Monday, November 28, 2011

My Father’s birth anniversary to day ! 27th of November 1907 was born

Jalsa , Mumbai        Nov  27 ,  2011               Sun 11 : 45 PM
 My Father’s birth anniversary to day ! 27th of November 1907 was born to my Grand Father Pratap Narain and his wife my grandmother Sursati, Harivansh. The elders in the house referred to him lovingly as ‘bachcha’ meaning child. When he grew up and inclined himself to poetry and literature, he adopted his ‘non de plume’, Bachchan and which became the family name, Amitabh being the first bearer of it.
In the morning hours in his room in Prateeksha, where he breathed his last, I stand in front of his pensive photograph along with my Mothers and below my Nana ji Sardar Khazan Singh Suri, resplendent in his Sikh pagri seated beside my Nani, standing, short, demure and holding an umbrella in her hand – a prerequisite in the times of the British Raj and the manner in which the pictures of the ladies of the era used to appear. My Nana, a tall handsome Sikh in his three piece suit and boots, a Bar-at-Law during the late 1800′s looking on somewhat stern, but in a pleasant manner.
I visit this room often. A must before I start my day to seek the blessings of my elders. Today I spend a little more time than usual and an entire lifetime flashes past. Details of the times gone by are so vivid and clear and unblemished. They seem like they happened just a few minutes ago. A wonder really of the mind. I dwell in them with just a gentle smile on my face. Life gone by deserves this.
A stream of visitors has been coming in to the house to bless and meet the little one. She, in all her pink glory has slept through it all. And when she awakes stares with open wondered eyes on what looks down upon her. Relatives from both sides, friends, well wishers the lot. They leave behind little gifts, a happy note in the baby book and leave discussing in rather animated form on who she resembles. Probable names are read out aloud – suggestions from the mobile, from the twitter, from the Blog, on the email, all giving sincere opinion why the one they suggest would be best for her. It is so lovable that they do this and I wish to thank the efforts that they make. Soon a name shall come about and we shall share it with all .. but till then …. a patient wait !!

Its been a day mixed with emotion and explanation. Of justification and the seeking of truth in obtuse circumstances. But of that later. For now, it is the presence of my Father’s birth gone by and the coming by birth of another in the family.
It is the greatest wonders of the universe – procreation !
With love and more ,

Amitabh Bachchan     

There are days and there are days ! Today was a day !

Jalsa , Mumbai              Nov  26,  2011                   Sat  11 : 48 PM
 There are days and there are days ! Today was a day !
As the alarm rings on the mobile – an instrument that has now replaced the wrist watch, the alarm clock and the camera and dictionary and diary and reminder and … , I struggle out of bed, bent at various angles to ease out the L4/L5 spinal contractions that are a sad reminder of the numerous adventures on the action field in the films that I did and finally get in to the drivers seat to round the block and the traffic light breakers, into the arms of various equipments that look and operate as though they could take care of your muscle system for time immemorial. That done, a quick ride to Prateeksha to get in that much needed and required sun in the greens of the lawn and then showered and pathan-dressed to Janak the office to meet a whole bunch of police personel, just out of the Academy and ready to face the harsh world of reality. They are young officers and are stepping out into the various parts of the country to perform their duties and serve the nation and its society.
The years of their idealism is over I tell them. Those that enter the services examinations and undergo training are brought up in an environ which speaks of the glorification of the country, their commitment towards it and the responsibility they are about to take on. Its a harsh world, the world of the police and they will face many obstacles in achieving what they have been taught to achieve. One can only harp on their earnestness and submission to country, their duty and the values that have been taught to them. At the end of course they shall have to be individuals that shall have to take that call, right or wrong, in their line of duty.
A delightful press conference takes over by the evening, where Aadesh Srivastava along with me talk to them about the significance of the date. Its 26/11, the day of that ghastly terrorist attack in the city and in the Taj Hotel in particular, and we have cut an album ‘Sounds of Peace’. It is quite remarkable that Aadesh has been able to convince stalwarts such as Akon and VanCleef and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, to lend support an dtalent and creativity to this music concept. Yours truly has a small part to play or hear in it as well. And with that coming to an end, its of to the other suburb, Bandra that is fast becoming an iconic region in the eyes of the young. A little ones first birthday, family and greeting, dinner and out !

And in the middle of all this, the cricket !! Wonder of wonders that the team was able to dismiss the team for a paltry 134 runs, but in the closing hours failed to clinch a clean sweep victory, by closing the game in a tame draw. never mind I say, we shall square up another day.
But driving back from the region of the restaurant where we dine, I am amazed at the progress made by the inhabitants towards eateries, shops for all kinds of goods and in general a feel of what could have been and what is ..Large urban cities are going through a remarkable phase. A phase of calm and quiet, of opportunity and success if you have the drive of entrepreneur, and the relevance of the changing times in all walks of life ..
It is Saturday night and it is wonderful to see the young and the dashing grouping up outside prominent locations, eating, living and enjoying the fruits of liberalization. The streets even at this hour are jammed and crowded. Traffic snarls into myriad self made lines, and the subsequent disorder that ensues makes you want to get out and scream. But … this is the city. It has born a lot, given a lot, suffered too and given lost opportunity, a chance to make it happen again !!
I shall be there if any such move occurs .. I pray that it never does, but I shall be there ..
And finally … its looking like many aspirants for work with me shall have to wait just that little more than necessary, for the films are now being fructified and setting up to roll.

