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Ekant Sangeet the music of solitude of being alone, singular BigB

Ekant     May 23 ,  2011   Mon  11 : 00 PM
Ekant Sangeet … the music of solitude … of being alone, singular or a certain quietude, away from all other, left to oneself, discarded, forgotten and removed … into oblivion !!
Many wish it for themselves. Many wish it for you.
Those that are ‘themselves’ perhaps will it so, from circumstance desire and deliberate. Those that ‘wish’ it, do it with hate and vengeance, of retaliate and envy .. a dash of jealousy, zealous with intent, the presence of your eminence of some harm to them. They that fall into such a morass depict despicable nature. They fall each day into an abyss, deep and unable to extricate themselves from it. They shall never be able to breathe their swim to the top into a fresh air. They know they shall breathe, but instead fill their lungs with the acqua of devastation and death. That is scary. Scary for them. They have seen and perhaps know better what awaits them. They repent not for they know repentance needs the hemispheric air. They are so deep within the tons of trillion tons that they shall not survive. Might as well then expound all the evil that they can. The heavens shall not revive them they know, let the devil then be proud of their evil. Someone of consolation !!!
But of them that wish it for themselves - the silence of purity, the beauty of nothing extreme except the vast coverage of the ethereal atmosphere, never dark, never oppressive, but bright and inviting, enveloping all that governs their existence ! A mind then that remains clear even on clouded realm. One that exudes tolerance, fortitude, forgiveness and understanding - they then are the chosen one. The one that shall bear the cross, hang in pain but be liberated from it for they rise and lift in deliverance. Their ascension shall never be questioned, or debated or doubted. Their ascent shall be driven by those that once threw the stones of despise and evil. That shall and will be their most acclaimed position, never to be argued, never to be wasted upon !!
These shall be in peace. Those other shall live in the depth of decrepit foul emission !
Glory then to us. Shame and insignificance to them, as they burn and rot in their own stew !!
‘Ekant Sangeet’ … the title of one of the 60 odd books that remained with my Father in his words. His solitude, his pain and his lonely life surrounded by misery and death for a large portion of his life. Until … the advent of a certain ‘tej’, that speed and brightness of spark, one that could enlighten environs with admirable optimism. One that gave him reason for ‘light everlasting and unconquerable’. Blessed and in awe ever !
I am but a reflection, mirrored in the supreme brightness of its shine. The mirror cracks and mists with impurity at times, but disturbs not the reflect, nor the image that remains seen. I must strive to remain in the mirrored image. To be of relevance to those that seek reflection and refraction. And for those that come after me, admonished they may be, doubted and unfairly judged, let them be with piece of mirror, for, the piece shall piece together the greatness of its fullness. This is not desire of Father and of the Son or of the Holy Ghost, it is but expected deemed ..
Amen !!
Amitabh Bachchan

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