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Amitabh Bachchan returns after surgery

Amitabh Bachchan returns after surgery

The superstar will shoot for the promos of Kaun Banega Crorepati; the show will go on air in mid 2012 

Rajinikanth is not the only one back to work after his illness. Amitabh Bachchan, who had to undergo a couple of surgeries recently, will be back shooting sooner than expected. And that too for his famous quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati. Big B will host the sixth season of the television show that will go on air in mid 2012. And he will shoot for the promos first. 

When contacted, producer of Kaun Banega Crorepati, Siddharth Basu, told Mumbai Mirror, "Yes, Mr Bachchan will host the forthcoming season of KBC. I intend working with him on this show even for the seventh season." 

A source close to the show explained, "Mr Bachchan had signed a two-year contract on KBC in 2011. However, after the two hernia surgeries, people wondered whether he would be able to take up the grueling assignment of hosting a daily television show. But now, he has confirmed with the broadcasters that he will indeed shoot for the show." 

Bachchan's rich baritone and his inimitable style had made the quiz show an instant hit with the audience. After a break of one year, the superstar had returned to the show and has played the host every year. 

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Amitabh Bachchan returns to work with ‘KBC 6′

Amitabh Bachchan returns to work with 'KBC 6

Recently discharged from hospital, the superstar will begin shooting for Kaun Banega Crorepati 6 promos

Amitabh Bachchan has been itching to get back to work post surgery, and he will soon begin shooting for Kaun Banega Crorepati's new season. The show's producer Siddhartha Basu confirmed this news to a daily, saying the actor will begin with shooting promos first. Bachchan was well received in KBC 5, winning hearts of viewers all over again and has a contract to do one more season of the popular quiz show.

Meanwhile, the superstar didn't break his promise or rather practice, of waving out to his fans outside his Juhu home in Mumbai every Sunday. Just out of hospital, he was seen clad in a kurta-pyjama and shawl in a picture posted by him on Twitter. He said, "The Sunday well wishers! Constant and so regular… touched… walked down to greet them," adding, "Thank you people of love. I have no other expression but this for gratitude… Walking out for the first time after hospital… not recommended, but for well wishers, a must." Welcome back, Big B!
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Oscars ! The grandeur the protocol the precision the elegance and the grace of the stars present

Jalsa , Mumbai          Feb 27 , 2012        Mon  11 : 54 PM


Oscars ! The grandeur, the protocol, the precision, the elegance and the grace of the stars present in their numbers, even when you have to get up at 5 in the morning to witness it on Tv, is a delight. The host Billy Crystal as always was his witty best, though I did find him and the entire ceremony somewhat subdued and  surprised to find our AR Rehman, as part of a group band up in the tiers on his keyboard playing the interlude music as recipients walked off the stage, or the programme went into a commercial break.

Strange was it not that we spoke of the 'Artist' just the other day and it sweeps most of the awards that matter. And to honor an Iranian film as best Foreign Film, despite the general politics that USA and Iran find themselves involved in was, well .. different !

The red carpet interviews seemed repetitive and tutored to reveal brand enhancements for all the clothes and jewelry that the ladies wore. I guess that must be a business understanding, since it all comes ex gratia for the celebrity.

The electronic media plagiarizing this concept in some of our Award functions here in Mumbai, once asked me similar question -

"And so Mr Bachchan, what are you wearing today ?"

" Clothes !", I responded.


Messages for a hasty recovery, for rest and recovery pour in daily and I try to contend with them to the best of my ability. From over 1500 on the mobile its down to the 200′s and soon they shall all be responded to .. well most of them. It does take a while to sift the unknown from the known, for immediate response, but the desire is to convey gratitude to all. So if for some reason I am finding myself unable to thank all, may I just say that through this medium and all the other cyber platforms that I connect with, do take this as a recognition of your heartfelt concern and to treat this as my warm and thank full acknowledgement. And this does not just go with this blog and my dearest Ef, but those that connect on the TwFmXt and any other.

Your words of encouragement are indeed so full of inspiration and love that it is most moving to be a recipient of them. How ever do you find the adequate words to describe your feelings is a lesson I need to learn.

There is humor too in some and even though the laugh is, in these circumstances, not a recommended activity because of the stress on the wound, I thought it necessary to share this from that delectable columnist Bachi Karkaria of Times of India -

Her get well message, contained, I am certain, her well constructed personal limerick as follows -

"A man undergoing surgery for hernia,

Told his doc, I'm going to warn yer,

When you open my middle -

I beg you don't fiddle,

With parts that do not concern yer !!"


The frequency of my visits to the OT and indeed the hospitals has now become a regular feature and each time I am released I wonder if this shall be the last. Javed Saheb of Javed Akhtar fame, poet writer and writer of most of my very successful earlier films along with Salim Saheb, does carry a bundle of other accomplishments too in his vast repertoire of knowledge, humor being one immensely special. I needed the translation of one of the words of a 'nazm' I was listening to in hospital, soon after it was feared I would have to undergo another surgery. In his incomparable style and wit he responded -

'Before all else, I am happy to learn that the sequel to the OT is not being made …"

An obvious reference, somewhat guardedly, and tongue firmly in cheek, to the number of sequels that are being made of my films in recent times, some of them that have been written by him – Don, Zanjeer to name a couple … apart from Agneepath, Amar Akbar Anthony, Satte pe Satta …

Good night dear ones … sleep well and in happiness always ..



