Monday, November 21, 2011

A day which needs to be examined and perhaps explained

Jalsa , Mumbai Nov 20 , 2011 Sun 11 : 56 PM

A discomforting day !

A day which needs to be examined and perhaps explained, but in doing so shall disturb the minds of many, ruffle feathers, create diversity rather than peace and well being. So best it is to leave, diminish its existence, allow it to dissipate if ever it would.

The inventions of the modern world amaze me. In time to come they the machines shall be doing all the work, we shall be their employees looking for jobs to work with them. It is not far, it is not untrue, for it shall prevail …

There is much to say, but I wonder if it would be taken in right spirit. There is much to express, but I wonder if it shall be looked upon with some maturity. Being mature is a self devised entity. I wonder if maturity can be taught .. no .. I think not. It will always be something that shall evolve personally and over time with patience. So might as well wait till it happens. The maturity obviously !!

How else did the day pass by … Sunday !! But there was apprehension that it would not work out, but it did. The crowds were minimal .. I had to be in hospital and wedding before judgement could be passed, so everything was a bit rushed and forlorn !!

I think back on the day, and desire not to think back on it any longer !!

I am short today, disjointed and opaque .. but tomorrow is another day !!

Good night !!
Amitabh Bachchan

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