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Aishwarya delivery: 11.11.11 goes by, what next?

Aishwarya delivery: 11.11.11 goes by, what next?

The full day of excitement and expectation that Aishwarya's baby would indeed be born on 11.11.11 is over. The wait for Baby Bachchan continues. 

Last night, her father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan's Twitter timeline was jammed with messages congratulating him for the birth of Aishwarya's baby boy. 

This, after another round of gossip claiming she had delivered on the day which reportedly had 150 crore riding on it as bookies across the country went on an overdrive. 

"Getting congratulatory messages on Aishwarya delivering a boy !!! Guess they know more than even she does !! False and incorrect news," Mr Bachchan tweeted. 

Big B dismisses reports on Ash's delivery

Big B dismisses reports on Ash's delivery

Mumbai, Nov 12 (IBNS): While reports were doing rounds on social networking sites that B-town actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has given birth to a baby boy on Friday, her father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan dismissed the news on Saturday.

"Getting congratulatory messages on Aishwarya delivering a boy !!! Guess they know more than even she does !! False and incorrect news," Big B tweeted.

Speculations were high that Ash would give birth to her child on the unique date in the calendar that showed 11.11.11.

On Friday, the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter flooded with special messages that the B-town beauty has given birth to a baby boy.

However, their predictions were all dismissed by the Bachchans.

The frenzy over the first child of Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan is so high that bookies have already placed bets on the gender of the baby, media reports said.

Meanwhile, Ash has completed nine months of pregnancy and the entire India is waiting to see the gorgeous actor's first child.

Amitabh Bachchan supports cause of breast cancer

Amitabh Bachchan supports cause of breast cancer

Actor Amitabh Bachchan was so taken in by a breast cancer awareness ad that he offered to do the voice-over for it himself...
It's men like Amitabh Bachchan who come forward and support a cause solely out of a conscience and the will to make a difference. The man, who has supported many a cause in the past, was recently a part of a breast cancer awareness campaign that has already begun its run on TV.

It is ruinous to be idle ! Work keeps many things at bay

Jalsa , Mumbai                Nov  11 ,  2011          Fri  11 : 47 PM
 It is ruinous to be idle ! Work keeps many things at bay. The mind the body the thoughts everything concentrated on the nature of the work does not give it time to think of any other utensil .. a utensil that shall with its capacity to creating unbearable noise, drown all else !
Give the person that is the busiest the work that you would want done, for you know it will be done. So say many pundits and learned of the time. Factually of course it is a correct statement. No matter how busy and occupied one is, they always are able to find time for that incomplete work or work that needs to be done despite all the other involvements.
Give me that occupied status and bearing .. I would love it and would happily embrace its encumbrances. But putting me in a closet with nothing to do, shall destroy everything. It is wondrous to be involved in multi tasks and all seeking attention at the same moment. It tests your capability your capacity and your skill all at one given instance.
Many are not fortunate enough to be in such situation. I think its a great training and opportunity in any ones life to be busy with many. Rather be busy with many and grumble at the scarcity of time than to be scarce with work and grumble at time.
When you grumble at almost everything, when you shall criticize all that you encounter, then you do display blatantly a severe complex. It could be that you are gifted with some inferiority and which needs a cover or dressing. So before anyone can point fingers at you for your this disability, it has been noticed that the best way to divert that attention is to find fault in all that you encounter. This way you get the false satisfaction that you are in some way superior. Dangerous according to me to be in such state.
Acknowledging ones shortcomings is in no way inferior. It is indeed something that shall always be appreciated. Humility never hurt anyone, so how can it hurt you ?? People shall always respect and understand that which is accepted with honesty and truth. The simplest and uncomplicated minds are the ones that shall forever lead uncomplicated lives. A self brought on complicated life shall most certainly bring about complicated ailments. To wonder whether personal temperament affects personal health, is not worth wondering at all. It is factual, it will. Many talk of how personal conditioning merits praise because will has overpowered medicine and medical care. Many conditions that have been lost to either allopathic or homeopathic or whatever pathic instruments of cure exist, shall not be able to explain recovery of a lost cause or case, purely on the eradication of the ailment through will.
The power of will shall always be greatly more powerful than any superficial treat of treatment !

I am bound now through dictat to end the day early .. today again has been another exception ..
Good night !!
Amitabh Bachchan 

I had hoped that my blog today would be a compensatory for the short

Jalsa , Mumbai            Nov 10/11, 2011             Thu/Fri  12 : 16 AM
 I had hoped that my blog today would be a compensatory for the short and cryptic one last night. But .. it seems very likely that its going to be quite the opposite. The doctor has moved in now and instructed in very severe terms that I need to take it easy and rest more and sleep well ahead of my normal sleeping time.
I need to respect what my very conservative doctor has to say, and so shall again make this very short.