Good night and love to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Abhishek Bachchan still searching for Beti B's name

Abhishek Bachchan still searching for Beti B's name

As fans eagerly wait for Beti B's naamkaran, new B-Town daddy Abhishek Bachchan is still struggling to finalise a name for his daughter.

The Bachchan family welcomed the baby girl on November 16. Since then, Bachchan junior has asked fans to suggest names for the new member on a micro-blogging site.

"The suggestions still pour in and still we haven't managed to finalise a name. Evenings are spent reading out all your suggestions in front," Abhishek posted on his Twitter account.

"Of the family and trying to decide. Will decide soon. Many thanks again. Lots of love," he further tweeted.

Meanwhile, Amitabh Bachchan is busy hosting well wishers.

"A host of visitors for the baby and the joy and blessings they leave behind ... thank you. The name suggestions keep coming in," he tweeted.

Bachchans on Beti B

"We are very happy. Goddess Lakshmi has come to our family and we have brought Lakshmi ratna home. We are happy to have a daughter. This is what Abhishek and Jaya wanted," said Amitabh Bachchan who brought his new-born granddaughter to his home Jalsa on Tuesday.

The baby girl looks like her mother. "I think she resembles Aishwarya, but you know that children change and some people in the family think she has some resemblance to Abhishek," added Big B.

Abhishek on daughter: "She's very sweet, obedient and very cooperative. Shant hai, zyada roti nahi hai(She's quiet and doesn't cry much)."

Amitabh Bachchan regrets Sachin Tendulkar missing his 100th ton

Amitabh Bachchan regrets Sachin Tendulkar missing his 100th ton

The whole of India is waiting for the little master Sachin Tendulkar to get his 100th century and so are our Bollywood celebrities! And when the master missed the century today by a narrow margin and gave away his wicket at 94, Amitabh Bachchan, Arjun Rampal and Farhan Akhtar could not help feeling sad!

Amitabh Bachchan wrote: “Oh dear ! Believe Sachin out on 95 ! Heartbroken ! Ah well another day maybe .. We'll wait !” However, when he realized that he had mentioned the wrong score, he wrote: “Correction : out on 94 !! Still heartbroken, but full of hope and conviction that he shall get there someday !!”

Farhan Akhtar wrote: “Sad about sachin getting out on 94 but the Aussie tour now has an added edge to it... And to get it there, will be priceless!!”

Arjun Rampal’s tweet read: “Oh no Sachin, damn, so close. Wish u that 100 asap”

And as much as we are sad about Sachin not getting his century, we are sure he’ll get it soon! And as Salman Khan says in Dabangg: “There ij always a furst time, and there ij always a next time.”
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Big B to release Aadesh’s `Sound of Peace`

Big B to release Aadesh’s `Sound of Peace`

Mumbai: Bollywood music composer Aadesh Srivastav has cut an album titled `Sound of Peace`, a unique initiative that talks about peace and co-existence of all communities across the world. 

On the third anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, Amitabh Bachchan will be launching this album that is dedicated to the movement against terrorism at the studio of an FM station.

The legendary actor has also lent his voice for the album. `Sound of Peace` is the first of its kind as it has patrons of music from across the globe and the list includes Akon, Ustad Rashid Khan and Wyclef Jean. The very famous London Philharmonic Orchestra also features in the album.

Aadesh wanted to come up with something unique that could erase the boundaries of caste, colour and creed and unite one and all under a common roof- the world. And what better than music could help realise his dream. 

Here’s wishing success to Aadesh Srivastav and `Sound of Peace`.

Rajini, Amitabh laud Dhanush's Kolaveri

Rajini, Amitabh laud Dhanush's Kolaveri

Two top icons of Indian cinema, Superstar Rajinikanth and Big B Amitabh Bachchan, have appreciated Dhanush for penning and crooning 'Why this kolaveri....' the '3' song which has become a craze all over India.

Happy about this development, Dhanush, the 'poetu' and 'singeru', says, "It was so kind of the Big B to listen to our song and congratulate us for it. We all are great admirers of him and his words mean a lot to every one of us."

On the reaction from Rajini, his father-in-law, Dhanush says, "The Superstar is very thrilled. He is so happy about the song becoming such a hit. He is proud that Aishwarya has come out of his shadow and has carved a niche for herself in the industry."

The song that came out just days ago has already notched up more than 3 million hits and its fan following includes the young and the old, the commoner and the celeb crowd.

Seldom has any song created such a craze with over 8.2 M links shared on networking sites in less than a week, a Sony Music statement said.

