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Aish Big B not afford to be nude ऎश का न्यूड होना बिग बी को गवारा नहीं

ऎश का न्यूड होना बिग बी को गवारा नहीं

मुम्बई। बच्चन परिवार की इकलौती बहू ऎश्वर्या ने यूं तो बच्चन परिवार को नाराज होने का कोई मौका नहीं दिया है लेकिन खबरें आ रही है इन दिनों बिग बी अपनी बहू से नाराज है।

दरअसल ऎश मधुर भंडारकर की अगली फिल्म हिरोईन में काम करने जा रही है और फिल्म की शूटिंग शुरू होने से पहले ही खबरें उड़ रही है कि इस फिल्म ऎश काफी एक्सपोज करने वाली है। इतना ही नहीं इस फिल्म में वह बिकनी में भी नजर आ सकती है। यहां तक कि उनके न्यूड होने की भी बात कहीं जा रही है।

सूत्रों के मुताबिक अमिताभ को अपने घर की बहू की यह हरकत बिल्कुल रास नहीं आई है। बताया जा रहा है कि अभिषेक ने भी ऎश के न्यूड होने पर आपत्ति जताई है। हालांकि पहले ऎश्वर्या को इन सींस पर आपत्ति थी लेकिन स्क्रिप्टि की मांग के अनुसार मान गई।

अब बॉलीवुड में इस बात पर भी बहस छिड़ी है कि क्या ऎश अपने परिवार से बगावत कर यह फिल्म करेगी या बिग के परिवार की इमेज का खयाल रखेगी। सूत्रों के कहना है कि ऎश पहले बंगाली फिल्म "दासी" में सेमीन्युड सीन दे चुकी है बाद में तमिल में रिलीज किया था।

Aish Big B not afford to be nude 

Mumbai. Bachchan family's only daughter Yun Aishwarya by the Bachchans have no chance of being offended, but is reported these days, Big B is angry with his daughter.

Indeed Aish Madhur Bhandarkar's next film is going to work in Hiroine and start shooting before flying reports that the film is going to Ckaspoj ऎash enough. Not just the bikini in the film look can. Even speak to her nude is going somewhere.

According to sources, Amitabh Bachchan daughter in law of your home's movement has not gone at all. Is described by the consecration of Aish have objected to being nude. Although the first ऎshwarya who had objected to these Sins Skripti agreed as per the demand.

Bollywood raging debate on this point whether the film will ऎash rebelled from his family or big family will take care of the image. Sources say that ऎash first Bengali film "Maid" has to give Semeenryuad scene was later released in Tamil.

One of the great joys of life is the privilege and absolute delight that one encounters in the presence of grandchildren

