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Abhishek Bachchan's wedding to Aishwarya Rai is one of the biggest events in Bollywood this year, and the three-day shaadi is being celebrated in true filmi style. But while Abhishek's wedding is held on such a big scale, Amitabh's own wedding to Jaya Bhaduri, way back in 1973, was more low-key.Amitabh's father, the late poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan describes his son's wedding beautifully in his autobiography In The Afternoon Of Time. We present an excerpt from the book:Amitabh's two films, Namak Haram and Saudagar were both quite successful when they were released in February and March 1973, and his performance in them brought widespread praise. By the third week of May, Zanjeer had been proclaimed his first hit, and a week later, Amitabh gave us the news that he and Jaya were to marry.Image below: Amitabh Bachchan with his mother Teji The wedding, long foreseen, was set for June 3, 1973 and was to be kept secret, because with Amitabh's rising popularity, the crowds of admirers gathering round the house had been growing every day. The only guests to be invited from our side were the Rajans and the Gandhis.
Jaya's family decided not to hold the ceremony at their flat in Beach House but at a friend's place on the top floor of the Skylark building in Malabar Hills, where it could pass off unnoticed. We sent a telegram to Jagdish Rajan to 'come with your family immediately,' with no indication of the reason.Teji invited Mrs Gandhi by telephone: as was expected, she sent her felicitations but could not come herself (just as well -- her coming would have been the end of the secrecy); Sanjay would represent the family.Jaya's parents wanted the marriage to be conducted in the Bengali manner, to which we had no objection. The first stage was the var-puja, the veneration of the groom, which involved Jaya's father coming to Mangal (Amitabh's residence) with gifts and conducting a small ceremony; I then reciprocated by doing the same for the bride at Beach House.I noticed something quite unexpected at Beach House: nobody in the family, apart from Jaya, showed even the slightest trace of pleasure.The barat was to consist of the groom himself and the three of us, the five Rajans and a party of five baratis: Sanjay Gandhi, Bhagvati Charan Verma, Narendra Sharma, Krishna Kishor Srivastava and Dr Dharmvir Bharati.Image below: Harivanshrai and Teji Bachchan with their sons Amitabh and Ajitabh, their wives Jaya and Ramola, grandchildren Abhishek, Bhim, Naina, Namrata, Nilima and Shweta, and relative Abhijit Ranjan
That evening, Teji and Jagdish Rajan's wife Indira anointed Amitabh with a turmeric preparation in a ceremony that would normally be accompanied by much singing and festive tumult, but here had to be done in a hushed quiet. The joy that was so confined by this constriction spilled out in a tingling of the spine and a tearful glimmering of the eye, especially in Teji's case. Amit looked so splendid that his mother prayed to Hanuman to protect him from the evil eye. Before fixing the bridgroom's veil of flowers, I said, my voice thick with emotion, that anyone wanting to see his face should have a good look now.Then it was time to go out to the three cars that were standing at the ready. When the neighbours asked what the long decorative strings of light bulbs signified, we explained that Amitabh would be shooting a film here the next night. Nobody had an inkling that a wedding was under way, and the three cars driving off were assumed to be part of the film rehearsals.The barat was welcomed without fanfare in front of the Skylark building; a few people gathered to watch, but there were no crowds. We went up in the lift, Jaya was in her bridal adornment, and for the first time, I saw a bashful shyness on her face and realised what a particular aspect of beauty it is. She was enough of an actress to be able to simulate shyness, but what I saw now was very natural and real.A Bengali pandit conducted the marriage, whose ceremonial went on late into the night. The five baratis had dinner and set off home, leaving just the family members to eat alone later when the proceedings were completed. Then we too took our leave.Before we left, I embraced the father of my new daughter-in-law and congratulated him on getting a son-in-law like Amit, expecting him to say the same in respect of Jaya.

Amitabh Bachchan Family Photos

Amitabh Bachchan Family Photos

Teji Bachchan – Mother Harivansh Rai “Bachchan” Shrivastav 

Harivansh Rai “Bachchan” Shrivastav (November 27, 1907– January 18, 2003) was a distinguished Hindi poet of Chhayavaad literary movement (romantic upsurge) of early 20th century Hindi literature. He was also a famous poet of Hindi Kavi Sammelan. He is best known for his early work Madhushala.
Teji Bachchan (12 August 1914 – 21 December 2007) was social activist who became a confidant of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi;

Its past midnight right now .. its the 3rd of June .. and its our Anniversary .. 38 years since 1973

