Friday, November 19, 2010

The pooja went off well Abhishek came in from Goa BigB Blogs News

The pooja went off well Abhishek came in from Goa : Big B Blogs News

Prateeksha , Mumbai Nove 18/19, 2010 Thu/Fri 1 : 34 AM

The pooja went off well … Abhishek came in from Goa for a few hours to be with us for the screening of ‘Guzarish’ .. and we are just back after the show !

Its a work of art. Its poetry in motion. A sensitive subject handled the way only Sanjay Leela Bhansali could. He is truly a great maker. A man with incredible visual sense and sense of cinema. Beautifully etched characters, sincerely performed and all of them executing it in the most dignified and sincere manner.

What can one say at moments like these. One is dumbfounded and almost speechless. In every film Sanjay raises the bar by leaps and it becomes very difficult to keep up with him. But may God bless him and bless his sacred mind for all that he thinks up and how ….

The trial show was kept at Yash Raj, after the idea of holding a premiere was dropped. A few friends came together for the special screening - Ashutosh, Rohan, Deepika, Shahid, Kangana, Shabana, Hritik and Ashwariya of course, Vidhu Vinod, Raju Hirani and so many others. Sanjay as you may not know was in the beginning of his career an assistant to Vinod Chopra. Jaya tells me he was in his editing department. All of these luminaries are from the Pune Film Institute and it is so wonderful to see all of them excelling in all their vocations.

Young Aditya Roy Kapur, the fresh face on the horizon has been most fascinating to watch. He has a style that completely disregards the presence of a camera - an accomplishment that most veterans would find difficult to execute. I saw him in ‘Action Replay’ and now ‘Guzarish’. And when he was over for Divali I had told him that he was quite different and fresh. I could only confirm that to him today again after the trial of the film ‘Guzarish’. He has a quality that is most endearing and for someone just setting out I would imagine that is some achievement.

The joy really is not in acknowledging the talent, but the excitement of finding that it is coming from the generation that has taken over from us all. That refuses to conform to given norms, that has decided to break rules or at least believe that none existed. That brings with it no baggage of what has been accepted in the past, but instead tells us, face firmly held high, that it doesn’t matter what prevailed in the years gone by. This is how we are going to do it - take it or leave it. And the astonishing part really is that all that they are doing is succeeding and prevailing well.

Tomorrow I shall battle again with life and its truths. They shall never leave us. Or will they ?? For each of us there shall be a path. A path that we shall all find difficult to tread. Each one of us shall have the extent of our travails before us, and each one of us will believe that what transpires with us individually is the worst. Everyone thinks so. But the reality is that we have our own battles to conquer individually. And we know that the joy that comes to us from fighting for ourselves is indeed the greatest joy. There can never be any substitutes in life. If there are then those that experience them or use them are not living a life, they are living something else !

It is way beyond the time .. it is again 2 : 15 AM !

And it is again time to express love and disappear till the morrow …

Good night dear EF … you are such an enviable force now …

Love you..

Amitabh Bachchan

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