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Amitabh Bachchan receives Dadasaheb Phalke Academy award

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar wife Saira Bano, veteran actors Tanuja and Vinod Khanna and others have received Dadasaheb Phalke Academy awards.

Bahchchan got the Phalke Ratna award, while Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar got Saraswatibai Phalke award, at a ceremony held here last night.

Veteran actors Tanuja and Vinod Khanna were handed over Legendary actor award in male and female category, respectively, Waheeda Rehman received Phalke Icon Cine Artiste award.

Ram Gopal Gupta was given Phalke Senior Most Producer award, Gurudas Maan got Phalke Versatile Singer award and Neila Devi received Phalke Golden Era award (Shammi Kapoor's wife).

Among the young lot of actors - Vidya Balan got Phalke Memorable Performance award (The Dirty Picture), Ajay Devgan got Outstanding Performance award (Singham), Parineeti Chopra and Pakistani singer-turned-actor Ali Zafar received Phalke New Talent award in male and female category, Farhan Akhtar was handed over Best Commercial Film (Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara), Prakash Raj got Phalke Versatile Cine Star. Ekta Kapoor was given Phalke Icon Producer award - Film & Television.

Besides the awards, Big B unveiled a wax statue of Dadasaheb Phalke, the Hindi film pioneer who directed India`s first full-length feature, 'Raja Harishchandra' in 1913.

Dadasaheb Phalke Academy awards are being held in the name of father of Indian cinema Dadasaheb Phalke. This award is different from the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke award instituted by the Government of India.

On the occasion most senior members of various craft of film production sector, producer, distributor, exhibitor and others were honoured by being presented trophies for their outstanding services to the film Industry.

In the Television segment, Ram Kapoor got Best Actor Television (Bade Achhe Lagte Hain) and Saakshi Tanvar received Best Television Actress (Bade Achhe Lagte Hain).

The award ceremony held at Tulip Star in suburban Mumbai was attended by Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar, Saira Banu, Kajol, Tanisha, Subhash Ghai, Raveena Tandon, Rohit Shetty, Ali Zafar and others.

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Dada Saheb Phalke the founder of Cinema in India a hundred years ago BigB

Jalsa , Mumbai                   May 3/4 , 2012                        Thu/Fri  1 : 09 AM

And the routine starts .. out of the homes and into the morning traffic … delays at flyovers ironic … for they were built to ease it … through freshly made steaming hot sky scrappers … through the lanes of the poor … into the haven of work … some music as you paint your face .. the make up taking all precaution to cover up the glitches and ‘glutches’ … the team of crew, a hundred at least of them, pushing arranging holding measuring and giving instruction … for just a 30 seconder of film and artist … and there are 5 of them that need to be completed … they do get there …

And above, the stills from the shoot … some animated and posed, others in to the obey of orders. The simpler the seeming work, the harder its execution. But it gets done with time to spare … to drive home, to change again and to put face at function from the Industry in honor of Dada Saheb Phalke the founder of Cinema in India a hundred years ago, today the 3rd of May.

It was the ‘Sholay’ of chaos !! A few pictures in my possession which I could share tomorrow perhaps, shall give an able idea. But the high as always, the meeting with Dilip Saheb, Dilip Kumar, Yusuf Khan ! It is tough to see a frail idol admired by millions and my favorite, struggle to move and to recognize familiar faces. Though he always does and has recognized mine. But as always even in his frail health, the charm and grace never ending. Credit really to Saira ji who has looked after him so well and still does, with great care and devotion.

Dilip Saheb – a colossus ! Once and forever !
Enjoy … off to be with my vivid dreams ..
My love to all …
Amitabh Bachchan

I am late, for a most important date

Jalsa , Mumbai                       May 2/3 ,  2012                    Wed/Thu  1 : 04 AM

I am late, I am late, for a most important date ..

