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Sony TV to host Big B birthday bash

Sony TV to host Big B's birthday bash  

Mumbai, Oct 8 (IANS) Megastar Amitabh Bachchan had no major plans for his 68th birthday Oct 11, but Sony TV has now decided to throw a bash for the "Kaun Banega Crorepati 2010" host at a hotel here.

It will be a double celebration as the fourth season of "Kaun Banega Crorepati" has been scheduled to go on air on Sony TV on Bachchan's birthday. The bash will be held at the J.W. Marriot and will be attended by Amitabh's family as well as some well-known personaities, including film stars and others.

"His family, actors John Abraham, Bipasha Basu and even cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni are expected to attend the party. Dhoni might fly down to Mumbai to wish him personally and be a part of the celebrations," a source from the channel told IANS.

Amitabh's son Abhishek and daughter-in-law Aishwarya are currently at the Pusan International Film Festival in South Korea, where their film "Raavan" is being showcased. But they will be back in time for Big B's birthday.

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Big B SRK Hrithik walk for Karan Varun at HDIL India Couture Week 2010

Big B SRK Hrithik walk for Karan Varun at HDIL India Couture Week 2010

The last drop of energy drained away from the bod. Big B

Prateeksha , Mumbai Oct 8, 2010 Fri 11 : 45 PM

The last drop of energy drained away from the body, but never an absence due to that, from the blog and the connections with extended family members. Your attention and draw is immense and my attention and draw is with your immense presence. So even though the day has been one of remarkable output, I shall never consider ignoring the reason why this medium was started - the huge desire to communicate with those that have shown me respect, love and warmth.

The opener for the KBC show that goes on air at 9 pm on the 11th was to begin the shoot with Shiamak and his wonderful team of youngsters, talented and disciplined as ever. Its been an assorted collection of most of my important works put together before I cannon out onto the KBC set, at task that I am most uncomfortable doing. But with Shaimak at the helm of affairs, you would never ever feel that work is in progress or on line. Its a happy family that laughs and encourages one to do their best. And so interspersed with dedication and discipline, egged on by the screams and yelps from the team, we have been able to complete work, which traditionally … ha ha … traditionally would have taken a good week to finish, within well say 8 hours of work ! Incredible preparation and understanding within the group, planned execution and a spirit that would challenge the severest critics.

Now … its up to the people to pass judgement !

But first .. last night at the ramp ! Goodness, one never realizes what goes on behind those fantastic fashion shows that we continuously see on Fashion TV, but one experience like the one last night and you develop such respect for the models and the organizers. Back stage is a war zone at one of these events. The space is narrow and filled with exorbitant looking models in their fineries. Assistants scream and run around as though it was the end of the world -

‘where is so and so’, ‘get to the wings you are on at count of 10′, ‘wait wait wait, I shall tell you when to go’, ‘cannot hear you the music is too loud’, ‘gel his hair down and pull his dress down a bit’, and on and on and on … utter confusion. But inches away on the ramp, tastefully decorated and lit among the glitterati and couture- rati of the city, all is finesse defined. Colorful audience, dressed to the hilt, celebrity laden and huge roar and appreciation factor factored in, waiting for the models to strut their stuff.

Screaming at the top of my voice to know when to enter I look anxiously at the lady who is supposed to tell me when to go. She is screaming her lungs out over the wireless connect with … god knows who. Even her screams do not reach the person next door because of the thumping music. There is a scramble of models running in and running out from that dreaded gate where I have to make my entry from. They all move swiftly, losing their ramp composure to the fresh issue ; a change of dress, a bit of make up retouch, a spray in the hair and back again at the entrance door.

I am not trusting my guide and controller who has magnanimously volunteered to push me to my position in case I cannot hear her. So I move closer to my destination, that ornate Victorian door. Suddenly … there is rapid movement and my lady benefactor is gesticulating and shouting through loud music to go go go !! The curtains have been drawn. I stand behind waiting for my music cue. Lights dim, the curtain goes up, I feel a shudder through me. Its show time !

The lights come up to show my stationary position and then I look up to walk.

What happened after is a blur. The entire audience erupts. Screams and applause and the thump of music pushing you to take a position of stationary necessity, but now to walk. Its the most frightening of any of the escapades that we have been facing. Nothing is playing on the mind. I walk without acknowledging any one or anything. I do not even know that I am walking. The feet are touching the ground but I not sure they are. Keeping the eyes straight is one of the most difficult tasks at the moment. I am not sure whether I am flying or sliding or what. Its a strange feel. A fixed look has been advised but do know, that, that is the most difficult act to perform. Somehow the edge is reached, a few dangerous looks a swift turn about, walk walk walk and then stop and turn again. The audience is in raptures and their decibels are matching the base equalized output from a music system that is shaking the windows miles away !! Back to where we started, pick up Hrithik from the wings and walk again to the top, turn around and welcome the designers, walk along with them through applause, turn around and now listen to the guidelines of director designer Karan Johar, who wishes that we pick up Shahrukh from the front row, ok done … he sits among all the beautiful guests and is reluctant at first but succumbs and adds to the three of now walking K3G style up to the ramp where SRK decides to make life easier.

He announces that the three of us would dance to each ones favored style. So we do a Bachchcan first, then a Hrithik and finally the remaining on SRK’s style. By now the audience is fearing certain cardiac arrest, the screams and cheers has reached incredible proportions. We do our bit and happily walk back in to the sun set. All hell breaks lose then. Off the ramp on to the audience where we pick up our near and dear ones and move way. SRK wishes that we join him and his team at the Lalit Intercontinental for a small party after , to bring in Gouri’s birthday - his wife.

By now all the compliments start pouring in, guests, fellow members of the industry, fans, the news anchors, tv interviewers … the lot. Extricating ourselves and still wearing the fashion show, we manage a five minute visit and then ‘outta there’ ..! More people at the party, all gushing and causing me much embarrassment. Time to leave. Shweta will stay back because Shahruk personally wishes so, Jaya and I leave and home and hearth finally.

Its been a big success, or so many journos say so. And there is a concerted effort on the part of many from the celebrated media to engage themselves in conversation with moi ( french for ‘me’ ), or just a small byte. Having obliged them on this, we depart and bring to an end what was a most effective turn out from, the film fraternity - SRK and wife, Saif Ali, Bebo her sister Lolo, Rani, Preity, Arjun and just about everyone that mattered.

Back in the confines of the bed I try to rehearse for today’s work, but fail. And so … early morning to YRF to shoot opener for KBC … and the day and time has come full circle ..


There is a lot more … for that tomorrow .. promise .. impossible now to keep eyes open …

See you in the morning …

Love ya …

Amitabh Bachchan

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