Monday, May 9, 2011

The early hours of the morning anxiously looking at the digital through the pillows BigB

The early hours of the morning anxiously looking at the digital through the pillows BigB
Jalsa , Mumbai   May  8 ,  2011     Sun  9 : 39 PM
The early hours of the morning .. anxiously looking at the digital through the pillows. Is it time yet for the alarm to go. Such anticipation every time you set wake up calls. Will it ring will it work, how much time for it to go off. Stupid. Because you have been up the whole night worrying whether it will indeed work or not. And when it finally does you wish it hadn’t. Scramble reluctantly to the wash room, a toothbrush, a splash of the aqua, on with the straps for gymming, the kit on, the watch for heart rate, the sneakers to push you through the tread mill and then drive down to Janak, the office to the machines. Trainer in place, morning first energy drinks down up on tread, stretch, weights, pulls, crunches, back on tread, legs, an ode to the sun, yoga breathing … and off speedily to Prateeksha to keep the time for dubbing. Inside the BR Theatre, chairs mic in place, head phones on, dub sheets in hand .. ok start ..
Get the mood, the intonation … get the sync … get the lines right .. rehearse, sound in earphone, take again, can we hear it … naaahh not good enough, play again please … a couple of hours later, thank you see you in the morrow.
Rushing to car, through the traffic back to office .. on route quick catch up on phone commitments .. the vog, the daily connects to family, the updates to executives … Janak again !
Marketing meet on film ‘Bbuddah’ .. wiz kids of the world of promo making sitting in … long discussions on the story the content the music … decisions taken .. its past noon .. get my breakfast here in office will eat while working ..
Ok quick run in on future projects, timelines, business discussions, pending matters of the accountant and then to Prateeksha to oversee work in progress there .. a bath a prayer and back to Jalsa. Catch up with out standings there .. lunch and then the sad news of the death of dear friend Aadesh Srivastava’s brother in a car accident in USA near Chicago. Had gone on a tour with that wonderful singer Rahat Fateh Ali and was driving with the group from one city to another, when it happened.
Aadesh himself distraught and and shattered, struggling with cancer, uncontrollable misery for him. Calm him down and go across to him. Sad and desolate atmosphere. This talented youngster, now shorn of all his physical attributes because of the chemo .. masked and broken down .. sit with him in consolation .. take Prakash Jha along with me .. he had had Rajneeti music done by Aadesh .. drive back .. difficult to get back into Jalsa … Sunday crowds .. gates open, switch from grief to happiness, smile, wave to the fans, close the doors and contemplate on matters .. make an effort to get distracted by IPL, but it works only

momentarily .. lets do the blog instead .. so here !!

The Sunday crowds and the love and the fans … never can do enough for them, yet they come religiously .. this just when about to to go visit Aaadesh .. Prakash Jha watching  from the back ..
And as the IPL game comes to an end … so does the blog .. a little early today, but tomorrow is another rough day, so an early night with the constant waking up to check the clock and the alarm, would be in order ..
Its  been a disturbing day ..
But love to all ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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