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Amitabh Bachchan upset over Aishwarya Rai’s birthday rumour

Amitabh Bachchan upset over Aishwarya Rai’s birthday rumour

Amitabh Bachchan is upset and has lashed out a certain section of media on his blog for creating rumours of how Aishwarya planned to celebrate her birthday on 1st November.
Reportedly, media had already speculated Aishwarya’s birthday plans prior to her birthday. There were false reports regarding the gifts and the way she will celebrate her birthday.
Amitabh Bachchan also spoke about media’s intrusion at Aishwarya’s god bharai and the hue and cry that they are creating regarding Bachchan bahu’s pregnancy date. Big B wrote on his blog, “On the day of the ‘godh bharai’, they were pushing sneakily their equipment between the cracks in the doorway to the house to get that desired picture or any picture. When controlled by security, they spat on them. Yes they actually spit on the security.”
According to the latest buzz Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is all set to deliver on 11/11/11.

Vidya Balan and Amitabh Bachchan go 'Ooh La La' on KBC

 Vidya Balan and Amitabh Bachchan go 'Ooh La La' on KBC

By ApunKaChoice

More and more stars are coming on Kaun Banega Crorepati to promote their films, and the latest to join the bandwagon is The Dirty Picture hottie Vidya Balan. The actress shot for a special episode with Amitabh Bachchan on Monday. 

And guess what she wore for the show, the same red sari from the raunchy song ‘Ooh La La’. Vidya is a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan and was eager to be part of the show. She joined Big B on the hot seat and played Panchkoti Mahamani Kaun Banega Crorepati. 

Vidya Balan asked Big B, “Thoda Ooh la la karne ka mann kar raha hai,” and an amused Amitabh obliged. Then both the stars reportedly did a live jig in front of the audience. 

Amitabh even tweeted about shooting with Vidya, “And the lovely and talented Vidya Balan on the hot seat as well ..!!” 

Vidya and Amitabh share a very warm relationship ever since they worked in Amitabh’s film Paa. In the movie Vidya played his mother. The Dirty Picture special episode of KBC with Vidya will air on November 10.

If the desire to write is not accompanied by actual writing then the desire is not to write

Jalsa  , Mumbai              Nov  2,  2011        Wed  11 : 56 PM
 ” If the desire to write is not accompanied by actual writing then the desire is not to write”
 And so I write .. but in limitation, in the need to communicate, in lateness of the night and in joy ! The joy of the victory of those that strive and struggle in life without warning, expectation and hope. But they collect it along the route and when the road comes to an end, they find themselves lost in thought in word and in deed. Somewhat like the winner tonight of the maximum 5 cr at KBC .. an episode that I believe was watched by an entire nation in belief raptures and feeling. Feeling for those that can live the way they do and never ever to think of living again like so.
What do these individuals dwell with in their minds and shells of the body ? Meagre they were and would have been in all respects of life had they not been given opportunity. But having got it, to not allow it to disappoint them, is the marvel of our lives.
To know and yet not, is quite a phenomenal state to be in. But to still bear the anxiety despite the known outcome is exceptional. That to me is the true value of success, of representation and of the merit of the situation.
Tonight despite the results being played out somewhat deliberately on the final of KBC, it was an amazing experience to be a part of history and an honor to help create it. The human spirit of defying achievement with the strength of conviction and learning needs a longer debate and research, but of this I am certain, that the perseverance of simplicity in the shadow of great knowledge can never fail to bring result.
It did tonight and shall I hope continue to bring in the years and centuries to come. This is the truth, the exactitude, the preservation of it and the modality of its example. You fail in words when need is needed to elaborate such discussion, but were it not to be, it would be an unfortunate incidence.
Yes I do go out to the street at times. Yes I do value those that do and why. And yes it is never going to be an experience which should put me in surprise. I am from birth in its environ. But just because I shield myself from the servings of my profession, does not mean that I shall be incapable of it. In fact I shall be more. I am there and I am what I am, it is the other that needs to shift and place and adjust. He or she is making the difference, the change in their disposition and their view of what transpires. Why would it bother me at all. Bother shall bother those that shall bother ..

I am so full of the moment of KBC … I am devoid of emotion and what transpired as has been the case I am certain, of those that viewed it. It was not the value of the money that was won, but the value of the moment .. that shall always remain indescribable !!

