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My Father’s birth anniversary to day ! 27th of November 1907 was born

Jalsa , Mumbai        Nov  27 ,  2011               Sun 11 : 45 PM
 My Father’s birth anniversary to day ! 27th of November 1907 was born to my Grand Father Pratap Narain and his wife my grandmother Sursati, Harivansh. The elders in the house referred to him lovingly as ‘bachcha’ meaning child. When he grew up and inclined himself to poetry and literature, he adopted his ‘non de plume’, Bachchan and which became the family name, Amitabh being the first bearer of it.
In the morning hours in his room in Prateeksha, where he breathed his last, I stand in front of his pensive photograph along with my Mothers and below my Nana ji Sardar Khazan Singh Suri, resplendent in his Sikh pagri seated beside my Nani, standing, short, demure and holding an umbrella in her hand – a prerequisite in the times of the British Raj and the manner in which the pictures of the ladies of the era used to appear. My Nana, a tall handsome Sikh in his three piece suit and boots, a Bar-at-Law during the late 1800′s looking on somewhat stern, but in a pleasant manner.
I visit this room often. A must before I start my day to seek the blessings of my elders. Today I spend a little more time than usual and an entire lifetime flashes past. Details of the times gone by are so vivid and clear and unblemished. They seem like they happened just a few minutes ago. A wonder really of the mind. I dwell in them with just a gentle smile on my face. Life gone by deserves this.
A stream of visitors has been coming in to the house to bless and meet the little one. She, in all her pink glory has slept through it all. And when she awakes stares with open wondered eyes on what looks down upon her. Relatives from both sides, friends, well wishers the lot. They leave behind little gifts, a happy note in the baby book and leave discussing in rather animated form on who she resembles. Probable names are read out aloud – suggestions from the mobile, from the twitter, from the Blog, on the email, all giving sincere opinion why the one they suggest would be best for her. It is so lovable that they do this and I wish to thank the efforts that they make. Soon a name shall come about and we shall share it with all .. but till then …. a patient wait !!

Its been a day mixed with emotion and explanation. Of justification and the seeking of truth in obtuse circumstances. But of that later. For now, it is the presence of my Father’s birth gone by and the coming by birth of another in the family.
It is the greatest wonders of the universe – procreation !
With love and more ,

Amitabh Bachchan     

There are days and there are days ! Today was a day !

Jalsa , Mumbai              Nov  26,  2011                   Sat  11 : 48 PM
 There are days and there are days ! Today was a day !
As the alarm rings on the mobile – an instrument that has now replaced the wrist watch, the alarm clock and the camera and dictionary and diary and reminder and … , I struggle out of bed, bent at various angles to ease out the L4/L5 spinal contractions that are a sad reminder of the numerous adventures on the action field in the films that I did and finally get in to the drivers seat to round the block and the traffic light breakers, into the arms of various equipments that look and operate as though they could take care of your muscle system for time immemorial. That done, a quick ride to Prateeksha to get in that much needed and required sun in the greens of the lawn and then showered and pathan-dressed to Janak the office to meet a whole bunch of police personel, just out of the Academy and ready to face the harsh world of reality. They are young officers and are stepping out into the various parts of the country to perform their duties and serve the nation and its society.
The years of their idealism is over I tell them. Those that enter the services examinations and undergo training are brought up in an environ which speaks of the glorification of the country, their commitment towards it and the responsibility they are about to take on. Its a harsh world, the world of the police and they will face many obstacles in achieving what they have been taught to achieve. One can only harp on their earnestness and submission to country, their duty and the values that have been taught to them. At the end of course they shall have to be individuals that shall have to take that call, right or wrong, in their line of duty.
A delightful press conference takes over by the evening, where Aadesh Srivastava along with me talk to them about the significance of the date. Its 26/11, the day of that ghastly terrorist attack in the city and in the Taj Hotel in particular, and we have cut an album ‘Sounds of Peace’. It is quite remarkable that Aadesh has been able to convince stalwarts such as Akon and VanCleef and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, to lend support an dtalent and creativity to this music concept. Yours truly has a small part to play or hear in it as well. And with that coming to an end, its of to the other suburb, Bandra that is fast becoming an iconic region in the eyes of the young. A little ones first birthday, family and greeting, dinner and out !

And in the middle of all this, the cricket !! Wonder of wonders that the team was able to dismiss the team for a paltry 134 runs, but in the closing hours failed to clinch a clean sweep victory, by closing the game in a tame draw. never mind I say, we shall square up another day.
But driving back from the region of the restaurant where we dine, I am amazed at the progress made by the inhabitants towards eateries, shops for all kinds of goods and in general a feel of what could have been and what is ..Large urban cities are going through a remarkable phase. A phase of calm and quiet, of opportunity and success if you have the drive of entrepreneur, and the relevance of the changing times in all walks of life ..
It is Saturday night and it is wonderful to see the young and the dashing grouping up outside prominent locations, eating, living and enjoying the fruits of liberalization. The streets even at this hour are jammed and crowded. Traffic snarls into myriad self made lines, and the subsequent disorder that ensues makes you want to get out and scream. But … this is the city. It has born a lot, given a lot, suffered too and given lost opportunity, a chance to make it happen again !!
I shall be there if any such move occurs .. I pray that it never does, but I shall be there ..
And finally … its looking like many aspirants for work with me shall have to wait just that little more than necessary, for the films are now being fructified and setting up to roll.

Good night and love to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

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