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Amitabh Bachchan ‘frustrated’ with frequent stomach pain

Amitabh Bachchan 'frustrated' with frequent stomach pain

Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan may have returned to work after his two abdominal surgeries, but pain isn't leaving the megastar. The veteran suffered stomach pain again during a dubbing session for Ram Gopal Varma's Department.

Big B, as Amitabh is fondly called by his fans, says the constant pain is frustrating. "Six am up to dub for Department, but stomach strain while doing that brings back shooting pain… So frustrating," the 69-year-old tweeted early morning on Friday.

Amitabh, who has been battling with health issues for long, was operated at Seven Hills Hospital in February. He was on bed rest at home for a while post his stint at the hospital. But was back to work for the opening ceremony of the fifth edition of the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) in Chennai earlier this month.

He is currently dubbing for Department, which also has southern actor Rana Daggubati and Sanjay Dutt in pivotal roles. However, due to his excruciating stomach pain, he says he is unable to give his 100 percent to work.

"The dub of a film requires great effort to catch the right tone and graph of the scene, done some many months ago. In the dark and stark confines of a dubbing theatre, with just a microphone as your co-artist, it does become quite a task," he posted on his blog

"But with an injured belly and one that has suffered many, it does take its toll. So somewhere in the middle of my effort at 7 am for Department, that sharp pain, which seems like someone slid a knife into you, returns," he added.

Department is set to release on 18th May.


You, Mr Bachchan, are really a champion'

Last evening, Amitabh Bachchan was honoured with yet another award. But that was not why Prasanna D Zore came back impressed.

Dear Mr Bachchan,

I want to thank you today, but not because you have played a stellar role in helping eradicate the scourge of polio from India.

It is true that the millions of parents who heeded your advice to give their infants do boond zindagi ki (two precious drops of the polio vaccine) cannot thank you enough. In recognition of your contribution, the Rotary Foundation honoured you as Polio Eradication Champion on April 19, which also happens to be the birthday of one of its founders, Paul Harris.

I am expressing my gratitude to you today for mentioning the unmentionable. Something that speaker after august speaker chose not to mention, even as they showered praise upon you for being the mascot of India's polio eradication drive.

One is not saying it was intentional.

It is quite possible they were so overwhelmed by the occasion, and by your presence, that they forgot to mention the stellar role played by thousands of unknown, unseen, unheard of individuals in the battle against polio. But then, they didn't fail to mention the generous monetary contributions made by some individuals to help fight polio.

Money does play a huge and beneficial role when it comes to fighting debilitating diseases; these donors must be commended for their generosity. But so must the army of people who take these vaccines to children in India's jungles, mountains and hostile environs.

Thank you so much, Mr Bachchan, for bringing it to the notice of the world, and to the elite gathering you addressed yesterday, that the feat of having just one polio case in the last 15 months wouldn't have been possible without the diligent effort put in by the hundreds and thousands of men and women who toil through the length and breadth of India to administer those two precious drops of life.

Thank you, Mr Bachchan, for sparing a thought for these unknown, unseen, unheard of souls.

Thank you for being the voice of the voiceless.

Thank you for giving due to those who are not as omnipresent as you are, but deserve to be equally commended.

This is how you praised their effort, all the while humbly underplaying your own contribution. Thank you so much for that.

I must say that I am least deserving of (this honour)... but I feel that it is not just one person's contribution. There have been many workers who have gone onsite to villages, to rural areas and have insisted that this campaign be followed through. So I want to applaud those workers that have gone out on the field... (Watch Amitabh Bachchan's speech ).

When Amitabh Bachchan speaks, the world listens. And records. And plays it again on again on the airwaves. The message reaches the target.

And that is why, I thank you, for not getting overwhelmed by those words of praise and sher-o-shayris (poetic eulogies) when you rose to accept the honour.

It takes a real hero to stand committed to a cause, play an important role and yet attribute it to a collective effort. Your words, when they reach these toiling health workers, will go a long way in fulfilling your wish of not seeing a polio case not just in 15 months but for ages to come.

You, Mr Bachchan, are really a champion.

Prasanna D Zore

I tweeted earlier of ‘the return of the pain

Jalsa , Mumbai               Apr  19/20 ,  2012                      Thu/Fri  12 : 26 AM


Dearest Ef … there is something that needs to be put on record ! Each time there has been query, or suggestions asked, there has been a rush of ideas and comments that come in. To me they seem like several hands that stretch out to help a drowning man. Thank you for all that you suggest and inform. I am certain that one or more of the several ideas that I have received shall work out in such positivity that the work that shall be required by me to undertake, shall become simpler and a great deal more efficient !!


I tweeted earlier of 'the return of the pain', which for some odd reason sounds magically close to a large and popular Hollywood extravaganza venturing out as a sequel – an act, that seems to have reached mammoth proportions, not just in the western film fraternity, but one that has been substantially prevalent here in our Indian world of cinema too.

The dub of a film requires great effort to catch the right tone and graph of the scene, done some many months ago. In the dark and stark confines of a dubbing theatre, with just a microphone as your co artist, it does become quite a task. Repetitions to get the exact form, may sound easy, but they are not. The strain as we speak comes on to the stomach, as we all know. But with an injured belly and one that has suffered many, it does take its toll. So somewhere in the middle of my effort at 7 am for 'Department', that sharp pain, which seems like someone slid a knife into you, returns. And then remains. I do believe that the process of repair in that sensitive area is taking place, but every time fresh nerves muscles and whatever else there is in the body, tries to adjust to the foreign body that has recently been invited to the party, it shows its anger and possessive character. The pain that emanates is not, the pain. It is an allegory for a human reaction that bleeds with jealousy !!

I do understand the concern that this causes among many, but I merely share with you to keep you informed. I need not. Perhaps I should not. But I do know that the Ef would look upon it compassionately. Yes, I shall take care and follow appropriate measures to not do anything that would aggravate the situation. But rest assured, this is a long haul and incidents like this shall keep occuring.


The Rotary International, UNICEF and several distinguished dignitaries set up today an evening to felicitate yours truly, as the Champion for the cause of polio. As the UNICEF ambassador for this, it was mandatory that I attend. So at a dignified and respectful function in the evening, among laudable speeches of praise, my work and contribution towards this malaise, was given recognition. The speeches were most humbling and the evening, one of great pride, for as I had mentioned sometime ago, India for the first time did not record any cases of polio in an entire year. The Rotary organisation had a celebration too – 144 years ago, three gentlemen sitting by a fireside in one of their homes decided on the concept of the Rotary, and today April 19th was the day it was instituted ! I was most obliged and honored to have made a small contribution towards the eradication of the dreaded polio virus in our country. But the task is not over. We need to continue to work to see that we maintain these levels of achievement. According to world health authorities, a nation can only be declared completely polio free if it does not register a single case for three consecutive years. I do sincerely hope we can achieve that. Some of our neighboring countries still report polio cases and the fear always remains of an infiltration of the virus beyond the borders. And this would need attention and work. Pakistan and Afghanistan are two such regions and we must all work to see that both these countries are made completely free of this dreaded virus !