A deep yawn before I start to push buttons is not the most welcome sign

Jalsa , Mumbai              Nov 25,  2011                 Fri  11 : 45 PM
  A deep yawn before I start to push buttons is not the most welcome sign … at least for a beginning. There is though the argument that ‘even though I yawn, it indicates that I am at least awake’. Yes I am awake. Awake to all that goes around, within and without. Within has that tendency to remain within. Without is without doubt, for it is present and live and noticed and commented upon and argued.
I am happy that I do not have much without, and much within. My strength to argument and debate is weak. My debate within is more attuned to reason and logic. Without, it gets injected by polluted thoughts not worthy of argument. Speaking out the within is not in nature. Speaking out the without, unworthy of expression.
It is a tolerable state. A state of discipline and reserve and patience. Not many claim its purity. But I do. Better to laugh within than allow others to laugh without. Its a generous state to be in, difficult to pursue, but fruitful when followed. Fruitful to me that is. All may not want to endorse this and in a free and democratic world, it is permissible. Each individual must exercise their individual franchise, bought or unbought !

The gym is a regular now, more so because there is complacency creeping in in the absence of work. A quick drive through the streets to the facility, through early morning risers, through traffic light breakers, through disregard to laws in automobile regulations, past zebra crossings where its literal meaning is paid greater heed to, to mankind walking in the opposite direction of your travel on the wrong side of the road immersed in mobile conversation … ahh ! who cares !! Call attention to their errors and get an abuse in return or a folded hand gesture to be spared of the mistake. Mistake ? I think not. You need to follow a rule to make one. But when you do not follow where the question of mistake. The rule is your own interpretation of it. So bless you and may you survive the unfortunate repercussions of a God forbid situation. There are never any concerns for that because, they would be safe, the driver and vehicle would not. They would be set fire upon and blamed for drunken or reckless driving.
But one tries to set example by following at a lone position what everyone else must and does not. Those driving past look at you in queer mode. But heaven help if we were to be caught breaking rule and regulation. It is the arrogance of celebrity they would state, their ego and self imposed culture !!
The news as you flash past on the tread mill during the cardio resembles a tale of unimaginable proportions. The topics, the background score, the slow motion emphasized shots, the accusatory tone of the anchor and the final verdict on the mobile service that phones in to the question put forward. All in line with a well crafted Shakespearean play that envelops one and refuses to free you and your mind.
The dub for an endorsement follows for FORCE ONE, the SUV from Force Motors which I have worked on with the Oscar nominated Shekhar Kapoor and soon after as I trundle out, the information that Sachin has missed his 100th hundred by a mere 6 runs !! Pain and disappointment ! But hope that it shall happen soon – perhaps in Australia where they play next.
Technology takes over next – mobile transfers, lap tops, digital cameras – and the need to understand each aspect in this fast moving world, where your grandson overpowers you with his knowledge and makes you look archaic and used beyond any use !! And then the baby ! Still, asleep, in her own dreams and smiles of gentle joy of what she sees …
There are visitors too. Important ones. Ladies and friends and later an entertainment for them through ‘Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri di’, the instant rage from Dhanush and Aishwarya – son in law and daughter of Rajnikant – in the music lab, belting out the most simple and fun and catchy number in recent times. A TamilEnglish wonder !! Glory be !!

” Hurry up Balki !!” I yell, as he wanders in to see the new born, ” before I lose all that I have “. Another month he says and after a delightful and fun filled dinner of anecdotes and recent film release result assertions, I am before you in stable and congenial condition to seek absence now, or face the wrath of my medical team that insists that I be under the lights and quilt and sheets and pillows, somewhat rapidly !!
Did you ever realize what a great deal of inconsistent rubbish I write on this platform. If you have not it is time that you did ….
Good Night …
Amitabh Bachchan 

Got this on my mobile among so many other gifts of names for the little one

Jalsa , Mumbai             Nov  24 ,  2011               Thu  11 : 23 PM
चूहे ने किया शेरनी को propose ,
गिफ्ट दिया उसने रेड rose
शेरनी ने कहा जा पहले अपनी सूरत आइने में देख ,
चूहा बोला सूरत पे मत जा पगली confidence तो देख !!!!
Got this on my mobile among so many other gifts of names for the little one. Little does she know what she has started. She sleeps through most of the day except for feeds and has been most obedient and well behaved ! Ha ha ha !!
The search for the name does intensify now and each spare moment we go through hundreds of them, including some rather odd ones as well .. eg Rochelle’s sister suggested with an A : Anonymous !!
I shall leave that one for you to comment on !!
Time goes by and my routine that has till now been devoid of any void is suddenly finding itself free and spare. The baby does take up cause and interest and time but never of any length. The moments spent with her even though one encounters shut eyes, are the most pleasant and fulfilling, but what after. I think there is an indication here to take up vocations that one has always wanted to pursue – that music lesson, language … reading to catch up … and on …
Sitting out in the sun today after what seemed like ages, one felt the need of exposure. Of the breeze and the heat on the face, changing colors of the skin in sun burn shades, perspiration to open up the pores, the feel of the wet grass under bare feet, the fragrance of the flowers – the little that Mumbai with all its surroundings permits. There is need to clean up tables full of paper work. letters and documents and the odd artifacts and material that one collects with each trip, or each day. There is a heartlessness in tearing or shredding them. That sound of the tear or the machine grinding it to little shreds is harsh. It almost speaks as it were in desperation on why this hellish treatment. I would sympathize with that and it gives me reason to store and collect and not destroy what once comes in – that envelope, the ribbon on a package, a letter hand written in the day of laptops and computers, a card, that hurried note on a piece of the Hotel paper napkin … all so deserving of being given a proper and dignified berth in my home or on my desk and drawers. They say a clustered room demonstrates a clustered mind … really ?? Mine must fall into that category and up in the charts. But really … clustered ?? Hmmm …
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di .. Ahh … just not leaving the lips and the mind and the system .. such an endearing experience. Brings a smile and laughter and rhythm instantly to the face .. get to YouTube, type Dhanush and Kolaveri di .. its his latest song that has become a rage all over.
Dhanush, son-in-law of Rajnikant a young brigade superstar in Tamil Cinema married to Aishwarya, Rajni’s daughter.. its loverly …
Kolaveri .. Tamil for rejected lovers rage, in a sweet way .. now getting used as verbiage in almost any walk of life, social, political …every where !! tremendous !!
Ok gotta go … kolaveri beckons  .. see ya ..
Amitabh Bachchan 

