Monday, April 16, 2012

There are days when I often wonder whether it is a good thought to write whatever

 Jalsa , Mumbai             Apr 14/15 ,  2012             Sat/Sun  1 : 09 AM

There are days when I often wonder whether it is a good thought to write whatever I go through, or what transpires in my day … but then better sense prevails and we touch bottom. There would be many among not just you but also the hungry media that would be anxious to get something out of my Blog to flog. The flogging not from my Ef, but the media yes. They get it all free wrapped in the finest packaging material, without effort. And this dissuades me from giving too much detail. One innocent tweet about the visit to the doctor saw an entire fleet of vans from the media collecting outside Jalsa and worse, following me to the hospital – this not too far away from the media decision to keep away from Hospitals, to allow a sense of privacy to a suffering patient. In most Western medical models, it is forbidden under oath to release the nature of illness to even a member of the family without consent. Guess the media here has a lot to learn before it is brought into practice … a lot !!

They say your mystique is lost because of your communication so often into the cyber and into the space which hitherto had been reserved and confidential and private. And I say to them, at 70 do you really think anyone cares about your mystique !! Its done and over with. But without sharing it, now that we have built such a strong family, would be a grave injustice.

So I refrain. Refrain to avoid hurting sentiments, giving where it is not supposed to be given and sharing that which could have a universal approval than one that delves into a world that cemented in privacy. Some how, what appears on the news print seems to carry even in its limited circulation, at times, much more effect than say, a Twitter account that has 25 lakh or 2.5 million followers ! I cannot pin point what it is, but fact remains that the news paper has through the years and ages become a writing on stone ; one that can never be washed away. Its credibility its believing, its integrity gets appropriate attention and becomes a point of reference. So valuable is its contribution. Yes there shall be aberrations and faults, but who isn’t ? We all have short comings and defeats.

I may be in direct communication with that avid reader through the cyber space given to me, but in the end it is always that tried and tested formula that works.

I have often wondered why there is such a strong bond between the media and its allies and competitors. They never bring another media down. They never at times even mention the name of the other media conglomerate.  This is astounding and special at the same time. It must be said then that their code of conduct does indeed follow certain principles of the craft, and that is an unwritten promise that follows instructions from not just the speakers on the occasion, but among the people themselves that have been involved in the  treatment. This is a remarkable achievement. Humans are incapable of doing this at times. Not at times,  but not all the time either !!

The window shutters shook involuntarily in the morning hour and I was beginning to shout instructions to the people working on the terrace to stop this for a while, when it dawned that this was an earthquake, so I quickly tweeted the word for all to take care and precaution. They come now far too often and if this is the harbinger for things to come – say the end of the World in November 2012 – then it needs further attention.

End of the world in 2012 ?!! Wonder when it happens what it shall be like. A friend tweeted the best one on this -

” If the world is coming to an end by November 2012, just remind me, so I can stop dieting !!!! Really funny I thought.

Some medical procedures were done today in Hospital too on me, to check the condition of my stomach, but other than what was being revealed already there was nothing fresh to be done, though there are several matters that will need to be addressed. But, away from all the morbid descriptions and on to the night …

Sweet dreams, happy smiles and me ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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