I spent some time with my computer expert to learn a few tricks of the trade and discovered to my horror, that I was ignorance personified in the various facilities that a lap top provides. Inventions and inventors have developed to such a degree that today when we face a problem, we feel safe in the believed fact, that somebody somewhere must have already found a solution to it and that we must have access to it – preferably on the press of a button ! Perhaps we rest with the fact that about 200 qualified geniuses, must have taken care of the 7 billion that inhabit this planet. And hence better to leave it to their judgement than try to reinvent. I am not certain whether this is such a bright thought. Most large and successful corporate businesses that have ownership by individuals, have always subjected their progeny to work their way up from the grass root level, than to walk into the head chair of succession, and function. Yes the next generation is there to inherit what this generation shall leave behind. But some where I feel, a sense of adding your own worth to the worth of what came to you on a silver plate, needs to be executed.


Abhishek and Aishwarya celebrate their wedding anniversary tomorrow April 20th, and it seems like yesterday when we were in the midst of all the rituals and celebrations for it. Time has flown by, additions have taken place, who shall very soon grow up to face and receive the inheritance of the elders. I pray and hope that we give them the comfort of their need after we are gone. And I hope and pray that they shall bring pride and joy to the legacy of my Father !


Calmness, patience, and the strong will, to overcome all that may ever be of trouble to you ..

I remain as ever with affection and love …

Amitabh Bachchan

I have spent a great amount of time reading and assuaging the contents of the Blog

Jalsa , Mumbai                       Apr 18/19  ,  2012                       Wed/ Thu  12 : 50 AM


I have spent a great amount of time reading and assuaging the contents of the Blog and the other social mediums, not just for today but for the years gone by and have reached a conclusion ..

The respect and honor you give me is unparalleled. I need to constantly keep working on not just myself but on what I believe in and what, with due respect, others believe in too. There is such a huge contribution of sentiment and literate observation through this portal, that I fear sometime what else can be done with it. Done not in a sense of expanding it deliberately but, in wishing that somehow this platform could become the harbinger of deeds that most individuals, citizens lack. The lack of education for all among those communities that have no avenues of acquiring it. The lack of basic medical facilities, that plague almost all those that come from humble means and need attention. The lack of legal and accountancy knowledge, in order to make the common man more aware of his or her rights … and so much more …


I think of this often and I think of how a beginning can be made. Perhaps some of you can make suggestions. I did attempt this when I was legally elected to a forum on which democratic principles are mandatory to follow – the Parliament. And I did begin certain medical facilities with the help of my own personal funds. But it came at a time when there was political vulnerability. Not being conscious of this phenomena, I failed to envelop myself with the rhino skin that was the adequate requirement, and withdrew. I do now, from free will. Free will when criticized shall have no bearing on me. Those that bark, bark so because that is all they are capable of. And some of them frankly, make quite a good living out of it. You can still get to a destination by walking on the wrong side of the street, provided of course you are cautious not to get hit by on coming traffic. And better still, if you are able to convince those that legalize the event, that you were right and the other wrong. Which I might add, is sadly what most that do not follow principle , do.

The other side of the story, often takes time. And if within that time, the wrong doer can summon up enough courage to be convincingly distracting the truth, you are well on your way to eternal forgiveness and nirvana.

I do not wish or hope to achieve nirvana. It is an abstract hypothesis. But my conscience is unaffected by this exultation. If that remains in order, I shall accept it as one that came from within my own truth. I would shudder to give it a title. Titles are the weakest manifestations of those of intellect, that dwell on this false hope that they are of intellect and sage mind !

Words constructed in description of such, are a convenience of communication. They do not impress me. The deed does. But not when it carries the burden of illustrative rendition. Do not dear Lord, burden me with the weight of interpreted translation. Let it be !! Let it be !! Let it be !!


In thought and desire and in loving exasperation …


Amitabh Bachchan 

That is part of our life. The Blog itself has been aloof from this with some deliberation

 Jalsa , Mumbai                    Apr 17/18  ,  2012                     Tue/ Wed  12 : 27 PM


The 4th birthday today the 17th of April … and it seems like just the other day we reached out to each other, in love affection and togetherness. We have grown from humble numbers to now in millions, from obscure remarks to serious debate, from existing humor to the history of specific issues. We have also formed a rather composite and evaluated family. Like all families we have been sensitive to each other. At times complimentary, and at times resentful. There have been moments when warring Ef's have begun to realize that the platform is bigger than individual battles. Ther have been times when associations have been formed which have remained lasting and firm.

We have expressed joy on some occasions and disgust or disagreement on others. That is part of our life. The Blog itself has been aloof from this with some deliberation. It cannot pass judgement on another. When it started it never laid any rules or regulations. Those that followed came with just one desire …. to communicate. They did not come here to settle scores, or challenge ego, or prove some undesired need. Love was and still is its main core and shall ever remain so. Peace at all costs is the only password. Disgruntled elements, must express yes. That is healthy. But to hold it against someone, is not what would please me. There are many that understand this and remain. Many do not and have left. The intellect of this medium could well be substandard. But we never professed that it would maintain certain levels of wisdom, judgement and wit. This is not some compulsory curriculum from an Ivy league institution. Let it remain so in its  innocence and guilelessness. Wisdom and intellect are welcome guests. But without any bindings.


Some Ef lament the fact that the attention span on Blog has been usurped by the association of the Twitter. No it has not. Were it to be so, a simple calculation would put matters to rest. 114 words cannot be compared to an average of 500, every day here. The warmth of this 500 is never going to be replicated in the 114. It cannot. It does not have the time and space. Irrespective of the odd hours that it takes to consume these discourses here, do appreciate that the consolation is in never bringing a single day of gap in our association. Is that indicative of a lack of interest ?


We build. We exchange. We enhance.

Noting could give me more pleasure than this … eternally !

There is an admission now that bearing the pain does not have any other alternatives

Jalsa , Mumbai                Apr  16,  2012                    Mon  10 : 38 PM


There is an admission now that bearing the pain does not have any other alternatives. So one goes with what is prevalent and suggested. Which is why at times there is a keen desire to gather up the loins and stride out, with the resolve that ' pain yes, but what the hell'.