London,  U.K    May  25,  2011     Wed  9: 27 PM  gmt
One of the great joys of life is the privilege and absolute delight that one encounters in the presence of grandchildren. Mine are here with me in London and spending ‘quality time’ here with them has been a most rewarding experience. Quality time within quotes has been done to draw attention to a terminology that reeks of corporate managerial lingo, often used by parents who consider it an obligatory duty to be with their own progeny. I find it most offensive and demeaning, not just to myself, were I to be placed in such category, but to those little wonders who inhabit such an important portion of their being with us. It is the deep innocence of the growing child that has always been a most endearing quality. To see that being destroyed or disillusioned by detachment, separation or dislike must be the most horrific of crimes that mankind can afflict upon its other.
During my little sojourn recently, I had the great pleasure of meeting a family that lived close by where we were, and to discover that they officially created a home for those little hearts that had been subjected to such harsh realities. They housed within their modest home a girl in her teens, and two young boys aged 8 and 5 perhaps, that had been displaced from their parents and had been rendered almost without help, until the state moved in and legally and officially gave their custody to this family. I learnt from them that the parents of these children had been declared incapable of looking after their own blood and so had agreed to let their children be cared after by another parent in another home. The couple that managed them and the house they were in, had their own genetic child as well, a grown son of 17 and all of them lived together as one big family. On occasion the children were taken across to their real parents to spend ‘quality time’ with them and then brought back to their foster home. And .. on most such visits, the adopted children were more at ease and comfort with the adopted than with their own.
How does a parent explain disinterest, or aversion to their own ? How can a Mother ever claim not wanting to be with her own child. To caress and hold and embrace, irrespective of their condition. These little hearts, bright and beautiful, innocent and wide eyed … how could any parent ever dream of parting with them. But they have and I am unable to assess how they feel, but I am told that there is no remorse, or emotion in the fact of the separateness of their children from them.
I marvel at the effort being made by the home that gives these lost and vacant children more than deserving, love and care. I marvel at the quality of the children that, knowing their circumstance, continue to adhere themselves to the foster than their own. And my admiration for the couple that looks after them as their own increases many fold, when I am told that the man in the house, is himself a victim of such a circumstance. As a little child he was thrown out of his home by his parents on to the streets, discarded and disowned, to fend for himself. He has today built himself up through sheer dint of hard work and existence and reached a stage of some integral comfort, to be able to volunteer and help those that find themselves in conditions similar to his. Remarkable !!
Today the home for those that are homeless, is the home where they are now. Today they treat the couple that looks after them as their own blood and treat them as parents. This is wonderful. But I wonder, when they shall mature and grow and get wise of the world and its complexities. When the vagaries of life and its harsh truths shall be known to them. When they will be subjected to reality, what then ? Would they still acknowledge those that cared for them ? Would they value the sacrifice made, or as does often happen in the West, they would leave home for greener pastures. What and how would they reflect on their life ? How would they treat their own, were they to encounter them at some stage. And what of the parent, the true blooded. Would they continue to look upon them that they discarded, with similar disdain, or would their be a change of affection ? Would they be able to know what affection to child is, having lived away in deliberate reason ? What complexities would this give rise to in the mental health of those that suffered and those that created the suffering ?
I have no answers to many of these. I have no answers because the circumstance has not subjected me to such condition. I can but only say that there rises a thankfulness towards my creator in keeping me away from such. In making my life a normal suitable one, for there are so many other that suffer.
We trouble our complicated mind with greater complications, when in fact there is enough reason to be grateful for what we have - a life of normalcy ! We tax our minds on material gains and envious visions of what we do not have, but the neighbor does. We are foolish to think thus. We forget the value of our own body, mind and normal circumstance. When we can be proud of this, boast about its purity and form, then shall we be considered as human, else we shall turn towards another kingdom, the kingdom of an animal. But even there, it has so often been noticed, parentage is guarded fiercely ! Is it so difficult to not behave even as an animal in these circumstances ?
I return to my bed … but have just hugged my blood and my blood’s blood .. held them tight, given them the warmth of my feeling and presence, caressed them and told them how much they are loved and cared for. No matter where, no matter what .. they shall ever remain so … !!
Amitabh Bachchan

There are some joys in moving away. There are some joys in coming in. Which is greater one never can tell

London , UK         May 24/25 , 2011    Tue/Wed  2 : 00 am   gmt
There are some joys in moving away. There are some joys in coming in. Which is greater one never can tell.
Some moving aways are sorrowful and continue to be with you till you come in, and remain for a time. What is this and why ? One has never been able to understand. Detachment is what the knowledged teach, not to get too close or too attached, for when the time comes to move away the pain and sorrow may dilute. Preaching is word perfect. Its practice an unopened window. The time taken in assessing its timing could take time to a higher degree. Best then to remain in the grain till it lasts and remove without pain when it does not.
I notice that many fail to understand the pervious post, or suggest that it be written simply for it makes difficult reading. Some express anxiety at the issue that could have caused me to write thus. Neither need attention. I write with an open heart and with some informality. It could cause adverse understandability. It is not written to. But if it does then it would be inappropriate to change it. What is done is done. Be it as it may - without sense, without meaning whatever … but as is. Perhaps this could be the state that the post finds itself in.
It is now a part of me. I would never want to change it.
So the climes of solitude are over and the chimes of the urban metro fill up almost as if the vacuum was unbearable. Strange though it may seem, but even a short burst of solitude urges one to return back to life of life’s aapadhaapi. The rush of it. Those that hibernate here in the city, would not understand the enthusiasm of the non metro and perhaps vice versa.
Never seen or been in a metropolis is by itself an awesome experience. It overwhelms. Never seen or been in the rural is an awesome experience too and it overwhelms as much. In a land where both exist, it is difficult for one to make the quantum leap to catch up with the other. Equally it makes it awfully depressive in the reverse. What then ?
I do not have any answers on this. Perhaps the learned on the blog or on the EF may have some inputs that could resolve this in more ways than one. I attempted it once. When I committed myself to public service and life. But found it too harsh and with a bearing which did not give me the qualification to pursue. But indeed the life of one as opposed to the other, is vast and disillusioning at times. We feel for those that lack. We applaud those that achieve. Is there a possibility of a balance ? No I doubt much. Those who have not need to have. How will they have if the haves are constrained is one argument. Putting all issues to the state is also unwarranted. It shall not happen. Individual help and assistance can only go this much and no more. Hence the balance and its vast importance.
Who then will decide the balance, or measure its scale. Another issue ! That then is the problem. Not the desire, not the keenness to balance, but to find a suitable measure of rightful balance. Many of those that come up with noble execution, face the ignominy of being what they are termed as being. A leader of men may have a solution, which another may find creating far too great a value to his position and could as well want to destroy. It happens in politics, in business, even in entertainment. Guile then is the password. Guile ? In politics acceptable. In business too. But in entertainment ? Difficult to understand. But I am told happens. More so now with the fresh crop, that manages and knows the strengths of management and marketing. And they gain and progress. Perhaps not so much in the art, but in the art of management, and thereby success.
We have a lot to learn yet. Life teaches every day. Don’t go to school one day and find yourself washed away from the shore into the deep ocean, never to be retrieved again. That is sad. But true.
I need to learn a lot …
Amitabh Bachchan

