Friday, May 20, 2011

More promotions and more interviews and more travel BigB

London , UK      May 19 , 2011   Thu  10 : 21 PM GMT
More promotions and more interviews and more travel in crowded London streets, where the traffic congestions are beginning to resemble the streets of our own Mumbai ! But all said and done it has been wonderful. It is wonderful to be knocked on the door by your grandson and to sit with him for breakfast. To chat about everything under the sun with him. To listen to their analysis of situations. To hear a mature controlled and chilled out kid. Such a joy when you spend quality time with the loved ones.
And then in the middle of all this, there is the wonderful Shekhar of the Vishal and Shekhar duo of music, wanting to share a song idea for ‘Bbuddah’. How time has changed the modes available for the practice of jobs that would perhaps never have been conceived before. Shekhar sends me a rough scratch for the song on email. I put him on mobile - he in Mumbai, I in London .. we listen together and then give suggestions and music inputs over the net ! And whoooah ! We have another hum drummer of a song in the making ! What is communication doing to us !!
Family breakfast over its off to media and after a few, its Chris Tarrant, the first host of ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ here in England, doing radio now and waiting to meet up with me. We had met almost 10 years ago on the sets of ‘Millionaire’ here at the Elstree Studios. I was brought here by Star Tv to have a look at the making of the show, which is where I first met Chris, himself apprehensive of what the show woud turn out to be. But look what it did with our careers. Ever grateful for this …
The Bachchan Bol facility has been widely talked about and widely diccussed. These are the first few days for the activation of the service and we hope as time goes by we shall be able to connect with friends and followers and fans and well wishers. Its gone off pretty well I think. WE do hope that those that are in London shall contribute to it graciously by punching in the following text : BBOL  85525 and listen in …
And now exhaustion of the highest order has taken over, after my return from the BBC tv facility, where I was on for the ‘the One Show’, I believe a most popular one. I must to bed because I travel again tomorrow morning very early and I do wish to get in my 40 winks before !!
Stay well and stay connected … love and more ….
Amitabh Bachchan

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