Monday, April 16, 2012

The bells on the clock strike past midnight, the phone on mobile

 Jalsa , Mumbai                      Apr  13/14 , 2012             Fri/ Sat  12 : 34 AM

The bells on the clock strike past midnight, the phone on mobile beckons through various messages the beginning of the New Year, in Bengalis, Assamese, Tamilians and in Kerala too … up in the North and in Punjab, Baisaki is celebrated with great abandon and cheer, and Renate asks me on twitter 'you do have so many new years in your calendar - the calendar of India' ….

Yes we do, and they are derived through a process of great science and calculation, which perhaps the Western world did not or has not been aware of or about. I have been given the possibility of doing a programme on just that and it is a fantastic journey among the knowledged and vibrant India that many within the country still are ignorant about. But standardizing such events by the elements of judgement by the West, has kept these scientific and other such information, diluted or non existent. Its respect though has always been one that has collectively sought appreciation from those that still have not fallen victims to the other side.

This attitude has many facets or manifestations. The superiority of the West has always dictated the terms and conditions. And if it has been an object of their colonial temperate, then even more so. Apart from just ruling other nations, there must have been various and several other reasons why ruling the land not of their origin became almost a pastime. There were benefits too – the construction of legality,  democratic systems like Parliamentary debate, policing, infrastructure building, training and preparing an Army and many more. Their influence remains till date. The strength of the medium they used was awesome. There was much that they did which was appreciated, but also much that they did which was destructive to the moral and social fibre of the country.

The westerner shall never perhaps get the correct pronunciation of Indian words and expressions, but would not hesitate to correct you in your attempts at miscuing or pronouncing their expressions and names correctly. They shall still say Sunil Ga vas ker, when it should be Gaa vaskar. I hear the commentary of the IPL cricket and the names being attempted by the western commentators, is at times laughable. Yet were you to pronounce their expressions and names incorrectly, they would not hesitate to correct it and you. It depicts the love and respect for the country they belong to and the philosophy it depicts. As a nation we are smitten by the west and how and what did they do to be in such exalted position. But the hinterland in this country of ours, is perhaps more rigid in its way of conduct than any other. Their devotion and regard for the nation is unbreakable and strong. Look at all those contestants that came from all the small town areas for KBC. Their resolve and strength to excel was beyond compare. Their genuineness, simplicity and will to succeed was far more vocal than any other. I would prefer that over the artificiality of the larger metros, where commerce and equity and balance sheets prevail more than the committed desire to work for the morals and the improvement of our social system.

Charity needs to be done not spoken about ! Many think the other. " They will never know what you did until you tell them, otherwise … so …" Its a different take on the subject, one that would perhaps have grave implications. But that has been the norm with many. In many respects though I do feel in today's time and date, it would perhaps be recommended to hold everything in camera and adjust edit or just put forward what they wanted to show us, or what we wanted to tell them. It is a freedom that we enjoy. Many others do not. Fair enough. But the moment you start to cast aspersions and dissect proceeds it robs it of its very original nature. And that above all else is what we should aim for  - the original nature.


Good night my dearest ones ..


Amitabh Bachchan

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