Rings a bell somewhere as being part of a popular song either from film or stage ! But … once you start to create music time is forgotten and so your bearings. Its a song for the film ‘Bol Bachchan’ directed by Rohit Shetty, which has Ajay Devgn and Abhishek in it .. so there ! We shoot for it also in a few days time. Goodness ! Always a frightening prospect to do a song and dance routine .. so yes I know it is way past my bed time, but …

Meeting individuals who have achieved greatness through hard work and perseverance, yet remaining simple and unassuming, is an indulgence that fills you with a vacuum. You have done nothing in comparison, yet temperaments when compared, fail you and applaud the other. I have been unable to understand how they do it. Not the humble, but the other not so humble who profess achievement and success. A realistic yardstick for the achiever would be, I am certain, an entire universe of humility. But the haughty and the braggart often get away with it. Perhaps momentarily, never in permanence. One would have to be a special sooth sayer to be in a condition where all that you scream and shout about, virtually comes true.

But really the question that disturbs me is the manner in which it gets executed, believed and practiced. Is there no fear of failure and rejection ? No fear of having commented bravely of achievement and then it not coming ? I would never feel comfortable doing that. Perhaps in my moments of solitude, I could have placed determination within, by reassuring myself that it can and will be done. But to make a public display of it even in jest, would be unimaginable for me. Better to profess ignorance, than be proved later of it. You were ignorant before, so nothing changed – you merely lived up to your condition. But if the profess had been diminishing and you achieved more and beyond it, the shadow of cynical sarcasm would never appear ! I like this situation. It is calm and reverent !!

So when recognition comes our way in the form of reward and acknowledgment, I find it at times a process which can be quite futile, for, we had never thought of being able to reach a goal, in the first place. I find it most awkward to face praise and laudatory public rendering. It comes to be an embarrassment for me. How can one sit in close proximity of public discourse, when the public is, through others, being rammed into with a spate of your own value and greatness. That is one reason you did not find me too responsive when people did something for me. I like it that they do. I consider their devotion by spending hours and hours of their valuable time over me. But, how does one respond and react to it. That is something I have never learnt and shall, never want to. If the situation comes naturally to me, I shall comply. If not it shall best be avoided … in the most pleasant of circumstances.

There is no need to comment on my state at the present. Many feel later that they need to worry about my condition, to cajole me to come out of it and not harm myself. But why would I do that ? Does anyone really have those special powers to be able to pull out the misery of another. Support and consideration yes from the other. But I doubt if there would be anything beyond …

In the end it is your pain, your grief, your happiness and your achievement, that you deal with alone. There shall be sympathy and empathy both .. but beyond a point worthless. Beyond that point is and are, your own thoughts and capabilities that shall ever matter.

I may sound confused and difficult to understand today … may be I am. But the reality shall be mine. The provocation and the need to say this shall always be mine and mine alone ..

My love and much more …

Amitabh Bachchan

Somehow your mantra Follow Learn Obey Practice becomes an industry acronym

Jalsa , Mumbai               May 1,  2012                Tue  11 34 PM

Andy says:
May 1, 2012 at 1:19 am 
Somehow your mantra Follow Learn Obey Practice becomes an industry acronym -F L O P !! and that is what has been happening to it in not just Mumbai but entire India….Virtue of Discipline is lost right at the childhood now since the new-age parents trying t o juggle their lives in modern india themselves do not follow any discipline may be…F L O P is a flop in schools and education instituties as well as teachers and guradians are shying away from disciplining themselves ..and its further a massive flop in Corporations whose supposed to be capable managers and directors are lossning the fiscal, ethical and moral discipline themselves…and going ahead-its a flop at political level for the entire country as Political Parties and their so called leaders are not even considering discipline of thought,action and effects at all and who in fact are epitome of non-discipline themselves…So is the case with Media and Govt agencies be it state, local or central!!….India achived freedom with a disciplined approach and now its losing its shine, value and respectability across the globe following non-disciplined mindset that has pervaded from top to bottom…Only few of the emlightened ones like you are aware of what kind of downfall society may go towards due to this and we thank you for your caution…Hopefully your F.L.OP. mantra becomes a H I T across nation sooner than later–With kind remembrance…Andy

I never did realize that my last words of yesterday would turn out to be the topic of Andy’s observation. And how beautifully it has been done. So salutations for this effort Andy, and I put this up on my post because in case someone missed it, they would be able to catch it here ..
I surmise my day/days through pictures today :

