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A journalist friend did some calculations and discovered that on an average of approximately

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Last night was a rare moment .. emotion , nostalgia and more .. but tonight is tonight, balanced and controlled, reminiscent yes of yesterday but not overwhelmed by it.

Some attempts at restructuring the body back to normal .. the weight loss is vast and even though it gives a lean look, would be too lean for normalcy .. so  … at it now … since many are concerned by the condition. yes night sleep is most desired at moments like this, and there is a concerted effort to be able to give it some relevance. Tonight seems to be going well in that direction … so far …

A journalist friend did some calculations and discovered that on an average of approximately 500 words that I write her, when I reach  DAY 1500, the figure would be 7,50000 words .. which according to those that write and publish often, is the equivalent of having written 7 books … !!

I cannot say that I am happy about it for I have never attempted to write a book or even entertained such thought. 'One poet in the family is enough' my Mother had quipped on being asked if there were other aspirants in the family. I would second her whole heartedly ..

I think I would be hesitant to write a book book per se … not going about it with an intention before hand that I write a book .. but of someone were to take some words away from me and put it to print, perhaps that is the very extreme that I would be willing to go … With such a wealth of literary talent about, it would be most presumptuous to imagine, myself in such august company .. and then … the daunting task of taking liberty in being involved in something to which my Father has already set such impregnable heights to ..


It is Tuesday today .. the Siddhvinayak temple at PrabhaDevi will welcome its auspicious pilgrims today that start to walk bare footed from different parts of the city, converging in the early hours of the morning, having left their home at midnight .. I have partaken on this journey a couple of times .. it is exacting .. but the will and the energy of the others that walk along with you on the streets is so invigorating, that one almost forgets the lacerations on the feet of us constant shoe worthy individuals .. the 'arti' in the early hour, the first of the day is so humbling in the presence of Lord Ganapati, that at times it moves one to tears …

The mouse which is the 'vaahan' or carrier of the Lord Ganapati has its manifestation in a silver construct at a vantage point in the temple .. they say when you whisper your wish in its ears it come true ..

On one of my walks to Siddhivinayak, documented intricately by the electronic media throughout the 3-4 hours that you occupy on the streets, they even captured that moment when I was with wish and the 'vaahan' .. A few days later in an electronic media interview, the young stringer asked me how the walk was like .. well how does one expect it will be .. they already had it all recorded . and then came the 'howler' .. " we saw you making a silent wish in the ear of the mouse Sir " she opined, " what did you wish and say in the ear ?"

( 'really miss, what kind of question is that ? like I am going to tell you on national tv, what I wished in a temple .. ??? )

Ha ha ha !!!

I responded with the straightest face I could muster .. " I wished, that the lady that sits in front of me now be bestowed with better intelligence " !!!

Really !! It is perhaps the most ridiculous moment that I may have faced on tv interview ..


Leave you with that for the moment .. and head for bed, instead .. rhyming again !!! A poet in the family !!!!


Love to you and as ever my wishes for a good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan …  twice .. for the one I deliberately missed last night … ha ha ha !!

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