Monday, September 19, 2011

I am a citizen of my country India and proud to be an Indian

Jalsa , Mumbai            Sept  16/17,  2011          Fri/Sat  1 : 22 AM
I am a citizen of my country India and proud to be an Indian …but do I really know my country and its people. Do I really know what the interiors the hinterland and those deprived of a livelihood exist and survive in this land. No I do not ..
I had a vivd experience of it when I was fighting an election in 1984 for the Congress. The villages that I visited, the spirit of India that I observed, the poverty, the want and yet … the pride that each inhabitant of this beautiful country had within them … was incredible ! In those two years that I spent in Parliament I realized that the system on its own would never be able to take care of those that suffer. So with limited means I began my own individual charity. Medical facilities were a huge problem with the villages and so I started medical vans which serviced hundreds of villages in the region. But politics soon took over and attacks on its veracity and intent were made questionable. Hurt and disgusted with the attitude of those that opposed this harmless social service I gave it up and stopped.
I meet and consider various such needs from those in need privately now. Whatever best can be done I make an effort for. I see the suffering and the pain of those in desperate need, but am unable to contend with it, or bring about any relief. But I persevere and continue without mention. I mention today because each day on KBC I meet personally the real India. I meet the needy. I meet those  of my country that silently pursue a life of hardship and excessive labor. They never complain, they never tire, they never give up .. !
Their strength of purpose and value. Their determination to do for others what they were unable to do for themselves and their silent perseverance is the most telling moments on Tv at KBC …
I am a tall man physically, but in front of them these citizens of my land I am a pigmy in mind and body and soul !! Truly .. ! The simplicity of thought, the clearheadedness of their minds and their will is inspirational. I salute them publicly and privately both and realize now what the great leaders of our country thought and devised our standards when they did for the entire nation …
What a brilliant set of brains and thinking they possessed .. I am blessed that they blessed this country. But I am dwarfed by their action. I am worthless in front of them and must be aware of their contributions, and the contributions of those that coerced them to form such opinion.
I must learn more .. educate myself .. know and find out .. and step out in their direction to assist, help and be more compassionate … they are my earth my soil and my soul .. surely I deserve to know them .. I must ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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