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tabloid Is Aaradhya a lucky name

tabloid Is Aaradhya a lucky name?

Four months after birth, Beti B finally has a name. And, actor-couple Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan's daughter's name Aaradhya has become a hot topic of discussion. The name that means 'to be worshipped' in Sanskrit, was the trending topic on microblogging site Twitter as soon as it was announced on Wednesday.

While the family has not given an official statement as yet, reports suggest the family registered the name at BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation). Astrologers predict that the name would prove lucky for the baby girl.

"The baby's name sums up to seven, depicting planet Neptune. Her destiny number sums up to two, depicting moon. She will be lucky and will be a celebrity like her family members," says astrologer Vikram Mehta. 

Tarot card reader Seema Midha agrees: "Many celebrities have names that start with A. That is a plus for her. Her name sums up to number five which will be very lucky for her as well as her dad because his number is also five. I think she will make a name in Hollywood." 

Numerologist Niraj Mancchanda says, "On her birth, Amitabh Bachchan banned the media. That was indicative of her power that she managed to keep the entire media away." 
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I behave tonight .. beating all expectations of another DHR situation

Jalsa , Mumbai                           Mar  16 ,  2012                      Fri  11 : 00 PM


Kalpana Kakade … Happy Birthday for the 16th of March .. happiness and fulfillment always ..

I behave tonight .. beating all expectations of another DHR situation .. there is but reason. The first born of my generation in the family, Shweta celebrates her birthday tomorrow the 17th of March and in order that we can bring it in without the worry of having to post late, brings me up to connecting now. Shweta came in to Mumbai with Agastya this afternoon to spend time with us and nothing could be more enjoyable. The house resounds with the laughter and energy of her presence every time she comes in and today is no different …

Finally then, Sachin got his 100th hundred century and what an achievement ! The first to ever get there and perhaps the last. I cannot imagine any other achieving this extraordinary feat. And just as great are his achievements, is his generosity and etiquette. I sent him an sms message on his achievement, even while he was in the middle and receiving the appreciation of all his admirers, and sure enough within a short while later, I got his acknowledgement. A gentleman, a genius, God's own gift to the sport, humble and graceful under all circumstances.


I was short last night because of the time constraint. I shall probably be short again because the hour of 12 when Shweta moves into her birthday, approaches. But I know that you will understand my excitement, and the desire to be with her shortly after I finish this valuable connection.

Children grow away fast. It was just the other day when we were all at Breach Candy Hospital here in Mumbai, anxiously walking the corridors and giving strength to Jaya, as she went into labor at the time of Shweta's birth. Today she has walked in with her 11 year old who the entire evening has been teaching me how to download certain kinds of music, how the film he has made on his computer with his friends, is a film that moves in reverse and demonstrated to me the scientific skills of Cristiano Renaldo, the ace footballer and some other greats on his screen. There is of course this 'grave battle' that ensues with his Mamu, because they support different soccer teams – he is with Man Utd, shining at the top of the table and Abhishek with Chelsea, not doing well this season !!

He is in the middle of studying the history of the freedom struggle of India and in his more private moments with his Mother or me, gives vivid details of the leaders and revolutionaries that fought at the time for our Independence ! Such a joy to hear children speak with authority and confidence !

But yes … the morning was early too .. just a couple of hours of sleep and once awake just could not get back to the bed … and so .. it was music again .. the laughing matter among most of the Ef by now, because of my repeated mentions. It is obsessive though if I may say. There is the attempt to never let that refrain move too far away from one. Repetitions almost render one helpless in the throes of the aura that builds around you. One imagines oneself in that song, in that moment of tune. One builds a story a situation about it and puts itself into it to enact, to feel, to absorb all that it offers. It is really quite absurd, but I wonder if the others here today feel and go through the same feel. Then … when one is involved it is most distressing to come away from it. Its like leaving a loved one behind. The notes of the music keep playing in your mind, again and again. Any other refrain never does stand a chance of even remotely getting to be near it. So as you travel, meet people, watch Tv or whatever, there is this music that keeps taking over, suppressing your desire to pursue what needs to be pursued. The heavy presence of its being surmounts all else, much like many of Beethoven's Symphony, where the gentle flute or string representing desire, gets almost suppressed by the heavy orchestral presence of fate. We desire, fate overcomes us … well almost .. in the philharmonic creativity of the masters.


But enough of that now … due respects to dear friend Ludwig .. they do become your friend do they not, as they occupy a large portion of your existence .. much like what friends do  … much like what the Ef do ..


Amitabh Bachchan

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