Saturday, March 3, 2012

Amitabh Bachchan is not shooting ‘KBC 6′ promos

Amitabh Bachchan is not shooting ‘KBC 6′ promo

Amitabh Bachchan took to the microblogging site Twitter to denounce the buzz that he is back at work, post surgery. Amitabh had undergone abdominal surgery a few weeks back. It was initially reported that he has to take complete rest for three months. However, a few days after he was discharged from the hospital, the buzz started doing the rounds that Amitabh is back at work and shooting for the promos of Kaun Banega Crorepati? Season 6. To clarify it, he tweeted, “Media writes, I am back at work on KBC and film … not true .. I will, but not just yet .. !”

Sneha Rajani, EVP and Business Head, Sony Entertainment Television, on whose channel KBC airs also dismissed the rumours via the same site. “Yes KBC is happening this year. Was announced last year itself!Not breaking news! And NO @SrBachchan is not shooting for any promo just yet! There is still plenty of time for KBC and there is no plan just yet of any promo shoot!,” she tweeted.

Looks like Amitabh’s fans will have to wait much longer to see their favourite star back in action. We pray he has a speedy recovery.

Time moves rapidly through the day and night

Jalsa , Mumbai                    March  2/3 , 2012                    Fri/ Sat  1 : 04 AM

‘Twas just the other day when it was November, and suddenly it is March. Time moves rapidly through the day and night, we watch it go by. It was the 11th of Feb a short while ago and 5 and half hours of surgery that we talked of and now, we talk of recovery .. strange are the ways of life and of time ..

When there is nothing to do even the most non event sounds and looks enterprising. I look forward to the papers in the morning and when I shall be able to go through them. I look forward to the timings of my medication – its an event that I must not ignore. The odd visitor that promises to drop by is looked forward to, to share and talk of subjects unknown and discussions that remain un resolved. Fun. It takes up time. Time to get back to the top on the lap and to start connecting, reading comments, reacting to them and finally to be responding to them. Just as it may be interesting to you to learn what I may be up to, I yearn to read what all of you are up to. I appreciate the commonness of our thoughts. The pleasant at times and the un pleasant too. The woes and the worries of the many Ef, their struggles and achievements, their thoughts and their opinions. They are educative for me. I pride in talking about them when I disclose my activities on the blog to others. They do not believe that we function so. I ask and invite them to see and read themselves, and after they do, either they join in or express amazement. I have never looked upon any kind of achievement that this platform may have gained. Neither do I look upon it as some great commercial achievement, which, I might add, in todays materialistic world, no one is willing to believe. But that is the way it is despite many tempting offers being brought up regularly.

I watch the Iranian film ‘A Separation ‘, the one that won the Oscar for best foreign film. It is simple yet binding. I am still to complete it. Perhaps tomorrow. Many other friends send in dvd’s of films I should be watching. Books to read. Scripts to consider. They have been with me for long and I admire their patience. They respect my condition I think, but I should be responding to them soon. Some will work, some will not.
I have still to venture out to the piano. It lies in the office. Maybe soon when I begin to move a bit more I shall undertake the journey and spend time in music and tune and creation within my very limited means. A visitor gave me a picolo to learn and a book on how it should be done. Sweet. More members of the family are planning trips to the home. It shall be filled with the laughter of the young again and the ‘chahal pehal’ of domesticity, something that I love and enjoy most ..
In adversity and in adverse conditioning, it is this, it is this, it is this, that attracts …
And of course the attraction of the bed and a Tv sports programme to keep me company, till I nod off .. at times with the set still on … !!
Love to you dear ones .. live the utmost everyday !!
Amitabh Bachchan

It is difficult to continue writing or conducting ourselves

Jalsa , Mumbai                        Mar  1 , 2012                              Thu  11 : 52 PM
I am informed by Barun of sad news .. Devkishin Vyas passed away suddenly on Monday 27th, after a massive heart attack. Words are not sufficient to express our sorrow. Our prayers for the departed soul and condolences to the family. He was a kind Ef, with a regular interest in all that we indulged in. We shall all miss him,

It is difficult to continue writing or conducting ourselves in a normal fashion after rendering such sad news. A member of our family has left us and it is heartbreaking to learn of it. But life is full of surprises and balances and tests us continuously. We learn to brave it and derive strength from those that remain with us on this platform to be able to understand our grief and concern. May this be the temper for all of us, as we hold hands to show our solidarity this instant, and may we all derive strength from it.