Many questioned the factor of 'sympathy', brought up in one of my blogs and twitter. A reference to one of my Father's famous poems. It questioned what he would do with your sympathy. There was no bitterness in what he expressed, but I feel almost a helpless compulsion to express that, which perhaps he had been hearing often. Far too many personal tragedies and its own manifestations resigned him to believe that this is what had been ordained for him. It is more rebellious than one seeking an answer. 'Pain yes, but what the hell'.

Yes I am poor and without means. Yes I have lost near and dear ones because attention to medicine was unavailable because of it. Yes I am deceived by friends, by well wishers, by envy and ego. So what does one expect me to do. Break down, dig my own grave and sink into it alive ? No ! he discovered that the will to stand up was defeating any kind of sympathy that could have come his way. His early publishers of his poems cheated him. In his dire need and circumstance, it came as a drastic blow. He never went back to them, but instead climbed up on his bicycle and rode down the streets of Allahabad telling each and every element he came across, that the publisher was a cheat. Every leaf, stone, tree, human everybody heard him repeating the same words – ' the publisher was a cheat' !. Within 3 months, the publishing house closed down ! 'Pain yes, but what the hell'.

You set about to serve the nation and the State which draws attention to its varied diversities, inheritance and archeological sites, never known, not just by those that stay beyond Indian shores, but by our vey own inhabitants. And politicians and spokespersons of political outfits find tasteless fodder to feed the millions, over its wrong. Six months later of silent perseverance in the direction stipulated, and the campaign has out beaten one that was conceived for the country, by those very individuals in power, and those that were critical and abusive relentlessly on my work. Not just that. It garners International recognition. Yes … ' pain but what the hell '.

A harmless remark, cut pasted by the electronic to cause trouble, activates a violent reaction from the protectors of the State. My house goes under attack, my film on release gets mobbed violently, publicity of my kin get torn and destroyed, black paint now disfiguring our portraits. I am asked to get out of my quarters and leave the confines of where I reside and go back to where I came from. I have not come from Timbuktu. I have not come from there. I have come from my own, and shall, despite a thousand attacks, remain in my own, my house my residence my region my country. ' Pain yes, but what the hell '.

An ill informed media accuses me singularly of bringing on the press ban during the Emergency in the country. They ban me. I ban them in return. But the years that they did not ever mention my name or acknowledge my presence, were the years of my highest grossers and biggest acclaim. They wrote against, they built the foulest stories, attempted the grossed of deeds to my nature and character. It only resulted in my coming out better and stronger. My ' Coolie ' accident occurred then and during that time. The will of the people and of the country compelled them to carry information about me. Many amongst them, felt it was not needed, but they did not want to hit a dying man. I thanked them for their sentiment, but to me it felt it was the perfect excuse to put me back in the barrels of ink they were wasting over me.

'Pain yes, but what the hell ' !!


The above, much like the tip of the iceberg, whose width and depth is unseen and unknown below the ocean, shall perhaps remain so in many of the more painful 'experiments with truth'.

' Pain yes, but what the hell '

But … must I seek the attention under bated breath and fallen face, in sympathy ? Must I beg for a reprieve, to narrate and dissolve all that transpired, and look for another forlorn face among the admirers or those that care to listen, into an abstract submission of a sentiment that shall never ever be able to relive or reenact what the other did or was subjected to ?

Sympathy ? For what ? What will I do with it ? The threshold of pain shall never match between another. How then could the attention towards it cause feeling ?

And so … Sympathy ! what will I do with it ?

Pain yes, but what the hell … infinitely better !


Amitabh Bachchan

Monday, April 16, 2012

Salim-Javed okay Zanjeer remake?

Salim-Javed okay Zanjeer remake?

Amidst the controversies revolving around the remake of Amitabh Bachchan starrer Zanjeer (1973), producer Amit Mehra says he has taken the blessings of the film’s writers — Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar.

The remake, scheduled to star Telugu star Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan opposite Priyanka Chopra has been in the news regarding copyright and royalty issues. Both writers of the original film had expressed displeasure over the remake.
But Amit says he has sought and been granted their permission now. “We have bought the rights of Zanjeer from my father, Prakash Mehra's, production company. I have met both (Khan and Akhtar) of them to take their blessings. They are special people,” Amit adds.

His father had produced and directed the original ‘angry young man’ flick.

The action thriller’s screenplay and dialogue were co-written by Akhtar and Khan. “This is my first film and I wanted to make Zanjeer, as it was a superhit... Also, I am emotionally connected to it,” Amit says.

The veteran writers had reportedly asked for a substantial sum of money if the filmmakers wanted to re-interpret their original script on celluloid. When asked, Amit says, “I don’t know all this. I am meeting them again, and hopefully, everything will be fine. But the remake will be made. I did not ask them f or anything. Salim uncle gave me his blessings,” says Amit.

When Ram Charan Tej met Amitabh Bachchan

When Ram Charan Tej met Amitabh Bachchan

It was one of his career-defining films. And would you grudge him the curiosity to check out what Version 2.0 of Zanjeer is looking like? At Film City on Sunday Amitabh-Vijay Bachchan decided to say hello to Ram Charan, who is reprising his role as the angry young man in Apoorva Lakhia's remake of Zanjeer. And we learnt about the meeting from phone status updates of a crewmember.

It so happened that Bachchan was shooting for a commercial at the Film City when he heard about Lakhia's shoot happening next doors. And he called him up. Lakhia, who is a friend of the Bachchans, took Ram Charan to meet him.

The trio then chatted for a while. Bachchan asked Ram Charan about the sequence they were picturising and was told that it was the one where Vijay Khanna comes back to his house and there are goons in his bathroom who attack him. The veteran actor, we can tell you, immediately sat up and quizzed the young actor about how exactly were they planning to execute it when Ram Charan quickly pointed out that the sequence has been changed from his house to a five star hotel.

An eye-witness present at the venue informed Mirror that though Bachchan was extremely warm towards the young actor, whose father has been his friend for years, Ram Charan was suitable tongue-tied and a tad overwhelmed in his presence.

The meeting ended with much hugging and touching the feet, and Ram Charan and Lakhia immediately let the virtual world know about their close encounter of the different kind. Ram Charan remained unavailable for comment and was busy tweeting about his encounter with the Big B.

