Monday, September 19, 2011

An evening spent in literature, thoughts, words and poetry at the Jnanpith Award here in Delhi

Sopaan , New Delhi                Sept 18 , 2011             Sun  10:27  PM
An evening spent in literature, thoughts, words and poetry at the Jnanpith Award here in Delhi .. an old association established with the Sahu Jain family that has instituted this award, and a joy and pleasure to get an opportunity to not just talk about the greatness of the poet ‘Shahryar’ that was honored, but also to get a moment to recite a few of my Father’s poems at this august gathering of poets and literateurs.
There has been a great link with the Sahu Jain family of Kolkata from the days of my Father. They a prominent business group but having interest and love for the finer arts had always been admirers of my Father and his works. During my early years in Kolkata as an executive I had stayed in their house for some time. Their sons Ashok and Alok and the entire family took great care of me. Ashok Jain took over Times of India, his two sons and his wife now running the media giant. Alok Jain has his own business, but looks after the Jnanpith Institution. His family has grown too and it was a joy to relive some of those old times spent with them this evening.
And the rest of the time … with Shweta and Agastya and Nikhil at their home … dinner and soccer and Man Utd vs Chelsea … and the rivalries within the family on the support quotient … Agastya a Man Utd fan and Abhishek and I with Chelsea. Agastya must be a very happy young man today for, Man U was leading 3-0 during half time .. and Abhishek and I are hiding under the table right now !!!
Its back to morrow morning to Mumbai and ‘Department’ as soon as I land. The film work for me should end within the next few days and then back to KBC.
There is much to say … but not sufficient will to say it. There is much to share … but not enough courage to bring it out. There is much to inform … but not enough desire to disclose it. The dilemma of all celebrities all over the world. Speak and be damned, speak not and be damned as well. Then there are many that speak for you. They assume the power and right and justification to bring to public information of our thoughts and actions. These have no head for any kind of credibility because they are built by those who disclose it, independently of their own accord. But having done so, and done so as the ‘first out of the block’, leave a permanent impression with the public at large as finite truth. Any effort made after that by your own truths shall only be looked upon with great skepticism and ridicule. The end results are really quite farcical. Those that build, suddenly realize their basics were wrong. Admittance of fault would destroy their credibility, owning up to falsehood would expose their intent on all future events and so they simply disappear. Disappear into the wilderness of life. And the best way to do that is to deflect their grievous mistakes by throwing up another headline searching event, completing unrelated to what they had been pursuing earlier. !!!
Then there are those ‘well wishers’ of society that have all the suggestions in the world for others, when they themselves are in the need for most of it. Their concern for the rest of the world and how it should conduct itself is so genuinely laughable that it would embarrass even the most effective rib ticklers ! For them a simple message. DO NOT try to guide and run our lives for us. We have run ours with great effect and dignity so far and shall do so in the future also. But let us for one hypothetical moment imagine that what they suggest is done. Let them then also be an active part of those consequences that befall us thereafter as a result of it. Will they admit to that ? I would think not !!
These individuals are cowards. They constitute the ugliest scum that may exist in this universe. Faceless and without responsibility or identity they live a disillusioned life and are not just worth any attention, but worthy not of any mention either …
SHUT UP !!  Then .. Go mind your loins I say. Right now they exhibit greater character …
Amitabh Bachchan

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