The recording for the Finale for KBC took place today and it took an entire day to do so. It was considered that we would be able to wrap before lunch, but my estimations were much different. It has taken an entire day and more to finish every last bit of work and I hope that it turns out fruitful. Then when the work finished there was this great demand for pictures – the crew, technicians, audience management, control room, electricians, production, PR, stage and set hands … the list is endless and shall take up a great deal more than what needs to be required.
It has been an exceptional season this year and when one leaves such environs there is bound to be a deep feeling of not wanting to depart. All the little little things that made up these extraordinary days on set was of a very distinguished quality. A routine had been set, people worked to maintain a sense of togetherness in all these days. And today one had to say our ‘bye byes’. Tough when you have to do this, but I guess you must bury the old so that the new prosper. The new will indeed take over, and should. But in a most deserving and disciplined manner.
It has been an experience of a lifetime working on KBC and i do hope that this continues even further in the years to come ..
Good night dearest ones … more later …..
Amitabh Bachchan
Happy Birthday Rochelle … long and happy life, fulfillment and joy always .. love to you

I am exhausted ! And that really is an understatement

Jalsa , Mumbai                    Nov  9/10 , 2011           Wed/Thu  2 : 01 AM  

I am exhausted ! And that really is an understatement .. started early at aboit 7 am and have just returned .. and tomorrow, or today really I have to be at work by 6 am ..
As you may observe this leaves me very little time to rest and recoup .. so I shall seek forgiveness and disappear quietly leaving you with the harsh reality that tonight there has been no real input from me. But tomorrow is another day and tomorrow I shall attempt to make up on lost ground.
I believe I will work on KBC for merely half a day to morrow and so shall have opportunity to perhaps elaborate on various matters by the afternoon. I seek your permission to be excused .. the distance to my bed from where I am is not too far and it beckons me with ardor and resolve.
Good night dearest ones .. shall be with you later today !!!!
My love ..
Amitabh Bachchan

ps: lovely having Renate and Jaishri on set today among the audience !!

I have accomplished a good deed today ! I know not why or for whom, but it has been done

Jalsa  , Mumbai                   Nov  8/9 ,  2011               Tue/wed  12 : 44 AM
 I have accomplished a good deed today ! I know not why or for whom, but it has been done !

I am through many reminders from dear ones, made to feel that I keep too silent, too unresponsive and nonreactive. This they all feel is the common grounds for exploitation and it makes them unhappy to see such practices being followed against me.
There are times among the Ef in the blog that I am too detached with issues and the reactions of people and therefore a selfish trend pervades. The nature of the blog is such that it does convey a feeling, nay, an expression, of all being in the family for the family and by the family. This is sounding good and expressive and with some degree of positivity. But .. when I am made to participate in all acts that occur, I shall be doing only this and no more. Yes .. I do understand the emotion behind this and completely empathize with it, but for some to believe that I deliberately ignore or are not concerned with issues that come up time and again, is grave and wrong.
I am most certainly aware of what transpires within. If I do miss out on something, there are very generous and committed followers that shall guide warn and show me the right path. This I welcome and abide by. But my time constraints do not permit me to address all issues personally. My reason is that in a large family that lives together, such issues do come up, but never overpower the normal functioning of the home. I would rather then that the Ef not attempt to read between lines and analize and react as to what exactly was Mr B trying to say.
Frankly, I say nothing. Maybe I should. Maybe that is what is missing from our home. But then I say to myself, if I am to interfere in all matters then there shall never be a moment free for other matters. Also, my own nature does not permit me to question, it has permission only for their attraction and to hold each other in harmony and love. Now .. if this comes and happens naturally, it shall be a blessing for me. When it does not, I tend to detach myself from it as though nothing has transpired. This I must, else my desire to bring balance shall not prevail. I am by birth a true Libran, one that gets signified in the western astrological calendars as one possessing balance. The scales are the sign that signifies our nature.
My balance does not always succeed. It at times never does, but never has it been devoid of effort. I would rather give several points to effort than any other.
To believe that I would or could do something that would take sides is unacceptable to me. For me all are equal and content and I would wish that they all remain so.

My work table gets crowded with pending work. Despite its spacious bearings I can barely fit in my laptop to use it for the very simple act of ‘ writing a blog ‘. This is a tragedy. My entire planning for the day hovers around the time I shall need to connect through this medium. And when it does come, the time I mean, I hesitate to take up because one does not know where to start.
I would imagine working away at something continuously without aim of reaching an ultimate destination, would hamper the degree of work to be undertaken. I may not build peaks ; in fact I never do, but of this I can safely say, that the need to reach at a given destination shall never be fraught with unexpected attitude, and disrespect.
Personalized attention is a major administrative and managerial exercise. Many have mastered the act and I envy them because I have not. And this is a learning that needs to be introduced into many a system. Mine to start with …

Its past the hour of losing golden shoes .. I must to rest, to arise and to connect for another DAY ..
Love to you as before and more ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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