I spent a day on the sets at Film City shooting for an ad

Jalsa , Mumbai                      Apr 15/16 , 2012              Sun/Mon  12 : 02 AM

I spent a day on the sets at Film City shooting for an ad., that had remained unfinished due to my illness. So despite the pain I went to complete it. All went well, and then a little better. The director of the ad., gave me a book to read which he felt I should. I casually opened a page and this is what came out :
The Three Thousand Realms _ 
It comes from the following calculation :
10 ( ten worlds ) x 10 ( ten worlds ) x 10 ( ten factors ) x 3 ( three realms )
Life at any moment manifests one of the Ten Worlds. Each of these worlds possesses the potential for all ten within itself ; this ‘mutual possession’represents a hundred possible worlds.
Each of these hundred worlds possesses ten factors, making one thousand factors or potentials, and these operate within the three realms, thus making three thousand realms.
Problems as we have seen, are not in themselves the fundamental cause of unhappiness. lack of power and wisdom to solve them is the real cause. Fortunately we all possess infinite power and wisdom ; and Buddhism shows us how to develop these qualities.
When in the depths of despair or grappling with a difficult problem, it may be hard to believe that our lives possess unlimited potential. But this is the essence of one of the profoundest Buddhist teachings, known as ” three thousand realms in a single moment of life “

This is a complicated learning and one that requires deep study. I am not equipped for this but perhaps some within the Ef are and if so, more needs to be expanded for its real meaning to erupt. If there be sufficient want one can make that effort I am certain.

While on set I learnt that ‘Zanzeer’ the II was being shot on an adjoining floor and that Charan the hero and its maker Apoorva Lakhia wanted to visit me. Charan is a very successful star in his own right in Telugu cinema, he is the son of superstar Chiranjeevi, a dear friend. I met them and wished them well. The producer is Prakash Mehra’s son Amit, named after me during my long association with Prakash ji during and after Zanzeer. The rights belong to Mehra and they have the right to make or remake what they like. I cannot have a say in it. I worked as an artist in the film and got my remuneration for it. Over ! Seeking my opinion would be incorrect. Whatever I say shall be developed into a huge media story and nothing else. What matters at the end would be what the film possessed in quality and intent and content. That is it. For this I can only give my very best wishes. I do hope they will make a successful film, and who knows 20 years from now they may want to remake another make of it. So where does that leave your reaction to this now !! Be content with the fact that it is a compliment to the film being remade – it was worthy of remaking when you had a hand in making the original. How many films do carry the benefit of a remake, is what needs to be appreciated also.

And yes today being Sunday I did have the great benefit of meeting my fans outside the gate at Jalsa. Got back from my shooting just in time …
The smiles on the faces is a cherished desire and a source of great fulfillment … that to me is accomplishment … to be one with them that smile with me ..
And ironically what ad., do I shoot for … Himami Fast relief from Pain .. !!!
The ever present fans and well wishers … and the riddle … do you spot Siddharth there among the crowd .. ???

My love for you … time to retire and use some of the products that I endorse … !!
Amitabh Bachchan

There are days when I often wonder whether it is a good thought to write whatever

 Jalsa , Mumbai             Apr 14/15 ,  2012             Sat/Sun  1 : 09 AM

There are days when I often wonder whether it is a good thought to write whatever I go through, or what transpires in my day … but then better sense prevails and we touch bottom. There would be many among not just you but also the hungry media that would be anxious to get something out of my Blog to flog. The flogging not from my Ef, but the media yes. They get it all free wrapped in the finest packaging material, without effort. And this dissuades me from giving too much detail. One innocent tweet about the visit to the doctor saw an entire fleet of vans from the media collecting outside Jalsa and worse, following me to the hospital – this not too far away from the media decision to keep away from Hospitals, to allow a sense of privacy to a suffering patient. In most Western medical models, it is forbidden under oath to release the nature of illness to even a member of the family without consent. Guess the media here has a lot to learn before it is brought into practice … a lot !!

They say your mystique is lost because of your communication so often into the cyber and into the space which hitherto had been reserved and confidential and private. And I say to them, at 70 do you really think anyone cares about your mystique !! Its done and over with. But without sharing it, now that we have built such a strong family, would be a grave injustice.

So I refrain. Refrain to avoid hurting sentiments, giving where it is not supposed to be given and sharing that which could have a universal approval than one that delves into a world that cemented in privacy. Some how, what appears on the news print seems to carry even in its limited circulation, at times, much more effect than say, a Twitter account that has 25 lakh or 2.5 million followers ! I cannot pin point what it is, but fact remains that the news paper has through the years and ages become a writing on stone ; one that can never be washed away. Its credibility its believing, its integrity gets appropriate attention and becomes a point of reference. So valuable is its contribution. Yes there shall be aberrations and faults, but who isn’t ? We all have short comings and defeats.

I may be in direct communication with that avid reader through the cyber space given to me, but in the end it is always that tried and tested formula that works.

I have often wondered why there is such a strong bond between the media and its allies and competitors. They never bring another media down. They never at times even mention the name of the other media conglomerate.  This is astounding and special at the same time. It must be said then that their code of conduct does indeed follow certain principles of the craft, and that is an unwritten promise that follows instructions from not just the speakers on the occasion, but among the people themselves that have been involved in the  treatment. This is a remarkable achievement. Humans are incapable of doing this at times. Not at times,  but not all the time either !!

The window shutters shook involuntarily in the morning hour and I was beginning to shout instructions to the people working on the terrace to stop this for a while, when it dawned that this was an earthquake, so I quickly tweeted the word for all to take care and precaution. They come now far too often and if this is the harbinger for things to come – say the end of the World in November 2012 – then it needs further attention.

End of the world in 2012 ?!! Wonder when it happens what it shall be like. A friend tweeted the best one on this -

” If the world is coming to an end by November 2012, just remind me, so I can stop dieting !!!! Really funny I thought.

Some medical procedures were done today in Hospital too on me, to check the condition of my stomach, but other than what was being revealed already there was nothing fresh to be done, though there are several matters that will need to be addressed. But, away from all the morbid descriptions and on to the night …

Sweet dreams, happy smiles and me ..

Amitabh Bachchan

The bells on the clock strike past midnight, the phone on mobile

 Jalsa , Mumbai                      Apr  13/14 , 2012             Fri/ Sat  12 : 34 AM

The bells on the clock strike past midnight, the phone on mobile beckons through various messages the beginning of the New Year, in Bengalis, Assamese, Tamilians and in Kerala too … up in the North and in Punjab, Baisaki is celebrated with great abandon and cheer, and Renate asks me on twitter 'you do have so many new years in your calendar - the calendar of India' ….