The press conference for ‘Department’ , its launch for the promotions and an opportunity for the media to ask questions that most of the time dwell on the topic of the film, but also the odd one which has been answered in similar manner for the past 30 years .. the dressing of the conference was done in the aroma of the film .. to arrange an atmosphere that exists in the film and then for the talent to appear in costume and behave like the character too .. take away by the media on the conference ? that which had no consequence to the film at all .. other than this, nothing was printed or reported about in all forms of the media. Ha !
Madhu Trehan sister to Aroon Puri, owner of India Today and Headlines Today and more, and one ( Madhu Trehan ) who started in a pioneering effort the concept of video interviews and programming through the early years, now has a site that interviews the journalists and puts them in some hard hitting moments … really brave of her, and really done in a most accomplished manner. I should find the site details and put it up next time .. the one with Barkha Dutt was quite interesting !!

On stage at the press conference, partially dressed as the character, smile on face at some of the media … always safe to do so .. not much is written when you have a smile .. but get a moment of solitude and thinking and the breaking news would have been projected as some grim story with ample ‘mirch masala’ added to it ..

The Sunday well wishers ! Always there and always in numbers, showing enthusiasm and love .. filled at times with members of the Blog .. so loving and sincere … my eternal gratefulness !!

They push the security guards and I caution the front liners of getting hurt and crushed .. women and children always have a tough time .. must do a segregation of the sexes for some equality !!!

Elephant crossing ! And crossing the wrong way ! Just when I wrote about traffic norms and the way the rules are flouted .. auspicious for some to sight one in the middle of the street .. but this one seems to be heading for the beach to give joy rides to the Sunday visitors …

Cat !! Bewildered at the goings on in the front of the house !! Elephants notwithstanding …

A change in attire for this Sunday .. enough of white shawls and salwars and kurta .. symbolized by many when they see you thus as – ” are you not well sir ? ”

Sincere Blog Ef .. now do not tell me it was difficult to spot him this time .. just follow my right hand to the tip of my fingers .. and there he is !!

Pensive, elegant, persuasive look for the Just Dial ad., shoot .. errrmmm .. nothing really more to say on this … so .. ya .. Good night !!
Love you all …
Amitabh Bachchan

We have two eyes, but we see one. Two nostrils but smell one. Two ears and listen one

Jalsa , Mumbai                 Apr  30 , 2012                          Mon  10 : 47 PM

The more I come to learn of the medical profession, the intricacies of the body, its behavior, the way it is constructed and operates, the more I begin to believe that those that have opportunity to study this phenomena and attend to it, to mend and repair, to give it new life … are in no way less than the creator ! We just function. They know why and how it functions. We use it because … well … we use it. But the medics know how it needs to be used, or to correct misuse. The intricacies of our system manufactured by nature, are so complicated that is it any wonder, that the birth of religion and prayer and the superior force took place ! It will be beyond imagination for a normal individual to fathom how what we consider to be normal functioning, actually functions. And how did the creator, or nature ever think up of this complicated machinery called the human. We shall never be able to find out. Nor shall we ever be able to completely know how the rest of nature functions and why.

We have two eyes, but we see one. Two nostrils but smell one. Two ears and listen one.


Being for too long in a profession has its miseries too. 43 years for me in this wonderful world, but each generation of the media needs answers to the same questions that they have been asking for the past 40 years. And each generation of media shall put it out as their amazing scoop of the moment, when indeed it has the leanings of being stale and rusted. Truth does not need to to be remembered – said once it stays said, unchanged. Its the lie that shall always have a problem.


The skyline of Mumbai changes rapidly. Modern urban construction sprouts its lofty head at every corner – modern, styled and remarkable in its concept. It may not be Shanghai, as predicted by many optimistically, but shall have always a rhyming resemblance – Mumbai ! What use would it be to build a contemporary sophisticated city, when the sense of civics is unattended to. Architectural beauty is a recognized science, but how does one train those that inhabit it to keep it so. We may manufacture the most modern automobiles and bring in the best from other lands to set in, but who and how do we train the traffic to run on a system. Who and how is the person walking up on the wrong side of a road with a mobile stuck to his neck, be told that they could get hit and suffer injury and that it is wrong to be doing what they are doing. Or that the plastic bag that you shall discard on the street without care of seeing it find a home in the waste, shall build pollution. The system must be entrusted with it. They have the power to do it. Yes, there are individual very laudable efforts too. Few and far. Talk about this on public platforms and be sure to receive cynical and laughable reactions. It requires mass reaction and involvement. Discipline is discipline. There can be no alternatives to it.

