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Hello to all my dear friends of EF Family

Hello to all my dear friends of EF Family

Friends today i am very very happy. I am so much happy that i can not explain it into words. And also i don't have words to explain how happy I am.

Today my long waited dreams have come true. Today i met my IDEAL and GOD like, the greatest ACTOR of the Millinium  and the GENIUS Person who is also the Super Star of Hindi movies. My meeting with him was for few minutes and a small fan like me got chance to have a hand shake with him as well as take some pictures with him. I got chance to be with my most favorite person in the world.

I also gave him a nice poem as a gift which was written with the help of Mrs Vidya Jarolia and me. Amit Jee accepted the poem with grace and also autographed it. After meeting Amit Jee i have not been able to sleep properly and his face is always coming infront of me whenever i am closing my eyes.

At this moment i think of these lines by Kishore Kumar jee

(haal kyaa hai dilon kaa na poochho sanam
aap kaa muskuraanaa Ghazab dhaa gayaa
ik to mahafil tumhaari haseen kam na thi
us pe meraa taraanaa ghazab dhaa gayaa
haal kyaa hai dilon kaa na poochho sanam)

I met Amit Jee at KBC with a friend of mine Imran Khan who is also from Bhopal.
The Episode will be telecast as Dushera Special episode and it will be telecast on Sony Ent. Channel on 5th and 6th October at 8:30 PM time slot.

I got this magnificent opportunity because of the fabulous persons of BIGB YahooGroup
No matter how much i thank Fatima Mahomed, Nandita Kao and Kishore Bhatt, It will be always less for them to thank.

Thanks thanks thanks thanks so much 

Harivans ke do hain arth Amit Jee accepted the poem with grace and also autographed it

Harivans ke do hain arth..
Hari ka prabhu aur vansh ka kul..
Prabhu ka kul aur sada samarth..

Bachchan kul ke Deepak pyare..
Jinke liye hum aaj padhare..
Amitabh bachchan hain unke lal
Jisne kar diya kamal..

Jisne aisha game khilaya..
Nirdhan ko dhanwaan banaya..
Hotsheet pe jo bhi aaye..
Prasanottar de sampatti paye..

Jo na ban paye crorepati..
Who bhi unke gun gaye..
Paisa to hai aana jaana..
Khaas baat unhe mil paana..

Darshak ban man mein harshate..
Baithe log bhi khusiyan paate..
Bacchhan jee jab hath hilate..

Hari se vinti yahi hamari..
Sada sarvada vijay tumhari..
Smt. Vidya Jarolia & Mahi Gorele

Namaste mere EF ke pyare Dosto

Namaste mere EF ke pyare Dosto 

Dosto Mai Aaj Bahut Bahut or Bahut hi khush hoo.
Mujhe itni khusi mili hai ki mai apni khusi shabdo mai baya nahi
kar sakta hu. Kyoke mere paas us khusi ko baya karne ke liye 
koi Shabd he nahi hai.
Aaj maira Barso Ka Sapna poora hua aaj mai apne
Adarsh or Devta Roopi Is saddi ke Maha Nayak Hindi ke Maha Gyani 
 or Hindi cinema ke Maha Nayak se meri kuch pal ko Mulakat huie or mujh jese ek
 Chotta sa un ka prashansak Maha Nayak se Haat mila ke un ke saath 
 kuch photos liye. Mujhe mere sabse pasandeeda vyakti ke karib aane ka Sobhagya mila 
 bhale kuch pal ko hi sahi.

 or maine apni ek sundar rachana un ko bheth ki hai
 jise maine Smt. Vudya Jarolia ki Madad se pora keya hai.
amit ji ne badi kushi se meri kavita ko grahan kiya aur us pe apne hasthakshar (signature) kar diye.

 Amit jii se milne ke baad se mai abhi tak theek se so bhi nahi saka hoo
bas un ka hi chehra meri ankho ke samne Nazar aa raha hai ..
Bas Kishore Kumar Jee ki yeh panktiya yaad aa rahi hai 

(haal kyaa hai dilon kaa na poochho sanam
aap kaa muskuraanaa Ghazab dhaa gayaa
ik to mahafil tumhaari haseen kam na thi
us pe meraa taraanaa ghazab dhaa gayaa
haal kyaa hai dilon kaa na poochho sanam)

Amit jii se milne mai apne ek dost Imaran Khan ke sath
un ke show KBC par aya tha jo Dushsera special hai 
jo 5 & 6 October Sony TV par Rat 8:30 par aaiega.

