Monday, July 4, 2011

Allah ke dar pe der hai andher nahin

Jalsa , Mumbai     July 3, 2011    Sun 11:21 PM
The morning hour of today … 5 am ! A drive for prayer, to Haji Ali, to Siddhivinayak, to Babulnath .. Mumbai looking stupendous .. low dark rain clouds, slight mild rain, a turbulent muddy sea at Worli and Marine Drive, a strong wind that blows across the trees by the shore .. and divinity  !!
Could have never asked for a better start. A day filled with all the EF sending in the reports from various parts of the world for the film, the excitement of reactions from friends and not so friends .. hectic activity among the EF through Fatima and Barun and Ami and Anu and oh 1 so many many more all over doing their best to push and reveal facts .. such a commitment from all .. I have no words to show my gratitude.
And then the radio interviews organized by Anuraag Pandey and Divya … good fun and finally the Sunday crowd … unbelievable. The largest and the most excited I have seen in the last many years .. media with their OB vans outside today covering this event and then congratulating me for the success of the Film. All so heady and humbling … what does one say .. I really have no words of value to express myself … all that I can say is this .. the entire EF is responsible for the success of BHTB .. !!!
I plan to go to Ajmer Sharif tomorrow .. a most respected and important place of prayer .. it carries the belief that if you tie a thread at the mazaar as a ‘mannat’, it comes true. Almost 40 years ago when I was just about to start my work as an actor in this Industry, I had come to Ajmer and the Holy Place and had tied a thread on the filigree work that surrounds the main area .. for long I had wanted to revisit it and untie it, as a fulfillment of that mannat. Tomorrow if all goes well I shall be able to complete it. You untie any thread, for it is difficult to find the one that one ties almost 40 years back, and that is taken as a completion of your wish. If you wish another wish you tie another thread !
Allah ke dar pe der hai andher nahin ..
It shall be a most nostalgic visit. I was an unknown visitor then. I wait to see how it shapes up now tomorrow … more things in life  fraught with undesirability are overcome with prayer than any other .. prayer, that is a dedication and belief in one such superior power that shall when called out to, hopefully deliver … I need that deliverance .. and the prayer .. HIS might and presence has played such an important part of my life, indeed in the lives of many !! May HE give us greater strength and forbearance to face the hurdles that we must overcome, to acknowledge the goodness HE provides and to rest in the comfort of the direction HE recommends …
Love to all ..
Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan blog Bigadda shutting down

Amitabh Bachchan blog Bigadda shutting down?

Religious followers of Amitabh Bachchan's blog on Bigadda will now have to look for a new platform to interact with him. At least that is what the reports claim. Bigadda, the social networking and blogging platform from Reliance Entertainment is planning to change into an eCommerce portal. 

In a communication to the users, Bigadda mentioned that none of the user data would be available after July 15. "We value and appreciate your long standing support for In the past few months we explored our potential as an eCommerce portal by providing branded products at profitable deals to you and have found immense success. We are reaching newer heights everyday and hence are planning an expansion in the same arena. 

We request you to download all your personal collection of blogs, audio files, video files and images from as we are scaling down our Social Networking services. Please note that all your old personal data, uploaded on, shall not be available after July 15 2011.We are unclear whether high traction properties like the Big B's blog would also shut down," mentioned Bigadda. 

If the reports are true then this definitely comes as a bad new for all Mr. Bachchan fans. Be tagged to us to get more updates on the issue.


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