Amitabh Bachchan

Monday, February 27, 2012

Amitabh Bachchan comes out to greet well-wishers

Amitabh Bachchan comes out to greet well-wishers

Mumbai: It`s been tradition for Amitabh Bachchan to greet his fans at his doorstep almost every Sunday morning, and this Sunday was no different. Despite doctor`s instructions in view of his frail condition following his 12-day hospital stay, the megastar came out to meet his fans.

"The Sunday well wishers! Constant and so regular... touched... walked down to greet them," Amitabh posted on Twitter Sunday night.

"Thank you people of love. I have no other expression but this for gratitude... Walking out for the first time after hospital... not recommended, but for well wishers, a must," added the actor, who refers to his social networking mates as his "extended family".

Clad in a white kurta-pyjama and a cream shawl, the 69-year-old waved out to his fans. Among them was a man, who imitated Big B`s ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ style, to which Amitabh wrote: "...and imitations abound ... not too far away from the real i should say... ha ha."

The veteran actor returned to his home from hospital Feb 23. He was admitted to the Seven Hills Hospital Feb 11 and underwent two abdominal surgeries, following which he complained of acute pain and was kept under observation.

Amitabh Bachchan happy India is polio-free

Amitabh Bachchan happy India is polio-free

MUMBAI: Amitabh Bachchan, who is a Unicef goodwill ambassador, is happy India is a polio-free nation now and says it is the result of hard work by some institutions.

The Bollywood megastar posted that Rod Curtis, communication specialist, Polio Eradication Unit, UNICEF India, informed him that WHO and the Unicef wing for the eradication of polio had declared India a polio free nation. He even posted the letter on his blog.

"It is most satisfying to learn that there are some institutions, that genuinely acknowledge the hard work, voluntarily put in towards this campaign. Hours and hours of work, through the years has finally resulted in an outcome of which I feel so proud.

"I feel the pride on two counts. One of course and the most important, that the disease has been eradicated from our region and two, the fact that UNICEF chose to send their gracious thanks to me in writing - we had if you remember made this announcement many months ago at a formal ceremony. WHO giving it the final credit is definitive confirmation. There has been no acknowledgement from the government and one does not expect any either," Bachchan added.

The megastar is now recuperating at home from abdominal surgeries.
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Amitabh Bachchan back home, upset with paparazzi’s insensitivity

Amitabh Bachchan back home, upset with paparazzi’s insensitivity

Amitabh Bachchan is relieved to be back home after a 12-day stay at the Seven Hills Hospital. However, the megastar says he had a tough time reaching his home thanks to “insensitive” paparazzi, Zee News reports.

“The paparazzi, though kept away from the premises of the hospital, were there at the entrance and throughout the journey home, blocking the movement of the car by standing in front and on top of the vehicle, which was disturbing. I have yet to see them understand the sensitivity of a situation such as this,” the 69-year-old posted on his blog bigb.bigadda.com.

Amitabh was operated on February 11 for abdominal issues, and was under observation at the seven-star medical facility ever since. He was discharged on Thursday evening, and several still and video cameramen crowded around his car for footage. This disturbed the veteran star.
“A patient just released from hospital needs to get back to his home and secure from the travel, to it, as soon as possible, but I guess they (media) would rather get their exclusive photograph than have such consideration. A pleasant request falls on dumb ears and anything stronger than that shall be legitimate invitation to their wrath, of being manhandled,” added the actor, who feels his reaction to the media`s behaviour could spiral into another controversy.
“A complicated procedure would then follow resulting in nothing, but a severe negativeness against the celebrity, and more. One has learnt over the years that any thought of controlling them is futile. Better then to tolerate this excessive intrusiveness and move on,” he wrote.

Amitabh also posted a picture of the scenario outside the hospital, and wrote, “Just an example of how media and paparazzi block my car, not allowing it to move, insensitive to the need of its just released ailing occupant to get home secure and as rapidly as possible.”

For now, he is thankful for all prayers for his speedy recovery. “The surgery discomfort and soreness persists, but will take a while to finally erase itself from the pain glands, but in all, apart from a sluggish movement, God`s grace and prayers of the EF (extended family) have put me back on track again. My most gracious thanks to all,” he wrote. daily times monitor.

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This solitude, this nothingness, this vacant time

The Sunday well wishers, and i walk down or the first time after release to meet and greet them. Not recommended, but how can one disappoint these gracious fans ..
This solitude, this nothingness, this vacant time, must I endure till the body grants me leave of absence from them. Instead of the apprehensions of studio visits and scenes and delivering of texts from screen plays, its how many more minutes before the next game starts that shall occupy my time. How rapidly and without asking time changes your life, leaving you groping to find answers and solutions. The ability to accomplish that which gets thrown at you, must surely be the tests that are on offer. Succumb to it now, succumb for life.
So brace up and face up, without complain. Be at it, something will give.

