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Wanted to prove Big B is not old: Director

Wanted to prove Big B is not old: Director

Director Puri Jagannath, who is returning to Hindi films after seven years withBbuddah...Hoga Tera Baap in which Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan plays a bold and flamboyant role, says he made the movie to tell the people that the 68-year-old actor is still young.
"I'm a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan since childhood and I used to watch all his movies. But then came a time, when he started doing films that I didn't like him in," Jagannath said in an interview.
"After Mard I didn't see his films till he did Sarkar and that was perfect for him," he said.
Wanted to prove Big B is not old: Director
"I wanted to make a film just for him and make it in a way that I can tell people that he is not old. He still has that fire, he still has that charisma. Hence was born the idea of this film," he added.
In Bbuddah...Hoga Tera Baap, Bachchan is seen as an angry man who wears bright, bold, over-the-top clothes and hates it when someone calls him old. The films also stars Hema Malini, Raveena Tandon, Sonu Sood and Sonal Chauhan and is slated for release thid Friday.
The 44-year-old director, who had a grim beginning at the Bollywood box office in 2004 when he made Shart, is confident about success this time and believes that people will like Big B in the new image.
"I have been confident about this character from the very beginning. Bachchan is very good with every emotion, whether its's drama or comedy, and he is truly an entertainer. So I'm sure people will like him in this image as well," Jagannath said.
The Telugu director, who has made successful films like Badri, Pokiri, Chiruta andNeninthe, among others, said working with Bachchan was one of the best experiences he has ever had.
"It was a wonderful experience working with Bachchan. He is a very cool and calm person and very co-operative. I learnt a lot from him," he said.
"Sometimes he even used to give his opinion. He is very committed and focused. He will practice the scene at home, will tell me how he will do it and if I make some last-minute changes, he would incorporate them," he said.
"He used to always be fully prepared. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him," he added.
After Bbuddah... Hoga Tera Baap, Jagannath is looking at making a stronger presence in Bollywood and planning to start working on three Hindi films next year.
"I want to do more Hindi films now. I have three scripts. I want to start working on them next year. However, the cast and other things are not confirmed as of now," he revealed.
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Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap Movie Reviews BH

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap Movie Reviews BH

By Taran Adarsh, June 30, 2011
Flashback 1970s and 1980s. An Amitabh Bachchan film was considered an event. A sea of people would make themselves comfortable outside the theatre premises on Sunday night itself, although the advance booking counters would open only on Monday morning. Most theatres would be packed for the entire week in a matter of hours. Most Bachchan starrers ran for 25 weeks, 50 weeks, even 100 + weeks those days. Films helmed by Yash Chopra, Manmohan Desai, Prakash Mehra and Ramesh Sippy were adored and revered and even those helmed by not-too-successful names or relative newcomers were greeted with similar enthusiasm. The Hindi film industry was referred to as a one-man industry then. The Bachchan mania was invincible and indestructible.By Taran Adarsh, June 30, 2011 - 16:14 IST

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Considering the iconic status that Bachchan Sr has achieved, every film-maker aspires to work with him at least once in his lifetime. Puri Jagannadh, the man behind many a successful film in Telugu, pays homage to the veteran in his debut film in Hindi, BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP. This film relies entirely on the persona and charisma of this iconic actor of Indian cinema.

BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP has the 69-year-old Bachchan enacting the role of a defiant, flamboyant hitman in his inimitable style. With BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP, the angry young man of the 1970s and 1980s re-surfaces to re-live various roles that he enacted in those memorable films. This one's a masala film all the way. Right from a medley of Bachchan hits to the expertly crafted action sequences to the by-now-famous Bachchan baritone, this one has it all.

Frankly, masala films and path-breaking story don't go hand in hand. It's the moments that make a film. And BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP is no different. This one also rests on a skeletal plot. But that one man makes a world of a difference -- Amitabh Bachchan. He's angry [dare not call him 'Bbuddah'], but has a soft side too. He bashes the baddies, squeezing them like oranges. He gets the best lines to deliver and believe me, it makes the fan in you clap and cheer on several occasions. Let's face it, no Hindi film actor has ever had the opportunity to portray a part that Bachchan gets to portray at the ripe age of 69. Besides saluting the actor for delivering an electrifying performance, I would also like to salute the indomitable spirit and energy of this iconic actor for essaying the role with gusto and zest.

Final word? Bachchan fans -- especially those who have grown up on his movies -- are sure to relish it. Even if you're not a Bachchan fan, watch this one for one simple reason: They don't make them like Amitabh Bachchan anymore!

Viju [Amitabh Bachchan], an ex-gangster, arrives in Mumbai on a mission. He is flamboyant, wears loud clothes, is arrogant and hits back when people call him 'Bbuddah'. At first, everyone thinks that he's on a mission to assassinate the ACP [Sonu Sood], but there's a hidden agenda, which is revealed much later.

BUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP is a Hindi film packaged like a well-made South Indian fare: the style of narrating the story, the slick edit, the fast pacing, the stylized action scenes, the larger-than-life characters… The film commences on a pulsating note [Bachchan's intro is smashing], but the first hour works sporadically. While the portions involving Bachchan are exhilarating, there are multiple tracks in this hour which get on your nerves. The scenes in the coffee shop, for instance, are most irritating. Also, the track involving Raveena Tandon comes across like an unwanted guest. If the intention was to evoke laughter, sorry, it doesn't work.