Aur yeh Shobhagya Mujhe BigB Group ke pyare Dosto ki Madad se mila hai
Fatima Mahomed, Nandita Kao avam Kishore Bhatt ko jitna dhanyavad kaha jai kam hai
Thanks thanks thanks thanks so much.


Your Friend
Mahendra Gorele
+ 91 9179947575

Amitabh Bachchan with cast members at the release of the CD of upcoming movie

Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan with cast members at the release of the CD of upcoming movie "This Weekend" in Mumbai,

Amitabh bachchan, writer & Lyricist Gulzar and Pushpa Bharti releasing the book on Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Bollywood actor Amitabh bachchan, writer & Lyricist Gulzar and Pushpa Bharti releasing the book on Harivansh Rai Bachchan' poems selected by Amitabh bachchan during the 44th Bhartiya Jnanpith awards in New Delhi

As I write now I await the arrival of a Satguru, that my lawyer wishes me to meet

Prateeksha , Mumbai          Sept  19 , 2011          Mon  8:08 PM
All in a day .. up by 6 to catch the morning bird out of Delhi .. and straight from airport to the location at Madh Island for RGV’s ‘Department’, stopping by en route to greet the son who having had his stitches removed was on his way back to join his film crew in Jaipur.
The sun was out throughout the day and what a joy to be with it. Its been almost 4 months since we saw I saw it .. well seen it often but never had occasion to dwell with it. Many abhor the situation and run for cover of any kind when out in the open. I love it though, the sun and its environs. Born in Allahabad where a cruel summer burns up the earth at temperatures of 45 to 47 degres celsius you begin to admire the ’surya devata’. And no matter where and what the circumstances be in enhanced conditions now, those days of old never leave you. Amidst the hottest portion of the day at noon and soon after, a compulsory afternoon nap dictated by the parents, would be breached by quietly sneaking out of the rear bathroom door to go and play marbles with the kids from the servants quarters. Our joys and desires were so simple and basic.
And as the day ended today at Madh for RGV’s film I decided to undertake a ferry ride to cross over the creek that connects the mainland with Madh. Asked the car to go round all the way from the location and wait the other side. Its a massive time saving device - at least a couple of hours. And the ferry and then beyond takes just another 15 to 20 mins to get in to the home. But moving at a snails pace because the initial landing ground for the ferry is crowded with inhabited millions, who through those narrow and modest lanes give one a true picture of what and where and how in such meagre conditions these people survive. But they do survive and survive well … and that really is the marvel !!
The tolerance and simplicity of the average Indian is immense. Their lives may be clustered, but not their minds. The minds are ingenuity personified. Intellectually and otherwise apparently, the Indian child is the smartest child compared to the rest of the world. But then what happens to him or her after that is what concerns all .. We are unable to carry forward the gift of talent that is getting exposed each and every other moment.
As I write now I await the arrival of a Satguru, that my lawyer wishes me to meet. He is gifted as many well wishers say, with an extraordinary aura of peace and goodwill and well being. I shall elaborate on that later ..
for the moment though ..  its good night and with love .. kind courtesy of Lily de Pena
Amitabh Bachchan

An evening spent in literature, thoughts, words and poetry at the Jnanpith Award here in Delhi