It was sad to see the loss at cricket yet again to Australia, but soon after, to see the massive victory of the Indian team against France in the hockey qualifiers for the Olympics. A drubbing meted out at 8 – 1, and a final confirmation of India’s participation in the Olympics. The jubilation that the team and its management exhibited was as though the Gold had been won. Time was when such qualification was an automatic choice. The early years of the game and the mastery of the great Dhyanchand at International forums when scores reached 20 – 0 in our favor. So great was the stick work of the great maestro, that competition and the judges wondered whether the hockey stick used had glue on it !
Debates and discussions and articles on the disaster that the Indian Cricket team has been facing lately in all forms of the game abound. It is depressing to se2 and hear and read such reporting, and to find how quickly opinions change when performance suffers. Its much like in the movies and with the actors who go through this test with every film release. Expectations, hopes ride high with each product, and when you do not deliver, the dams of resentment and accusation break loose. It is with this in mind that keeping away from celebrations on success is a recommended option – it may, God forbid, last but 7 days. Those then, that create for public consumption, must constantly live it this shadow of fear. A driving force for some, a moment of complacency for others.
I wonder at times what drives those that succeed beyond limits, to continue and pursue. The food is secured, as is the roof and clothing, but yet the penchant to gain more, to grow and expand never ever lets up. I see big corporates and large business houses, relentlessly breaking backs over further profit and profile. Of reaching untouched barriers and still more. And I watch them with astonishment. How do they do it ? And if they are doing it should I too be thinking thus. How do they choose to lend their might and their accumen towards fresh and new ideas. What is the guideline they deploy to hire the right people to run it ? How can they monitor all that transpires in their vast empire, and where do they get the inspiration to do all this. Puzzles me.
Maybe I should not be paying too much attention to this aspect. Perhaps peace of mind in whatever has come my way is sufficient and enough. Best that it remain so.
Better to worry about setting the alarm for 6 am to catch the Oscars !! Something to look forward to …
Amitabh Bachchan

Before all else, it needs to be shared that officially now India

Jalsa , Mumbai                 Feb 25 , 2012                 Sat  11 : 45 PM

Before all else, it needs to be shared that officially now India has been finally declared a polio free nation by WHO, and the UNICEF wing for the eradication of polio, for whom I work as Ambassador, sends an acknowledgement :
 Great news, Amitabh! The Minister of Health, Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad has announced that today the World Health Organization officially declared that India has been taken off the list of polio-endemic countries. 

The Minister received the news this morning in a letter written by the WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan at the Polio Summit in Delhi.
Congratulations to India! Now, only 3 countries have never stopped polio transmission and remain polio-endemic: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.
But to guard against importation and the prospect of a terrible outbreak we must continue to immunize our children against polio (and all six vaccine-preventable diseases) until eradication is achieved globally.
Thankyou SO MUCH for your tireless contribution to a polio-free India. Thanks to your help and the work of millions of volunteers, we can now hope that no Indian child be needlessly paralyzed by polio ever again.
Thanks again, congratulations, and a speedy recovery,
Rod Curtis
Communication Specialist
Polio Eradication Unit

It is most satisfying to learn that there are some institutions, that genuinely acknowledge the hard work, voluntarily put in towards this campaign. Hours and hours of work, through the years has finally resulted in an outcome of which I feel so proud. I feel the pride on two counts. One of course and the most important, that the disease has been eradicated from our region and two, the fact that UNICEF chose to send their gracious thanks to me in writing – we had if you remember made this announcement many months ago at a formal ceremony. WHO giving it the final credit is definitive confirmation. There has been no acknowledgement from the Government and one does not expect any either.

Being by myself and almost in solitary confinement, is getting contagious. I am beginning to rather like this state. No where to go, nothing obligatory to perform, random timings and the liberty to do what I desire. I eat whenever, sleep whenever, watch a movie whenever and happy doing so. The ‘little one’ comes up to meet me by the evening, wide eyed and now on the verge of recognizing things. There is wonder and amazement about them and all the cooing and cuddling that she goes through, must be a world she is so unfamiliar with. On occasion she smiles and the volume of affection around increases a few decibels. Wonder if she feels why we must change the tone of our sound during our conversations with her, and whether it really helps to connect more effectively. Always a mystery.

I watched a lovely film ‘The Artist’ via the UFO set up in the house and it was a delight to see a black and white, silent movie in February of 2012 !! In an age when color and music and speech and sound play such an important role in cinema today, it was most innovative on the part of the makers to present something like this. I believe it is up for the Oscars, which are out tomorrow on Sunday.
UFO is a company set up to project digital quality latest releases in your home through a process that, once the set up has been installed is akin to pressing a button, selecting the film desired and bingo ! there it is on a separate screen or your Tv. The quality of projection is top rated, over the 700 grade, and a real joy to have the liberty of stopping and resuming film when desired. Modern inventions are astonishing. It is becoming difficult to keep up with them at this rate. Within months an object of great technical desire becomes almost extinct and obsolete, compelling you to buy the next level, that has greater and finer capability. The process now is endless, the competition so hard that I shudder to think what the company’s that are in this business must be going through to ‘keep with the Jones’s’ !
Communication has not just facilitated the speed of communication, but has increased the capacity and the desire to know another. Strangers reduce in numbers. Information is rapid and execution of work related issues simplified beyond imagination. Where are we heading ? For us old timers it is a revelation. For our generation before, it would be frightening. When I handed over the first mobile phone to my Father several years ago to speak into, he almost refused to touch it. And he remained bewildered for days on end. Today my grandchildren introduce me to a new app., and I feel equally bewildered. And to think that the world of research and experimentation does not stop there, is even more perplexing. There seems to be an immediate answer and solution to almost all situations. The fear of the unknown has quietly vanished. Yet the ‘superior force’ that guides us to all this still remains the most important object of our lives. That belief shall over power all, with due respect, to all the atheists of the world and within our own little family.
The hunger to be in possession of that which the ‘other’ does not have shall continue to drive mankind in developing newer models and inventions.
I think gradually the body gains strength. A few movements that were prohibitive earlier, seem to be easing in and I do hope this trend continues. Your prayers and wishes remain with me each moment and I do know that it is their sincerity that drives me towards a quick recovery. Thank you again for it !
Much love …
Amitabh Bachchan 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Amitabh Bachchan surgery ke baad!