The story actually takes off at the interval point, when an unexpected twist startles the viewer completely. From this point onwards, BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP only scales higher and higher, reaching the peak towards the action-packed finale and the subsequent emotional reunion. I'd like to single out the confrontation between Bachchan and Prakash Raj in the final moments of the film and also the soaked-in-emotions sequence between Bachchan and Hema. It's the perfect icing on the cake!

While the written material banks too heavily on the tried and tested formula, director Puri Jagannadh ensures that he doesn't disappoint the hardcore fans of the icon. Bachchan is known for, besides his acting potential, larger than life roles and witty/smart dialogue. Puri presents Bachchan like a true superstar and gives him lines that would garner ceetees andtaalis, especially when he's confronting the baddies in the movie.

Vishal-Shekhar do a super job while composing the medley of Bachchan hits, 'Go Meera Go', the soft and soothing 'Haal-e-Dil' and the title track, which comes at the very start of the film. Amol Rathod's cinematography is perfect, while Vijay's stunts are stylish.

Bachchan is truly the Baap and this film reiterates this fact yet again. His character, his attitude and the dialogue he delivers will remain etched in your memory for a long, long time. His attire may raise eyebrows initially, but once into the film, you will realize it gels well with his character. Hema Malini is, as always, graceful. The chemistry between the senior actors is refreshing. Raveena is saddled with an ill-defined role and that's the prime reason why she doesn't leave an impact. Sonu Sood is first-rate, confident at every step. Not once do you feel that he's overawed by Bachchan's towering presence. Sonal Chauhan looks pretty and acts well. Charmee Kaur is likeable and contributes to the funny moments.

Prakash Raj is super. In fact, it's a treat to watch powerful actors like Bachchan and Prakash Raj embroiled in a confrontation. Makrand Deshpande is wonderful. Shahwar Ali is okay. Rajeev Mehta irritates. Again, this track seems completely unwanted. Rajeev Varma has a half-baked role. Vishwajeet Pradhan and Atul Parchure are passable.

On the whole, BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP is a must-watch for Bachchan fans. Even if you're not a fan of this iconic actor, watch it for a simple reason: They don't make them like Amitabh Bachchan anymore. A masala entertainer all the way, BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP may get affected by the omnipotent and unstoppable DELHI BELLY and TRANSFORMERS wave on Friday [although single screens would perform better than plexes], but the business should multiply on Saturday and Sunday due to Bachchan's bravura act and rock-solid post-interval portions. The producers [A.B. Corp, Viacom18] have already recovered the cost of production by selling the Satellite rights for a hefty sum and recovering the balance amount [P&A] from theatrical business should be a cakewalk, ensuring good profits to the investors in the final tally. 

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In the hustle and bustle of life, when was there time to sit and think Big B

Jalsa , Mumbai          June  29/30 , 2011    Wed/ Thu  12:17 AM
शब्द ही के
बीच में दिन-रात बसता हुआ
उनकी शक्ति से , सामर्थ्य से -
अक्षर -
अपरिचित मैं नहीं हूँ .
किन्तु , सुन लो ,
शब्द की भी ,
जिस तरह संसार में हर एक की ,
कमज़ोरियां, मजबूरियाँ हैं -
शब्द सबलों की
सफल तलवार है तो
शब्द निबलों की
नपुंसक ढाल भी है .
साथ ही यह भी समझ लो ,
जीभ को जब - जब
भुजा का एवज़ी माना गया है ,
कंठ से गाना गया है .
In the hustle and bustle of life, when was there time to sit and think - that what I did, say and believed in, was either good or bad .. the moment my consciousness was revealed to me, I saw myself standing in the midst of this world feria.. Latin for the word ”fair’ as in the amusement park .. for a moment I stood there amazed and wonder struck … where have I come, what do I do, where do I go .. when all at once there came across a tidal push … and I did swim and sway along with this play …
I am questioned often as I move from station to station, from anchor to anchor, from a set of lights to another, on how I ‘deal’ with, what I deal with and have been dealing for the last four decades. What motivates me to keep this act going .. how I manage my time and interest in all that I do .. and I have really no answer for it. I have no answer because I have never realized whether it would be of any interest to make question of it in the first place. What answer then to irreverent question ? My state and my act may seem questionable to others, but only if it breaks custom in general social or moral terms. But it does not and never did. If I have never shown or even remotely suggested that I need attention on this score, then perhaps the demand for a response is legitimate. But not having done so and not desirous of any either, does not make it a contentious subject ! Or does it ?
If it causes worry to another. If it slumbers them. If it disturbs their otherwise demarcated existence. Can it then be assumed that it be put up for public debate ? I would imagine not.
Wanting to disclose secrets of existence, or should I say alleviated existence to some, would touch borders of great private intimacy. I may be public in some respects but never too public to disclose all. Or would that not be a consideration ? And … in many ways this is not a disclosure of privacy at all .. it is a desire to know, in a funny way, why I possess the kind of genes I possess …
I think I rant too much !! Intellect shall have to play an important part in conversation, which wants to delve within the layers of such subjects. This is not to assume that intellect does not exist. Its just that at times where it is going, may lack the propensity.
When you wish something and then decide to wish it away does it affect. Would it be the same were it to be fulfilled another day. Does it contribute to ineffectiveness. Does the virtue of its intent fade away. Will its ultimate result be the same as when conceived. I struggle with it at times. It disturbs me that I am in such condition. It reeks of lethargic acute tendencies. Almost disrespectful in word and deed to the cause. I must take heed. This must be avoided. It causes grief and discomfort in bearings. Watch it Mr B ! Watch it !!
Did I realize for it to be the time to disperse …
Good night then … till another city, another world, another wind and culture, another people .. yet all the same and within …
My love -
Amitabh Bachchan

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