Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The 2nd of August and the day that I was clinically dead, but revived. The day that can be looked upon as my rebirth

Jalsa , Mumbai   Aug 2/3,  2011       Tue/ Wed  3 : 38 AM
The 2nd of August and the day that I was clinically dead, but revived. The day that can be looked upon as my rebirth. The day that the doctors never gave up on me and fought with all that they had to bring me back. The day now remembered by those that know as a moment of great miracle and prayer and fulfillment. A day and many days and years after, that still invokes concern from all kinds of quarters.
But tonight after the flight in from Bengaluru, and the promotion of ‘Aarakshan’ at Welingkar College in Matunga is complete, the joy and ecstasy of hosting some dear and close friends to dinner and recitation, poetry, song and nostalgia .. what an absolutely informal, sitting on the floor evening, of great joy and accomplishment. And then when it was all over, to reach home to a dinner that has been organized for a team of young that travels into India in search of relevant research.
Then follows poetry and song and nostalgic moments from the past. But what is most surprising is that there is a discovery of hidden talent. Either in the invited for the debate, or have destroyed the approach altogether. And as each guest proficient in their art, do impromtu demonstrating’s from the England point of view.
There are some photographs in the bag somewhere, that excite the normal handler’s concentration and soon I shall possesses, but a word of caution. Anil and Ghann dr stalwarts tht nbve4 and cjk=llei8.
And so I shall retire and insure much before their force to come up is reounded that mosy of them from galigiand.
Amitabh Bschchn


  1. Dear Amit ji,

    No one can forget that time of 26 July when u get injured during shooting of collie, it was all blessings of god and fans wishes , which bring you back.... Ishwar se mangal kaamnayein hai aap sadev swasth rahe aur issi tarah hamara aur aane wali pidiyon ka manoranjan karte rahe. :) --Pankaj Shukla

  2. Good and all of the world with you Amit ji,
    we love you Amit ji,

  3. Yes Bachchanji, I was very young but still remember whole India was praying for you to get better and I was one of them.


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