Monday, April 16, 2012

I spent a day on the sets at Film City shooting for an ad

Jalsa , Mumbai                      Apr 15/16 , 2012              Sun/Mon  12 : 02 AM

I spent a day on the sets at Film City shooting for an ad., that had remained unfinished due to my illness. So despite the pain I went to complete it. All went well, and then a little better. The director of the ad., gave me a book to read which he felt I should. I casually opened a page and this is what came out :
The Three Thousand Realms _ 
It comes from the following calculation :
10 ( ten worlds ) x 10 ( ten worlds ) x 10 ( ten factors ) x 3 ( three realms )
Life at any moment manifests one of the Ten Worlds. Each of these worlds possesses the potential for all ten within itself ; this ‘mutual possession’represents a hundred possible worlds.
Each of these hundred worlds possesses ten factors, making one thousand factors or potentials, and these operate within the three realms, thus making three thousand realms.
Problems as we have seen, are not in themselves the fundamental cause of unhappiness. lack of power and wisdom to solve them is the real cause. Fortunately we all possess infinite power and wisdom ; and Buddhism shows us how to develop these qualities.
When in the depths of despair or grappling with a difficult problem, it may be hard to believe that our lives possess unlimited potential. But this is the essence of one of the profoundest Buddhist teachings, known as ” three thousand realms in a single moment of life “

This is a complicated learning and one that requires deep study. I am not equipped for this but perhaps some within the Ef are and if so, more needs to be expanded for its real meaning to erupt. If there be sufficient want one can make that effort I am certain.

While on set I learnt that ‘Zanzeer’ the II was being shot on an adjoining floor and that Charan the hero and its maker Apoorva Lakhia wanted to visit me. Charan is a very successful star in his own right in Telugu cinema, he is the son of superstar Chiranjeevi, a dear friend. I met them and wished them well. The producer is Prakash Mehra’s son Amit, named after me during my long association with Prakash ji during and after Zanzeer. The rights belong to Mehra and they have the right to make or remake what they like. I cannot have a say in it. I worked as an artist in the film and got my remuneration for it. Over ! Seeking my opinion would be incorrect. Whatever I say shall be developed into a huge media story and nothing else. What matters at the end would be what the film possessed in quality and intent and content. That is it. For this I can only give my very best wishes. I do hope they will make a successful film, and who knows 20 years from now they may want to remake another make of it. So where does that leave your reaction to this now !! Be content with the fact that it is a compliment to the film being remade – it was worthy of remaking when you had a hand in making the original. How many films do carry the benefit of a remake, is what needs to be appreciated also.

And yes today being Sunday I did have the great benefit of meeting my fans outside the gate at Jalsa. Got back from my shooting just in time …
The smiles on the faces is a cherished desire and a source of great fulfillment … that to me is accomplishment … to be one with them that smile with me ..
And ironically what ad., do I shoot for … Himami Fast relief from Pain .. !!!
The ever present fans and well wishers … and the riddle … do you spot Siddharth there among the crowd .. ???

My love for you … time to retire and use some of the products that I endorse … !!
Amitabh Bachchan

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