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Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor to promote Mausam in KBC 5

Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor to promote Mausam in KBC 5

Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor are going to be the second celebrity contestants of Kaun Banega Crorepati 5. In the first week, Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone appeared in the show to promote their then soon-to-be released movie Aarakshan. 

This week Soman and Shahid will be promoting their film Mausam which will release on September 16. Both Shahid and Sonam have never been on KBC in the past four seasons. 

An excited Sonam twitted, "Doing #kbc with @shahidkapoor today! What an auspicious day to start promotions together." Meanwhile, Sonam, who has always stayed away from doing intimate scenes on screen, has reportedly done a passionate smooching scene with Shahid in this film. Initially, the actress was not in favour of doing it but later agreed to do it once director Pankaj Kapoor convinced her.

Now there remains no sense of time place and objectivity

Jalsa  , Mumbai      Aug  23 , 2011   Tue/Wed  1 : 00 AM
Now there remains no sense of time place and objectivity. There is work scheduled in such manner that shifting and replacing it with a phone call with a loved one, or even address an issue that hovers painfully above all of us dangerously, has become an object that does not require immediate attention.
It has been a moment of great concern that we have begun moving about like robots. Here there and everywhere. There is commitment and there is promise, there is work to be done and work to be done. Postponing it is not a recommended idea, but yes, if it serves the purpose then move ahead !
Before I go into a delirium and start punching words and expressions that shall defy all logic and sense. let me warn you that I have just successfully conducted my 5th yawn as I sit to reply to all.
It is a moment of the day that I look forward to .. a moment when I shall be able to spend sufficient time, to repay to thank and to establish that , it takes just mere imagination to round up support or destroy good will. May we all vote for the latter and may we all prosper from that decision.
I travel again tomorrow beyond Indian shores and I do hope the trip shall be memorable, successful and worthy of the cause. Life has become, beyond the fees that you get, a most profitable venture. For in the spare times of interaction and conduct one meets the real Indian. His issues and his pain. His days of frolic and despair. But never one without the other. Wherever there shall be peace, there springs up dramatically, all the other that seem to be the cause for such haste and urgency. But why only we. There has been far too many years of subjugation to the script and screenplay, to those that read and write. To those that shall at this point reach - the doors are open to public debate, healthy discussion and final conclusion :
Unless one screams and shouts in today’s world nothing gets done and life stagnates. Students and well wishers shall keep advising you on several choices, but the ultimate choice is slightly different in nature.
Let there be many opportunities in life. Let there be freedom and may peace prevail, one and all all the time .. May it happen … thank you ..
My love
Mahaprahbhu ki kripa sey, main aaj is liye nahin hoon ki mujhe na aane say, paruntu that if you were to take up this surprise, it would be pretty useful ..
Good night my friends and members of the family .. it is short but sweet and will be most gullible .. so ..
Many happy turns for the day and much more when we return. Not everyone would like to thekhai this risk .. you win many hearts, may they continue ……
Amitabh Bachchan