Amitabh Bachchan surgery ke baad!

Actor Amitabh Bachchan, who underwent an abdominal surgery on February 11, was finally discharged on Thursday night. Currently recovering at home, the actor on Friday tweeted, "Home.

A joy to be back in familiar surroundings... thank you all for your blessings and prayers... I made it again." Though the actor was expecting an early recovery, a few complications had prolonged his stay at the suburban hospital, where he had been admitted.

But though home, insiders say, that he has been advised bed rest for at least a month. "The doctors have requested him to avoid any hectic shoot or travelling for the next three months actually and this time around his family will be making sure that he follows the doctors instructions to the T," reveals a source. However, the actor's recuperatory break is unlikely to throw any of his films out of gear.

An insider informs that since the surgery was planned well in advance, Bachchan had already finished most of his commitments. "Bachchan is a thorough professional and he had planned his films keeping in mind his health issues," says the source. He has already wrapped up his shoots for Department, as well as the cameo that he will be seen making with wife, actor Jaya in his make-up man Deepak Sawant's Bhojpuri film Gangadevi. So apparently, there're no films whose schedules are getting affected by his health issues," says the insider.

These films apart, there is buzz that the actor is expected to begin work on his other films including one with Prakash Jha and Shirish Kunder. Though Bachchan was not expecting his resting period to be so long, it's unlikely to affect the new films too, as they are apparently still in pre-production stages, according to sources. There are also reports of him being in talks for another season of Kaun Banega Crorepati, though nothing's been announced yet.

Meanwhile, his Hollywood debut in the new film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is due to be released late this year.

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The only matter that starts is the connect with the Ef. Starts there and ends there BigB Blog

Jalsa , Mumbai               Feb 24 , 2012               Fri  11 : 56 PM


Confined to a hospital bed and room … confined now to your own bed and room … after a while, the differences obliterate themselves. The courage and desire to involve oneself in doing, slowly diminishes to not doing. No deliberate effort, but its sameness begins to give impression that it be so. Many theories abound that say first to make a start, slow and almost unnoticeable and then gradually everything begins to fall in place. The only matter that starts is the connect with the Ef. Starts there and ends there. Not an unpleasant act, rather one that now gives greater pleasure than any other.

Reading through the comments, gathering the text of your inputs, assembling them all in my being, is a joy which I may never be able to aptly describe. But suffice to say, all else pales somewhat in its presence. Many look forward to the night to rest to sleep and allow the body to recover from the rigors of the day. Mine is not quite that. More so now because getting in and adjusting the posture for the nocturnal journey is an effort no less physical than running a mile. Each shift gives caution of a damaged part that needs to be tenderly attended to. And when the major portions of that reside in the abdomen, it is a difficult art. The mind says yes, the sharp pain says thats a wrong lane. Stop, be gentle, nurture the movement, give time … ah ! much too much to oversee, and garner precaution.


Does pain both psychological and physical dilute the emotional resistance in us ? I would tend to believe it does. The reserve of the pain endured, on overflowing, tends to burst at the smallest of incidents. It is not a good sign to be seen succumbing to it, but the ducts involuntarily fill up and spill out, unasked. A musical piece, a film, a loving letter of care, a soothing hand, kind words … all possessing the capacity to create this uncommon phenomena. The sensitivity quotient at its peak.


My desk as I sit about, loads itself with unattended work. Paperwork that should have been attended to a fortnight ago. The mobile has over 800 unanswered received messages – greetings on my return and wishes for speedy recovery. Each day I try to attend to them but its sheer vastness and my own inability, stops me. I shall get through them, but for the moment the lethargy of my convalescence is far too pronounced. I will, I shall and I must.

The impressive clock at the far end, that chimes and announces the hour, just struck 12. To many it beckons bedtime. To me it reflects another 7 hours before the sun ! Time spent is related more to the timings of the medication, to know to be be aware of them, when, how much and in what quantity. I would rather be remembering lines or character to play than this. But in its absence, this occupies greater time and value. A oncoming sneeze does not come with the abandon it did some days ago. So to with the cough. The pull of pain on the site of the surgery draws your attention first. The sneeze or the cough is not bad at all, its the sharp pain it generates at the sight of the wounds that become of concern. Odd !

The rapidity with which to chose to stand and sit, goes through an exercise in adaptability. Prowess is fundamental to execute these rather 'intricate' endeavors. Strange ! But the effort must continue and repeatedly. Hopefully one day all shall fall into place and behave as though nothing had happened. Seemingly so of course, for the changes cannot and will not be wished away …

Let me then take leave to conduct my acts as I must, with all its recent handicaps .. the morrow calls in some hours and we shall be together again ..

With love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan discharged from hospitalAV-Entertainment Videos - hindustantimes.com

Legendary Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who underwent an abdominal surgery in Mumbai, was discharged from hospital late Thursday evening. The 69-year-old actor, who was operated on February 11 at the Seven Hills Hospital, had complained of acute abdominal pain after the surgery and there were chances that he would go under the knife again. But doctors decided against it as the veteran was recovering well.