Follow, learn, obey, practice …

Amitabh Bachchan

That brings joy and gratitude among all that they possess

Jalsa , Mumbai                   Apr  29 ,  2012                       Sun 11 : 13 PM


In the quiet of the night, after a day which brings you close but not close enough. That holds and embraces you with warmth, yet distances itself away from you. That listens and admires, suggests and insists. That appreciates with a kindness that is giving rather than taking. That brings joy and gratitude among all that they possess.

Such are the ones that make a day, an evening a night.

There are others too. Those that labor for a sighting at open doors and crowded hands. Who scream affection to elevated persona, who acknowledges and smiles and recognizes, but for the shortest time as ever. For, there is danger of crush and children and mothers. Those who despite warnings push through. They are large in density, and deep .. perhaps an indicator of recent likable events. Of Guns and Roses and wrong deeds. Of chasing the wrong shadow, and deliberations of planting trees where trees do not grow. Of time taken and time destroyed. Takes time to rid oneself of guilt and falsehood … but quieting the mind and the tongue, for systematic take overs to pass. Better this way.

When we scream and shout at whatever, we do so to those with shut ears. Opinion formed, isolation reached and the tar of the road that blackens the drive, strangely deposited, shall ever remain without destruction. Bearing and forbearance may differ in vocabulary dictum, but one, in standing together ; albeit in somewhat dismissive strain.


I am so I am. Far too many riddles in surroundings such as these, are not really the ultimate outcome that we desire. They are said yet unsaid – a state I wish to be in ! And dwell and suffer and prosper in my own hemisphere – a hemisphere devoid of any attachments …

There is posterity to acknowledge and the gone past, to be remembered. If I do not do it no one else shall. A disgrace that one would never like to attain or discard. Discard … yes. If there is little or no meaningful interest, it should be returned, or not given personal attention. A godly approach from the devil incarnate.


Ooooohhhhhh !! I shudder at my own sleeplessness. The body revolts as it were, desiring , moksh, salvation. There shall be quick redress to that which brought in the very bold uttering … but will there be time ?

Good night and may God, Allah and many other religions share their blessings to all and bring joy and honor ..

I shall remain, sound and mysterious …

Amitabh Bachchan

It was never like this in our time .. ok .. like earlier days

Jalsa , Mumbai         Apr  28 ,  2012                   Sat  11 : 17 PM

At the studios these days, the largest space is taken up by the vanity vans for artists, talent, directors, writers .. It was never like this in our time .. ok .. like earlier days ! There were make up rooms if you were important enough, sharing an office space with two others if you had just started off, and did your changing and make up in the production bus that transported the staff and crew .. At times for an all night shoot, you just dozed off on the floor of the set – getting a room was a luxury ! But Man Mohan Desai, the master, was different. He had a back problem and needed to lie down as he travelled to the sets, so he built himself a van where a bed could be placed and put up a television set inside, something that was unheard of, and wait … put a mirror at the back of the sleeping area, to watch the tv lying the wrong way round !! Why so ? Because he said the imagery is better when it reflects off a mirror !!! Its laterally inverted but so what he would say ! And then within a few days presented me with one. It was not what vanity vans are like today. It had a bed, a bathroom, and seating with a fold out table on one of them. I put in a pull out make up tray with mirror, to do my make up in there and desperately tried to fix a music system within. It took several pioneering efforts to be able to achieve that, but finally it all came around, and because I had a general license for it, I moved around the city in it. Gave me privacy. Gave me a bed to rest on for the hour long drives and a ready wash room ! Ecstasy and delight !! Ok … so lying on the bed during movement was somewhat arduous – at every bump or turn, you slid off to the floor. Nothing I could do about it. But the great innovator Mr Man Mohan Desai did have a solution. Seat belts that strapped him up as he lay !! At times it looked like contraptions used to pin down a violent patient in hospitals.