Jalsa , Mumbai     June 2/3, 2011    Thu/Fri  12 : 08 AM
Its past midnight right now .. its the 3rd of June .. and its our Anniversary .. 38 years since 1973 … !! Still remember the speed with which everything happened on that day. It was a quick decision. Marriages generally are. And before long I was heading across to a common friend’s place with my family for a simple Bengali wedding ceremony. Not many people at all. Just family and a couple of personal friends. There was a gentle quiver in the skies and a few drops of rain fell just before setting off. Some of the neighbors exclaimed that it was a good omen - the Gods send their greetings they said - and we were off ! And before long off on a plane to London, for the very first time. In fact for me and for Jaya too, the very first time out of the country - minus my short visit to Nepal in the mid 50’s.
It is a wonder, that many now feel stupid about, but landing in London and driving through it was like walking through a picture post card - one that had remained with us ever since we became conscious of the world. The people, the roads, traffic, monuments, important destinations all seemed so awe inspiring and belonging to some fantasy. A fantasy that I am certain all of us have visualized at some point or the other.
I remember being invited by Rajesh Khanna and his wife Dimple, also recently married to the Hotel they were staying in for dinner and a celebration, and some of us, so taken up by the city, going out to the balcony of his suite and playing L O N D O N … LONDON !! A very innovative little game that we had all played when we were kids ! When you think back on it now it all seems so silly .. but there are many aspects of ones life which do indeed look silly when you look back upon them ….
I notice and read many comments that show anxiety on the promotion of the film. Whereas I admire the concern and am sympathetic to your fears, there is a promotional activity that progresses well. Large banners, looking ominous are up all over the city. Full page ads., adorned the Times Group and the Hindi prominent group papers all over the country a couple of days ago .. and the systematic press is going on. Remember one thing. Most of the comments coming are from overseas markets. You must know that Viacom 18, is  Paramount Pictures tie up Company. They will treat and release this film in the US and UK markets according to their understanding and exhibition sense. As it is the number of prints for the film have been substantially increased abroad because of the strengths of Paramount. Then … some expressed fears of the ‘Transformers’ ! The film is also a Viacom 18 film. They will not kill their own product. But for one that has simply no knowledge of how and why these systems work, it is best left to the guile and accumen of those that know their job. Sometimes it is best to keep things level and allow the merits of the film to carry it forward. If it has the merit, it shall be patronized even without any marketing. If it does not have it, no amount of publicity and marketing will pull it through. And recently there have been umpteen examples of some rather prominent projects failing despite all the hoopla and hype ! By the grace of the Almighty, the initial reactions to the opener and the trailer have been extremely well received. The one factor that has come through has been a common reaction : ‘I want to see this film right now !”. I think it has been a good omen and feel. We need to respect that and build on it gradually. But as I said, in the end its the merit of the film that eventually counts, and there has never been a prediction in the world ever that has been able to predict the box office.
So … I bid you all good night !! The smell of the ‘mogra’ that has been so sweetly placed on the bedside by Jaya, is overpowering ! I will need to rest early for an early day tomorrow !
My love as ever …
Amitabh Bachchan

Finished the Tv series The Kenneddy’s’ and I cannot tell you how desperately I did not want it to end

Jalsa , Mumbai   June  1 ,  2011     Wed  11 : 40 PM
Finished the Tv series ‘The Kenneddy’s’ and I cannot tell you how desperately I did not want it to end. There is something about this name and family that has a mesmerizing effect on all. At least me for sure. The magnitude of their ambition, the dogged pursuit of the patriarch Joe Kennedy in always wanting to come out a winner, on top and undefeated, is material for legendary articulation. The strength exuded by each member in accomplishing what they had set themselves out to be, the confidence of achieving it and the hidden unspoken will of those that took the decisions, is simply remarkable. It all seems as though it had been ordained. A mystic reverberation in a world that still struggles to counter its natural and human tendencies. The family seemed to be running on a platform elevated from the others, just to be able to accomodate their pre conceived self imposed conditions for their existence ! For each member to be continuously conscious of position and event and possible repercussion, it is incredible how they were able to even lead themselves into normalcy. Is it any wonder that ‘Camelot’ was inscribed in all their wonders - an association of glittering romance and optimism.
Many families the world over have lived and existed in such high profile. Have shifted power and governance within themselves through generations. In business and politics and entertainment, indeed in many walks of life. Born encouraged and guided in their pursuit for eminence and power, they live exalted life, pressured and envied, ridiculed and hated. When you fail in your own achievement, you begin to castrate the achievement of others. There is an evil glee in deriding the other, of finding continuous fault, of expressing a warped sense of joy at their failure. This is their ultimate fulfillment and their only achievement. What a life to live ! Waiting patiently and expectantly for the left overs to appear, the crumbs of wasted morsel, to ultimately prevent them from groveling for their undesired thirst ! If wretchedness could be given its highest definition, this would be it.
But let not the mind and body suffer such indifferent, callous and undesired element. Walk on ! When we stop we allow our feet to be festered with the wounds that these ‘other’ carry. They shall eventually perish - one generally does when one is dependent only on the action of another. But what a life ! Dependency on another, whose extent of existence will not be demarcated by the other but by the principal. Ahhh ! Begone ye, that show patient longing for event or matter, for, that is their bread and butter and the extension of their life. Never ever to be in position of their own. Never ever to write their own scripts and screenplays. Never. But to be searching and scrounging the left overs, so they could assemble a meal !
I retire now, exhausted with the turn of my own effort and work. And a pity for those that have no work of their own, but wait by the door patiently for subject to appear so they may have the facility to cook a gentle meal for themselves …
Good night !!!
Amitabh Bachchan

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