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One of the great benefits of solitude is solitude itself BigB Blog

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 One of the great benefits of solitude is solitude itself ! There is so much that goes through the mind when it thinks, that making a start is the biggest hurdle. But, once done, matter just flows.
One of the factors of learning during this season of KBC has been the interaction with the less privileged of course, but more, their outlook on life and their desires. Almost all without doubt wish to be educated further. They lament the fact that lack of funds and therefore opportunity has robbed them of furthering their cause. And I have sat there and wondered, why on earth do all of them opt for this vocation when the world has opened up to so many other. Many of the most brilliant brains have been drop outs in recent times, but have pursued a craft that has either changed the course of history, or made it.
I now believe that whatever they have indulged in has not been wrong. Getting educated, or seeking it in any way has been the wishes of all our elders. ‘Graduate before you think of any other path’ they would insist and I feel that in many ways they were putting us on the right path. Poverty and lack of opportunity has driven most of rural and mid town regions in this country to pursue the course of teaching. The most important element in society, ironically, gives job opportunity at the least pay package. Its ease of function perhaps has made it simpler for those that cannot dream big to at least teach. That line in ‘Aarakshan’ was so apt – ‘why cannot we have an ITS, an Indian Teaching Service, just like the IAS, IFS and the IPS ; Indian Administrative Service, Foreign Service and the Police Service’ ? Those that teach you to compete in the most prestigious services of the country, are the most neglected !!

I dwell on this because during the period of solitude, one spends time and attention to books and words and ideas and thoughts of others, and one finds oneself so inadequate and ill equipped. A shame really, for, we have become so selfishly involved in the furtherance of our respective professions that we have forgotten how much value our basics have provided us with, in what we find glory in today. I do believe that when we shall educate our masses, we shall have better leaders, better politics, better discipline, better creativity and most certainly a better country. If we as a country find ourselves being looked upon by the Western world as the future super power, let me assure you that it is coming from the inevitable belief that when educated, the Indian is hard to beat.
Not all shall have the benefit of the best that exists in the world in education and research and invention. That prerogative still lies with the West. The respect and importance that they have given to create valiant progressive and marvelous institutes, their temples of learning, still attracts the best. But I gather and observe that soon there is a change being generated, where the prominent institutions look to have branch and presence tie ups, with what is available here. This is a welcome step. Many skeptics aver that it is stemming from a need which reeks of commercialism. Okay ! So what ? Is not education one of the biggest businesses here too. Governments at State level are giving large portions of land and loans to encourage, Colleges and learning Institutes to flourish. We now have the unique presence of Educational Cities in the country. Cities are at times known for being the ‘commercial center’, the ‘political center’, the ‘artistic and archeological center’, so what is wrong with one being an ‘educational center’ ??!!

And having spent most of today’s time in advocating the benefits of education, I realize that I have failed to avail most of it myself. So if you shall excuse me for now, I would like to … yes … got it ?? Thank you ..
Good Night and may there be love always among us ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

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