She is home ! And nothing could give us all greater joy and happiness Bigb

Jalsa , Mumbai           Nov  22 ,  2011                Tue  11 : 41 AM

फुल्ल कमल ,
गोद नवल ,
मोद नवल ,
गेह में विनोद नवल  |
नवल दृश्य ,
नवल दृष्टि ,
जीवन का नव भविष्य ,
जीवन की नवल सृष्टि  |

She is home ! And nothing could give us all greater joy and happiness .. There is so much to say and so much emotion, but I think excerpts from my Fathers poem, written at the time I was born, say enough !

Best to leave it at that ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Pics of Ash with Beti B Bachchan family at the Seven Hills hospital Mumbai

First Pics of Ash with Beti B

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who was discharged today, was spotted leaving the Seven Hills Hospital with dad-in-law Amitabh Bachchan, who was carrying Beti B.
© Photo: Milind Shelte

Big B and Aishwarya leaving the hospital.

Big B carrying Beti B. Also seen are Aishwarya and her mother Vrinda Rai.

Bachchan family at the Seven Hills hospital

Claims of pictures of the baby and Aishwarya soon after the delivery have been invading the cyber world with a vengence

Jalsa  , Mumbai          Nov  21/22,  2011           Mon/Tue  1 : o3 PM
 Claims of pictures of the baby and Aishwarya soon after the delivery have been invading the cyber world with a vengence. And the story being told is that a staff member of the Hospital is responsible for it. I had of course denied that any picture had been given out. Indeed yesterday I categorically informed all those that were keen to see the picture of the baby on the net, that they would have to remain disappointed because I strongly felt it was too private and personal a matter, and that they should accept my regret with understanding. To the credit of all that heard this, the response from them was most encouraging and sympathetic. Thank you !
However .. as is always the case there are always some dark sheep in society who tend to believe that such requests are a confirmation to the contrary and that they must go ahead with their efforts, regardless. So one kind and generous soul printed a morphed picture on the net and it went viral.
But .. my Ef and my dearest ones, are an army of very diligent and determined fighters. They felt offended as I did on the liberty taken by the offender and went through a most exhaustive process of finding out the culprit. I do not think they were able to trace the individual, though they have been most successful in the past on the occurrence of such incidents, but were able to trace the original picture which underwent the process of morphing.
Ladies and gentlemen of the EF world, I present to you the picture being circulated and below that, the original from where the morphing was done. A smart piece of work !! Not the morphing. The diligence of our EF team ….
Watch ..

I have to say that the EF was incredibly smart ! How on earth were they able to search for the original beats me. Well done dearest ones !!

The day has been spent in many discussions and meetings on matters that need not be discussed now. There is a time and place for everything. But shortly I shall perhaps write about it in greater detail and with greater clarity.
Confrontation has never been my forte. My work has. For me it is more important to work, than to waste time and energy on issues that not only am I not involved in but, bear the stamp of a most preposterous, false and malicious insinuation.
The frequency with which unjustified and untrue accusations get thrown towards me, it is an impossiblity for me to be sitting and addressing them at every turn. I would be spending the rest of my life doing just that. So I remain quiet and continue to lead my own life as must I should. This is not an indication of submission. It is an indication of restraint and better sense, of not dignifying the accusation. My own upbringing and my ethics are what I have always taken pride in, and the people of this country have been a sincere witness to it. That possession of mine I shall never part with, come what may. You may destroy me, eliminate me, but you will never be able to alter my belief in my ethics. My ethics are my shield and armor. Many accusations have crashed in a heap of twisted and destroyed metal after clashing with the protective armory that covers me. I seek no malice or rancor nor any acrimony or malevolence. I seek non interference, to be by myself and my conscience and my work responsibilities. I seek no attention, nor hatred towards any other. Never have. More and much more is made of me and my presence in this environ. I am least deserving of it. If my presence is intolerable and the cause for any kind of opposition, I shall and have always stepped back, without any regret or remorse. I am not belittled by this.
When you attribute something to me, be warned that without justifiable evidence or proof you will fall flat.
There can never be any alternative to a pure mind and heart. Never. And never try to suggest an alternative to me ever ..
I may be alone and singular in my present condition – I always have been. That must never be mistaken for complacency and submission. I will not hesitate to submit if I am wrong, but if I am not, not a single pore of my body shall bend in servility !!