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ekant Sangeet the music of solitude of being alone, singular BigB

Ekant     May 23 ,  2011   Mon  11 : 00 PM
Ekant Sangeet … the music of solitude … of being alone, singular or a certain quietude, away from all other, left to oneself, discarded, forgotten and removed … into oblivion !!
Many wish it for themselves. Many wish it for you.
Those that are ‘themselves’ perhaps will it so, from circumstance desire and deliberate. Those that ‘wish’ it, do it with hate and vengeance, of retaliate and envy .. a dash of jealousy, zealous with intent, the presence of your eminence of some harm to them. They that fall into such a morass depict despicable nature. They fall each day into an abyss, deep and unable to extricate themselves from it. They shall never be able to breathe their swim to the top into a fresh air. They know they shall breathe, but instead fill their lungs with the acqua of devastation and death. That is scary. Scary for them. They have seen and perhaps know better what awaits them. They repent not for they know repentance needs the hemispheric air. They are so deep within the tons of trillion tons that they shall not survive. Might as well then expound all the evil that they can. The heavens shall not revive them they know, let the devil then be proud of their evil. Someone of consolation !!!
But of them that wish it for themselves - the silence of purity, the beauty of nothing extreme except the vast coverage of the ethereal atmosphere, never dark, never oppressive, but bright and inviting, enveloping all that governs their existence ! A mind then that remains clear even on clouded realm. One that exudes tolerance, fortitude, forgiveness and understanding - they then are the chosen one. The one that shall bear the cross, hang in pain but be liberated from it for they rise and lift in deliverance. Their ascension shall never be questioned, or debated or doubted. Their ascent shall be driven by those that once threw the stones of despise and evil. That shall and will be their most acclaimed position, never to be argued, never to be wasted upon !!
These shall be in peace. Those other shall live in the depth of decrepit foul emission !
Glory then to us. Shame and insignificance to them, as they burn and rot in their own stew !!
‘Ekant Sangeet’ … the title of one of the 60 odd books that remained with my Father in his words. His solitude, his pain and his lonely life surrounded by misery and death for a large portion of his life. Until … the advent of a certain ‘tej’, that speed and brightness of spark, one that could enlighten environs with admirable optimism. One that gave him reason for ‘light everlasting and unconquerable’. Blessed and in awe ever !
I am but a reflection, mirrored in the supreme brightness of its shine. The mirror cracks and mists with impurity at times, but disturbs not the reflect, nor the image that remains seen. I must strive to remain in the mirrored image. To be of relevance to those that seek reflection and refraction. And for those that come after me, admonished they may be, doubted and unfairly judged, let them be with piece of mirror, for, the piece shall piece together the greatness of its fullness. This is not desire of Father and of the Son or of the Holy Ghost, it is but expected deemed ..
Amen !!
Amitabh Bachchan

