Thursday, November 11, 2010

Big B KBC 4 garnering TRPs leaving all reality show behind!

Big B's KBC 4 garnering TRPs leaving all reality show behind

By Agencies
Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan is still everyone's favorite. His KBC 4 is rapidly garnering TRPs leaving all other reality shows behind.

Big B is well known for his witty conversation, politeness and profound knowledge. While on the show he helps his contestants and make them feel at ease.

Much to everyone's surprise recently Big B danced to the tunes of "Zor ka Jhatka" a song from a current film "Action Replayy" starring Akshay Kumar and his laadli bahu Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

This was indeed a wonderful moment. The audiences were regaled to see him dance to the tunes of the song.


What a day ! What a moment ! Historic and so fulfilling


Prateeksha , Mumbai Nov 10 , 2010 Wed 11 : 45 PM

What a day ! What a moment ! Historic and so fulfilling !

Well that is all I can and will be ever permitted to write. But I do hope that in time to come there shall be sufficient reason for all of you to note and recollect todays conversation. So many lessons to learn, so many examples to follow, so many truths to be believed - all in one single day. Life is never devoid of surprises. Each day starts off with perhaps desultory thoughts, thoughts that in no way command respect or even to be entertained. But suddenly someone or something happens and in one swift move minds thoughts ideas attitudes change, and an energy enters that fills you up with adrenalin of untapped proportions. That is the moment of life and its unexpected nature !

The pain has indeed subsided. The body is comfortable and relaxed. Gym has been regular and perhaps the reason for the body comfort. The nights have been late yes, but, adequate. And perhaps the load of work shall be diminished for tomorrow. So … there shall be sufficient time to infuse more energy, more sleep, and more time out in the sun ; a luxury I enjoy the most.

Ideally now I would wish to be excused from pushing more words into the post, for then I could get those extra hours of rest. I am certain that all of you shall understand if todays conversation is kept to its minimum …

But … to morrow is another day and I wish to make up for it ..




I bring to you above a unique art … Rangoli … this is colored powder and it is made into these forms by picking up the powder and making imagery by sprinkling it on the ground. Normally on festive occasions such as Diwali we decorate the exterior of our homes with colorful powders and make inviting designs on the floor, but here the artist has gone many steps further and made our portraits with it. Just so exquisite ! A whiff of breeze, a shake of the platform on which they are made and it can all be destroyed. How did they ever get all this across to me on my birthday from distant places not in Mumbai is a wonder by itself. But get they did !

Thank you Fan Club for this offering. It is most cherished and admired. My most gracious affections.

Good night and love ….

Amitabh Bachchan

Kaun Banega Crorepati With Amitabh Bachchan

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