Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now there remains no sense of time place and objectivity

Jalsa  , Mumbai      Aug  23 , 2011   Tue/Wed  1 : 00 AM
Now there remains no sense of time place and objectivity. There is work scheduled in such manner that shifting and replacing it with a phone call with a loved one, or even address an issue that hovers painfully above all of us dangerously, has become an object that does not require immediate attention.
It has been a moment of great concern that we have begun moving about like robots. Here there and everywhere. There is commitment and there is promise, there is work to be done and work to be done. Postponing it is not a recommended idea, but yes, if it serves the purpose then move ahead !
Before I go into a delirium and start punching words and expressions that shall defy all logic and sense. let me warn you that I have just successfully conducted my 5th yawn as I sit to reply to all.
It is a moment of the day that I look forward to .. a moment when I shall be able to spend sufficient time, to repay to thank and to establish that , it takes just mere imagination to round up support or destroy good will. May we all vote for the latter and may we all prosper from that decision.
I travel again tomorrow beyond Indian shores and I do hope the trip shall be memorable, successful and worthy of the cause. Life has become, beyond the fees that you get, a most profitable venture. For in the spare times of interaction and conduct one meets the real Indian. His issues and his pain. His days of frolic and despair. But never one without the other. Wherever there shall be peace, there springs up dramatically, all the other that seem to be the cause for such haste and urgency. But why only we. There has been far too many years of subjugation to the script and screenplay, to those that read and write. To those that shall at this point reach - the doors are open to public debate, healthy discussion and final conclusion :
Unless one screams and shouts in today’s world nothing gets done and life stagnates. Students and well wishers shall keep advising you on several choices, but the ultimate choice is slightly different in nature.
Let there be many opportunities in life. Let there be freedom and may peace prevail, one and all all the time .. May it happen … thank you ..
My love
Mahaprahbhu ki kripa sey, main aaj is liye nahin hoon ki mujhe na aane say, paruntu that if you were to take up this surprise, it would be pretty useful ..
Good night my friends and members of the family .. it is short but sweet and will be most gullible .. so ..
Many happy turns for the day and much more when we return. Not everyone would like to thekhai this risk .. you win many hearts, may they continue ……
Amitabh Bachchan

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