Monday, September 19, 2011

As I write now I await the arrival of a Satguru, that my lawyer wishes me to meet

Prateeksha , Mumbai          Sept  19 , 2011          Mon  8:08 PM
All in a day .. up by 6 to catch the morning bird out of Delhi .. and straight from airport to the location at Madh Island for RGV’s ‘Department’, stopping by en route to greet the son who having had his stitches removed was on his way back to join his film crew in Jaipur.
The sun was out throughout the day and what a joy to be with it. Its been almost 4 months since we saw I saw it .. well seen it often but never had occasion to dwell with it. Many abhor the situation and run for cover of any kind when out in the open. I love it though, the sun and its environs. Born in Allahabad where a cruel summer burns up the earth at temperatures of 45 to 47 degres celsius you begin to admire the ’surya devata’. And no matter where and what the circumstances be in enhanced conditions now, those days of old never leave you. Amidst the hottest portion of the day at noon and soon after, a compulsory afternoon nap dictated by the parents, would be breached by quietly sneaking out of the rear bathroom door to go and play marbles with the kids from the servants quarters. Our joys and desires were so simple and basic.
And as the day ended today at Madh for RGV’s film I decided to undertake a ferry ride to cross over the creek that connects the mainland with Madh. Asked the car to go round all the way from the location and wait the other side. Its a massive time saving device - at least a couple of hours. And the ferry and then beyond takes just another 15 to 20 mins to get in to the home. But moving at a snails pace because the initial landing ground for the ferry is crowded with inhabited millions, who through those narrow and modest lanes give one a true picture of what and where and how in such meagre conditions these people survive. But they do survive and survive well … and that really is the marvel !!
The tolerance and simplicity of the average Indian is immense. Their lives may be clustered, but not their minds. The minds are ingenuity personified. Intellectually and otherwise apparently, the Indian child is the smartest child compared to the rest of the world. But then what happens to him or her after that is what concerns all .. We are unable to carry forward the gift of talent that is getting exposed each and every other moment.
As I write now I await the arrival of a Satguru, that my lawyer wishes me to meet. He is gifted as many well wishers say, with an extraordinary aura of peace and goodwill and well being. I shall elaborate on that later ..
for the moment though ..  its good night and with love .. kind courtesy of Lily de Pena
Amitabh Bachchan

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