Amitabh Bachchan discharged from hospitalAV-Entertainment Videos - hindustantimes.com

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just discharged from hospital and am back home in familiar surroundings

Jalsa , Mumbai           Feb  23 ,  2012                Thu  11 : 51 PM

HOME  !!!!

Just discharged from hospital and am back home in familiar surroundings, gently taking in all that now engulfs me. The surgery discomfort and soreness persists, but will take a while to finally erase itself from the pain glands, but in all, apart from a sluggish movement, Gods grace and prayers of the Ef have put me back on track again. My most gracious thanks to all …

The staff and the nurses at 7 Hills were all smiles and expressed sadness that I was leaving, which was rather sweet of them. They would miss me they said, but hoped I would never have to come back again in adverse circumstances. The paparazzi, though kept away from the premises of the Hospital, were there at the entrance and throughout the journey home, blocking the movement of the car by standing in front and on top of the vehicle, which was disturbing. I have yet to see them understand the sensitivity of a situation such as this. A patient just released from hospital needs to get back to his home and secure from the travel, to it, as soon as possible, but I guess they would rather get their exclusive photograph than have such consideration. A pleasant request falls on dumb ears and anything stronger than that shall be legitimate invitation to their wrath, of being manhandled. A complicated procedure would then follow resulting in nothing, but a severe negativeness against the celebrity, and more. One has learnt over the years that any thought of controlling them is futile. Better then to tolerate this excessive intrusiveness and move on.

But to things more pleasant. Abhishek has driven down from Wai where he has been shooting for 'Bol Bachchan' just to see me home. The long arduous 5 hr journey by road and the traffic brought him in almost at the same time as when I drove in to Jalsa. He will drive back tomorrow morning to join the rest of the crew for shooting.

The staff had a satisfied look on their faces as a small traditional welcome is executed. As you stand by the entrance oil is poured out, water thrown down, the small 'arti' and the 'tika'  and you step in to the house. Of course the first stop is at 'Prateeksha' and a small prayer at the temple their, built by my Father before moving on.

Customs and rituals play such an important part in all our lives, details of which have been conducted through generations and the centuries without change in belief. Culture brings with it a certain piousness. It may not mean much, but somewhere inside it does create a sense of respect and belief that all shall be well.


The days in the Hospital are always designed according to the nature of the ailment, its diagnosis and its possible elimination and cure. But really, and this I speak through tremendous experience, it is the period after the Hospital has done its bit and sent you home that the actual test and trial begins. The test of dealing with the after effects, the lack of usage of essential faculties, precautions, medications that shall continue unabated and the control that needs to be exercised by the body. Contending with all this is an altogether different hemisphere, one that needs attending to and with utmost sincerity. The 'dos and dont's' charts that accompany you now read like a thesis on man management. neglect it and be sure that the environs form where we have just been released shall be welcoming us again, God forbid.

Fresh and new methods of how we need to conduct our life and our body shall prevail, which shall be different from what we had been doing for so many years almost routinely. The brain takes a while to adjust to this new time table of activity, but it needs to be done. Gradually and with great precaution, how you climb the steps to your room, or the speed and swiftness with which you may be required to get into your bed and out of it shall go through an entire change, the dietary changes and so on … Its painful to realize that 'you can't do this', 'you can't do that'. For me in particular the 'can'ts' have been so large in numbers, that now there are very few things left within the system that 'can' be done …

But ..

I have often reiterated the marvelous positives of our system and how despite all that it goes through, it still amazes me, how much of the regeneration and repair is still left by the medical professionals on the ability of the body to fight back and repair on its own. Its a tribute then in a sense to the creator, or whoever it was that built us.


Retire dear ones for it is late and I must to rest as well ..

Good night !!

Amitabh Bachchan 

Just an example of how media and paparazzi block your my car, not allowing it to move, insensitive to the need of its just released ailing occupent to get home secure and as rapidly as possible ..

Big B discharged from hospital

Big B discharged from hospital

MUMBAI: After 13 days of hospital stay, actor Amitabh Bachchan went home on Thursday late evening. He was recuperating at Seven Hills Hospital in Marol after being operated upon for hernia.

Doctors treating the superstar said he was "doing well" and after a few days of rest he should be back on his feet. Bachchan was operated for bilateral inguinal hernia, a condition where soft tissues protrude through weak spots in the abdominal wall and cause pain. Bachchan's son Abhishek and wife Jaya accompanied him on his way home.

Bachchan had to undergo back-to-back surgeries to repair the dual hernia he was diagnosed with. During the hospital stay, the actor was also administered mild doses of antibiotics and protein intravenously owing to his liver's vulnerable condition. He could have gone home few days after the hernia surgery but doctors kept him under observation for a few days as his liver functions were "little weak".

He tweeted on Thursday, "The beauty of taking a shower without the tapes and wires and bandages .. it's like being reborn". Earlier, Bachchan had blogged about the pangs of living with a 6 inch needle entrenched in his neck vein.

Doctors relieved him of tubes on Wednesday after which he could walk around comfortably. He was allowed to take discharge on Wednesday itself when doctors figured he was healing well. Bachchan, in his blog, had said how there were two incisions on the lower belly. "They (the incisions) look clean and neat, but obviously a presence you would rather not have among the already rather congested stomach," he blogged. The actor may not have to visit the hospital for follow-ups as it will be taken care of at his residence.