Monday, May 23, 2011

Nothingness contributes to nothingness, they say BigB

‘Ekant’       May 22,  2011      Sun 11 : 56 PM
Nothingness contributes to nothingness, they say. I would tend to agree with this with some elements of hesitancy thrown in. Rest and relaxation could be in the realm of doing nothing except perhaps to come away from harsh work schedules. There may not be work in it, but the rest in recuperating the mind and body could be of immense benefit. If there are no dead lines to meet, no appointments to rush to, no time lines to be met, the exercise could well be quite rewarding. Other than taking in the fresh air, there really isn’t much to take in on such occasions. It would differ I should imagine if the person involved were to be finding rest and relaxation in his or her work itself. Then of course the reason for rest would have to be negated and forfeited. But other than this, it would be of interest to see how others reacted. Many during this time take up new and untouched ventures. Vocations that do not have any relevance to their immediate work. Its a brave attempt. An attempt I think that could in the long run enhance some aspect of their regular work. Which is an interesting way of looking at it. Working as an actor, but playing golf for example in that spare moment - competition, concentration, patience, correct choices in the iron - correct decisions on the project film ! Funny how everything gets interrelated ! Such magic ! Play a sport to win always, obsess labor plan. Do a movie and bring in those practices again. Fascinating ! I know many that approach either with similar sentiment and are cause for envy. But why. Each individual should have his or her game plan in a professional world. Most, in an individual professional world. This is our realm our job our life, it would need all that it needs to succeed and prosper. Why then disuade them from practicing what they need to practice, when they work for its enhancement.
There are friendships and associations and holding hands in various professions. Can we honestly say that they are above the consideration that they have been formed with ? Does it not cross our minds at some stage that an association would benefit a certain cause other than what the association is about ? Invite someone over for dinner, for who knows, tomorrow we may need him. Lets send him or her flowers and a card on the birthday or anniversary. They are important people !! And on …
At some stage of our lives we have all sat back and thought or executed such acts. Who to acknowledge, who to not. Who to hold hands over a meal and who not. And perpetually the thought ringing in our ears, good we came to know them, imagine what would have transpired if they had not been around. It is a harsh reality, but a reality all the same. Some where sometime it does cross our mind. It should not, but it does.
That is the positive behind such operation. There is the other too. Know someone, connect with him on an issue, seek his now understood reason for the relationship, and he says he cannot ! Genuinely can not. Does the relationship sour ? Man … I asked you a favor as a friend, you are my friend are you not, and you move away ? Never expected this of you, how could you ? And now when ever you meet or invite or consult, would it not have the strains of that flavor where there was the absence of the expected help. Just wondering and conjecturing !!
Of course this does not take anything away from those rare and genuine relationships that have through generations gone beyond expectation and hope and duty. They exist and prosper despite all else. They exist despite the oft repeated thought in our minds - ‘let me do this for him, after all I do owe him one, do I not’ . When do we forget that thought, ‘after all’…
A simple situation but one that lingers in my mind often …
So what does one do ? If you were to ask me, I would do, and do it without knowledge of the other. Or never attempt to display my presence, or talk on the subject. Favor done, forget it. My Father was surprised once when a friend of his returned his borrowed money to him after 25 years ! He never expected it but it came back. So he gave me wisdom again -
Never lend, and if you do, never expect it to be back !!
I hope the almighty shall never put me in a situation where I shall need to ask, or beg. Neither would I want to be in a situation where I am expected to give. But if there were to be a consensus on my attitude I would myself vote for giving rather than asking. And after giving I would honestly forget !!
Somewhere there is a beauty in the soul when this is done. Better a better soul than a calculating mind .. with so much beauty around do we really need to …

May the serenity and peace of the above be with you ever .. nature builds it we often destroy it .. maybe we should change the cycle ..
My love
Amitabh Bachchan

There is no bigger joy than sitting up in the late evening and sharing up the day with the extended family

‘Ekant’       May 21,  2011         Sat 11: 57 Pm
“The morning slides up upon the pane,

Fresh air through an open vane
The chill across the body warm,
No harm.
The sea it splashes hard and strong,
Beyond a point, there is no wrong
We stand and stare and stare and stare,
Nature so beauteous, can never be fair.
Take up the walk, take up the shore
Take up upon never ending and more.
A way side Inn, in sun and glare
Little seats about the pavement bare.
Much later then another walk
Vast bodies of rock, silent, no talk.
There is a silence about and above
This is not game for treasure trove. “