Yes we do, and they are derived through a process of great science and calculation, which perhaps the Western world did not or has not been aware of or about. I have been given the possibility of doing a programme on just that and it is a fantastic journey among the knowledged and vibrant India that many within the country still are ignorant about. But standardizing such events by the elements of judgement by the West, has kept these scientific and other such information, diluted or non existent. Its respect though has always been one that has collectively sought appreciation from those that still have not fallen victims to the other side.

This attitude has many facets or manifestations. The superiority of the West has always dictated the terms and conditions. And if it has been an object of their colonial temperate, then even more so. Apart from just ruling other nations, there must have been various and several other reasons why ruling the land not of their origin became almost a pastime. There were benefits too – the construction of legality,  democratic systems like Parliamentary debate, policing, infrastructure building, training and preparing an Army and many more. Their influence remains till date. The strength of the medium they used was awesome. There was much that they did which was appreciated, but also much that they did which was destructive to the moral and social fibre of the country.

The westerner shall never perhaps get the correct pronunciation of Indian words and expressions, but would not hesitate to correct you in your attempts at miscuing or pronouncing their expressions and names correctly. They shall still say Sunil Ga vas ker, when it should be Gaa vaskar. I hear the commentary of the IPL cricket and the names being attempted by the western commentators, is at times laughable. Yet were you to pronounce their expressions and names incorrectly, they would not hesitate to correct it and you. It depicts the love and respect for the country they belong to and the philosophy it depicts. As a nation we are smitten by the west and how and what did they do to be in such exalted position. But the hinterland in this country of ours, is perhaps more rigid in its way of conduct than any other. Their devotion and regard for the nation is unbreakable and strong. Look at all those contestants that came from all the small town areas for KBC. Their resolve and strength to excel was beyond compare. Their genuineness, simplicity and will to succeed was far more vocal than any other. I would prefer that over the artificiality of the larger metros, where commerce and equity and balance sheets prevail more than the committed desire to work for the morals and the improvement of our social system.

Charity needs to be done not spoken about ! Many think the other. " They will never know what you did until you tell them, otherwise … so …" Its a different take on the subject, one that would perhaps have grave implications. But that has been the norm with many. In many respects though I do feel in today's time and date, it would perhaps be recommended to hold everything in camera and adjust edit or just put forward what they wanted to show us, or what we wanted to tell them. It is a freedom that we enjoy. Many others do not. Fair enough. But the moment you start to cast aspersions and dissect proceeds it robs it of its very original nature. And that above all else is what we should aim for  - the original nature.


Good night my dearest ones ..


Amitabh Bachchan

Thursday, April 12, 2012

There are times when one needs to resolve whether it is going to bring you down or you shall

Jalsa , Mumbai                         Apr  12,  2012                                 Thu  11 : 14 PM

There are times when one needs to resolve whether it is going to bring you down or you shall overcome it by sheer will. Most would prefer the latter, and many that sit on judgement would expect that from someone like me too. Sometimes it becomes inevitable that those whom you admire or show fondness to, are the ones that seem to be devoid of any shortcomings. Many a time there are matters which defy resolve, but in the eyes of the follower seem to be coming along quite naturally, and with effect. This is one of the greatest fallacies of humanity. The admired live normal, talk and behave normal and are in fact normal. Put on a pedestal for deeds that come with professional tags, does not give freedom to believe that they are beyond human flailing. They are. They are weak and uncertain, with fault and misgivings. Perfection may be their professional aim, but are far away from any test laid down by others.

I may be engulfed by negativity, hypothetically, of my own doing. That will not absolve me of wrong doing, or severe punishment. The law of the land in a civil society that lives within the tenets of freedom, shall always be supreme. If justice were to be excluded, then we are in wrong hands – at least in a polity that clammers for a democratically, free society. And this irrespective of who or what I may be.

It is hateful  by me when reference is made on issues as follows : Ah ! But you are Mr B sir, what issues or problems can you possibly have that will not get resolved.

WRONG !! I am another citizen. What rights are given to others is given to me. What rules and regulations and articles of constitution are for the others, prevail for me as well. I stand in queue at airports or entrances to events. I am driven past many that follow regulation by managers of the location, feigning urgency or emergency. This is not correct. I can read through them and abide by the dictat. Others make way, perhaps out of respect. I am humbled, but not enough to side line the rule. Some who consider smartness on such moments to be a qualification, look at me cynically and make comment. ” Stop trying to pretend by humility !” or ” we have had enough of your self deprecation, it is time you changed and became real “.

Had enough of my self deprecation ? Who are you to pass ruling on character ? It is just an excuse for you to have the liberty to make comment on, by saying ‘he is an arrogant old fool’, when I change my stance or position. That is all, that is its value. Had enough of my self deprecation ?? Are you going to decide how I should conduct myself. I have spent 42 years with my conduct professionally and 70 years of it with my age. Get first, to just 1 year of my profession and 7 years of my age in life, before embarking upon a holier than thou, unfounded, gender bended opinion !!

My happiness and pain and my accomplishment does not need your degraded yellowed ink. One shall always remain a master of ones own being … unless of course he or she is some divinity, for then even I or any other like me, would be unable to assist you in achieving what you set out to be – God !

There are many symbolic God’s on this planet. Choose to be one of them, before self appointing yourself in that coveted chair ..

My love,

Amitabh Bachchan

What pain and grief and sorrow and divinity and joy belonging to me shall convey

Jalsa , Mumbai                       Apr  11/12 , 2012                           Wed/Thu  12 : 46 AM

What does one know of oneself ? Knowing it shall suffice in not knowing any other. We spend anxious hours in knowing another, when it is we that must know us. Others can sit and stand beside in front or behind, but if they cannot walk like you, they may well prefer to be stationary.

The judgement of another about myself is the realisation of what I convey. What never does get conveyed, shall be victorious in another mind ; perhaps not mine own ..

What pain and grief and sorrow and divinity and joy belonging to me shall convey, is immaterial to another. Sympathies are the weakest expression of togetherness. What good shall it bring to another ? A justification of one’s sympathy shown shall be at most an obligation, that the two shall fulfill. But at times, the burden of this obligation comes at moments when it measures heavy. Will the tear that flows from the other’s eye ever be able to flow from mine ?

Let us then be assured in belief that the path that we walk, shall be one where each traveller is by itself, where till eternity we shall never succeed in sharing our sorrows ever !!

‘doosaron ki vedna mein vedna jo hai dikhaata, vedna se mukti ka nij harsh kewal vo chipaata …’

He that shows his grief, his sorrow to another’s grief, merely hides the joy of he himself being free from such sorrow ..

