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Somehow your mantra Follow Learn Obey Practice becomes an industry acronym

Jalsa , Mumbai               May 1,  2012                Tue  11 34 PM

Andy says:
May 1, 2012 at 1:19 am 
Somehow your mantra Follow Learn Obey Practice becomes an industry acronym -F L O P !! and that is what has been happening to it in not just Mumbai but entire India….Virtue of Discipline is lost right at the childhood now since the new-age parents trying t o juggle their lives in modern india themselves do not follow any discipline may be…F L O P is a flop in schools and education instituties as well as teachers and guradians are shying away from disciplining themselves ..and its further a massive flop in Corporations whose supposed to be capable managers and directors are lossning the fiscal, ethical and moral discipline themselves…and going ahead-its a flop at political level for the entire country as Political Parties and their so called leaders are not even considering discipline of thought,action and effects at all and who in fact are epitome of non-discipline themselves…So is the case with Media and Govt agencies be it state, local or central!!….India achived freedom with a disciplined approach and now its losing its shine, value and respectability across the globe following non-disciplined mindset that has pervaded from top to bottom…Only few of the emlightened ones like you are aware of what kind of downfall society may go towards due to this and we thank you for your caution…Hopefully your F.L.OP. mantra becomes a H I T across nation sooner than later–With kind remembrance…Andy

I never did realize that my last words of yesterday would turn out to be the topic of Andy’s observation. And how beautifully it has been done. So salutations for this effort Andy, and I put this up on my post because in case someone missed it, they would be able to catch it here ..
I surmise my day/days through pictures today :

The press conference for ‘Department’ , its launch for the promotions and an opportunity for the media to ask questions that most of the time dwell on the topic of the film, but also the odd one which has been answered in similar manner for the past 30 years .. the dressing of the conference was done in the aroma of the film .. to arrange an atmosphere that exists in the film and then for the talent to appear in costume and behave like the character too .. take away by the media on the conference ? that which had no consequence to the film at all .. other than this, nothing was printed or reported about in all forms of the media. Ha !
Madhu Trehan sister to Aroon Puri, owner of India Today and Headlines Today and more, and one ( Madhu Trehan ) who started in a pioneering effort the concept of video interviews and programming through the early years, now has a site that interviews the journalists and puts them in some hard hitting moments … really brave of her, and really done in a most accomplished manner. I should find the site details and put it up next time .. the one with Barkha Dutt was quite interesting !!

On stage at the press conference, partially dressed as the character, smile on face at some of the media … always safe to do so .. not much is written when you have a smile .. but get a moment of solitude and thinking and the breaking news would have been projected as some grim story with ample ‘mirch masala’ added to it ..

The Sunday well wishers ! Always there and always in numbers, showing enthusiasm and love .. filled at times with members of the Blog .. so loving and sincere … my eternal gratefulness !!

They push the security guards and I caution the front liners of getting hurt and crushed .. women and children always have a tough time .. must do a segregation of the sexes for some equality !!!

Elephant crossing ! And crossing the wrong way ! Just when I wrote about traffic norms and the way the rules are flouted .. auspicious for some to sight one in the middle of the street .. but this one seems to be heading for the beach to give joy rides to the Sunday visitors …

Cat !! Bewildered at the goings on in the front of the house !! Elephants notwithstanding …

A change in attire for this Sunday .. enough of white shawls and salwars and kurta .. symbolized by many when they see you thus as – ” are you not well sir ? ”

Sincere Blog Ef .. now do not tell me it was difficult to spot him this time .. just follow my right hand to the tip of my fingers .. and there he is !!

Pensive, elegant, persuasive look for the Just Dial ad., shoot .. errrmmm .. nothing really more to say on this … so .. ya .. Good night !!
Love you all …
Amitabh Bachchan

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