This was the fourth surgery Bachchan had to undergo since his near-fatal intestinal injury in 1982. He was gravely injured during the filming of Coolie in one of the fight scenes. The accident had ruptured his spleen and had caused significant blood loss and eventually gave rise to serious liver problems. He had remained critically ill in hospital for many months, at a few times close to death.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yuvraj, Big B inspire each other on Twitter

Yuvraj, Big B inspire each other on Twitter

New Delhi:
 Both Yuvraj Singh and Amitabh Bachchan are battling serious ailments. While Yuvraj is undergoing chemotherapy for a rare germ cell cancer in Boston, Big B has underwent a couple of abdominal surgeries and is recovering at a Mumbai hospital.

On Tuesday, both the stalwarts wished each other quick recovery on Twitter.

Yuvraj tweeted: "Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seamed with scars..." 

Mr Bachchan replied: "@yuvsingh09 could not agree with you more ... hope you are doing well Yuvraj .. prayers for your speedy recovery." 

Yuvi thanked him for his wishes and said: "and one of the biggest examples is you mr bachchan ! Thank you very much I'm better each day." 

On February 14, Yuvraj gave a great piece of news to all his fans as a Valentine's Day gift. He tweeted that his tumour was almost out of his system.

"Got very good news from dr lawrence today! The tumor is almost way out of the system Aftr reading my todays scan !Second cycle has started."

Dr Einhorn, who is known to be the among the best cancer doctors in the world, had also treated legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong, who had suffered from testicular cancer in 1996.

Yuvraj, who has been in Boston since last month, is expected to be back on the field in the first week of May, according to his doctor. His second cycle of chemotherapy has started.

The 30-year-old, who went to US last month, has gone bald during the treatment, which will go on till the last week of March before the process of rehabilitation starts in April.

After being diagnosed with the illness, Yuvraj has not played competitive cricket since taking part in two of three home Tests against the West Indies in November.

He has so far scored 8,051 runs in 274 one-dayers and 1,775 runs in 37 Tests since making his international debut in 2000. He was named Player of the Tournament in the World Cup for scoring 362 runs and grabbing 15 wickets in nine matches.

Amitabh Bachchan prays for Yuvraj Singh's speedy recovery

Amitabh Bachchan prays for Yuvraj Singh's speedy recovery

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who is himself recuperating at a hospital inMumbai following two abdominal surgeries, wishes a quick recovery to ailing cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

Yuvraj, who is undergoing treatment for lung cancer in the US, on Tuesday posted a positive message on Twitter, stating: "Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seamed with scars."

To this, Big B posted: "Could not agree with you more ... hope you are doing well Yuvraj ... prayers for your speedy recovery."

While Amitabh has been at the Seven Hills Hospital since February 11,Yuvraj is undergoing chemotherapy at the Boston Institute of Cancer Research in the US.

Yuvraj praised the 69-year-old's strength, and added in response: "@SrBachchan and one of the biggest examples is you Mr. Bachchan! Thank you very much I'm better each day."

Amitabh too is responding well to his treatment, and should be discharged from the hospital in a few days. However, he says his full recovery could take months.


Beti B not named Abhilasha: Amitabh Bachchan

Beti B not named Abhilasha: Amitabh Bachchan

Author and columnist Shobhaa De's recent tweet about Beti B has sparked off a fresh round of speculations about actors Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan's three-month-old daughter being named Abhilasha. "Beti B to be named Abhilasha? That's a stroke of genius. Well done, parents. Abhi and Ash. Truly inspired, if true," tweeted Shobhaa. The name immediately caught on, as it comprises the names of both Abhi and Ash. However, grand-pa Amitabh Bachchan, who is currently recuperating from a recent abdominal surgery has denied Beti B being named Abhilasha.

"@DeShobhaa not true ..." he tweeted in reply. The other name that was doing the rounds until recently when Abhishek issued a denial was Aaliya. At the time of going to press, no name had been confirmed and insiders insisted that the name will only be announced by Amitabh, on his return home.


Amitabh Bachchan to play Tagore

Amitabh Bachchan to play Tagore?

When Sunil Gangopadhyay penned Ranu O Bhanu, it created a huge controversy in Bengal. The reason for the strong reactions was that in the book, Gangopadhyay had written about how Rabindranath Tagore had seen a young Lady Ranu in the nude! Now that Manish Goswami has got the film rights for the book that will be directed by Dr Chandraprakash Dwidevi, the concern across board is about how this particular episode will be shown in the cinematic adaptation.

Says Gangopadhyay, "A couple of months ago, the producer had sought the rights for my book. I had told him then that he would find it extremely difficult to adapt this film. But he insisted that he would be able to go ahead with the project. Fearing this controversy, I suppose, no one in Bengal has ever sought the rights for the movie. I've been told that the Hindi film will be a kind of a biopic. We have no intentions to belittle Tagore. We are not even casting aspersions on anyone. But our problem is that we always think that our icons are asexual and can't ever have affairs."

Back when the book released, there was a huge upheaval in the culture corridors about how Gangopadhyay could have written something about Tagore seeing Lady Ranu in the nude. "This is not a fictitious account. Lady Ranu had herself written about this and that's how I got to know about it. But one has to remember that writing such a thing in a book is one thing while showing it on screen is quite another.