There is no bigger joy than sitting up in the late evening and sharing up the day with the extended family. The fear of not being able to do so was looming large through out the previous night and this morning. But the heavens helped, the skies broke away the dark and disillusioning clouds and connection exercised its vote in our favor !
A relief then … and greater than most people are able to understand. The thrill and excitement that has prevailed on the release of the ‘Bbuddah - hoga tera baap’ promo stood way behind in my thoughts when the net refused to answer to the various combinations that I continued to press to initiate just any indication of life on these fibre glass wires and cables ..
But the mood changed dramatically when quite by chance everything came to life and a whoop filled the air. We were back and how ! And no, that was not meant to steal from the promo of the film on release !!
How ever did we manage when we were unconnected, distant and out of sight and sound. How ??!
It is difficult to imagine. The personal mobile, that birthday warning, the reminders for work to be done, reactions instantly of activity undertaken and a host of other important notes, all at the palm of your hand and a reliance on them for life. Our new colorful and active brain ! Decorated by digits and screens and all kinds of apparatus needed to allow it to function at its utmost.
I had been concerned about Rajnikant and his illness. I had spoken to him a few days before coming away. He sounded frail and disturbed. His ever efficient wife, Latha ji was taking good care. I merely told him not to ignore whatever the doctors were saying and to listen to them. But media and its reporting machine through a vast blast of breakings, was making me anxious. So I connected again and was pleased to find that he was improving. The fans and well wishers , the incessant media around his house was beginning to give him no space to have a restful day in the house, hence the shift to hospital. I believe he is back home and nothing could give me greater pleasure.
But back to the promo and ‘Bbuddah’ .. when some stalwarts write in to say and give final analysis, its time to wonder what it is that we have done. A rethink follows and a desire to hope that all goes well at the time of release.
Your prayers are solicited fervently ..
Amitabh Bachchan

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amitabh on a 1600 cc motorbike

Amitabh Bachchan created a major commotion on the sets of Bbuddah when he arrived on his 1600 cc stylish motorbike. 

In this slick adventure, director Puri Jagannath has shown Amitabh as an angry old man. Mouthing popular dialogues from Deewar, Agneepath, Shahenshah. Bachchan is expected to bring the house down with this film. We are eagerly waiting this one. 

The location is causing me problems of communication BigB

SeaSandRockDessertSnow and ekant May  20 ,  2011   Fri  7 : 52 Pm
The location is causing me problems of communication … and I am livid ! I hate to be in a situation when connectivity deprives me of my most important moment of the day - my post to my EF ..!!
I have always tried to be at a place where at least if nothing else, my network works. That has not been adhered to when I got to where I got to and this is upsetting my mind and thinking.
Anyway .. we must live with it and find a way out .. and if there is no way out, you change. So if things do not improve, I shall move ..
The first look promo of the ‘Bbuddah - hoga tera baap’ trailer was released today on the Tv during the IPL game and I have been overwhelmed with the response that has come to me on twitter and the mobile here. This is just such a joy to find all the hard work paying off. I must first thank the  director Puri Jaganath for conceiving this idea for me and pushing me to do it, with a strong persuasive effort from Ram Gopal Varma, whose assistant director Puri had been. The entire team of people that have worked on the film need a warm applause from me and my thanks for working like a fine well strung unit. They have patient and composed and most efficient. Thank you all. Now the test for the audience starts … the film releases on the 1st of July and all our fingers and toes are crossed for its hopeful appreciation among the audiences !!
London was most rewarding and had its share of excitement and varied experiences. With the innovation and inauguration of the Bachchan Bol Vog in the UK and meeting all those that have developed and seen it function to perfection, I was exposed to an entire media entourage in their most generous and polite respectful manner. It was wonderful to see them all after a long time and to find them still interested in what I do and say.
Oxford in the middle of all this was such a rewarding visit. Would you not agree after this -
And that ladies and gentleman of the EF … is the Magna Carta ! The original, preserved and archived in the Bodlein Library at one of the many ornate and grand halls of the Oxford University. Been shown to me in a rare gesture of exclusivity, this is such an honor. A document that became the corner stone of the practice of law, of democracy and in many ways the formation and reference for the construction of several major Constitutions of country’s. Awesome !!
Along with this there were so many other such experiences that it would take me a while to not just describe them but, to understand and explain their importance in today’s world. You feel so dwarfed in the presence of such magnificent greatness, such vast knowledge that if circumstances permitted I would want to get back to University again. And as I say this I remember an incident that transpired between my parents and the first Vice President of the country, that great mind Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. In one of his private meetings with my Father and my Mother he had told her ” sell all your jewelry, but send your boys to Oxford or Cambridge ” !
And as I spent time with the many intellectuals at the University there was talk among them of the need and importance of preservation - even preservation in our own film Industry - of our films and scripts and songs and dialogues and procedures that went through in their making. How humbling to think that intellectuals out of another country, people of great eminence in the field of international education and knowledge, would even consider thinking or suggesting such procedures to us, when really it should be coming to us independently and within ourselves. Would there be any takers, any initiatives ?? I wonder and lament too !!
The winds turn cold .. the evening dark … and the silence haunting and daunting almost at once .. it comes to the stage when I must bear the unhappy thought of closing my conversation with you ..
The blue waters of the sea, the distinct outlines of the scattered islands below, lived in, housed and formed along the edges of vast fields of agricultural enterprise, the gentle white impressions of the surf among the waves that clash with their own counterparts, a few sparse clouds, a drone .. and ekant !!
Love to all ..
Amitabh Bachchan

