Tuesday, November 8, 2011

There is need to be with the family and its relatives

Jalsa , Mumbai                 Nov  4/5 ,  2011      Thu/Fri 2 : 05 AM
 There is need to be with the family and its relatives. Relatives bring warmth and togetherness and discussions of valuable time spent together. Of the early years, of growth and of how different we looked. That special moment spent with a loved one and how it all seems so strange now. Old photographs, old locations, new friends, newer situations. Its history running through at rapid speed. Delightful !!

And yes going out shopping again with Jaya to stores that have been seen while driving past but never ventured in. Its incredible to see what changes have been brought out by the new generation. The style and the creativity of presentation. The varied goods that litter the many floors of the facility in a deluge of colors and shapes. Little ones, toddlers and the like being the focus of attention for all that is being screened and listed. In time they shall be occupied, used and happily filled in.
When and as they display, a gentle gush that has never been a correct interpretation of a baby’s talk or expression, come floating out … OOOoooohhh ! Look at that its just adorable is it not ? And what would be the right color to buy, the depth the height and the upholstery all must be in confirmation of the order.
A few autographs and pictures later its back to the grind and home ward bound, sharing what has been deposited with them that sell and the rest on delivery. There is always such a joy in that purchase. The bags shall be borne in soft handling up to your personal space. Perhaps it remains so for some time and then finally the moment of glory, when it shall be opened and admired and acknowledged, placed out in different locations of the house, forming the decoration that makes one ‘house proud’ !!

Shanouk slows down these days. He moves with some labor and snores a lot larger than before. But his sincerity is eternal and his desire to protect those that are of family and remain lodged in a particular spot, as he surveys what the best locations in the house would be for the family to reside and rest, so he could recover and recoup all that he had ever wanted to, remain only most servile and honest and devoted !!
It comes up to the light hours of the morning … and the gym in a couple of hours beckons .. so ..
Good night and early morning ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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