These are the expressions of a poet, my Father, during his period of immense sorrow in his disposition and his life. It was also the verse he recited at his friends place where he met my Mother for the first time. When the recitation ended, they decided to be man and wife for the rest of their lives …

The tale is old and perhaps being replayed. But its cynicism and the strength of its pouring did have the energy to bring two absolute unknowns, from extreme different backgrounds, faiths, distances and up bringing, to meet quite by accident, to become providentially, man and his better half !

I already have better half, as do many that visit us, but universality of words cannot become the domain and property of one single individual ..

I share because I care ..


Amitabh Bachchan

The morning dawns alarming bells, to struggle out, in splashing face

 Jalsa , Mumbai                      Apr 10 , 2012                            Tue 10 : 31 PM

The morning dawns alarming bells, to struggle out, in splashing face

Be on with notes and writing color, drive out to then without a trace,

Of waiting men and chasing cars, towards bilingual screen to grace

Voices above the normal spoken, in comfort in silence and in place …

Back then to house of celebration, wonder and orange in bottled capacity

To mark to outline to avail technology, in time in time to near facility .

Despite the hospitality of care, incessant following, audacious audacity

Respite respect of personal medicinal, none at all – a righteous pity !

Images black and white tunnelled sphere, warming contrasts through needled gear

Pumping injectable bursting vein, immediate swelling bringing concerned fear.

Bandaged crepe to keep it down, too many cooks that stand and lear

Hushed discussions upon screen and screen, manual conclusions perhaps to hear.

Restrictions now imposed upon, there is some frown some lists abound,

The many airborne waves do speak, to ask on flight or run aground.

Silence is that silence does, where to and from and where they hound,

Too many asked, too many to give, how many upped and what that was found.

Brightest yellow, red blue on green, a venue visited in college teen ,

Attraction grows since ordered stationary, what next, what new, what is has been.

Why this departure from volume and length, why matching words without a sheen,

It is my choice, my will regard, keen lean mean to ever wean ….

Amitabh Bachchan

So last night just after I had finished with the Blog

Jalsa , Mumbai                 Apr  9 , 2012                        Mon  9 : 50 PM

To all those that wish Jaya on her birthday, a warm and gracious thank you …   
So last night just after I had finished with the Blog, I rose from my desk to get to bed, but excruciating pain, stopped me in my tracks and I found it difficult to walk to stand to sit to lie down. Quite horrendous ! This was not there post operation even … so what really is the reason for it two months down the line ? I have no answer. But tomorrow there should be one as I prepare for a CT Scan, after devouring a large bottle or bottles of that yellow fluid, that shall line the internal organs so the scan can pick up any region that could be infected or being the cause for the pain.
A pain killer has done the job for the day, but because they need to be taken with some restriction, I try to bear up with the discomfort for as long as I can. I do also believe that posture and angles and particular movement is really the cause for it. A long stay on my desk then with Twitter and Blog and email and Google and iTunes and iPhoto, has now been self discovered as being harmful. Knowing the repercussions I do keep moving about, even while seated, to, in a sense, lubricate the various functions of the body movements in order to stem any recurrence of the condition.
I notice that there is huge concern with the Ef, but, whilst I do appreciate this, I must reassure you that matters are still under control … well most of it anyway !!
I shall refrain from the gory details of medical adventures and move on to matters that could bring me closer to the glories of the bed. And for that unfortunately I may have to restrict my conversation to the barest minimum.
I read and I read that which I could share with my Ef. I gather information, details and question issues like never before that I observe. They had another meaning before. They have another now. It is a deliberate attempt to gather that which can be shared with all. And it is this that in a sense educates me in my communication skills, or my efforts to keep all of us together and not lose any.
So … a small piece from a translation of works written by Thomas Bernhard, writer, novelist of great literary fame :

‘We say we have the right to what’s right and just, but we only have a right to what’s not right and what’s unjust …
The problem is to get work done, which means advancing over all one’s inner resistance and evident mindlessness … and this means advancing over myself and the bodies of dead philosophers, over all of literature, all of science, all of history, everything .. it is a question of one’s spiritual concentration, of isolation and distance … of monotony .. of utopia .. of idiocy …
The problem is always to get work done while thinking that work will never get done and nothing will ever get done … The question is : to go on, heedless of the consequences, to go on, or to stop, to call it a day … it is the question of doubt, of mistrust and impatience.’

Ponder over it .. it speaks at times the language that we all perhaps go through and never know ..
With my love,
Amitabh Bachchan

The magnificence of an achievement fulfilled to perfection

Jalsa , Mumbai               Apr 8/9 , 2012                      Sun/Mon  1 : 42 AM

To Sharmila on her birthday on the 9th of April, greetings and our wishes for a most wonderful year and years to come. Remain well and healthy and content. And with smile ! Love

 The magnificence of an achievement fulfilled to perfection .. the thrill of the patrons that adorn it .. and the eventual victory of the participants .. is a heady mixture ! To realize it and to be a part of it, even more so.

For quite some time now one has been hearing talk of a facility for the game of cricket at Pune and the immense time being spent in its concept and preparation. Tonight at its inauguration one witnessed the quality of its presence and the impressive completion of a dream, promised and executed as promised.

The Subroto Roy Sahara Stadium at Pune, or to be precise near Pune, or on the outskirts of Pune was a sight to behold. Modern, hi tech and a most apt mixture of man and machine, art and technology. A true emblem which would make the country most proud.

As one drove out from Jalsa on a Sunday afternoon, the heat not withstanding, one could sense the traffic easing out, but determined to get back to us as time flew by. Traffic in Mumbai is at most times, a night mare. I do understand that it is a fairly common topic for most other cities and countries, but here in Mumbai it is an exhibition of massive time consuming proportions. One could be sitting minutes away from final destination and not be moving for hours. In a rush, it is wiser to take a short walk or pinch a passing bike, request for his helmet to camouflage the face and zoom off to destination in time. I do not think that the traffic is bad. I do not also think that the traffic police does a bad job of it, in such situations. But I do believe that the lack of road and driving skill or routine, that needs must be followed as per the training required for a license, is missing.

Driving inside the city is entirely different to driving on a highway. And using the same yardstick for both facilities results in either a bad accident, or a bad jam that jars. Looking at some of the way people drive their cars in the city and on the highway, I could safely say that were I or any official designated to test drive would have a nightmare staring at them most rigidly ! And so I believe that when the basics are wrong, and wrong by huge margins, there shll never be an apt solution for congested traffic.

In life then much like in driving a vehicle in a crowded city, one must entail the basics to be correct and ably followed. Ignored or not put to the right use, can cause immeasurable damage. It is disturbing and most frustrating to see and experience this phenomena each day, when initial grounding falls short. One may possess the best brains in the business, but I can say with utmost humility, that if your base is incorrect, the buildings and edifices that one desires to build, shall fall at the slightest test.

