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Music that great healer, that element of upliftment and spirit BigB

Music that great healer, that element of upliftment and spirit
Jalsa,  Mumbai  Apr  7,  2011      Thu  11 : 56 PM
Music that great healer, that element of upliftment and spirit, that connection to an unknown God like ecstasy What is it about sound that goes beyond boundaries and barriers, beyond any resistance, beyond culture and race and religion. Its eternal quality living and growing amongst us without any hindrance or obstacle, the greatest boon of nature. Seven notes in all its permutations and combinations is all that is available to mankind for the creation of music. What great genius they are that have through centuries played within those restricted notes and made historic landmarks that shall live ever in our minds and thoughts. Remarkable !!
I have spent after a long hiatus some musical moments with Vishal and Shekhar at their studio for the music of ‘Bbuddah’ and it is such a joy and pleasure to be in their company. In chords and raga, in struggling with words and tunes, notes and forms to recreate that one song that shall convey the meaning of that moment in film.
Film in India without music of song is a vacuum that cannot be filled by any other. It takes away the need of expression in dialogue. It creates a space that no other substitute can. It may seem vacant and obtuse to those that are not accustomed to it. But in our lives and in our creative form, music and song has and shall always have a prominent position. What it expresses is beyond the quality of the form. It is a moment where words fall insufficient, feelings cannot be better expressed, be it in happy climes or in moments of sadness.
How did mankind discover the importance of this eternal melody. Where and how were the instruments that added to the ambience of the sung song appear from. How were the raga and the orchestral extravaganza developed. Wherefrom the symphony and its construct. Just so many questions unanswered. Blessed are we that have the liberty and the extreme pleasure of enjoying its presence. But greater blessings are with those that have the knowledge and the art of playing it. What ecstasy and highs must they go through when they play for the benefit of their own will. Hours and days could go by without ever realizing their presence. Lost in the world which they build with such dexterity, they are the truest and closest to that unknown force - the force that runs our world for us. Nothing could be closer to godliness than the convergence of voice and instrument in harmony. For me it is the ultimate expression of pleasure. There are other more nature created pleasures, but nothing quite as close to the sound of the soul in tune. For, when we hear that perfect note, it is the signal of undisputed reverence. The body quivers with expression, the smile of appreciation jumps up without it being asked to, the rhythmic extensions on and over the body are not programmed or pre planned. They work involuntarily. Nature, or whoever created nature built this in us. Some in small measure, some greater. Those that have the greater are of envy. For me at least. For, they possess that which makes them greatly accomplished to string those chords which others may not.
I have been keen and deliriously anxious to get educated in this ecstasy. Someday I hope it will happen. Some day …
Pooja from the responses expresses with unabated sarcasm the issue of comment on the Anna Hazare fast, from me. It is painful to know that without having complete knowledge of the matter from my end, she could assume factors which are not existant. It would be foolish to think that any individual that is a citizen of our great land would ever not want to acknowledge factors that express a oneness and benefit for ones own country. Anything that is done for the betterment of our system is laudable. To state that I am busy and interested in earning my money only and not concerned with matters of social interest, is completely unacceptable and unfair. Social networking platforms are built and exist on a basic principle - the freedom of individual expression. If one is going to make it a station for accountability on each and every aspect of life then it is time to search another location. Without the knowledge of fact and detail it is not considered prudent to accuse or draw conclusion. We all go through a lot in a day in our lives, but the benefit of having a vehicle that ‘twitters’ and ‘blogs’ does not compel one to bring it to its mention. How would you ever know what has been done or is being done in respect of the issue you mention. More importantly, what are you doing in that respect. Other than talking about it or at best putting your belief and support on paper, how conversant are you with the issue and the cause. Yes, I believe in the most salient factor in this matter. I shall always be supportive of any issue which benefits the nation. You are intensely interested in the cause and we all are. But does the quality of the interest truly disengage us from the matter. Your ‘quality’ has been tickled by the intensive reportage from the electronic. How many electronic have committed themselves to the cause. Merely doing hourly reportages of it for their commercial existence and putting questions to be answered by others is a neat duck from putting their own foot into it. It would impress me greatly if a ’stringer’ sent on a mission to report the news were to drop the microphone, desist from reporting and join in with the fast - something that they keep asking us to do. They would gladly ostracize us for not commenting or giving reaction and make it sound horrendously wrong. But how many of them have done what they ask us to do. Unless they feel that they are not citizens of this country. In which case they do not have reason to question us in any case. Or if they did, the prerogative to respond or not would be ours.
I do not have to preach and shout out my allegiance towards my country from every roof top every day. My loyalty is not up for questioning and is not, most certainly, in a realm where it can be doubted.
Koi bhi kaam ya yojana jo desh ke hit mein hoti hai, uski sarahana karte hain hum .. aur iska dhindora hum peetana nahin chate .. aur na hi hame is ka gyaan hai ki woh peeta kaise jaata hai .. !!
Namaskaar .. Jai Hind !
Amitabh Bachchan

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