A day spent in excessive rest and slumber. It surprises me how much we can sleep in a day given the opportunity. Either that or that there has been a great arrear in my sleep through the years. But rest does do wonders and those that drop by do comment on the freshness of the face. I think they deliberately do it to encourage my recovery, but thank you for it. The wonders yet again of this wonderful possession given to us of our body and soul. What a lot it achieves left on its own, deported from any abuse that we subject it to. I shall not advocate what and how each of us should treat their bodies and what abuse needs to be avoided for its health and upkeep, but yes somewhere, abstinence from some of the damage that substances cause to us need to be made note of. There are many philosophies that abound, but I think what the individual believes or executes is the best. Some deliberately avoid certain intakes after the knowledge that they are harmful. Some are more gregarious in thought. I live but once, and if I am not able to enjoy the benefits of all that life has to offer, it is a waste of my life they say. True perhaps. yet there are some that are compelled by religion and ritual. And some of course that voluntarily without any reason for health or any other, abstain. The latter most is  applicable to me and I am satisfied by its presence. Once the mind is made up, that is it.

One of the troubles that envelop me now is the excessive time at my disposal. Mountains of paper work, or work that I had envisaged I would take up during my period of recovery, just keeps getting larger and larger because each day I push it on to the next. This is horrid and must undergo change -
Kal kare so aaj kare, aaj kare so ab .. 
Do today what you would tomorrow, and now what you must today ..
A wonder adage, but bringing it to practice, cumbersome. Ok shall exercise it the ‘now’ now ..
Good night !

Amitabh Bachchan

Made an effort to sit out in the sun at Jalsa

Jalsa  , Mumbai            Feb  29 , 2012                     Wed  10 : 35 PM
Made an effort to sit out in the sun at Jalsa, just by the balcony of my room and felt the sun and its power after such a long time. Its invigorating they say to do that and I hope it proves that for me. Nature has its own medical agenda for all living beings and it is fascinating that all medication ever manufactured comes from the earth that we live on. The chemicals, the formulation gets formalized through deep study, but the basics are Mother Earth. Regions of the world that do not have access to modern medication and its boundless qualities, have survived through ‘home made’ menas of cure – plants, leaves, dried roots – we hear so much about them and of the many that still practice the cause. Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal practice of India is still a most potent and popular form in many areas of the country and has known to be effective where other sciences have failed. I too have had access to them through some kind souls and found them to be of great benefit. The West too has desired often to patent many such drugs for their use. recently there was that great issue of the patent of  a plant in India the ‘neem’. ‘Neem’ trees have existed all around us from the time when we were young and unaware of its qualities. But it is fascinating how such products find their way in our social existence, in our food habits, in our way of life, nurtured tried and tested through the ages to finally give benefit and cure. The ‘datun’ or the thin branch of the ‘neem’ tree is still a most used element in the cleaning of teeth in our villages. Cleaning of the teeth early in the morning by breaking off a small branch and rubbing it, tooth brush like, or chewing it vigorously between the teeth is considered to be the best for the upkeep of our chewing system within the mouth. No high powered dentist chambers, no dreaded dentist chair, drill, and all those other frightening looking equipments that modern science invents in the practice of tooth care. The ‘neem’ leaf has its own value and importance. Itching of the body during measles or small pox is taken care of by using ‘neem’ branches to rub on yourself. Dried ‘neem’ leaves are used to sanitize a room of a diseased person by burning them in the premise as a disinfectant. The ‘kopal’, or the fresh new ‘neem’ leaf is eaten for healthy blood. Its most bitter, but when did any good ever be achieved without bitterness ! They say sitting or sleeping beneath of the shade of the ‘neem’ tree is most healthy.
The ‘neem’ tree grew wild in almost all the places we have lived, but never was it given the importance that it deserved. Yes we were aware of its medicinal properties, but were never regular in its usage. Western manufacturing and marketing, made brands of consumables with the properties of the ‘neem’ and that was readily usable, but never the original. Various toothpaste brands now have special products with ‘neem’ in them. The juice of the ‘neem’ leaf is a healthy drink, as are many other fruits and plants.
Different parts of the world, considering their climate and locations and the weather that they experience, gave rise to the kind of food that was consumed. The Northern parts of the country which generally has vast periods of dry weather, gave rise to the food being cooked in large qualities of oil, to act as a lubricant for the system and vice versa in most regions that were more moist and wet.
There is so much talk of the various and diverse cuisine within India. But all of it is derived from living conditions, the weather and the natural growth of the earth it exists on. The grain fields of Punjab encourage wheat eating, the South with its miles of rice growth becomes their staple diet. A Bengali home without fish is unthinkable and so on. Just the variety of the food products all over India is a marvel in itself. Invasions too brought in their food culture and the Mughlai products are for most non vegetarians, the ultimate.
What a fascinating tale this is. Not just for India but indeed the world over – French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Mid Eastern, all having distinctive variety, importance and taste … and the palette for it ..
But all emanating from Mother Earth. So great is the contribution, so little the respect we give it by constantly abusing it …
What is it that we can do to preserve this God given asset. Perhaps all it asks of us is to allow it to simply breathe and grow on its own ..
No I do not get sponsored by any ‘nature’ or ‘green’ brigade. Its just something that I felt tonight ..
Love and good night …
Amitabh Bachchan

