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Thank you all for individually wishing Aishwarya for her birthday BigB

Prateeksha , Mumbai Nov 1/2 , 2010 Mon/Tue 2 : 50

First off … thank you all for individually wishing Aishwarya for her birthday !! All your wishes were passed on to her and she is grateful for them. And so am I.

Finishing so late last night had its repercussions - I decided to sleep it out without any care or responsibility for work and it was good to be waking up at an hour when most are wanting to get back to sleep again ! For one that is not accustomed to this sort of habit, it does become a bit disorienting. But soon as the day hits you with all its numerous uncertainties you wake up real fast. And … get operational !

Some chores piling up for the few days I was away need immediate attention and so must I attend on them. The room does begin to look like an unattended store, with every possible corner and space littered with books, paper work and several odds that really have no business in this living room. Many believe though that a disorganized room is a sure indicator of the presence of genius, mine is really really well organized and therefore so devoid of any brilliance ! Its just that its a strange feel to all the mess. You keep it in disorder because its around. Around you and within easy reach and access. Except, other than you, there really is no one and I mean no one, that would know exactly where what lay. And that in a sense is what most men wish there room should be, or would be had the wife not walked in … ha ha ah !!

It was wonderful to have Shweta around - it always is ! And most enlightening to learn from her, a great library of information, the meaning and substance of so many aspects of our epics and religion and of course our two great epics, the Mahabharata and the Ramayan. She is a voracious reader and does have a general deep interest in mythology, the mystics and just … books !

There are now preparations on for Diwali. The lights for the house are being put up. The simple single toned white-yellow lights all over the boundary and ceiling of the house. The gates dressed up with flowers first, for Aishwarya’s birthday - a routine for each celebration that takes place at the home. And once up shall be switched on at that historic moment when we shall finish our Diwali pooja and light the first lamp with the lamp from the prayer !!

My Father’s marked verse on the Ramayan shall be read, a gentle prayer shall go up for all from all, sweets and bonuses on staff shall be disbursed to staff by members of the family, fire crackers that do not make any sound shall be burnt and friends that feel like dropping by shall be most welcome to an open house. In keeping with tradition, cards shall be played as a ’shagun’ and winnings and loss at them shall be taken as an indicator how well, or not so well the year shall be financially. I lose most of the time, so my funds and financing are always on trial through out the day and year. Its a thought and a way of life and we respect it. Though many do not !!

I am happy that you liked the photographs of the event and for some, the image of Shweta seemed quite pleasing. They wrote about it too. Thank you. I shall transport all of this to the lady and I am more than certain that it shall receive due attention and response.

I do have exhaustion written all over my face and body and I must pay it due respect. They are our fortune and bread, and we must look after it in the best possible manner. Right now what seems to me to be the best solution is an early morning night and a delayed start tomorrow. And in order to achieve that … it means ..

Good morning !!

Amitabh Bachchan

Big B Receives standing ovation at National Film Awards funtion

There are some pleasures in life which are most rewarding Big B

Prateeksha , Mumbai      Oct  31/Nov 1 ,  2010  Sun/ Mon  3 : 04 AM

There are some pleasures in life which are most rewarding when we know that they are coming from the labor and hard work of our own creations. Taking the advice of many of our FmXt and a few others a short R&R was undertaken in Goa. Nothing was done, nothing was planned. Just resting in the sun and when ever the need arose to sleep or take a walk or drive - took it !

This morning getting up early and bright, I took off on a drive to see some environmental friendly sites, in and around the picturesque countryside of this paradise by the sea, by the beach, by the mountains, by the river, by everywhere ..

Post the monsoons, and particularly one which has been severe on the land, the green of endless paddy fields and green growth stretches on and on over miles of land within sight. It is serene and peaceful as we drive past village after village, taking in the unique habitat and culture of each small region. There are gentle clouds on the horizon this morning and by the mountains that separate Goa from Belgaum, a mist floats by undisclosed, undisturbed.

One does not expect this from a region known for its lazy lifestyle by the sun drenched beach, but there it was. Mountains and green foliage, soft solitude and the unique rust colored dust and stone from the natural soil, rich in iron ore. Taking it all in I stayed with it for a while and then left. The feel of the place and its environ playing heavily on my mind.

And yes, post that there was an attitude of controlled ethos as I walked quickly on to the tarmac towards the waiting aircraft, a private jet the Falcon 2000 of the Tata’s. A sense of power overcomes you as you get ready for travel.

You walk into the controls room - a complicated machinery of all shades of wires and buttons and switches, turn around to your favorite personal seat by the window and give your instructions - “Start it up Captain !”.

There is a feel of authority. Like getting into your car and telling the driver -” Taj Hotel chalo”. But hey this is a private plane and has its norms and details to be looked into. But still the space is more ‘us’ than ‘them’. You like the feel of being the only one on board, getting all the attention and of course thanking the Almighty to have put me in a situation which, perhaps would have been improbable.

Its a short flight … just as one starts to reach max height , you start to prepare for the journey down. A separate runway to land on and out of the premise in a jiffy towards the end when I shall have to give you some calculations.

Coming home after these few days seems extremely large … at any time it would be large of course. A sense of possession overtakes us and the emotion is so strong that it moves us. But today there is no time for all that emotion. They petition, we listen inattentively .. but somewhere you wish and desire something could be down about it so procedures do not need to be followed. I guess we shall find a solution. Perhaps then we shall be in a better state of mind …. to express and to talk. But till then … just vivid images.

Tonight is the ‘Hello’ magazines annual awards, where they shall celebrate and honor personalities with distinct qualities. Its at the Taj - ravaged by the militants that entered there … a haunting remembrance of those fateful days gone by.

Aishwarya, Shweta and yours truly have been nominated - and win !! Three of the same family on a common stage. Shweta for Style Icon moi for Timeless Icon. And Aishwarya for being what she does and do. Its an elegant affair and one which I feel was the need of the hour. Black Tie, dry up the eyes and lets take the world on !!

I think there is great respect for the title of this reward. And I think that giving it a pan indian focus made us see through image glasses ; respectful and full of encouragement.

It nears past midnight as we stroll out of the Hotel Taj and the wishes for Aishwarya start. Happy birthday daughter -in- law and may you achieve and get all that you so desire.

Rushing back home from the airfield to hurry up with some of the last minute chores before gathering the ladies together and putting them in order for the travel to town and the function. Look see -






There for all to see even before they print it tomorrow .. its a Times Group remember !!

Its now 4 : 00 AM !!!

But let me not complain of shirking my duty towards all .. any time …. anyplace !!

Love to all

Amitabh Bachchan

Title: DAY 925
Link: http://gotaf.socialtwist.com/redirect?l=433435146250190784516

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Big B Receives standing ovation at National Film Awards funtion

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