Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It is infectious to be alone and with book and lap top

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It is infectious to be alone and with book and lap top. All that one does is write and read and write again. Good enough activity for a break, but it is infectious.
The other of course is compulsive Tv watching … and what is that ailment called when you keep switching channels without purpose ? Well … was victim of that for quite a while in the evening until better sense prevailed … the writing of my Blog ! How could I ever avoid that … and thank the Lord I had not done it till right now, else we would have been sitting well past the night in a state that has never augured well for writing ..
And then there is music .. any kind .. just the placement of the ear phones over the ears, the cutting off of all sound from the external … the melody, the voice in all its clarity, the instrumentation deep and sonorous, lifting the spirits up .. building images, situations in the mind .. situations that want to be transferred to visuals … in films perhaps, on paper, or in the written word … anything ..
“Ahh ! that strain again …” , the sarod or the santoor penetrating your interiors and wanting you to get up to move to emote, to scream in part of a sequence, captured by imagination … why cannot we have it play in our ears when we train our thoughts to an idea or a situation in life … we would I believe be better equipped to react to it… tried it once in a film before the scene, not naming which one … worked when I had the ear phones on, but the moment it came off … back to film acting, the natural rhythm of the heart sailed away …leaving me alone dry and devoid and orphaned almost .. tried to suggest many a time what if we recorded back ground score before the scene and allowed it to be played in our system somehow … the brilliance of technology and the artist mixed together in one moment of brilliance I am certain …what is thing called ‘sur’, or musical tone .. who created it and how did they ever realize that it was the sound of our internals, the heart, the mind the entire being … and why does it have physical with it .. the breaking of glass on those piercing notes, the rain breaking the clouds on that particular ‘raga’, goose bumps internally erupting on human body, the cure for ailments, the revival of beings in suffering, motivation in revolt and revolution, the cheer in that game, motivational in its interpretation … so many facets to it .. astounding !!

Why do we need stimulant or stimulants .. many reveal they devour from the external to activate the senses that lie dormant .. which perform extraneous, that we prevent from exhibiting … it is within us is it not .. you mean a chemical to insinuate it acuse it into performance .. but if it is within activation from the mind would have same effect would it not … use it, tell the mind to ‘bring it on’ .. ha ha … the terminology of the present today and in these times … strange .. ‘bring it on’ … yes better than the external drug … an abuse of the body and … oh so many tragic events that thence follow .. what is it that moves our body involuntarily … that beat, that voice that arrangement .. to breathe, to move beyond our capacity, to be in trance like .. but … that is chemical stimulant no ? … of course not, its the one with similar effect but without the damage, without the illegality, without its ruinous effects, to human and society … take this not that … this is music that is not .. !!!

I know not what I utter .. I propagate much like drug controlled unit, a cleanser … no I do not impose, I implore and reason and argue for it .. thats less sinful than the actual fact .. the practice of rhythm at places of eatery, in restaurants in public spaces for ease of environment … and digestion maybe heh heh ! who knows … the smile it brings on tuneful sound, its relation with all around us … and then the nature and the plants, now a proven phenomena … flowers and plants grow better with sound …
Would peace prevail when in warring situation a melody took over … !! Please let it …

My love .. with the sound of all that brings good ness in my ears .. believe me it works ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

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