covers to keep afloat ! Actually found a few perched on top of the cars, on the window sils and on the steps !! Welcome cats. Keep dry. No fights and screeches in the middle of the night. And thank you for keeping the rats away !!
I think Mumbai has reconciled itself to the fact that water logging is like the spelling of the name of the city - it shall never change ! Well ..
And the traffic snarls get pronounced and people more irritable. But to give credit to the traffic police, they were all out there in the middle at every sensitive and vulnerable point in their newly acquired uniforms - white overalls to keep the rain away with hoods, and stylish black pedestrian crossing like stripes by the mid riff - pretty smart ! And  journey I thought that would take hours, actually got me to my BBC studio for interviews ahead of time !! So that kind of kept my punctuality quotient in tact !
So tell us Suri how on earth did you get the music of the film ‘Bbuddah - Hoga tera Baap’ and how did you load it up on your site, knowing that the formal and official release of the music has not taken place ? Caused quite a commotion throughout the net world, on my twitter and also shall feature as a prominent discussion on my Vog. the music is officially being released in stores on the Monday and I do hope instead of downloading it from the site of Suri, you shall make use of the official one and save us from piracy. And yes of course, as soon as you hear it let me have your valued input. ‘Haal e Dil’ seemed to create quite a stir. It is as I said, a rather melodious number.
The rains bring with them a sensuous feel to the entire day. The dark grey low rain bearing clouds form the early hours of the morning. So when you pull the curtains in the morning expecting the sun to hit your eyes, you realize that its actually time to put the lights on. And yes despite all the precautionary covers, rain does have a way of being noticed. It shall drip down at most unwanted areas and assert itself, no matter how hard one may try, embarrassing the company that is given charge of putting up the ‘taadpatri’. Shelves housing books and important paper work get shifted around. Plug points and electronics are given a constant look over so no short circuits take place and dehumidifiers find themselves doing good business during these three intense monsoon months ! Its an entire war room operation !
But you have to admit that the gentle and sometimes harsh lashes of rain on the roof and against the protective covers, does give a deep sense of romance, hot eatables, cozy sitting arrangements, a movie and perhaps if there is an adventurous mood, a drive out in the rain to search for that delicious ‘bhutta’ - corn on the cob !! ‘Bhutta’, that delicacy associated so much with the monsoons in Mumbai. Those stalls by the pavements, burning them up fresh for your taste. The slice of lemon, a bit of butter and at times the red chilli powder … satisfaction !!
But by far the most enticing is the warm interiors of a bed and something to munch as you drown yourself into a sleep by the constant tone of the falling rain !
It is quiet just now. The rain is silent and so are the birds. The sky does not thunder anymore and neither do we witness those strong flashes of lighting that precede the bang. The tire sounds of the traffic on the wet roads remains, the odd droplet from some awning reminding you of the deluge in the morning and an ominous silence. Perhaps in preparation for the morning with greater rain !
There is something about it that is so romantic, so …. gosh I do not know the right word for it, but I am sure you understand ..
My love to you .. and a gentle prayer for the most gentle and gracious Mrs Kashmira Grewal … and a happy birthday to Dharmesh Patel form UK for the 11th ..
Amitabh Bachchan

Not without connecting to my EF .. no way .. would I would allow to end the day

Jalsa , Mumbai     June  10/11 ,  2011    Fri/Sat  3 : 28 AM
Not without connecting to my EF .. no way .. would I would allow to end the day!!!
Just returned after a quick visit to Hyderabad for a wedding of a dear friend’s daughter. And filled with the grandeur and ceremony and hospitality of an Andhra Wedding. Tradition, relatives, friends, ladki wale, ladke wale at the Sangeet, the music evening before the marriage, where both the families sing and dance together, building bridges and accepting each other as one. Healthy camaraderie and competition, teasing and the pulling of legs - a joyous evening with tons of music, heaps of dancing and general happiness. The women out in their traditional saris and their jewelry. The men in their traditional achkans or ornate kurtas and for this wedding thousands of people !!
The stay was momentary, but pleasant and warm and hospitable. Stayed at the historic Falaknuma Palace - the palace of the Nizam of Hyderabad, once the richest man in the world. The palace had been left as it were after the abolition of privy purses, when the status of royalty was withdrawn from all the princely states. But Taj Hotels restored it and brought this massive property to its present shape and may I say, have done an excellent job of it. Situated on top of a hill overlooking the city, it is an incredible site as you drive up in a horse carriage or a buggy - cars not being allowed after a certain point, to the main imposing structure and ushered into the very first room of the Palace, the Nizams Office, table still in tact and told ‘this is where the Nizam sat on his work twirling his paper weight between his fingers. The paper weight - a 180 carat diamond, now given a name and a property of the Government of India, lying in a vault in Mumbai I believe and apparently valued at 100 million USD. One diamond !
Though some of the most renowned diamonds came from this region, it was primarily renowned for its pearls. And I read somewhere that the Nizams pearl collection could fill up an entire swimming pool. There is also the largest dining table serving the food on crockery and cutlery made entirely of gold, within this Palace. It seats around 120 guests at a time ! What magnificence and what style and designs of opulence these Maharajas and Nizams had. And what a life they led !!! How did they ever conceive size and vastness. What prompted them to build in a particular fashion, how the use of material and where to put it. Just so stunning and unbelievable !!
So its back to reality now. Back to earth and back home - our own little palace, bigger and better than any other in the world - our home where we live !!
See you in the morrow … as the rain lashes against the glass through a storm ! Guess we just made it in time else we would have had to encounter this weather in the sky as we flew in …
Good night then …
Amitabh Bachchan

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