Sopaan , New Delhi                Sept 18 , 2011             Sun  10:27  PM
An evening spent in literature, thoughts, words and poetry at the Jnanpith Award here in Delhi .. an old association established with the Sahu Jain family that has instituted this award, and a joy and pleasure to get an opportunity to not just talk about the greatness of the poet ‘Shahryar’ that was honored, but also to get a moment to recite a few of my Father’s poems at this august gathering of poets and literateurs.
There has been a great link with the Sahu Jain family of Kolkata from the days of my Father. They a prominent business group but having interest and love for the finer arts had always been admirers of my Father and his works. During my early years in Kolkata as an executive I had stayed in their house for some time. Their sons Ashok and Alok and the entire family took great care of me. Ashok Jain took over Times of India, his two sons and his wife now running the media giant. Alok Jain has his own business, but looks after the Jnanpith Institution. His family has grown too and it was a joy to relive some of those old times spent with them this evening.
And the rest of the time … with Shweta and Agastya and Nikhil at their home … dinner and soccer and Man Utd vs Chelsea … and the rivalries within the family on the support quotient … Agastya a Man Utd fan and Abhishek and I with Chelsea. Agastya must be a very happy young man today for, Man U was leading 3-0 during half time .. and Abhishek and I are hiding under the table right now !!!
Its back to morrow morning to Mumbai and ‘Department’ as soon as I land. The film work for me should end within the next few days and then back to KBC.
There is much to say … but not sufficient will to say it. There is much to share … but not enough courage to bring it out. There is much to inform … but not enough desire to disclose it. The dilemma of all celebrities all over the world. Speak and be damned, speak not and be damned as well. Then there are many that speak for you. They assume the power and right and justification to bring to public information of our thoughts and actions. These have no head for any kind of credibility because they are built by those who disclose it, independently of their own accord. But having done so, and done so as the ‘first out of the block’, leave a permanent impression with the public at large as finite truth. Any effort made after that by your own truths shall only be looked upon with great skepticism and ridicule. The end results are really quite farcical. Those that build, suddenly realize their basics were wrong. Admittance of fault would destroy their credibility, owning up to falsehood would expose their intent on all future events and so they simply disappear. Disappear into the wilderness of life. And the best way to do that is to deflect their grievous mistakes by throwing up another headline searching event, completing unrelated to what they had been pursuing earlier. !!!
Then there are those ‘well wishers’ of society that have all the suggestions in the world for others, when they themselves are in the need for most of it. Their concern for the rest of the world and how it should conduct itself is so genuinely laughable that it would embarrass even the most effective rib ticklers ! For them a simple message. DO NOT try to guide and run our lives for us. We have run ours with great effect and dignity so far and shall do so in the future also. But let us for one hypothetical moment imagine that what they suggest is done. Let them then also be an active part of those consequences that befall us thereafter as a result of it. Will they admit to that ? I would think not !!
These individuals are cowards. They constitute the ugliest scum that may exist in this universe. Faceless and without responsibility or identity they live a disillusioned life and are not just worth any attention, but worthy not of any mention either …
SHUT UP !!  Then .. Go mind your loins I say. Right now they exhibit greater character …
Amitabh Bachchan

When the body needs it it gets it - rest ! One never knows how much is needed until it is given the need

Jalsa , Mumbai                Sept  17/18 , 2011                     Sat/Sun  1:21 AM
When the body needs it it gets it - rest ! One never knows how much is needed until it is given the need. I got it today. A sudden cancellation and nothing lined up gave me opportunity to know how desperate indeed the body was for an uninterrupted sleep. So … the body just slept. I did try to talk it out of it but it just had a mind of its own … and now even though its time to get back to it, it sustains itself not on any will but the fact that it has banked sleep .. ha !
Bhartiya Gyanpeeth is a prestigious institution started by a business family to honor and respect and give value to literature and the arts in the country, especially in the field of writing and writers. Its annual function comes up tomorrow in Delhi and they have called me to be the Chief Guest, to give away the years Award to the famed Urdu poet Akhlaq Mohammad Khan ‘Shahryar’. An honor for me and a privilege. It is important for us all to be linked and be in close proximity to the classics. Arts music and literature of the purest kind have a world and value that can never be substituted or erased. Its purity shall always be acknowledged and revered because there really is no other of its worth. We may never be able to appreciate the completeness and the finery of its purity, but also we may never be able to be too far away from it. The finer arts shall always have a place in society. Their rhythm and thought is the closest one can get to the divine. Even the most cultured atheist shall acknowledged this. I hope ! You never can tell with those that have strong differing views .. they have their reasons, and they have sound ground for it, and so must be respected.
Spending time with the kids was a delight today. Abhishek recovering from his injury and Aishwarya. It was a delight to reveal to them the beauty of language and script and its rhythm and graph. The little that I have understood and gained from my association with my parents, needed to be passed on to the next generation. My Father as many know translated the Bhagwat Gita from its original sanskrit form into the language and graph of the Ramayan. It is a first of its kind and perhaps never been done before or after. The beauty of language in these two particular epics is the formation of the words in keeping with a given format of rhythm. Poetry without the presence of rhythm and rhyme is as disturbing or insipid as tasteless food. The Hindi Devnagri script is unique in a manner where what is written is spoken too, pronounced too. Once one knows the language it is not a difficult task to be able to speak it correctly. Hindi is one such language where perhaps the ease is greater, unlike say for example French or even English in many ways.
For actors and those in the profession of speech and performance it is essential to know the language first I have said many times. The performance and the acting shall come automatically once the language is spoken correctly, for, each language has the elements of a performance in it. There is a particular design and style in the manner in which a language is spoken. Learning a few words and its pronunciation is not enough. You have to know its basic style of being spoken. This is the practice that authenticates your knowledge of it. The tone has to be right first before the words start to fall.
This is what I believe ! I may have been utterly wrong in this .. but I think not …
More on what goes on in Delhi then later … for now …
Amitabh Bachchan