Good night and may you all be ever blessed with happiness ..
Amitabh Bachchan

Greetings to all from the sets of KBC my love and warmth and more for all BigB

Jalsa , Mumbai      Nov  1,  2011   Wed  12:00 midnight
Greetings to all from the sets of KBC .. my love and warmth and more for all …
Yes it is late again and I am desperately trying to complete all that needs to be said for the night before turning in. There is not much, but much enough… really such a word or expression ? Ahgrhh who cares … so long as it is understood by those that need to understand it … you my dearest Ef ..
The entire day and the afternoon has been spent in laughing among ourselves and ROTF on the ridiculous coverage time and attention being given in the electronic media on the birthday of Aishwarya … al of which is completely and entirely made up !!! How the celebrations are on, what gifts we are giving Aishwarya, who the guests are, what they are to be wearing and on… when truth is that nothing of the sort is happening here at home, or any truth in what is being spread about the gifts and the occasion ..
This is sheer desperation – a desire to brush up their screenplay skills, of how to design stories to fill in as it were the hours of time required to be filled in for the channel. Digital facilities have given expanse to no limit of time and usage of film material. It is there by the millions and when over, deleted and started all over again. The still cameras are no less. Invading every possible breach to get something to sell off to the print and the net … and with attitude ! There’s is the loudest noise at functions, they live in the world that the function has been conducted for only them. They shall be right up your nose, block guests from seeing anything and if you dare to move them are the first to raise voice and presence by their authority of importance. It needs a strong will to control them. Not that this is not possible, it is. We conducted our Hanuman Chalisa release with absolute control. They stayed at their designated area and in disciplined manner were able to get what they wanted ..
But … when their desperation goes beyond the boundary of decency, they shall exercise might and behavior. On the day of the ‘godh bharai’, they were pushing sneakily their equipment between the cracks in the doorway to the house to get that desired picture or any picture. When controlled by security, they spat on them. Yes they actually spit on the security. The restraint shown by those affected by this indecency, was exemplary .. else …
I share a long history with them. During the press ban at the time of Emergency, falsely blamed on to me accusingly, they would put all their cameras down as a show of protest. A few weeks later they came and apologized for the error in their behavior. It was more a commercial decision than any other. Not giving the print media, hungry for popular selling pictures, the material they needed, resulted in them losing jobs and not making the kind of money they usually did.
In the end it is all about the commerce, ladies and gentlemen … all …
If you do not sell, no one looks at you twice. No stories are written for you, no directors of merit wish to work with you and the important leading ladies all shy away, because the commerce with the actor recruited for the film does not have a selling value.
Then, when the looking is bright and prosperous, they all flock back, their attitude smelling of an ‘aberration’  which they voice to overcome the guilt of the earlier days. Such marvelous stories to tell in this regard. They will make you cry with disbelief …
And then as you age and become less important in any factor of the film, the distance, the relegation to the last row, the priorities of change, irrelevant almost to the point of rudeness, creeps back in …
I must spend sometime one of these days in reliving those moments .. remind me someone will you please .. fascinating lessons of life enveloped in all that transpires ..

Good night .. and love, in equal proportion to all ..
Amitabh Bachchan

This has to stop. These nondescript etchings on the post

Jalsa , Mumbai               Nov  1, 2011           Tue  3 : 51 PM
 This has to stop. These nondescript etchings on the post. Meaningless, abrasive and without soul. If there is no time to be devoted to it in some concentration, then there is need to be away from it rather than commit.
And so … much against everyone that objects to this deliberation … my apologies again for the indifference on my writing and the utter neglect of ethics for last night’s post. This must stop and soon, which is why I come back guilt written all over me.
The compulsion that I have in connecting should never be burdened by inconsistencies. And if I am delivering these without any consideration, then they must be held to attention this very moment. So .. where were we !!??? Yes .. yes .. the night last was long and tedious – it always is when KBC extends. It is as you may have gathered a spontaneous representation on Tv, other than of course the rules and regulations of the money tree and the life lines that are a mandatory faction of this amazing show. And when we have the excitement of another 1 crore Crorepati and that too from Bihar, one of the most backward states, it needs time to settle down to and absorb the reality of all that KBC has brought to us and to those that benefit from it.
The need to finish early was of course the need to be with the family to bring in Aishwarya’s birthday. Today the  1 st of November she celebrates another year and bringing it in with just us in the house, modestly yet most aesthetically dressed up by Jaya for the moment, was most blissful, warm and endearing. Shanouk was the most in in his mobility, never for a moment wanting to be left out of any of the greetings that were falling in. Every time a member of the family embrace or hug each other, he thinks it is essential that he contribute to the moment by gleefully lunging upon us his 6’4″ frame in celebration and soon after, to find the coziest couch and cushion nearby and snore off … he ages faster than we would like him to ..

Music … ahh … music .. whatever would we do without it … the sentinel of all that bestows upon us with rhythm, the invisible thread that binds us all in unison of sound. That travels far from us and within us to regions of unknown value and emotion. Never failing in delivering that one strong matter which remains with us for time and times … I must be with it more. It provokes, builds, lifts us from the depths of ordinariness to angelic horizons ..
Were I to educate with it .. the ultimate desires of the unknown .. I must I must I must … give in to it ..
Someday … !!
Good day ! to be with you again by eve ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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