Talk of this in todays times may seem archaic, but, if I am not wrong, the whole concept of your seats turning into beds in first class flying machines of reputed airlines, and the tying up of seat belts as you lay, came much after Mr Desai thought of it !! Now of course most airline First Class have sophisticated contraptions for passenger comfort. Comfortable beds, personal HD Tv, music, your own little pantry with cooler full of drinks and … a door that cocoons you into your own little private room !! Some exclusive airlines in the USA, Regent Air, had planes of normal size, but carrying only 20-30 passengers. Particularly between New York and Los Angeles. The rest of the space was converted into slick lounges, an elegant bar and your own private room, to watch movies. I travelled on it a few times – and felt regal ! ha ha ! A stretch limo would pick you up from your residence and drive you straight through the tarmac to the door of the plane. And when you landed, it received you at the door and drove you to your destination, often a Hotel, where, as you stepped into your room, your luggage was already in and placed. After some years of service it stopped !! Most of the normal commercial airlines began giving all that these special flights were giving at almost half the cost.

The Concord was the next revolution ! Often described as the 'flying pencil', it flew at twice the speed of sound, was most cramped in seating, but before you could realize that your feet were in for a bout of 'cramps', you were on the other side of the Atlantic. Breakfast in London at 9 am and in New York the same time, for another breakfast. Cut the 6 hr flying time in half – 3 hrs !! All seats seating and rating was the same with just two sections. A forward and an aft ! The Captain would give printed certificates to kids that flew on it, as a souvenir. Shweta and Abhishek have one, from one of our trips to New York, when they were small.

There were so many questions and exciting queries about this aircraft and its speed, that it gave rise to many quips about the Concord. A lady passenger who was seated in the aft of the aircraft on one of its earlier flights, not happy with the air hostess serving their meals to the front rows first, in the upper section, summoned her and and grunted " You know ! I have paid the same amount of fare as that lady in front that you are serving. How come you do not serve me first ! " The hostess put on her most charming smile and retorted " Because the're moving faster lady !! "

But the best came from that master of the tongue, Mohammed Ali. He wondered if he were travelling on the highway in his car, and a Concord overtook him, would he be able to see it ! I believe they are still finding an appropriate answer to that one !!

But it was an amazing aircraft. Flew at 55, 000 feet and at Mach 2, twice the speed of sound, the sky at that height was the color purple and not blue, and you could see the curvature of the Earth. The drooped nose of the aircraft was a wonder development – gave the pilot a better view for landing and takeoffs, before straightening out in full flight to cut wind speed against it ! This super sonic baby was an attraction even to those that were conversant with almost every day flying. Landing on a normal flight into London or New York, the Captain of the flight would often come on the public address system and say : " Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to London Heathrow, or JFK International – Concorde taking off to your left ! "

Concord now of course out of service. The crash in Paris and costs, bringing it down. Most of its routes, indeed all of them, were over the Atlantic – whether to London, NYC, Washington DC, or Paris. I believe it did some routes to Rio de Janeiro as well. Why only over water, sea and oceans ? Because at Mach 2 speed it would have the capacity to break all the windows over land, with its sound – the historic 'sound barrier'. The first time an aircraft broke this barrier was a most important achievement. Huge disputes range as to who did it first. A German WW II pilot during the war, or an American in 1947. Whatever … it did not take away from the enormous 'boom' sound every time an aircraft broke the sound barrier. There are some reports that a Britisher first designed an aircraft that would achieve this feat, shared it with the Americans, as allies in war, with the promise that the Americans would never use it. Apparently they did. A bone of contention here !!


But where have we landed up ? From vanity vans to supersonic aircraft. Though I must admit, that some of the private 'vanities' of the big stars, do look in design and shape, as though they would be able to achieve this, on ground !!


My vanity van ? The one that Man ji gave me ? Now lying in a disheveled scrapped condition at DC – the designer manufacturer of most of these super vehicles, among his many other pursuits. He designed the British Jaguar sports car !!

Dear me ! Such a male dominated subject tonight. The ladies would be most upset. Ok … tomorrow maybe, a mention of cats perhaps …??



Amitabh Bachchan

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