Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This has to stop. These nondescript etchings on the post

Jalsa , Mumbai               Nov  1, 2011           Tue  3 : 51 PM
 This has to stop. These nondescript etchings on the post. Meaningless, abrasive and without soul. If there is no time to be devoted to it in some concentration, then there is need to be away from it rather than commit.
And so … much against everyone that objects to this deliberation … my apologies again for the indifference on my writing and the utter neglect of ethics for last night’s post. This must stop and soon, which is why I come back guilt written all over me.
The compulsion that I have in connecting should never be burdened by inconsistencies. And if I am delivering these without any consideration, then they must be held to attention this very moment. So .. where were we !!??? Yes .. yes .. the night last was long and tedious – it always is when KBC extends. It is as you may have gathered a spontaneous representation on Tv, other than of course the rules and regulations of the money tree and the life lines that are a mandatory faction of this amazing show. And when we have the excitement of another 1 crore Crorepati and that too from Bihar, one of the most backward states, it needs time to settle down to and absorb the reality of all that KBC has brought to us and to those that benefit from it.
The need to finish early was of course the need to be with the family to bring in Aishwarya’s birthday. Today the  1 st of November she celebrates another year and bringing it in with just us in the house, modestly yet most aesthetically dressed up by Jaya for the moment, was most blissful, warm and endearing. Shanouk was the most in in his mobility, never for a moment wanting to be left out of any of the greetings that were falling in. Every time a member of the family embrace or hug each other, he thinks it is essential that he contribute to the moment by gleefully lunging upon us his 6’4″ frame in celebration and soon after, to find the coziest couch and cushion nearby and snore off … he ages faster than we would like him to ..

Music … ahh … music .. whatever would we do without it … the sentinel of all that bestows upon us with rhythm, the invisible thread that binds us all in unison of sound. That travels far from us and within us to regions of unknown value and emotion. Never failing in delivering that one strong matter which remains with us for time and times … I must be with it more. It provokes, builds, lifts us from the depths of ordinariness to angelic horizons ..
Were I to educate with it .. the ultimate desires of the unknown .. I must I must I must … give in to it ..
Someday … !!
Good day ! to be with you again by eve ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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