I am a citizen of my country India and proud to be an Indian

Jalsa , Mumbai            Sept  16/17,  2011          Fri/Sat  1 : 22 AM
I am a citizen of my country India and proud to be an Indian …but do I really know my country and its people. Do I really know what the interiors the hinterland and those deprived of a livelihood exist and survive in this land. No I do not ..
I had a vivd experience of it when I was fighting an election in 1984 for the Congress. The villages that I visited, the spirit of India that I observed, the poverty, the want and yet … the pride that each inhabitant of this beautiful country had within them … was incredible ! In those two years that I spent in Parliament I realized that the system on its own would never be able to take care of those that suffer. So with limited means I began my own individual charity. Medical facilities were a huge problem with the villages and so I started medical vans which serviced hundreds of villages in the region. But politics soon took over and attacks on its veracity and intent were made questionable. Hurt and disgusted with the attitude of those that opposed this harmless social service I gave it up and stopped.
I meet and consider various such needs from those in need privately now. Whatever best can be done I make an effort for. I see the suffering and the pain of those in desperate need, but am unable to contend with it, or bring about any relief. But I persevere and continue without mention. I mention today because each day on KBC I meet personally the real India. I meet the needy. I meet those  of my country that silently pursue a life of hardship and excessive labor. They never complain, they never tire, they never give up .. !
Their strength of purpose and value. Their determination to do for others what they were unable to do for themselves and their silent perseverance is the most telling moments on Tv at KBC …
I am a tall man physically, but in front of them these citizens of my land I am a pigmy in mind and body and soul !! Truly .. ! The simplicity of thought, the clearheadedness of their minds and their will is inspirational. I salute them publicly and privately both and realize now what the great leaders of our country thought and devised our standards when they did for the entire nation …
What a brilliant set of brains and thinking they possessed .. I am blessed that they blessed this country. But I am dwarfed by their action. I am worthless in front of them and must be aware of their contributions, and the contributions of those that coerced them to form such opinion.
I must learn more .. educate myself .. know and find out .. and step out in their direction to assist, help and be more compassionate … they are my earth my soil and my soul .. surely I deserve to know them .. I must ..
Amitabh Bachchan

It matters not what time may have in store for you

Jalsa , Mumbai              Sept 15/16 ,  2011                    Thu/Fri  2 : 31 AM
It matters not what time may have in store for you .. it matters what you have stored for time ..
It matters not whether you shall be deprived of sleep at this late hour of closing ..
It matters more that there shall be many that shall anxiously wait to not be deprived of a post ..
I may seem philosophical and somewhat insane, but it is the insanity of beings that brings us life .. life to live to work to share and to deliver in the end, with commitment hope and sincerity. I shall always wish that I shall have sufficient strength to be able to live up to all three. But even if a singular were to be taken into account, I would feel satisfied. Yes I do read comment that I work too hard. Hard work is difficult to describe. I am at a loss to describe my feelings when I hear the immaturity of comments which state ‘how hard they have been working’ ! How does one really measure or gauge what ‘hard’ denotes. Does ‘hard’ have points written on it or percentages that determine for us the degree or measure of what they represent. I would tend to side with a ‘no’. Then how does one gauge ? It cannot. Because ‘hard’ is subjective and shall differ from each. Each individual shall have his or her own recognition of the abstract ‘hard’. I loathe it when I hear expressions of ‘the amount of hard work put in’. Its rubbish for me ! When you express the amount of hard work you are doing, you have given it a measure. That for me is ridiculous, because hard work is one that cannot be measured or mapped or given points for. Yes I begin my day from 6 in the morning and its getting close to almost 3 now. It shall mean in a few hours that there has been work for an entire 24 hours ! So … would you describe this as ‘hard’. And if yes could you also give reasons for it. Your yardstick shall never match mine ! And I am happy that it never shall. We all present ourselves with similar yard sticks which determine for us, what our measure for individual act is. Indeed the very fact that you have desire to measure work, is defeatist in my opinion. If you have the capacity to define your work then you are quite unconsciously providing it limit. I disagree most strongly with the notion, that there can be a limit to work. And that ladies and gentlemen is the reason for my attitude.
My body or my situation could limit my ability to work. But that in no way is a yardstick to work. Work is constant. Or perhaps not constant at all, depending on how you wish to look at it.
‘Man shall sweat and work for his bread. Women shall bear child in pain.’ It has been ordained and it shall remain. And not a single element of the universe shall have the capacity to change this idiom. So help me the maker and creator of this universe.
We are all lost in expression for that which beholds us … until we overcome this hurdle we shall remain subservient and perhaps lost …
I am too … lost in manner and mood .. and who knows in indescribable work !!
Amitabh Bachchan

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