There are many that argue that the pursuance of this factor may not be necessary or essential. And they would quote many an example to justify such feature. Yes there have been exceptions. Men and women of great genius, who have through some extreme gift of nature not needed the grounding that we talk of. Blessed are they that are gifted and secure in their functioning. But the world is not filled with genius at every step. The world is filled with opportunity, an opportunity for those that can through resolve and perseverance of study, accomplish great feats.

The resolve of perseverance and study has never betrayed mortals. It may have taken time, a great deal of time maybe, but eventually it has sprung results of immense proportion.

Many show wonder at the fact that even at this late stage I tend to exercise my abilities of rehearsal. So what is wrong with that. They marvel and applaud those that perform instinctively, and continue to surprise us and others by giving different facets of the same situation without any study at all. For me then, they are craftsmen of exception. My position along with them is untenable. They are superior and any comparison should be avoided or kept at bay. For me what matters is what I was able to give in performance ; what I was able to leave behind of some worth for posterity. How I got there is not the subject of their knowing, for, in the first place, that is not what they came to see. They came to see a product, to either like it or reject it. Yes if they were to be a part of a study, an analysis on the craft then I would be up for debate, not otherwise. When the Beatles ran a tape backwards quite by accident and discovered that what they heard was worthy of being constructed into a song, they held on to the technique or accidental discovery and recorded a song which became one of their most popular numbers. We loved the song, sang it, played it again and again, shared it at parties and with friends, and enjoyed its presence. Would I have enjoyed it less if it was given to me how it was prepared ? Difficult to agree upon !! Or maybe not. Who can tell? Would lyrics of a song written in the peace and solitude of a beach front, matter if it was written on a running train, I wonder !! I would imagine that I would first get attracted to the song and then if I was to find out later, much later how it was done, I may like it even more … !!

The ability to create a base then does not bother. I need it. Others may not. God bless them. I am inferior then and shall remain so. So what ?

My love to all … and my love as ever …

Amitabh Bachchan

Sunday, April 8, 2012

It is a healthy mix of the Indian Classical in Raag Basant

Jalsa , Mumbai                     Apr 7/8 ,  2012                     Sat/Sun  1 : 09 AM

Magdalena celebrated her birthday yesterday and we wish her belated greetings. Happiness always, fulfillment and all the joys that life could bestow upon you .. 

And now at the music studio a Song of Peace .. an effort to bring sanity amidst all the violence and evil … an attempt to gather communities together and to lend their individual might in furthering this cause …
It is a healthy mix of the Indian Classical in Raag Basant, vocals by Khan Saheb a distinguished vocalist from afar, Aadesh, a Philharmonic from London along with an entire chorus, and bits and pieces of a rather out of tune AB !
We propose to put it up in concert here to collect funds for the families of the security police men that lost their lives in the 26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai. A noble cause, I thought, for, the ones that make the sacrifice are the ones whose families suffer the most. Those that have left us cannot be back with us, but as citizens, the least we can do for them, would be to remember the moment and offer some help to those that grieve.
It was to happen in February, but the surgery held it back and needs planning again.

I travel again tomorrow … to Pune, for the opening of a spanking new Stadium for the Pune Warriors, an IPL cricket team, that made an astonishing win against a formidable opponent last night. I must admit that having no work, or rather recuperating so I can get one, has driven me to the television with some expectation. Timings of sporting events, interesting serials, both from the country and abroad have become increasingly attractive. The day used to revolve around my work schedules earlier. Now they revolve around the next game or show on the box. It is most habit forming. And may I say it has become an attractive pastime. I look forward to it. Find out the schedules from the press, and work my timings around it … such joys within !!
I am a little pressed for time again today. The clock watch has been inattentive. It is past the 1 : 30 AM mark, a description that shall have severe reactions from the Ef, I do know ..
So … good night dear ones and my wishes for a pleasant night ..
Amitabh Bachchan

All the greats of the cricketing world and then the sensation Rajnikanth

Jalsa , Mumbai                  Apr  6 ,  2012                     Fri  9 : 43 PM


With all the greats of the cricketing world and then the sensation Rajnikanth … these were the ones I spoke about the other day, the honor and the privilege to be among them, to learn to gather to imbibe and emulate. Its always such a humbling moment ! Glad that I had the opportunity to be in their midst.
The second round of the Gujarat Tourism campaign is getting ready and I was up at 6 am to do the dub. Early mornings are always healthy for me to do this. The mind and the body and the voice is fresh, the streets are relatively free from traffic and it is generally a lot more quiet – fewer flights taking off from nearby Juhu airport which do bring a take in process to a halt. The theater too is less busy and at that hour in the morning, it is never a problem to get a booking. BR Dubbing is the one I generally like dubbing at. It has been a favorite of mine for years. The location is close – about 5 mins at that hour – and the recordist is conversant with your voice and method of dubbing which is a huge benefit. BR Dubbing is the studio belonging to Late Mr BR Chopra, built inside his own residence, modern and with some of the latest equipment. It was one of the first dubbing studios to get the latest systems in place, where loops did not have to be cut and prepared to dub for each particular artist. Normally in the early days, the scene or portion to be dubbed used to be cut from the copy of the negative, pasted into a loop, which was then loaded on to the projector, which then kept playing it again and again … but only that one looped scene or portion of a scene. BR brought the first system where no loops were required. The entire film was loaded on to the projector and had a fast forward and rewind system so that which ever portion came up for a dub you just ran the film till there and then rewound it to start again. It was a lot faster than the loop system. For an artist to dub it was always convenient to get back to the portion to be dubbed as quickly as possible, so that you remained with the mood and did not have to work yourself again and again to capture the same intensity with which the scene was shot. Most dubs were done months after the shoot was over and it was difficult to remember the exact temperament, or at times if the general recording was not of quality, to get the lip sync and the dialogues right. The abandoning of the loop system was a huge relief to the direction department. A lot of labor had to be gone into to prepare for the dub. With the rewind system it became a lot easier and faster and convenient. But … then came in the digital world and it did away with the rewind system altogether. A CD was downloaded and then at the touch of a button within a hundredth of a second the cue to dub from was obtained. Also if you were out of sync in a take by a few frames the machine had the ability to move the dialogue up and down to bring it in order. Much like what happens at song recording studios. The computer is fed with the right notes, the artist, someone as out of tune like myself sings a song, and it is fed into the computer which brings the singing into tune automatically, and you come out sounding glorious. As glorious as a professional singer !!
The equipments too have been made a lot more compact as technology has progressed. Space conservation is the key gain. Large areas required for theaters now have given way to a compact little room perhaps a 6′by 6′ and a small tv screen is enough to provide a visual of the film to dub and that is it ..
How times change !!
Recent developments in filming too are going through a vast change. In time maybe the artist too shall become extinct. A virtual image could be doing all his work for him, or her. Created visually on a machine. With many other DNA and medical discoveries taking place, I read somewhere that there could be a process where they could prolong life till as long as one wished. Death would be obsolete. Wonder how life and society would handle that ..
Ah ! well … no worries for me at this point. We’re not going to be around for it in any case  …
My love
Amitabh Bachchan