I burden you with thoughts that should never be brought up and for this I am apologetic. You are my extended family, we live and exist under one roof with feeling and devotion to each other. If not you then who … ???

My love ,
Amitabh Bachchan 

Monday, November 21, 2011

AB’s baby’s day out!

AB’s baby’s day out!

The whole nation waits and speculations of a girl or a boy are over as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan delivered a baby girl on November 16, 2011 at the private Seven Hills Hospital, in the western Mumbai suburb of Andheri.

"IT'S A GIRL!," the baby’s father and Ash’s husband Abhishek posted on his Twitter account. While Paa Amitabh Bachchan tweeted: "A dada ji (a grandfather)...Ecstatic!", calling his new granddaughter "the cutest baby girl."

Here’s everything about this baby girl. Since, she was born on November 16; she belongs to the zodiac sign Scorpio.

Her Qualities:

Intense, dominating, and energetic – her vital force overwhelm those around her. She will have a keen intellect and admirable qualities of patience and creativity. She will definitely not be the gregarious, social kind, always ready to please people. Like the scorpion with the sting in its tail, people had better watch out before they rub a Scorpio the wrong way. Set to achieve, there are very few challenges that she will not meet. She will have an inner strength and a great capacity to endure hardships. She will be dynamic, fascinating and often mysterious - a combination that will draw many towards her.

Her ruling number 7:

This number is governed by the Planet Neptune, which means that she is highly imaginative, idealistic and have a dreamy nature. She will be naturally attracted to people born between October 21 and November 20, between February 19 and March 20. She also has an affinity for those governed by the numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8. She will not take much interest in the material aspect of life.

Born on the 16th of the Month signifies:

This baby will be an easygoing and happy-go-lucky person. She will be good humoured, generous, emotional and sensitive. She will be modest and humble and the subtler things in life attract her. She will be mentally alert and has an intellectual bent of mind. She will not be easily swayed by others and is an imaginative thinker. She will tend to follow a single line of thought at a time and will generally prevail in academic discussions.

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Why Amitabh won't share Beti B's pictures

Why Amitabh won't share Beti B's pictures

It's a family time for the Bachchans, as they are cherishing each moment with the little baby, and shooting videos of her. When fans asked Amitabh Bachchan to share pictures and videos, he said he would not.

'Shooting 3D camera stills and movie of the 'little one' .. Amazing ! Child is the Father of man .. Never had this at my birth !!!Many asking for the picture of the baby ..I am afraid that is not going to happen ... too personal .. you will understand ..thank you,' he tweeted.

He praised the media for emphasizing on Aishwarya's normal delivery. 'A word of appreciation too, to the print media for highlighting a few salient points .. our joy in welcoming the girl child and emphasizing the commendable desire of Aishwarya in having a normal delivery without any epidural or pain killers. The often coined phrase ' too posh to push' was put to rest in her case .. she was determined to do it the way she felt was correct!' he wrote.

Aishwarya’s daughter nicknamed 'Beti B'

Aishwarya’s daughter nicknamed 'Beti B'
Dad Abhishek invites name suggestions on Twitter

So finally we have a name for the newest entrant in the Bachchan family - 'Beti B'.

Yes after Big B, Jr B we now have a 'Beti B' and the name has been anointed by none other than the father himself.

Abhishek Bachchan can hardly contain the happiness of donning the new role of that of a father and he readily accepted this name suggested to him by a friend on twitter.

"And till we find a name for the little lady a dear friend @ShahanaGoswami gave me a great one."

He is also going all out interacting with fans and asking for name suggestions, he tweeted: "And suggestions for names are very welcome guys. Something with "A".

Relative, friends and fans have been suggesting many likely names for the new baby.

Voracious social networker and Aishwarya Rai's father-in-law, Amitabh Bachchan acknowledged all suggestions for names for the infant sent in by fans, saying "some of them really good ... will run it by the parents .. !!"

Amitabh Bachchan also refers her as 'little one' in all his blog and tweets.

The news of Aishwarya's baby has generated more interest than any other in the past few days. Morphed photographs of the mother and baby were doing the rounds.

But Amitabh Bachchan has put all that to rest and said that the pictures were all fake.

The family is now preparing and eagerly waiting for the mother and daughter to come home.

Amitabh wrote "T 565 - Difficult to tear yourself away from the 'little one' , but now home to replay videos and stills and wait for her to come home ..!"

Amitabh Bachchan also revealed more details of the birth of his granddaughter on twitter and his official blog.

He clarified contrary to what was reported by media that Ash did not go for C-section. Aishwarya opted to have a normal delivery, without epidural or painkillers.

This news was widely circulated and also offended many. Big B was advised not to let out such details about the birth of his granddaughter.

This did not go well with the actor and fired back in his blog.

"They warn me of dire consequences by mentioning details of the delivery or about Aishwarya. Why ? Do they have a monopoly on my family ? Are they the only ones that have an access to my personal matters ? So If they write and mention and talk about it, its fine ! Not the other way round ? Not acceptable. particularly when they are misreporting incorrect details !!"