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap Teaser 3

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap Teaser 2

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap Teaser 2

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap Teaser 1

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap Teaser 1

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap Teaser 1

Friday, May 20, 2011

More promotions and more interviews and more travel BigB

London , UK      May 19 , 2011   Thu  10 : 21 PM GMT
More promotions and more interviews and more travel in crowded London streets, where the traffic congestions are beginning to resemble the streets of our own Mumbai ! But all said and done it has been wonderful. It is wonderful to be knocked on the door by your grandson and to sit with him for breakfast. To chat about everything under the sun with him. To listen to their analysis of situations. To hear a mature controlled and chilled out kid. Such a joy when you spend quality time with the loved ones.
And then in the middle of all this, there is the wonderful Shekhar of the Vishal and Shekhar duo of music, wanting to share a song idea for ‘Bbuddah’. How time has changed the modes available for the practice of jobs that would perhaps never have been conceived before. Shekhar sends me a rough scratch for the song on email. I put him on mobile - he in Mumbai, I in London .. we listen together and then give suggestions and music inputs over the net ! And whoooah ! We have another hum drummer of a song in the making ! What is communication doing to us !!
Family breakfast over its off to media and after a few, its Chris Tarrant, the first host of ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ here in England, doing radio now and waiting to meet up with me. We had met almost 10 years ago on the sets of ‘Millionaire’ here at the Elstree Studios. I was brought here by Star Tv to have a look at the making of the show, which is where I first met Chris, himself apprehensive of what the show woud turn out to be. But look what it did with our careers. Ever grateful for this …
The Bachchan Bol facility has been widely talked about and widely diccussed. These are the first few days for the activation of the service and we hope as time goes by we shall be able to connect with friends and followers and fans and well wishers. Its gone off pretty well I think. WE do hope that those that are in London shall contribute to it graciously by punching in the following text : BBOL  85525 and listen in …
And now exhaustion of the highest order has taken over, after my return from the BBC tv facility, where I was on for the ‘the One Show’, I believe a most popular one. I must to bed because I travel again tomorrow morning very early and I do wish to get in my 40 winks before !!
Stay well and stay connected … love and more ….
Amitabh Bachchan

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Bachchan Bol, vog for the United Kingdom was launched to day