During the visit to Chennai on meeting the CSK team and Dhoni and Raina

Jalsa , Mumbai          Apr  5 ,  2012                    Thu  11:15 PM

During the visit to Chennai on meeting the CSK team and Dhoni and Raina and all the heroes was such a delight. Rajnikanth coming over to the room for a chat another delight. Then to be taking the cricket oath for the Captains and so humbled in meeting all of them back stage – Rahul Dravid and Sehwag and Saurav Ganguly. I really must have done some good to receive such opportunity to be in the presence of these greats. And always something to learn from each meeting – the way they conduct their lives, their views on important issues, what troubles them, what excites them.

I say all this because I feel sometimes in our busy profession we never spend enough time in pursuing these aspects of life too – meeting and just listening to others. Its a grave fallacy that celebrities have all the answers to all the issues. They do not. And the sooner they realize this the better. And may I say this that there is something to learn from everyone, irrespective of where they stand or who they are. Sometimes the most complex of matters can get the simplest of solutions from some of the most unexpected quarters. Open your mind then to those that perhaps seem inadequate … you will be surprised how much we do not know, and how much we ought to.

Its up at 6 am tomorrow morning – dub for the Gujarat Tourism Campaign second round. And while on the topic, the Department informs me of some rather flattering achievements that have been recognized by an International community. Here it from them then :


You will be glad to know that Gujarat has been awarded “Best Emerging Tourism Destination” by Pacific Area Travel Writers Association (PATWA) recently at Berlin. Also Lonely Planet has categorised Kutch as the 3rd best ‘unsung destination’ in the world. All because of our campaign and your efforts.’

And the organization that acknowledges social work for a cause, will honor yours truly for the work done as UNICEF ambassador for the fight against Polio, which as you know has had some rather encouraging achievements. For an entire year there has been no case of Polio reported in the country for the first time since the campaign began for the fight. That is fantastic for a country plagued with the disease for years. A gentle pat on the back if I may. There is more to come, and when it does I shall inform. Its for another cause that I have worked on individually. A most rewarding experience.

Meeting people does have its effect and it would be wrong for me to express that all that one does in life for issues other than for oneself can all come from sheer individual thought. It does not. Somewhere, a word a feeling expressed moves you, and you go ahead and do what you feel must be done. Do it and do it quietly, its the most rewarding experience. Trust me …

Love and more

Amitabh Bachchan

RGV smsed me to put up the poster or the first look of Department

Jalsa , Mumbai                                       Apr 4,  2012                                 Wed  11: 45 PM
RGV smsed me to put up the poster or the first look of ‘Department’ on my Twitter and Blog so there ..
I do feel awkward to promote my own work, for in the past there has been great resentment towards it, but … there it is, merely as an announcement and information rather than having direct coinage much like some of the prominent journalists do, to draw your attention to either a programme of theirs or an article that may have been written by them. Many a time they have requested me to mention this on my site as well, as have some other artists that have contributions to the medium. I would imagine that this has something to do with the number of followers that I now possess – close to 24 lakh, or in simple US and international unit standards, 2.4 million.
Ha ! ‘Millions’ people understand with greater urgency somehow, than they would ‘lakhs’. A ‘millionaire’ would garner greater attention in the region than say a ‘lakhpati’. Its the power of economy and finance. The dollar, yen or Euro would be better understood than say a Rupee. But may I stick my neck out and say that it shall not be too long before the tables would change in our favor. This is not a patriotic analysis or compulsion, it has its roots in the emerging scenario of the world, and for that I as an Indian feel most proud.
The grand daughter has a fancy for the singer Katy Perry. I hope I have the name correct. Yes just checked, it is right. She had performed along with several others at the opening of the IPL last night, and now Navya wants her autograph for she loves her. So efforts are on to make that happen !! I would probably get killed for this, but I had not heard of her till last night. The age difference is playing havoc ! In Hospital a friend gave me an entire collection of songs, some unprinted too, of the Beatles. Bet todays grandchildren would ‘snuff’ at that, but for us it was like possessing a Bible – sacred and pure and so full of all the worth in the world !! Those were the days my friend, when communication was zero, possessing a track was unheard of, getting an LP of their latest was like being the most important person in the Universe. It never was sold in the country, the lucky few that travelled abroad would come in with it. It almost always came in several months or even a year into the country. They had by then moved on to the next, while we still lived and enjoyed the present. Sitting at privileged friend’s places just to be able to listen in. Or visit the irresistible restaurants and clubs on Park Street in Kolkata, to hear the bands play their songs, and a few enterprising couples attempting to do the ‘shake’ on the dance floor ! What times … now, mere vacant memories. Some day I must write about those wonder days – of radio programmes ‘A date with you’ by Pamela I think from AIR, late in the night, of Elvis, Chuck Berry and ‘Lets twist again ..’, Pat Boone’s swooning vocals, Cliff Richards, who we now often see at Wimbledon in the stands, Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole and jazz albums of Zoot Sims … ahhh ..!! the list just goes on ..

The evening was spent at PVR theaters with Vidhu Vinod Chopra, who does a retrospective of his films and show cases ‘Eklavya’ … we sit with the audience after the film screening and debate and discuss the film and open it up to the audience to ask questions. Such a delight to be talking cinema without the words ‘kitna deti hai’ or how long it ran for how many weeks, or what its business was, whether it profiled itself in the 100 cr club or not … such a joy to be talking of what the director went through, of what the artists thought of before the shot or the writer and editor and set designer and music director thought of doing what they did with the film .. this concept needs encouragement, not just for students of cinema, but for the cinema going audiences as well … so educative and so necessary … !!

Alright it comes upon 1 am in the morning and Chelsea plays home to Benefica … must get back to the Tv … so good night .. Mumbai Indians beat last years champions Chennai Super Kings in the first IPL cricket .. so there is a smile, which we hope shall transfer itself into a laughter after the Chelsea win in a short time …
Amitabh Bachchan

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