While Abhishek is enjoying his fatherhood, Amitabh Bachchan is already looking forward to start the process of being a grandfather.
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A day which needs to be examined and perhaps explained

Jalsa , Mumbai Nov 20 , 2011 Sun 11 : 56 PM

A discomforting day !

A day which needs to be examined and perhaps explained, but in doing so shall disturb the minds of many, ruffle feathers, create diversity rather than peace and well being. So best it is to leave, diminish its existence, allow it to dissipate if ever it would.

The inventions of the modern world amaze me. In time to come they the machines shall be doing all the work, we shall be their employees looking for jobs to work with them. It is not far, it is not untrue, for it shall prevail …

There is much to say, but I wonder if it would be taken in right spirit. There is much to express, but I wonder if it shall be looked upon with some maturity. Being mature is a self devised entity. I wonder if maturity can be taught .. no .. I think not. It will always be something that shall evolve personally and over time with patience. So might as well wait till it happens. The maturity obviously !!

How else did the day pass by … Sunday !! But there was apprehension that it would not work out, but it did. The crowds were minimal .. I had to be in hospital and wedding before judgement could be passed, so everything was a bit rushed and forlorn !!

I think back on the day, and desire not to think back on it any longer !!

I am short today, disjointed and opaque .. but tomorrow is another day !!

Good night !!
Amitabh Bachchan

One abhors the usage of numbers to depict standing and value

Jalsa , Mumbai Nov 19 , 2011 Sat 11 : 29 PM

One abhors the usage of numbers to depict standing and value. But they remain an important and irreplaceable element in our lives. An important element even in the lives of the Ef.

Often there is a fight for the position at the top ; to be the first on the Blog. It is a numbers game. Being at the top of a heap does not in any manner diminish your presence reflecting somewhere at the middle or the bottom. All indeed shall be noticed and cared for and read and pondered over, even if it is a late night hour. The numbers attract me too, I must confess. On the right hand corner of this page comes the responses for the DAY. And I gauge through them whether the post was of any interest at all. It becomes my yardstick of competence. In the 200-250 range the conveyed message is average or perhaps routinely not interesting. 300 and above is uplifting, but the 1000 barrier compels me to come out and embrace you.

Values are depicted by the price tag that we see on the purchase or about to be purchased. It decides for us whether we wish to buy the merchandise or not. The ordeal or the hesitation when those numbers outlive your worth, become moments of some embarrassment. They used to when you are younger. As you age and come face to face with the realities of the world, the attitude becomes complacent, understanding and mature. There is no harm in admitting to the owner of the goods that certain objects can ill be afforded.

At times during the growing up ages, one shuddered to ask, for the fear of it being unaffordable. It made you shy and weak and quiet. You desire to run away from the spot, but much like those dreadful dreams where, despite the horror of an emergency you are unable to move your feet, you remain fixed and without comment, looking for a logical excuse to shift away with some degree of dignity.

Now with age and some experience you think aloud : ‘Err that would be too expensive for me ..’ or ‘that’s something beyond my budget .. ‘, which sounds pretty refined an answer to the store keeper or the attendant behind the counter. And then the flamboyance : you walk into a store and the looks and attire that adorns you does not seem to be of interest to the salesman, who in his arrogant immediacy, preempts you even before you have had a glance at the product you wish to purchase – ” Excuse me sir ! Could I be of any help … what your’e looking at is a $1000 dollars each !” Dismissive, rude and most unlike any sales manual.

These individuals get fixed by : ” Right ! Pack 50 of them would you ! And make sure you do not soil them as you wrap them up. I need them delivered to my Hotel in a hour please !” Drop the cash and depart with a ‘I’m at the shop down the street, get the change and meet me there would you please ?! Thank you !!’

Films and numbers and standings are a gauge too of the importance or value of the artist. In the 70′s and 80′s they would say ‘Its 1-10 for AB, all the rest come after’. This is ridiculous ! Ever seen an athletic victory stand with 10 number ‘I’ pedestals ?? I mean … what are they saying here ? Today on the Twitter House mode, ORMAX, a facility that dictates facts, asks who will be the number one in 2015 ? And off goes the machinery bringing in the votes from gullible innocent bystanders, who finally declare the results with great aplomb. Goodness ! Others work, and you merely do the counting, and worse, perhaps are better off than the one that slog their …. off !

Does giving a number, genuinely make the person worthy of the digit he or she carries. The lesser the number the larger the value in ratings ?? !!! Bit odd !

But it prevails with some impunity. And is enjoyed and loved and believed. Do you really think a host of South East Asian enthusiasts on the computer who voted for the ‘Star of the Millenium’, really knew what would go down in the books of posterity as one of the biggest aberrations ? No they did not. But now that it has been documented, it prevails much against the wishes of the person chosen !

Numbers then .. a game of undisputed interest and imagination … both vying with each other for attention, when what they value for, quietly goes about his or her work.

Good night … for ‘quiet flows the dawn’

Amitabh Bachchan

I am but rebellious tonight. Not for any reason or cause, but just

Jalsa , Mumbai Nov 18/19 , 2011 Fri/Sat 1 : 05 AM

ये जो दिन गुज़रते जा रहे हैं , न जाने क्यूँ ऐसा लगता है जैसे कुछ गुज़रता ही नहीं है

“सुबह होती है श्याम होती है ज़िन्दगी यूँही तमाम होती है”….