London , UK      May  18 ,  2011        Wed 6 : 40 PM  GMT
The Bachchan Bol, vog for the United Kingdom was launched to day, and I am back after a most exhausting non stop press meet and one on ones with the media. The excitement of initiating another concept, another challenge, another first is palpable. The India figures have reached an incredible 2.66 million subscribers and one hopes it shall increase as time goes by with other nations coming in. For those that inquire about the USA and other countries, there is news for you. An app., is under construction through which it shall be possible for anyone in any part of the world to access the Vog !! Hurray !! And hopefully with more time the process of providing a visual to the subscriber as I talk shall also be available, along with many other fresh discoveries that need for the moment, time on its technology to be developed.
The media was most kind and respectful, disciplined and orderly, pleasant and accommodating, keen to acknowledge and without any hint of aggression ! Which for an individual of my perceived reputation with them, was heartening and most likable. I guess the fact that we as celebrities of the Indian Cinema are not seen as often as we are in Mumbai and in front of the Mumbai media, could be one of the reasons. However, it was a most organized and well conducted day and I must compliment the press both from the UK and elsewhere to have given me reason to smile and applaud their presence. Thank you.
I am still reeling under the effect of the Oxford visit and have not been able come away from the keen interest that most British teaching institutions, have shown and continue to do so in the present, towards tradition. The hall where the Oxford Lecture was conducted is an ornate marvel of the times it was built. It is known as the School for Examinations and still continues with the tradition of all students who enter its august location for an examination to be dressed in traditional student gear - gowns, caps and all !
The Bodlein Library a remarkable, old but well maintained, quiet and historic edifice, housing some of the most ancient and time capsuled manuscripts and books of an era that initiated the relevance of a good education, is to be seen to be believed. When we enter the portals of these magnificent buildings, the one thing that immediately strikes you is the detailed and most artistic manner in which the entire stone work must have been constructed for it to have lasted and continue to for hundreds of years. The sight of an imposing structure, with architectural finesse and beauty, must certainly have been done with one singular purpose - to invite with immense awe, the learned to share their academic wealth, towards those that desired to be interested in the learning. The imposing buildings and halls and long artistic galleries and quadrangles, surrounded by looping sensitively carved gates, built with great imagination, not just to look grand but to also inscribe on them the delicate detail that would recount their existence at the time they were constructed or pay great heed to the history or culture of the time, or in some subtle way indicate those that may have contributed generously towards its making. The donors or those that in the times must have taken keen interest in building these structures by generous financial donations were often represented through their ‘coat of arms’ being imbedded on the ceilings with immense dexterity and design. The largest emblem bearing in its reckoning the fact, that they had contributed the most, financially. And it is remarkable how not much has been done to renovate or change the material that had been used then. And what foresight to have thought of building something that would last centuries, for, the gift of learning needed perhaps the student first to respect the aura and magnitude of the place of education in its largeness and in its volume, before he even entered or was welcomed in. The ornate beauty of places of worship, the churches and chapels were perhaps the early indicators of how they had or may have wanted their ‘churches of education’ or as they are referred to in modern times the ‘temple of learning’ to look. Educating oneself was almost in equation with that wondrous interior which housed the Gods and Goddesses of various religions, where prayer and worship was rendered with utmost respect and dignity and belief. Was not then, these marvelous structures that imparted knowledge, similar in their belief and prayer ! Belief in what was being taught, and a prayer of thankfulness for the benefit that they were deriving from it.
Modern life, modern thinking and modern surroundings have taken over from those time tested ancient locations and buildings. The awe, that inspired generations of those connected to the art of education, is not quite the same now, though the brilliance of the minds that have erupted with time, has been most progressive.
I see schools and colleges in metro cities today, housed in large high rises, the entire institution designated to different floor levels as in apartment buildings and wonder where is that awe inspiring feel of entering a premise that exudes a climate of learning and knowledge.
But to counter this thought has been the desire and intent that has been wrapped in that loin cloth - simple, sparse but high in value and content. We have seen that the brilliance of the mind is not necessarily influenced by the large and ornate edifices of education. Students from humble and simple backgrounds have also brought glory and name to the realm of learning, many of them excelling beyond expectations and giving stiff competition to those that may have had the priviledge of an elitist education.
What has however ridden above all these social moral and political decisions that have from time to time been taken to address the issue, is the honest fact that given equal opportunity to all to compete to learn to progress, would bring equality in the system, plagued as it is with compromising events.
To end then … to begin ..
Amitabh Bachchan

When Amitabh Bachchan met William Shakespeare

London, UK                                   May  18,  2011                              Wed  7 : 09 AM  GMT

