Friday, May 4, 2012

Dada Saheb Phalke the founder of Cinema in India a hundred years ago BigB

Jalsa , Mumbai                   May 3/4 , 2012                        Thu/Fri  1 : 09 AM

And the routine starts .. out of the homes and into the morning traffic … delays at flyovers ironic … for they were built to ease it … through freshly made steaming hot sky scrappers … through the lanes of the poor … into the haven of work … some music as you paint your face .. the make up taking all precaution to cover up the glitches and ‘glutches’ … the team of crew, a hundred at least of them, pushing arranging holding measuring and giving instruction … for just a 30 seconder of film and artist … and there are 5 of them that need to be completed … they do get there …

And above, the stills from the shoot … some animated and posed, others in to the obey of orders. The simpler the seeming work, the harder its execution. But it gets done with time to spare … to drive home, to change again and to put face at function from the Industry in honor of Dada Saheb Phalke the founder of Cinema in India a hundred years ago, today the 3rd of May.

It was the ‘Sholay’ of chaos !! A few pictures in my possession which I could share tomorrow perhaps, shall give an able idea. But the high as always, the meeting with Dilip Saheb, Dilip Kumar, Yusuf Khan ! It is tough to see a frail idol admired by millions and my favorite, struggle to move and to recognize familiar faces. Though he always does and has recognized mine. But as always even in his frail health, the charm and grace never ending. Credit really to Saira ji who has looked after him so well and still does, with great care and devotion.

Dilip Saheb – a colossus ! Once and forever !
Enjoy … off to be with my vivid dreams ..
My love to all …
Amitabh Bachchan

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