अक्सर याद आती है इन शब्दों की वाणी
माँ इन्हें अपने आखरी दिनों में दोहराया करती थीं - न जाने क्यूँ
शायद उन्हें लगता था की उनके पास अब कुछ करने को नहीं है
लकिन क्यूँ ? क्यूँ वो कुछ करें
अब तो आराम करने के दिन थे , जितना उन्होंने करना था वोह तो वो कर चुकीं
हमें पढाया लिखाया बड़ा किया , इन सां बनाया , मर्द बनाया

लेकिन नाह, उनके मन में अबभी कुछ न कुछ करने का मन हमेशा लगा रहता था

चलो कहीं घूम आते हैं , बाज़ार से मिठाई या चाट खाते हैं
दिवाली की रौशनी अलग जगहों पे देखने चलते हैं
या फिर २६ जनवरी की जो धूम धाम मची हुई है उसे देखने चलते हैं

मुझमें ऐसी क्षमता नहीं
घर के कमरे में अकेले बैठ जाऊ तो चैन मिल जाये
कुछ लिखना हो , पढ़ना हो , सोचना हो , तो ठीक , वर्ना अशांति बनी रहती है

शायद कुछ बातें अपने पूज्य पिताजी से मिल गयीं , और कुछ अपनी माता से

आज भी अंग्रेजी प्रेमी परिवार के सदस्यों को दुःख होगा इसे पड़ने में
आज वो भाषा नहीं समझ पाएंगे और अनुवाद चाहेंगे
कर दूंगा मै , लेकिन आज नहीं
आज मुझे ऐसे ही रहने दीजिये

अकेला , और अपनों से कुछ दूर …

क्षमा प्रार्थी हूँ , और अमिताभ बच्चन भी हूँ ….

I am but rebellious tonight. Not for any reason or cause, but just ..

Sometimes I feel I need to be what I need to be. I hesitate to describe my state at times. I find it impersonal. Yet when I describe the matter of Aishwarya and how she went through with her delivery there were snide remarks and warnings. Nothing wrong have I done. Better to mention facts here than bear the ignominy of distorted press detail.

They warn me of dire consequences by mentioning details of the delivery or about Aishwarya. Why ? Do they have a monopoly on my family ? Are they the only ones that have an access to my personal matters ? So …

If they write and mention and talk about it, its fine ! Not the other way round ? Not acceptable. particularly when they are misreporting incorrect details !!

The softness of the smile on the ‘little one’ remains, her finger movements linger and the facial expressions attempt perhaps to say a lot more. But she shall have to wait a while before she can express them to us in a language that we understand !!

Good night dearest ones …

Amitabh Bachchan

Friday, November 18, 2011

Amitabh Bachchan confirms to host Kaun Banega Crorepati 6

Amitabh Bachchan confirms to host Kaun Banega Crorepati 6

Actor Amitabh Bachchan, who ended the season 5 ofKaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) yesterday, has assured to come back on the next season of the popular game show. On his Twitter page, the Bollywood superstar has revealed that he has signed a contract for KBC 6

Big B took to his Twitter account the last night to thank his fans for making the show Kaun Banega Crorepati 5 a big success. Amitabh Bachchan wrote, “T 562 - And today the Finale of KBC ... a touching end to an extraordinary experience, all because you the people of India gave it your love.”

In his next tweet, Amitabh Bachchan confirmed, “T 562 -Yes indeed I am contracted for another season of KBC and I hope to be back with you at the earliest .. till then for KBC, shubhratri.” Later, the show host added, “T 562 -I am overwhelmed and in obvious emotion to receive messages of sadness on the closure of KBC .. but will be back soon ..Thank you !” 

However, the season 5 of Kaun Banega Crorepati has been a big hit show and it has registered highest TVR. Moreover, this season of the show has been very special for Amitabh Bachchan, who has increased his fan base with his humility and friendliness that he showed to common people of India through the show.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's baby girl's photo hits the net!!!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's baby girl's photo hits the net!!!

A week ago, the whole world was looking at the delivery of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. But after the birth of the baby girl, the focus is diverted towards her baby girl. Everyone is eager to see the photos of the actress' daughter. To suit their curiosity, a still of Aishwarya's child is creating a buzz on the internet.

The photo of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's baby girl has been posted on the micro-blogging site Facebook. The picture features Aish laid on the bed in the hospital and her daughter sleeping in her arms. The baby looks very cute like her mother. 

Well! one can make out that the pic of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's daughter is fake. It is clear that it is a morphed photograph as Aish is having lot of makeup on her face, which is not allowed immediately after the delivery.
News oneindia

Abhishek Bachchan: Can’t wait to have Aishwarya and baby back home!

Abhishek Bachchan: Can’t wait to have Aishwarya and baby back home!

