Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Pics of Ash with Beti B Bachchan family at the Seven Hills hospital Mumbai

First Pics of Ash with Beti B

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who was discharged today, was spotted leaving the Seven Hills Hospital with dad-in-law Amitabh Bachchan, who was carrying Beti B.
© Photo: Milind Shelte

Big B and Aishwarya leaving the hospital.

Big B carrying Beti B. Also seen are Aishwarya and her mother Vrinda Rai.

Bachchan family at the Seven Hills hospital

Claims of pictures of the baby and Aishwarya soon after the delivery have been invading the cyber world with a vengence

Jalsa  , Mumbai          Nov  21/22,  2011           Mon/Tue  1 : o3 PM
 Claims of pictures of the baby and Aishwarya soon after the delivery have been invading the cyber world with a vengence. And the story being told is that a staff member of the Hospital is responsible for it. I had of course denied that any picture had been given out. Indeed yesterday I categorically informed all those that were keen to see the picture of the baby on the net, that they would have to remain disappointed because I strongly felt it was too private and personal a matter, and that they should accept my regret with understanding. To the credit of all that heard this, the response from them was most encouraging and sympathetic. Thank you !
However .. as is always the case there are always some dark sheep in society who tend to believe that such requests are a confirmation to the contrary and that they must go ahead with their efforts, regardless. So one kind and generous soul printed a morphed picture on the net and it went viral.
But .. my Ef and my dearest ones, are an army of very diligent and determined fighters. They felt offended as I did on the liberty taken by the offender and went through a most exhaustive process of finding out the culprit. I do not think they were able to trace the individual, though they have been most successful in the past on the occurrence of such incidents, but were able to trace the original picture which underwent the process of morphing.
Ladies and gentlemen of the EF world, I present to you the picture being circulated and below that, the original from where the morphing was done. A smart piece of work !! Not the morphing. The diligence of our EF team ….
Watch ..

I have to say that the EF was incredibly smart ! How on earth were they able to search for the original beats me. Well done dearest ones !!

The day has been spent in many discussions and meetings on matters that need not be discussed now. There is a time and place for everything. But shortly I shall perhaps write about it in greater detail and with greater clarity.
Confrontation has never been my forte. My work has. For me it is more important to work, than to waste time and energy on issues that not only am I not involved in but, bear the stamp of a most preposterous, false and malicious insinuation.
The frequency with which unjustified and untrue accusations get thrown towards me, it is an impossiblity for me to be sitting and addressing them at every turn. I would be spending the rest of my life doing just that. So I remain quiet and continue to lead my own life as must I should. This is not an indication of submission. It is an indication of restraint and better sense, of not dignifying the accusation. My own upbringing and my ethics are what I have always taken pride in, and the people of this country have been a sincere witness to it. That possession of mine I shall never part with, come what may. You may destroy me, eliminate me, but you will never be able to alter my belief in my ethics. My ethics are my shield and armor. Many accusations have crashed in a heap of twisted and destroyed metal after clashing with the protective armory that covers me. I seek no malice or rancor nor any acrimony or malevolence. I seek non interference, to be by myself and my conscience and my work responsibilities. I seek no attention, nor hatred towards any other. Never have. More and much more is made of me and my presence in this environ. I am least deserving of it. If my presence is intolerable and the cause for any kind of opposition, I shall and have always stepped back, without any regret or remorse. I am not belittled by this.
When you attribute something to me, be warned that without justifiable evidence or proof you will fall flat.
There can never be any alternative to a pure mind and heart. Never. And never try to suggest an alternative to me ever ..
I may be alone and singular in my present condition – I always have been. That must never be mistaken for complacency and submission. I will not hesitate to submit if I am wrong, but if I am not, not a single pore of my body shall bend in servility !!

I burden you with thoughts that should never be brought up and for this I am apologetic. You are my extended family, we live and exist under one roof with feeling and devotion to each other. If not you then who … ???

My love ,
Amitabh Bachchan 

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