One has to remember that in our country, we have no reservations about young girls being in the nude. Ranu was a bit of a tomboy and her parents would often have her dressed in trousers and shirts. Initially, Ranu's family used to live in Benaras and they would be in touch with each other through letters. Later on, when they shifted to Kolkata, Tagore would visit them. In fact, Tagore found a similarity between his daughter and Ranu. When his daughter was ailing, he would go to meet Ranu because the latter reminded him of her. During one such visit, he had seen Ranu in the nude," he adds.

Reports claim that Amitabh Bachchan's name has been in the wishlist of actors who might play Tagore and Gangopadhyay seems okay with the idea of such a casting. "He is a good actor and is also aware of Bengali culture. As for Ranu, one would need a girl who will age from 10 years to 22 years. That is if one follows my book," the author says.

Meanwhile, Dwivedi says, "I am an avid reader of Hindi literature and Ranu O Bhanu was the first English novel that I finished at one go. It was an amazing subject and Manish was very keen that he made the film. We discussed it at length and I know this will be a lifetime opportunity for me to direct such a film. Initially, when I read the book, I was very surprised with the revelation on how Tagore saw Ranu in the nude. A part of me had felt it was an imaginary account. But come to think of it now, one knows that there are so many girls in villages in that age group who have not really bothered much about their attire. Nobody would even raise their brows at such incidents."

However, Dwivedi admits that showing such a scene on-screen would be the toughest job in his career. "It is a very sensitive subject and one has to handle it with kid gloves. I have spoken to some poets about the relationship that Tagore shared with Lady Ranu. All of them have said that certain relationships should be left undefined. There is a Hindi poem that goes like: "Dheekha baat azm ki/kahn sunan ki nahi/jo janat hai so kahat nahi/jo kahat woh janat nahi." These lines, I believe, perfectly define the relationship between Lady Ranu and Tagore. Here were two people who were happy with their interaction even when the outside world was seeing it in a different perspective."

As for casting Dwivedi is still undecided. "Amitabh Bachchan was part of the wishlist but we haven't had any talks on it yet. For Lady Ranu's character, we need someone who is not only beautiful but has a great degree of innocence on her face. People are surprised with my casting of Sunny Deol as a panda in my film adaptation of Kashinath Singh's Kashi Ka Assi titled "Mohalla Assi". This is a play that was first adapted by Usha Ganguli and I decided to make the film after reading the review of Ganguli's play. Those who have seen the rushes of my film are amazed to see Sunny Deol in the role of Sanskrit teacher from Benaras. For this Tagore movie, I am first going to decide on the screenplay and then finalise the casting."

Shooting for the film will begin in Kolkata. Says Goswami, "It is a fascinating book and I am very keen on starting the film. We will strictly follow what's written in the book. Though the content might be controversial, we mean no disrespect to Tagore in any which way.

Some relationships are above definitions and we stick to that. I am contemplating on making a bilingual film on this. We will be locking the script of the film in a few months. Once the script is ready, we will decide on the shooting dates. Tentatively, it will be done during the end of this year. We haven't locked the title as yet but we will certainly not go with the name of the book. Few would know that Tagore's name is Bhanu. We will have to come up with a title that is nationally relevant."

News timesofindia.indiatimes.

central line’ came out a short while ago a good looking healthy 6

Hospital 7 Hills,  Mumbai                   Feb 22 , 2012              Wed 11 : 45 PM

The 'central line' came out a short while ago … a good looking healthy 6″ of needle immersed into your neck 'vein' and the relief of mobility now cannot be aptly described. The body is now free from all 'kites' and wires and soon shall be free from this hospital as well. The intensity of the pain and discomfort is describable only when it is present. Then too it is difficult to put a finger, or a standard, or a level to it. It is only when relieved from it that you begin to realize how large it was. Soon hopefully this intricate and most unique human body shall also make us consider that in the past, and very little shall remain in our memories. At least that is what I have noticed. But then my case may be viewed differently. There have been so many incidents that it is best none of them leave any stain of remembrance behind. It would be disastrous for my mind to accomodate so much of my own misery. So, deliberately or otherwise, it has continued to remain away, and thank God for that.

It makes for great sympathetic narration, your troubles and trials. But after a while, even the listener shall wonder when your tale shall come to an end. They would rather begin to narrate their own experiences with the knife and doctors than listen to yours ! Its the way of humans and life. Its a sentiment I have often written about. So then, before the rest of the Ef begin to yawn and wonder on ways of changing this topic, I must take the hint and stop.


The wonderful Tabu visited today and spent sizable time, talking of many connected and unconnected issues. Of film and nature, of quality and appreciation and of course her own considerations on the kind of films she wanted to be associated with. A joy always to be with her.

It shall now be a few more days when I shall be heading home. The mind has already begun to programme the time to be spent and how. There shall be the obvious precautions, but besides that a desire to utilize the time in constructive learning and to acquire knowledge of matters still a mystery for me. the fact that all this comes to the fore now when most of your life span is over is strange. But then either you spend time in establishing yourself and your dependents, or time on learning. The insecurity of losing opportunity in the establishing, weighs heaviest at these times and any diversionary act threatens to diminish your worth, which I might add is something that you have spent your most valuable time in establishing it. But then, it has never been too late to start and I feel now is as good a time as any.