Junior Bachchan finally manages to contain his excitement enough to put it into words

While granddad Amitabh Bachchan poured his heart out and welcomed his third grandchild on Twitter and his blog, his son was left at a loss for words. All he had managed to tweet after 40 hours of being awake was, “And I’m trying my level best to get rid of this caffeine high and get some sleep too. Don’t think it’ll work. TOO EXCITED!!!!”. 
It seems finally the overwhelming feeling has sunk in as the proud Paa has managed to string together a touching thank you note. We received a statement on behalf of him and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan which reads: “It’s a momentous occasion for the family and we are overwhelmed with all the love we have received from all our fans, the media and the industry. Both Aishwarya and the baby are doing great and we can’t wait to have them home. I would specially like to thank the media for being so supportive, kind and respectful at such an important juncture in our lives. It means the world to us. 
This is a very overwhelming and exciting phase we enter into and hope to have your continued love and support.” Yes, we are certain he has everyone’s love, but for support in dealing with the pressures of fatherhood, we think he best reach out to his friends Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt or even Shahrukh Khan who have all turned dads more than once.

Amitabh Bachchan's nostalgia about Kaun Banega Crorepati 5

Amitabh Bachchan's nostalgia about Kaun Banega Crorepati 5

Popular quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati 5 (KBC 5), which registered highest number of (7.2) TVR, has ended on Thursday night with its two hours special episode on the last day. Show host Amitabh Bachchan has enjoyed four months of drama, emotion, excitement and exhilaration with several actors and common people from different parts of India. The Bollywood superstar is very nostalgic about the show. 

Writing on his blog on Big Adda, Amitabh Bachchan shares his nostalgic feelings about the show Kaun Banega Crorepati 5. Big B writes, “This season ofKBC has stopped being a mere game show. It has risen above from that level to become a feeling, an uncontrollable emotion of simple and generous connect.”

It should be said here that it was the humility and friendliness of Amitabh Bachchan that has left some special memories in the hearts of Indian TV viewers. The actor continues, “A connect that has kept the people of this country together. That has made them realize that there are still many areas in our land that lack basics and that the people from the region do have their basics in tact! That really is the irony of the situation.”

Amitabh Bachchan does not forget to sing the greatness of the show Kaun Banega Crorepati. Big B writes, “And that is why we feel so greatly about those individuals who persevere, struggle for years to get on to the much lauded and celebrated ‘hot seat’ for they know, that if there is something existing that can change their lives, it is this it is this it is this! The KBC show in its true reality.”

However, the end of the show Kaun Banega Crorepati 5 has left ardent fans of the show as well as Amitabh Bachchan with lot of pain and anguish. But the actor has already announced to come back on the show and on his Twitter page Big B has revealed that he has signed the contract with show bosses to host another season of KBC.

A joy to be able to spend an entire day observing the little one Big B

Jalsa , Mumbai           Nov  17/18 ,  2011      Thu/ Fri 1 : 34 AM
A joy to be able to spend an entire day observing the ‘little one’ … a moment of reflection on the closing of KBC’s last episode for this season … and the feeling of importance on entering a office complex and to observe, that there can still, after 42 years, be a situation when the police will need to be called in to control the crowds !!
This season of KBC has stopped being a mere game show. It has risen above from that level to become a feeling, an uncontrollable emotion of simple and generous connect. A connect that has kept the people of this country together. That has made them realize that there are still many areas in our land that lack basics and that the people from the region do have their basics in tact ! That really is the irony of the situation. And that is why we feel so greatly about those individuals who persevere, struggle for years to get on to the much lauded and celebrated ‘hot seat’ for they know, that if there is something existing that can change their lives, it is this it is this it is this ! The KBC show in its true reality.

But .. what exists in reality is the new born .. its quiet and cuddled existence, covered from head to toe with specially constructed baby wear, its shut eyes and its occasional smile as it dreams of pleasant occurrences in this new world that she has entered …
Visitors pour in today, the space is crowded and full of eatable gifts – chocolates, cakes and more cakes !! They come they express and they write their first impressions and leave. The smiles on their faces signifying joy. This is good. Soon we shall be home and then shall start the process of bringing up. Of teaching and bearing and learning. Of etiquette and manners, of religious indoctrination, of schooling and further monitoring. The decisions to be taken of when and where and who. Eventually ending up with the selection of maturity and of the settling down and marriage … and then one day back to the condition we are in today .. of birth and happiness !
The endless cycle of life rolls by, oblivious of the circumstances that prevail, that may be beneficial to some adverse effect … one does not know .. until we find ourselves exactly where we had left off, at the beginning !!

Until one has something to look forward to, beginnings are odious. You could begin without a thought or destination or desire, you may still get there, but if you did have reason, you would get there faster and enjoy the journey better.
My aimlessness in todays times is deliberate. It has purpose and reason – my grand daughter ! It will keep me concerned and anxious. It shall keep me in joy and happiness, in expectation of the goodness of life for her and the need to do the very best we can ..
The purpose therefore has gone through a change. The concentration is more zeroed in on subject of love and admiration. Life does not do this often. Better to get involved in its doing rather than, lamenting its non presence. If you cannot be present, it is an insult to those that teach the art. I wish to learn and learn much. I need to follow what urges I muster. I need to now be able to do it, not because as age sets in all this, more shall be required. No ! I need to do it because the heart says so. For too long has the head ruled above us … let us give an opportunity to the other, to what comes naturally without any holds barred ..

No holds barred ! let me be with me .. it helps !
Amitabh Bachchan

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