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Aarakshan I have now become so well informed on the subject I could do an interview BigB

Aarakshan I have now become so well informed on the subject I could do an interview  BigB
Sopaan , New Delhi        Aug  5 ,  2011       Fri  11 : 23 PM
The endless debates continue, the questions ranging from the pertinent to the usual, the body taking it all as it adjusts and shifts to various different locations … the cheers of appreciation, the hunt for autographs and pictures, the thronging of mass audience .. we have entire star cast today … Deepika, Saif, Prateik, Manoj Bajpai, Anjum Rajabali - the writer and of the ever vocal Prakash Jha … its been a relentless and unabashed selling of our product ” Aarakshan “. I have now become so well informed on the subject I could do an interview in my sleep and get away with it …
But the issues are well presented and argued … and even though several permissions were not granted, the turn out from various colleges across Delhi and nearby were a source of great value to us. We are not here to make any product of ours sensational or controversial. Neither is there desire to make it a subject which hurts the sentiments of any community. But when you speculate on a basis where the film has not been seen even and get apprehensive and pass judgement on its validity, then somewhere the system is going wrong. Or the people that are taking objection are going wrong - led astray by the mere fact that it seems that there could be something that would turn out to be volatile. So much distaste on a mere ’seems’. This is not qualified at all. Anyway, we hope that better sense shall prevail for the future and all that needed to be resolved has indeed been resolved. Self belief is more important than any other.
Another day tomorrow with the same intensity and with the same format of debate and interview. Now we need to be asked something different, compassionate and fruitful, than that oft repeated question - ” Are you against it or for it ” …
Its been a delight to have Saif, Deepika and Prateik along with me on all these visits and see and hear them indulge in conversations connected to the film. They shall probably not be there tomorrow, but even this short but very meaningful debate has ben had !!
And at the end of it all my belief still remains that the film when released shall quell, distinctively all the possible combinations and permutations that plague the minds of concerned bodies and shall be viewed as a very sincere effort towards drama and intensity. That ‘poetic justice’ shall prevail and all shall go home happy and in sound belief that they shall be privileged …
In Patna a kind gentleman gave me a book which contained my Father’s works too .. letters that he had written to the concerned gentleman through time. He had had them printed and brought out as a book. I went through some of them, but even the most customary and routine letter seemed like a festival of his efforts in educating the reader to some fact of life and living … on life and death !
There are many that feel it is far too long a period to canvass for it, but the promise given to some one of merit must be respected. Also, the moment of opportunity that needs to be provided for a level playing field is a must.
Good night,
I will end now and hope that there come to mind some semblance of agreement on the present issues and that they be treated with equality ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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