Immersed in mind body and soul on documentaries made

Jalsa , Mumbai                         Feb 28/29 , 2012                   Tue/ Wed  1 : 27 PM

Immersed in mind body and soul on documentaries made by talented young makers on the music scene in India. Not the traditional, not the popular, but one that experiments with what emerges spontaneously. From artists known and unknown, from countries close and far, from hearts that care little about the times and the events that plague our lands through war and terror and politics … just the desire to string that chord that has no division, no barrier, no caste or creed, no color bindings, nor religious undertones … just the heart of the seven notes upon which all music permeates and the genius of those that give it life, a body and structure and the air to breathe …
Time just fled by. Not a sound other than that which emanated from the film and the documentary filled the space in the little family room, which I venture into after days of isolation, and the silence of the soul – a power to put even the heart beat into systematic rhythm.
Consumed am I in it and the delay in expression tonight, or perhaps into the next, spills inexorably in the trance like mode it has put us all in. Music was created as a human expression – laughter, tears and then the music and nothing more ..
O Lord Almighty, give me the gift of perseverance and aptitude to endeavor close to the soul that enlightens us with song. I shall struggle and endeavor and dedicate … just give me the faculty for it, is all I ask … for blessed are they that have spent early years in the midst of such vocation. That have educated themselves in the craft and reap benefit now. Not by its exhibition on public platforms, but within the confines of their solitude and self. That would be true salvation, if salvation were to be sought … !!

I am dwarfed in my thinking tonight on what must be shared with the extended family. But I have often felt that I would achieve satisfaction in  living immersed in what I could somehow excel in sound, for myself, never to share that moment with any other. My self consciousness would berate me. But nurturing one’s soul could never be objectionable, even if it meant disappointing the near. This liberty I would ask and am sure would get.

There is a tendency now, and has been for some time, in the wavering of the mind from one act to another. Read a book and within a few paragraphs the computer or the desire of the television takes over. A channel of interest remains for the moment till the breaks come in and you want to go to another where there could be an attraction. But the manufacturers of television, particularly among the 400 odd channels that we broadcast discovering this common urge from viewers, has smartened to the idea and project their commercials at the same time that the others too, so switching for another programme, becomes routinely null and void. You are forced to come back to what you were on. There are these sophisticated tv screens which split up and project three to four different programmes at the same time on one screen, but the distraction is acute, and it disuades you. So commercial breaks are utilized more judicially now. Quick instructions that need to be given, a swift visit to the er .. euphemism ? … that response on the mobile, a call, a newspaper run through, a brisk walk around the room to ease the stiff muscles … and then back to business .. the business of the show on sight …
It is mundane to be actually writing about all this in some detail, but … that is my agenda for the entire day ..
And for tomorrow … well could it be any different ?
Good night and morning .. it comes up to 2 : 30 am ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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