It is difficult to perceive how exacting a job it is to produce a Tv show

Jalsa , Mumbai     Aug 22,  2011       Mon  11 : 57 PM
It is difficult to perceive how exacting a job it is to produce a Tv show. It is even more exacting to know that lack of co ordination even at the smallest level, can cause anguish and misery in the final output. Equally it is most comforting to know that without the coordination of hundreds of others, a show of some magnitude can never be termed as one being successful.
I have worked in Tv for more than a decade now and can respectfully say that it always has been a most trying experience. But it must be said, that nothing could be more exciting and satisfying than being involved in one of them.
Yes the hours and the labor that goes into one such show is beyond comprehension. And were one to be a first hand on the spot observer, one would have nothing but marvel inscribed deeply within them. It is a wonder at times how things eventually fall into place, but fall in place they do …. and succeed !
The drain on energy for the entire day in front of Tv cameras is immeasurable. You need the support of various factors to get you through the day. But they do get through, miraculously though.
I find pens an interesting gift - most of the time to myself ! Finding a correct and attractive model for yourself is one of the high points of one’s life. Do any of you remember the very first pen you possessed and how it had become an integral part of your daily routine. You cared for it like you would your own body. Wash it, clean it, keep it not too far away from sight. Use it judiciously in writing out the most important letters of your existence, gracefully holding its unique body to form some of your most important private thoughts. Protecting it with your life, keeping it close to your body and on your personal as a symbol of one that was learned and dignified.
That joy of running it through the pages of paper, of stopping by an ink pot to drop all excess into the bottle or to fill up the tank on the pen with delight. To adjust to the variations that have since developed in ink filling - the tissue paper on hand to wipe out that excessive ink from the pot. The first induction of the ball pen and the wonder in our minds of how a pen without the benefit of any carry over ink, could possibly survive. But survive it did and continues to do so.
Some of the features that still remain valid and potent are the different types of the nib - broad, medium, fine, calligraphic … and so on ! And then the moment of decision when you approach a book store or one that could be safely called a stationary store, to scribble with dipped ink, on the pad of paper that is offered for tests. The scribblings that come to your sight are sincerely amazing. Most of the time they are somewhat selfish. You always end up scribbling your own name in various forms and deciding which pen and with which you would move ahead. The doodlings on the spare paperwork at most such stores, would be a treasure trove in a few years to come. It would make interesting reading to find out what the state of mind would have to be, to execute such sudden change.
But yes the writing on the pages of pages of paper and then the realization of its futility, does make for a case of lack of interest for the environment. Gallons of ink later, multitudes of spare paperwork to be signed or consulted on, you suddenly discover, damn I should have done it on a keyboard and restored a record and file for its discovery after a few years. But that special charm of opening an old letter, sent ages ago by your friend, or discovering some of the ruthlessness of those that were abusive towards our existence. The analysis, the commentary, the reasonable doubt, all fall into place as the years and days go by, assured that all that was constructed and maintained was indeed for our own good. And even if it was not, so what, at least it was maintained and kept for so long.
I don’t know … whether all this makes any sense at all .. i would like all of you to believe that it was meant to be just that …
My love as always
Amitabh Bachchan

Had been to New Delhi overnight to be with family

Jalsa , Mumbai        Aug 21 , 2011    Sun 11 : 59 PM
Had been to New Delhi overnight to be with family .. but work too needed attention and so took the first flight out and straight to the studio to record episodes for KBC. If anyone ever felt that Tv was an easy job they must come and join me on the sets when I work and realize that it is one of the most complicated and hardest jobs that exist in the field of entertainment. For one that has limited capacity of speech, more so in the company of people, it is an arduous task for me to talk non stop for hours on end on the set … mostly extempore !!
But the affection that one gets from the game audience at the studio that sits patiently behind and around me is the greatest reasons for doing what I do for KBC. Their disciplined sitting, their silence during the moments of test of a contestant and then the out pouring once the show gets over is the essence of the entire day spent moment on set. Their enthusiasm gets the show really going and on its feet. Their involvement gives us courage to perform. Their applause and love moulds our temperament, which eventually reflects on our speech and face when we test the knowledge of our contestants.
And it is they that get our game going and giving us the required TRP, which I must say turned out to be rather flattering, or so I am informed by the COO N.P Singh of Sony. The opening day ratings have emerged from the three metros and the average is a most flattering 5.24, about the same as last seasons opening. In Delhi it was around 8.0 !! But averaged out its 5.24. The official results shall be out soon, but NP told me that Sony actually, thanks to KBC, became No 1 channel for two days, before settling down to its no 3 position !! That was some achievement !! This is unexpected simply because the show is on a second season from last year and it was not felt that it would do so well. It shows then that the interest of the people of this country remains steadfast towards the show and that is the most encouraging part.
There have been some very interesting contestants and most interesting stories around them. Yes there are some that have come from humble backgrounds, but equally there are those that come from the urban centers and all have the most incredible stories to tell. It is impossible at times not to get involved with their life and to see them play for high stakes, knowing that the amount they shall win shall be of tremendous help to them. But the one salient feature that is noticed is that there is a tremendous feel for their self respect, when they talk about the many complexities that their lives have gone through. They may come from humble homes, they may not never have seen or even heard of the kind of money that is promised in the game show, but play they shall with the hope of winning that magical amount to take care of a long standing loan, a home that they wished to build, a support that they needed to give to older parents and the younger children and nothing for themselves. It is I believe the value of the culture that this country has given us in abundance. Our ethics and our nature all rolled into one. It makes me proud to have been in their company, to have sat across them and to have in some way shared their agony and the eventual delight in their winnings.
Tomorrow is another day among them and shall be so for the next few days. The exhaustion comes before the start of the day. Once in the thick of it you wonder not when it shall stop, but wish that it continues longer …
My association with my EF is similar in content and faith ..
My love to you as ever ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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