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The moon was finally sighted by the staff from the roof terrace BigB

The moon was finally sighted by the staff from the roof terrace BigB

Prateeksha , Mumbai Oct 26 , 2010 Tue 11 : 46 PM

The moon was finally sighted by the staff from the roof terrace and a sigh of relief went through the entire house at Jalsa, as the ladies and their friends, clad in almost bridal finery, started to collect their pooja thalis and diya’s, to make their way up to the roof, the men helping them along. Through the sieve the moon is first seen by the wives, water is poured almost in reverence to it, the diya is thrown over the shoulder with their backs to the galactic wonder of the night, a short prayer for the husbands is quietly spoken almost within themselves, feet are touched and the husbands feed the first morsel of the day, give them water to drink and that brings to an end the rituals for Karva Chauth. The well being of the husband intact, the well being of the more important element in all the trials, the stomach, is then catered to. And there is general cheer and satisfaction all around.

A dinner is being held at a close friend’s house where the first Karva Chauth of a member of the family is being celebrated. It is neat and homely and delicious, laced with the Tv broadcast of KBC, which I watched while I ate - not the most exciting acts to be indulging in especially when the wife is around. But being their day they look upon us with some tolerance and allow this indulgence.

As the ladies prepared themselves in the early hours of the morning for their ordeal, I completed my dubbing for ‘Kandahar’, the Malayalam movie that I had shot some time back in Ooty or to be politically correct, Udhagamandalam ! Thereafter it was time to catch up on all the documents and paper work that had been left unattended for the past fortnight and am happy to state that I cleaned up all the mess by late evening. Cards and greetings for the birthday had been acknowledged, Diwali greetings were sent across and some office paper work was attended to before realizing that I had taken up much of the day, without my customary recoup sleep in the afternoon ! This has set me back a bit temperamentally and physically, but certainly not in the same mode as last night, for which, I must apologize, for many among you have been disturbed by my disturbance.

I will not deny its existence, but I shall abstain from divulging details. They really are of not much consequence. What is of consequence is the fact that an identification of the malaise has been established and by God’s grace, being attended to, with I think, a serious amount of time and consideration.

There is another day off tomorrow and a laziness approaches me. One that wishes to dictate terms to me. I shall not resist it. Instead welcome it with folded hands. Tv has been of substantial value, but also requiring of great strength and challenge. Its very nature of function is such that it has to be attended to, each hour and minute with an earnestness that reflects so rapidly the true image of its performer. There is need then to be of utmost concentration, before getting into the mode of facing the nation.

I must mention here how much my respect, for those associated with this idiot box, has risen. It is a killing task to be on it and an even more killing task to being responsible for its content and value. In a nation that has had an increase of population in areas where the spread of television has increased manifold times - 20 million a few years ago to 80 million homes - is not a task that can be ignored. To then design programmes that shall catch the eye balls of those that go out to face the music in other walks of life, is even tougher. So a salute with raised hands and arms, for this most intricate and noble profession - the Indian Television Network !!

Tomorrow Abhishek’s next has a music release - the film by Ashutosh Gowarikar, ‘Khelen hum ji jaan se ..’, the story of a freedom fighter from Bengal, Shurjo Sen. He was a teacher for primary schools and took up the cause of freedom on his own terms. He fought with the British through an army he built from his own ranks - the school kids. Interesting subject !

There had been a desire for the pictures of the National Awards to be put up . I make attempts !!!




Good night dearest ones …

Amitabh Bachchan.

Big B Receives standing ovation at National Film Awards funtion

Karwa Chauth fasting for Big B Fan from Bareilly

Karwa Chauth fasting for Big B Fan from Bareilly

Govardhan Bhojwani from Bareilly fasts and prays during Karwa Chauth for the long life of Amitabh Bachchan. Interestingly, he is a look-alike of the superstar.

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