Saturday, November 12, 2011

It is ruinous to be idle ! Work keeps many things at bay

Jalsa , Mumbai                Nov  11 ,  2011          Fri  11 : 47 PM
 It is ruinous to be idle ! Work keeps many things at bay. The mind the body the thoughts everything concentrated on the nature of the work does not give it time to think of any other utensil .. a utensil that shall with its capacity to creating unbearable noise, drown all else !
Give the person that is the busiest the work that you would want done, for you know it will be done. So say many pundits and learned of the time. Factually of course it is a correct statement. No matter how busy and occupied one is, they always are able to find time for that incomplete work or work that needs to be done despite all the other involvements.
Give me that occupied status and bearing .. I would love it and would happily embrace its encumbrances. But putting me in a closet with nothing to do, shall destroy everything. It is wondrous to be involved in multi tasks and all seeking attention at the same moment. It tests your capability your capacity and your skill all at one given instance.
Many are not fortunate enough to be in such situation. I think its a great training and opportunity in any ones life to be busy with many. Rather be busy with many and grumble at the scarcity of time than to be scarce with work and grumble at time.
When you grumble at almost everything, when you shall criticize all that you encounter, then you do display blatantly a severe complex. It could be that you are gifted with some inferiority and which needs a cover or dressing. So before anyone can point fingers at you for your this disability, it has been noticed that the best way to divert that attention is to find fault in all that you encounter. This way you get the false satisfaction that you are in some way superior. Dangerous according to me to be in such state.
Acknowledging ones shortcomings is in no way inferior. It is indeed something that shall always be appreciated. Humility never hurt anyone, so how can it hurt you ?? People shall always respect and understand that which is accepted with honesty and truth. The simplest and uncomplicated minds are the ones that shall forever lead uncomplicated lives. A self brought on complicated life shall most certainly bring about complicated ailments. To wonder whether personal temperament affects personal health, is not worth wondering at all. It is factual, it will. Many talk of how personal conditioning merits praise because will has overpowered medicine and medical care. Many conditions that have been lost to either allopathic or homeopathic or whatever pathic instruments of cure exist, shall not be able to explain recovery of a lost cause or case, purely on the eradication of the ailment through will.
The power of will shall always be greatly more powerful than any superficial treat of treatment !

I am bound now through dictat to end the day early .. today again has been another exception ..
Good night !!
Amitabh Bachchan 

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