When Amitabh Bachchan met William Shakespeare

From Prasun Sonwalkar
(with pix)
Oxford, May 18 (PTI) Indian film icon Amitabh Bachchan played many characters from William Shakespeare’’s plays over the years, but when he was shown the First Folio of the plays dated 1623 at the ancient Bodleian Library, he was awestruck and rendered almost speechless.
“It’’s incredible,” he simply said, feelingly moving his hand over the pages containing dialogues he had delivered in several stage performances during his career spanning over four decades.
Bachchan was on a visit to Oxford at the invitation of the university’’s Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies (OCHS).
Besides hosting a reception for him at the centre, he was shown around the ancient university, including the Bodleian Library, which was established in 1602.
“A great actor is touching the work of the great playwright,” remarked Richard Ovenden, Keeper of Special Collections of the Library, as Bachchan turned the pages of the priceless Shakespearean document.
“We often have scholars coming to see these rare collections, but this is the first time that a great actor is visiting us to see the work of Shakespeare,” Ovenden said.
The work is titled ”Mr William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies”, better known to scholars as the First Folio.
Printed in folio format, it contains 36 plays that have been the delight of generations over centuries.
Another priceless item shown to Bachchan was the manuscript copy of the first English translation of Kalidas” ”Shakuntala”, by William Jones, dated 1788.
A scholar of ancient India, Jones founded the Asiatic Society in Kolkata in 1784.
He was also shown the original copy of the Magna Carta, the 1215 charter that limited the power of the monarchy and laid the foundation for a series of historical developments that led to the rule of constitutional law and democracy.
Bachchan was received at the OCHS by its director, Professor Gavin Flood, who is an expert on South Asian traditions, particularly Hindu Tantra, and senior staff including Shaunaka Rishi Das and Lal Krishna.
Much to the delight of Indian students and others who recognised him, Bachchan walked along Oxford streets to visit the Bodleian Library, where he was received by Vice Chancellor Professor Andrew Hamilton.
Later in the evening, Bachchan said: “I have spent the most enjoyable hours in this historic institution. It has been a treat that will remain in memory for long.
“It is a great honour to be received so warmly by this ancient and renowned university”. .
Rushing now for the inauguration of the Vog in UK ..
love and more later ..
Amitabh Bachchan

Kaun Banega Crorepati 5 - Promo

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

फैन पर अभिभूत अमिताभ बच्चन को 'बिग बी' यूं ही नहीं कहा जाता !

फैन पर अभिभूत अमिताभ बच्चन को 'बिग बी' यूं ही नहीं कहा जाता !
अमिताभ बच्चन को 'बिग बी' यूं ही नहीं कहा जाता। वह ऐसे कई काम करते हैं, जो दिखाते हैं कि वे स्टार स्टेटस के मामले में ही नहीं, बल्कि दिल के मामले में भी बिग हैं। यही वजह है कि वे लंबे अर्से से अपने चाहने वालों के दिलों में एक खास जगह बनाए हुए हैं। अब उनके एक स्पेशल फैन पवन पिपलवा का किस्सा ही लें। पिछले दिनों बिग बी ने उनकी शादी पर उन्हें खास अंदाज में बधाई दी और उनका जिक्र अपने अपने ब्लॉग पर सबसे ऊपर किया। यही नहीं, अमिताभ अपने इस फैन के लिए केयरिंग भी हैं। 

वैसे, बिग बी के यह फैन कोई ऐरे-गैरे भी नहीं हैं और खानदानी तौर पर उनके चाहने वालों में से हैं। दरअसल, पवन पिपलवा ने फेसबुक पर 'अमिताभ बच्चन विंटेज' नाम से सबसे बड़ा ऑनलाइन ग्रुप क्रिएट किया हुआ है। लॉस ऐंजिलिस बेस्ड एबी फैन क्लब के प्रेजिडेंट पवन ने बिग बी पर एक ऐल्बम भी बनाई है, जिसमें उनकी पर्सनल लाइफ की ऐसी तस्वीरें हैं, जो किसी ने नहीं देखीं। कुछ दिनों पहले अमिताभ ने उन्हें मुंबई में अपने घर पर इंवाइट भी किया था और इस ऐल्बम को देखकर बहुत खुश हुए। यही नहीं, पवन के पिता भी राजस्थान में अमिताभ का फैन क्लब पिछले 30 साल से चला रहे हैं। 

मजेदार बात यह है कि यह दोनों बाप-बेटा अमिताभ बच्चन जैसा ही हेयर स्टाइल, डांस स्टाइल और आवाजें रखते हैं। पिछले 25 सालों से पवन अमिताभ का बर्थडे भी सेलिब्रेट कर रहे हैं। यही नहीं, उनके पास अमिताभ की पहली फिल्म से लेकर अंतिम फिल्म तक के ग्रामोफोन रेकॉर्ड्स और सीडीज हैं। इसके अलावा, उनसे जुड़ी बुक्स और मैग्जींस का भी यूनीक कलेक्शन उनके पास है।
Pawan Pipalwa

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