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May I express my utmost gratitude and thanks to the entire Ef brigade which has so diligently Big B

May I express my utmost gratitude and thanks to the entire Ef brigade which has so diligently
Sopaan , New Delhi          June  27, 2011       Mon  11:47 PM
May I express my utmost gratitude and thanks to the entire Ef brigade which has so diligently and with great emotion been carrying out the promotion of the film #BHTBaap at various stations all over the World, in particular in the UAE and the USA. And thank you Fatima for gathering all the troops together and devoting all the time and energy in motivating the various clubs to get out there and move the publicity. There are many that have taken personal initiatives, selflessly. You need not have, but the efforts that you have been making and continue to do so, despite limited support from the production people, is truly amazing. Thank you seems so small and insignificant in front of all the trouble you take, but thank you all the same … I am certain that with the amount of goodwill that you carry, the efforts that you put in, shall surely bear fruit !
I have been from the early hours of the morning visiting studios in and around the city giving back to back interviews and I have to say that the co operation that our teams have been receiving has been extraordinary. My gratitude then to all the channels and their anchors and hosts and indeed the hundreds of people that turned up at each venue to cheer and smile and scream their appreciation. There were many that I was unable to meet personally for that exclusive photograph, or the auto graph, but may I just say that your love and affection was unbelievable. I carry with me all those memories through my own team of those that record all these moments and hopefully someday I shall sit back on that rocking chair and admire the love that came pouring out during these visits.
The ‘buzz’ as they say for the film has seemed to have increased exponentially. There is an air that gets reflected about it in all my messages and visits. Now we need to see it being transferred to the theaters, and then to see if it turns into appreciation. The uncertainties of this profession are renowned and so apparent that it is a wonder why even after so many years of experience and exposure, we have never been able to crack the code so to say. But now that I think back on it I say to myself, thank God for it, for, knowing the formula would have meant the destruction of uncertainty, an element that makes this profession look and feel so romantic !
The interactions with most of the media have been exciting if not somewhat repetitive. But the philosophy I believe in such incidents is that when you need to reach out to half a billion people, the possibility of a repeat with them seems rather remote. The number of Tv channels in this country is around 400 and each year they increase by another 100 odd, with applications for another 500 awaiting clearance. With these numbers or demographics it is imperative that there be sufficient substance to fill each up with 24 hour content. The struggle really is of content and I would imagine that being in possession of such material is the first and foremost desire. After that the creative teams at each station, and one that I have great admiration for, take over. And with smart editing, addition, music and presentation, they are able to construct that half hour or hour programme, which attracts the attention of the billions that watch. This world is one that has always had my utmost admiration. The number of people that get involved, their sincerity of purpose, the selection and presentation of the most talented in the respective fields, the research and analysis that needs to be gone into …. gosh ! its a massive machinery that just never stops ….
There have been during these discourses and meetings some very rare incidents. Most of them quite personal but broadcast through these facilities have given rise to a great sense of belonging. The personal notes, the little efforts made by children and elders alike. Stories and tales of meetings in the days gone by, their remembrances still alive and vivid. The outpouring of emotion, their one desire to have met and shaken a hand, an embrace a picture and the excitement of its accomplishment, just so so heartwarming !!
And as I sit back and ponder over what transpired during the day, I am unable to fathom the extent of this connect with the masses. I seem to ignore its relevance by getting on, wondering whether it was really meant for me or some shadow that accompanies me. Maybe I am too oblivious of those that express. That I am unworthy so why should it be acknowledged or even accepted. But no ! The faces the feelings and their affection can never be termed as one that has been without genuine care and love. What have I done to receive such attention. And the more I think about it the more motivated I get to labor more in giving them that which they can be proud of and appreciate. It is not exactly an incentive, but much greater and much more. How much and how great, is difficult to put a finger on. But there it is …
Each interaction coerces me to write to tabulate to document for posterity. But tabulate what ? My worth should be of a level that can compare to that of my Father’s before I can even dream of such audacity. My capacity is minuscule before his giant contribution. It would be an audacious attempt harboring on imbecility to even allow such thought to be entertained. Each word of my Father’s poetic work, each sentence of his autobiographical prose, each moment of his inspirational thought remains historic in its presence today. And to even suggest that I could or should try and emulate that reason for myself …?? It is beyond ridiculousness !!
I am content to share my day my 140 forms, my insignificant spoken words on the vog … but beyond that is beyond stupidity !!
And beyond any more for tonight would be a greater travesty ..
Good night then and till the morrow, when I shall return to the city of the sea and ‘wisdom’ …
Amitabh Bachchan

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