The two incisions on the lower belly are now visible. They look clean and neat, but obviously a presence you would rather not have among the already rather congested stomach. I believe in time, the fresh 'entrant' into the community, shall exert its presence, much to the chagrin of those already there, but as has been experienced in the past, they all settle down to love and respect each other. They all carry different and exciting tales, each one of those scars. And at any given time they must be conversing with the others that occupy sensitive space on my belly, on what transpired when and what its consequences were, before they begin to appreciate the 'newcomer'. So long as they do not talk about inviting some more within them it should be fine. Up to being a golf course was fine, but talk of another 18 holes would be devastating !!


A bit morbid I think on my part to get into this conversation and so with multiple apologies and excuse ..

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

A lot is wrought through prayer than we sometimes tend to imagine

Hospital 7 Hills , Mumbai           Feb  21,  2012           Tue  8 : 51 PM

A lot is wrought through prayer than we sometimes tend to imagine. Your dedicated prayers have given me the strength to overcome many hurdles in life, and for that I am truly grateful. The body listens to your words and feelings. It obeys and instructs other sections too, then finally an overall improvement occurs and soon we are back on our feet. This miracle, this gift from all of you is the most precious, and I promise to guard it to the best of my ability.

A shower in the morning avoiding all the intricately placed 'kites' and needles and wires, can become arduous and one that involves great calisthenics. But the effect is astonishing. It is almost life giving in its nature. It is natural then that normalcy approaches rapidly and one hopes that it shall be soon. The course of injections and medications need the services of the 'central line'. Once that is removed, many hurdles shall become clear and resolved. A few more days is what I look at and then shall begin the long convalescence. Perhaps of some months.


There is a strange withdrawal symptom  that begins to creep in before a 'discharge' from the hospital environment. Suddenly the dependency on the staff, the facility and attendance medically which operates automatically through doctor advise and instruction shall come to a halt. The gentle care and smiling attention of the nurses shall create a void when away from it. The regular and short at call doctors on standby at every indication of discomfort shall stop, and most of the battle shall be with yourself and your repaired body to deal with. We never wish for anyone to be in such circumstances when they may have to go through what generally, patients go through, but fact is one can never safely admit that they shall perennially be guarded from it.

Pray it may never happen to any of us or anyone ..

Modern medical care has made such massive progress that it is unimaginable how the times of 1982 and the times of 2012 differ from each other. The entire effort, as one who has been a 'victim' of both eras, is so remarkable that the ailments, at least in my case have offered better and easier care, as opposed to those that put patients in unavoidable pain. Science has constantly tried to make things easier as it were. Devices and gadgets have and are being constantly manufactured and thought of to improve conditions, and such a boon that is.

Not just in the field of medicine, but in all other vocations, it is being attempted of how the suffering can be reduced, how what was earlier done manually is now executed by machines that run to well tested and efficient working systems designed my humans to assist humans. This service to humanity is beyond praise and gratitude. Computers have been constructed to think by themselves. But they do not actually think by themselves. Mankind designed it in a manner that if offers services that seem to express that they are thinking by themselves.

That famous scene in '2001 – a Space Odyssey' when HAL the computer decides to go against the command of its own operator was a frightening example of what was going to come in the future. It was not the computer that decided, it was human programmed to such degree. Its death scene therefore was one of the most poignant cinematic moments, in recent times and one that established the huge genius of its maker Stanley Kubrik. It is remarkable how some of us are constantly thinking of bettering our lives for us. It is a boon. Though many conservative and conventional thoughts, do disagree and lament the absence of what prevailed in their times. It is the way the world has worked.

The human brain has not been matched yet with its speed of operation by any computer so far. Some years ago they said a third of the speed of the brain has been achieved, and soon more shall follow. What would really happen when you have a machine that works to the speed, or past it. I wonder. Whatever the result, what is reassuring is that the fact that it shall remain an invention of the human. In a sense then are we saying that the human shall go past itself ?

I remember driving to Jaisalmer for the shooting of 'Reshma aur Shera' when we learnt of the first moon landing by a human, and suddenly all the romance of poetry that had symbolized itself with this terrestrial ethereal body up in the skies, seemed invaded. Will we see or experience other planetary invasions in our lifetime ? Perhaps our grandchildren may … you never know !!


Love to all ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Amitabh Bachchan may have to extend his hospital stay

Amitabh Bachchan may have to extend his hospital stay

Mumbai: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who is recuperating post his abdominal surgery, might be required to spend a few more days at the hospital before he gets home.
“Looks like a few more days… before they set me free…but recovery at home will be another few months,” Bachchan tweeted today.
“Getting independent gradually… a careful shower avoiding the cuts and needles and ‘kites’… pretty dexterous exercise,” he wrote.
Bachchan was operated on 11 February at the Seven Hills hospital and was to be discharged soon. But after his surgery, the 69-year-old actor had tweeted he was in acute pain and hence his stay was extended.
Earlier this week, hospital sources said that as his health is improving he might get discharged in a day or two, something which has now been ruled out.
Bachchan said in his blog last night that the doctors seem to be satisfied with his recent improvement in health.
“The meetings of the morning with the team of doctors…happy to note that they seemed satisfied with the progress and after a few closed door discussions, came back with a few points that would bring relief to any sufferer,” he said.
Big B has been battling a string of stomach ailments since his near fatal intestinal injury while filming a fight scene in 1982 movie Coolie, when he remained in hospital for many months. Since then he has been frequently admitted to hospital for stomach related problems.
In November 2005, Bachchan was operated at Lilavati after he developed intestinal problems. He could resume work only after a two-month break.
Again in 2008, on his birthday on 11 October, he complained of abdominal pain and was rushed to hospital.

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